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25 of the Best Blue Paint Options for Bedrooms

Photo collage of different blue paint options for bedrooms.

The primary bedroom is much more than a room to locate your bed and your clothes. The primary bedroom often serves as the homeowner’s oasis, or a private retreat. Some people locate the home office in the primary, or use this room to express their own sense of style.

Blue is an incredibly versatile paint color, no matter the type of mood or the theme that you want to create for your primary bedroom. This is true whether your theme is a coastal beach house, a cozy cottage, eclectic, traditional style, or contemporary and modern.

There is actual science behind blue as an ideal paint color in the bedroom. A 2013 study by Travelodge determined that people with a blue color scheme in the bedroom get the best sleep, when compared to other colors. We will not bore you with the scientific association between blue bedrooms and ganglion cell receptors, retinas, and deep brain activity discussed in the study details.

We will, however, reveal that blue has a calming and restful effect on people, making a blue primary bedroom paint color a great choice for achieving calm and serenity. Would you rather express your fun personality, or create the ideal environment for relaxation? Choose the bold or soft blue primary bedroom paint color that is the best choice for you.

These 25 best blue paint options for primary bedrooms provide people with ideal opportunities for creating a sense of calm, making a statement, showing off an explosion of bold blue, or other versatile choices.

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What better name for a primary bedroom paint color than ‘Refresh?’ The very light teal blue color is indeed a refreshing shade, and is different from the same blah blue shades that most people have seen on bedroom walls. Create your own beach or tropical themed space, a space for self-expression and inspiration, or whatever result you want this paint color to have in your life.

Hyper Blue (SW 6965)

Hyper Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Go ahead and shock them. You know that you want to see the look on their faces when they catch a glimpse of your latest, greatest act of self-expression. Hyper Blue is bright, bold, and fun.

It is definitely not a color for the meek and mild. Let your extrovert and hyper side shine through. Smile with confidence every time that you look at your primary bedroom walls.

Aviary Blue (SW 6778)

Aviary Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Think robin’s egg blue when you consider the Sherwin Williams Aviary Blue as the perfect paint color choice. The pastel shade provides a sense of calm and serenity, likely perfect for the more conservative primary bedroom style.

If you prefer bright, fun colors, this paint color is possibly too pastel for you. Then again, maybe that is the vibe that you want when you unwind for the day.

Foggy Day (SW 6235)

Foggy Day by Sherwin-Williams

We were not sure why someone would want to create a foggy day in their primary bedroom at first, until we saw this paint color on every wall in the room. It is the perfect shade of blue-gray, and definitely does not give off a foggy, dull vibe. It is a great neutral, yet also a great color for incorporating bold details onto one or two accent walls, or throughout your entire space.

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Honorable Blue (SW 6811)

Honorable Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

What is more innocent than a primary bedroom paint color named ‘Honorable Blue?’ This cool, crisp color looks like a bold, bright shade of royal blue, yet Sherwin Williams lists this color in its purple paint color palette. It is definitely not a purple paint.

Consider incorporating crisp white linens, bright white paint trim, or your favorite accents to add your personal touch.

Faded Flaxflower (SW 9146)

Faded Flaxflower by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Does anybody really know what a faded flaxflower looks like? The Sherwin Williams ‘Faded Flaxflower‘ paint is a beautiful, modern neutral blue. It is bright, yet a toned down paint color that apparently is the color of something called a flaxflower.

Brighten up your space with this paint color that brings style and personality into any primary bedroom.

Rhythmic Blue (SW 6806)

Rhythmic Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Do you want a welcoming, peaceful primary bedroom that has a conservative blue paint color yet is still modern? This is the perfect light, cool blue shade that will not shock the in-laws when they come to visit. They will think that you have their same traditional decorating style.

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Adriatic Sea (SW 6790)

Adriatic Sea by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Bring the sea right inside your home and onto the bedroom walls with this perfect shade of ocean blue. Nothing about the color of the Adriatic Sea is calm or serene. If this is as close to any of the islands that make up the real Adriatic Sea that you will ever get, like some of the rest of us, this is your opportunity to create your own Northern Mediterranean oasis.

Do not forget to bring the fruit and the wine.

Refuge (SW 6228)

Refuge by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

You will likely never forget the name of this paint color. Take refuge away from the stresses of daily life, or simply hide out in the primary bedroom, and enjoy this gorgeous blue. It is upbeat, modern, and just plain cool.

Charismatic Sky (M520-3)

Charismatic Sky by Behr

Source: Behr

Charismatic Sky likely offers a sense of calm, yet looks crisp and clean. Create the beachy vibe that takes you away to your dream retreat. Enjoy the serenity of a primary bedroom paint color that gives you the calm that you need after a long day.

Create any mood that you want when you choose this versatile blue paint color.

French Colony (N480-4)

French Colony by Behr

Source: Behr

Do you want your primary bedroom blue paint color to express your sophistication, or do you prefer a paint shade that shows off your contemporary style? It does not matter because French Colony from Behr is a great choice for both modern and traditional style bedrooms.

The slightly gray undertone helps make this color versatile enough for just about anyone that wants to enjoy a tranquil shade of blue .

Wave Top (M450-3)

Wave Top by Behr

Source: Behr

Surfs Up! Think of surfing, or perhaps just watching everyone else surf so that you do not embarrass yourself, on cool, aqua-colored coastal waters on a summer day. Now you understand the feeling that you get when Wave Top is your primary bedroom paint color choice.

You might want to consider whether you will get tired or bored with a blue-green primary bedroom paint color over time before making your final decision.

Very Navy (M500-7)

Very Navy by Behr

Source: Behr

Do you want to go very blue? Then go ‘Very Navy,’ a primary bedroom paint color that exudes style. Show off your bold personality, and your unique flair, while bucking tradition when you choose this color for your primary bedroom.

There will be no more boring, drab white or beige paint on your primary bedroom walls.

Watery (HDC-CT-26)

Watery by Behr

Source: Behr

Do you want a subtle blue that offers serenity and calm when you shut the door to your private retreat? Snuggle up to a view of Watery, a Behr pick that makes it easy to incorporate this subtle blue-gray paint shade into any primary bedroom.

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Winter Ice (866)

Winter Ice by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Winter Ice is an example of a way to bring timelessness, sophistication, and classic style into any primary bedroom. The cool serenity of this paint color likely brings a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Go ahead. Call in and take the day off so that you can enjoy the sense of restfulness of Winter Ice. Remember, there is science to this stuff.

In Your Eyes (715)

In Your Eyes by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Do not worry about the literal name of this paint color, because when your eyes gaze at your primary bedroom walls, you will likely breathe a sigh of satisfaction with this classic pale blue shade. Choose In Your Eyes whether your primary bedroom is decorated with traditional style bedding and accessories, or whether your primary is blinged out with the latest contemporary decor.

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Evening Blue (2066-20)

Evening Blue by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Bring vibrant, saturated color into your primary with Evening Blue, a bold shade of blue. Does this blue paint color make you want to create a happy explosion of blue on every wall in your bedroom? Go for it, and get the perfect creative space that you dream of having in your primary bedroom.

Caribbean Teal (2123-20)

Caribbean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Imagine gazing at the crystal teal waters of the Caribbean whenever you walk into your bedroom. Close your eyes and fall asleep next to the calming peacefulness of this Caribbean Teal. Maybe you are like me, and choosing Caribbean Teal for the primary bedroom is about as close as you will ever get to the Caribbean.

Enjoy your happy place.

Exhale (AF-515)

Exhale by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Finally, a primary bedroom paint color that understands that all we want to do after a hard day is to exhale and find a sense of calm. Exhale provides the harmony to match any mood, personality, décor, or preferred lifestyle.

It works great with any of the other Affinity palette shades allowing you to incorporate other blue shades from this Benjamin Moore collection into the room.

Grandma’s Sweater (787)

Grandma's Sweater by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Now who doesn’t want Grandma’s Sweater in their primary bedroom? Okay, maybe you want to pass on grandma’s knitted sweater gift, but you might want to consider the Benjamin Moore Grandma’s Sweater timeless shade of blue wall paint.

The classic shade demonstrates a sense of beauty and elegance. It also works great if you have a more casual style, or if your home office shares space with your primary bedroom.

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Old Navy (2063-10)

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This has nothing to do with that mall store by the same name. Old Navy offers the opportunity for you to bring a look of striking deep blue into the primary bedroom, whether you use it on a couple of walls or on every inch of wall space. It is a deep, yet illuminating shade.

Let it inspire you to go bold with blue.

Mysterious (AF-565)

Mysterious by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Do you dream of creating a mysterious vibe in your primary bedroom? Now is your chance to do so with the Benjamin Moore ‘Mysterious’ paint color. This deep, rich blue-gray color truly does exude a sense of mystery, boldness, and an individualized expression of personality.

If you do not like the idea of painting your primary bedroom a deep blue-gray color, or being ‘mysterious,’ another shade of blue paint may be a better choice for you.

First Snowfall (1618)

First Snowfall by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Wake up to a delicate, barely there, blue-gray that will possibly have you looking out the window to check and see if there is a fresh snowfall on the ground. The softness of this color means that you can use your imagination to decorate and add your personal touch.

Do you prefer bright blues or bold shades that purposely defy tradition? Consider using those shades of blue in decor or your accessories.

Quiet Moments (1563)

Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Okay, so we cannot guarantee that the kids will stop arguing, or that the dog will stop barking at everything that moves long enough for you to have some much-needed quiet moments. We can say that the quiet subtleness of this ‘Quiet Moments’ paint will inspire a sense of tranquility.

The simple elegance of this blue paint color helps to create the ideal mood for reflection, meditation, and restfulness.

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Blackberry Punch (CC-962)

Blackberry Punch by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Make a statement with this deep blue-purple paint with hints of gray that is considered a Benjamin Moore paint color from its designer collection. Do you like to go beyond traditional, and what is normally expected when using color and design? Do you want your primary bedroom to look like one of those pictures in the magazines?

Maybe you just want to show off your daring, adventurous spirit. Although Blackberry Punch is likely not the right primary bedroom paint color choice for everyone, perhaps it is the perfect choice for you.

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