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A Modern, Yet Rugged Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Discover a contemporary home with jaw-dropping structure. Another stunning creation by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.

a contemporary home with jaw-dropping structure

Situated within a clearing of cottonwood trees in Montana sits the Big Timber Riverside residence, which features a combination of modern and rugged design. The contemporary home created by Hughes Umbanhower Architects offers impressive views of a nearby mountain range often called the “Crazies.” If the adjacent tributary of the Yellowstone River isn’t jaw-dropping enough, the structural details of the home certainly are.

The Stunning Exterior

The home adds a sense of modernity to the beautiful western surroundings. Because the house sits among a clearing on 2,000 acres of land, it has plenty of privacy. That privacy is exactly why the architects could incorporate so many glass partitions.

The front of the home features wood-clad siding so that it blends in more naturally with its surroundings. However, there is an entire glass wing that draws in plenty of natural light. In fact, the combination of wood, steel, and glass make the home appear modern, yet rugged, which is perfect considering the setting.

The tributary that runs adjacent to the home often swells, which leads to flooding of the surrounding area. For that reason, the architects built the house on top of a 30-inch porous plinth. The plinth allows water to flow while ensuring the home clears the flood line sufficiently.

A walkway leading up to the house crosses the tributary while stone paving bricks create a pathway through the yard. When waters rise, the house appears to “float” thanks to the careful exterior planning. With so many natural elements incorporated into the surrounding landscape, the residence sufficiently complements the environment.

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An Equally Stunning Interior

The home’s exterior is equally as stunning as the exterior. At night, the glass partitions provide the house with a gentle illumination thanks to the soft lighting within. The use of mixed timbers does not go unnoticed throughout the interior. Exposed wood beams, wood walls, and wood floors provide a rugged appeal that is necessary for a ranch such as this.

Other enjoyable features include:

  • Secure Building Components: A combination of steel, concrete, limestone, and wood topped with a metal roof make for a substantial residence
  • Sufficient heating and cooling: Geothermal heating and cooling ensures the house stays sufficiently warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Energy efficiency: The use of Duratherm mahogany windows adds a sense of energy efficiency, thus minimizing energy bills
  • Large windows: Floor to ceiling glass windows and partitions allow plenty of sunlight to enter the home

Among all the stunning features is a cozy stone fireplace in a room with an impressive view of the nearby tributary. However, it is the living area on the lower level that is perhaps the most captivating with its 360-degree views of the surrounding property. The living room, which is encased almost entirely in floor-to-ceiling windows, is the place for conversation, relaxation, and enjoyment.

The bathroom is also rather stunning with its large wood tub and a small wall-mounted fireplace. Large windows in the bathroom allow you to relax while enjoying the view, yet it does not compromise your sense of privacy. Overall, the home is a beautiful work of art both inside and out.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects