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25 of the Best Blue Paint Color Options for a Living Room

A collage of blue living rooms.

Every living room has so much potential—it’s a space that can truly reflect your personality and style right in the center of your home. Timeless and bold colors both add beauty and design, and that’s why choosing the right colors for a highly-trafficked room like the living room is so important.

Living rooms can mean a lot of things to different people—leisure, comfort, family, friends, inspiration, and so on. It’s no surprise, then, that paint colors in such a space can have a huge impact on the feel of your home.

There are a few popular color choices that tend to fit the mood whether you’re aiming for something cozy and old-fashioned or something more modern and impactful. Green shades, for example, can be both fresh and subtle—neutral without being too neutral. Reds tend to be the boldest, bringing bright splashes of color wherever they go, and while grays are a perfect neutral, they can work wonders to open up space.

Overall, though, blue shades are the most popular–for more than one reason. Blue colors carry a calming effect; they are clean and sophisticated like grays without sacrificing expression of color.

Living room with blue walls.

Many shades of blue also pair well with more typical neutrals, accenting both your furniture and (if you have them) your hardwood floors. More neutral blues are traditionally the most popular choices for a living room, but richer, bolder tones have been gaining traction as well.

There are many thousands of blues to consider, and choosing paints on the blue spectrum first involves choosing a place on that spectrum. On one end are shades that trend more towards green, while those on the other end are more influenced by purple. Shades of gray exist all along this spectrum, meaning that no matter the color of preference, there are different saturation levels of its tone.

No matter the personality you’re aiming to highlight, there is a blue to match perfectly, from rich, bold blues to muted tones with just a touch of color. Of course, the possibilities are quite limitless. Most sellers organize by style and mood in addition to their complete color spread, offering collections dedicated to traditional colors, designer colors, and trends.

Here are 25 beautiful blues from a few different paint companies to help jumpstart your living room makeover.

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A. Classic, Mid-Tone Blues

These colors fall in the middle of the spectrum—true shades of blue ranging from early morning sky to royal blue that doesn’t trend towards green or purple. They are some of the most traditional and timeless, and they’ll make a great palette for any living room.

1. Ebbtide (SW 6493)

Ebbtide (SW 6493)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This color from Sherwin-Williams is a beautiful sky blue, timeless and recalling feelings of wide-open spaces. Ebbtide is a very fresh color sure to brighten up any living room, without being so pale as to fall flat.

2. Buxton Blue (HC-149)

Buxton Blue (HC-149)

Source: Benjamin Moore

For the perfect balance between a sky-bright blue and a richer tone, try Buxton Blue from Benjamin Moore. This color is part of their Historic Collection inspired by America’s landmarks. It aims for refined elegance that can be used in both traditional and contemporary spaces, and it pairs well with every shade of brown or beige.

3. Indigo (744)

Indigo (744)

Source: Benjamin Moore

A brighter option is a classic Indigo, which brings a pleasant burst of color without drawing too much focus–just muted enough to fit seamlessly into any palette. This color is meant to be timeless, elegant, and forward. It’s a perfect and reliable choice of blue for a living room.

4. Extreme (S530-6)

Extreme (S530-6)

Source: Behr

Aiming for a living room that’s both comfortable and fashionable? Consider a darker tone that’s neither bold nor neutral. This blue from Behr, called Extreme, is the perfect middle ground.

It’s just blue enough to add color and personality without overwhelming the room with bold or edgy tones. Shades like this are a great way to bring some life into the walls while maintaining a solid hold on class and timeless style.

5. Lakeshore (SW 6494)

Lakeshore (SW 6494)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This classic blue is a great choice for a color with a hint of moodier undertones, but with enough gray to keep it from overpowering your room. Lakeshore brings a unique sense of style without being heavy, and it’s grounded enough to maintain a relaxing feel and clear personality.

6. Morning Sky (P460-1)

Morning Sky (P460-1)

Source: Behr

Morning Sky has a similar sense of both mood and clarity as Lakeshore but aims for a bright, spacious feel. It’s a more traditional sky blue, powerfully crisp while again staying grounded as a relaxing and almost meditative space. It would sit refreshingly well in a living room with lots of natural light.

7. Captivating Teal (649)

Captivating Teal (649)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Along similar lines, this teal plays beautifully with its timeless green tones. While not as crisp as Morning Sky, this blue makes up for it with its more youthful and energetic tone. This lustrous color adds a burst of rich, vibrant color to every space, pairing well with both steady dark shades as well as beiges.

8. Mosaic (CC-874)

Mosaic (CC-874)

Source: Benjamin Moore

For a bold but true blue, try Mosaic from Benjamin Moore. This color is part of their Designer Classics Collection, meant to be both comfortable and confident. It is a dedicated and rich blue without being heavy or too dark in a room and sits at the right point to enhance the mood and atmosphere of any living space.

9. Delphinium (CC-872)

Delphinium (CC-872)

Source: Benjamin Moore

For a slightly moodier equivalent, take a look at Delphinium. Just as confident as Mosaic, this color is several notches darker and will work wonders to bring out the accents of any room, from furnishings to trim, though darker accents may become muddled.

This is sure to be a statement color without breaking too far out of traditional living room blues. This shade pairs well with light, airy colors like pale blue, sage green, and light beige.

B. Deep, Bold, Rich Blues

Rich, saturated paint colors are growing in popularity as the style base for not just living rooms, but for every room in your house as well. They are bold, steeped in personality, and sure to make a statement—a perfect and satisfying direction to take your living room to reflect your unique design style.

1. Blue Danube (2062-30)

Blue Danube (2062-30)

Source: Benjamin Moore

A traditional navy option from Benjamin Moore is the unforgettable Blue Danube— a beautifully saturated color dedicated to bringing your space to life. This deep color pairs well with warm, sandy colors as well as crisp whites and grays, and it will add a classy feel to any living room.

2. Cape Verde (SW 6482)

Cape Verde (SW 6482)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

For a deep, stunning teal green, take a look at Cape Verde. This color adds deep elements of personality to your room, and pairs well with beiges and other sandy warm tones.

3. Poseidon (SW 6762)

Poseidon (SW 6762)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This color recalls many of the same emotions as Cape Verde but is a smidge brighter with a more tropical undercurrent. Poseidon is a dense sea-green that will add perfect depth to your room. This color pairs well with cool whites and silver tones to create a sleek atmosphere overall.

4. Mermaid Sea (P440-7)

Mermaid Sea (P440-7)

Source: Behr

Another bold teal-tone is this beautiful Mermaid Sea. These blues with greener overtones are great for creating rich jewel tones. This color is a great example; add some potted plants for feelings of a Caribbean getaway, or pair with wooden furniture or dark trim for a more muted feel—tropical but aging well.

5. Walk Me Home (MQ6-02)

Walk Me Home (MQ6-02)

Source: Behr

If you’re looking for something bold that still falls in line with a classic, intimate, romantic living room, look no further than Walk Me Home. With a startlingly dense neutral tone, this color is a great choice for a more traditional feel while holding onto a bolder design style.

6. Dark Harbor (CSP-720)

Dark Harbor (CSP-720)

Source: Benjamin Moore

Similar in-depth to Walk Me Home, this color also recalls intimate elegance. Dark Harbor is a deep blue shade with tones of gray, bringing a serious moody element to any space. This color pairs well with bright whites and grays as well as vibrant tropical colors and pale beiges.

7. Loyal Blue (SW 6510)

Loyal Blue (SW 6510)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

The name says it all; if you’re searching for a rich but perfect traditional navy blue, Loyal Blue is a good bet. It pairs well with many tones, can easily be the base of many design styles, and always stays true to that deep blue, ensuring your living room’s classic style is unwavering.

8. Scandinavian Blue (2068-30)

Scandinavian Blue (2068-30)

Source: Benjamin Moore

An ever-so-slightly off-traditional navy, this Scandinavian Blue recalls hints of violet for a perfect shade of deep blue. Close enough to traditional to be considered classic, but featuring just enough of a moodier tone, this color is a great balance of style and will bring a great wash of color into your living room.

C. Gray-toned, Neutral, and Pale Blues

These blues are perfect for a more subdued look. Most have a fair amount of gray to mellow the sharpness of blue, and it works wonders to bring a relaxing and comfortable tone to your walls. You can never go wrong with a good neutral blue; they’re great for creating a timeless open-concept room, subtle without falling into the zone of boring colors.

1. Windmill Wings (2067-60)

Windmill Wings (2067-60)

Source: Benjamin Moore

A bright, sky-blue option from Benjamin Moore is Windmill Winds. This is a pure, clear color that creates wonderful style combinations, pairing well with most darker, more saturated shades.

2. Nantucket Fog (AC-22)

Nantucket Fog (AC-22)

Source: Benjamin Moore

One of Benjamin Moore’s most classic blues is Nantucket Fog. It is another color in their America’s Colors series, a collection dedicated to the natural tones found across the country.

Inspired by its namesake, this color is meant to reflect more towards a pale, contemplative gray with a nostalgic touch of blue. The result is a solid neutral blue that works to expand a space.

3. Beach Foam (S450-1)

Beach Foam (S450-1)

Source: Behr

For something a little brighter, take a look at Beach Foam. These colors are both great neutrals—they won’t take over your space but they will be a great foundation for any style, including style changes. They pair well with hints of darker colors, as well as other accents and wooden furniture.

4. Blue Horizon (SW 6497)

Blue Horizon (SW 6497)

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This color is blue so pale you could almost mistake it for white, like the sky on a cloudy winter day. Blue Horizon brings the slightest sheen of color while still being wonderfully translucent.

It’s the perfect color to play with both natural and artificial light. It pairs well with other breathy colors, working to maintain an airy feel.

5. Life at Sea (M510-2)

Life at Sea (M510-2)

Source: Behr

Looking for a more mysterious neutral? Take a look at Life at Sea, a tone that is blue, bright, and open with the slightest touch of lilac. It adds enough style to keep it from falling flat but stays well within the boundaries of a workable color.

Sky blue, but in the final moments before the sun begins to set and the first bright touches of evening color start to make their way in.

6. November Skies (2128-50)

November Skies (2128-50)

Source: Benjamin Moore

This color is a perfectly balanced neutral blue. Dense with lighter gray tones, November Skies evokes a calm sense of place, grounding without being overpowering. It’s a thoughtful shade and would fit well in any open, relaxing space. Pair it with any beiges for a seamless palette.

7. Bachelor Blue (1629)

Bachelor Blue (1629)

Source: Benjamin Moore

For a neutral, both slightly bluer and a touch darker, take a look at Bachelor Blue. This color is a deeper, muted blue-gray. It maintains a masculine feel with a steady sense of style, though its elegance also lends itself well to any space.

In terms of neutrals, it falls onto the richer end of the spectrum, making it a solid choice for a living room space that doesn’t fade too far into the background.

8. Sapphire Ice (808)

Sapphire Ice (808)

Source: Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a more classic, gray-toned blue for your living room, take a look at Sapphire Ice. It is a lovely mid-tone blue with a “quiet, jewel-like intensity.” Since it is softened by no small amount of gray, this blue color is beautifully decorative without being overly dramatic and is just neutral enough to be the base of the palette for any living room.