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25 of the Best Blue Paint Color Options for Bathrooms

A photo collage of different blue colorwys bathroom ideas.

Change is good, especially when it comes to your home. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of remodeling a room or adding a new piece of furniture to your home. A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to transform a room and give it a completely new feel.

However, painting is a double-edged sword; as much as you can transform a room with the right color, it’s also hard to choose from all the options. If you’re looking for the best blue paint color options for primary bathrooms, check out some of our favorites.

1. Little Boy Blue (2061-60)

A bathroom with little boy blue colorway painted idea.

When it comes to choosing a blue for your bathroom, softer blues are always a pretty safe bet. You want a blue that adds some color to your bathroom, but not one that makes it feel like a child’s bedroom. Little Boy Blue is a classic sort of sky blue color that won’t contrast too much with the whites in your bathroom.

2. Explorer Blue (M470-5)

Explorer Blue bathroom colorway by Behr.

While bright colors aren’t always the most popular choices for bathrooms, blues are different because they’re more traditional. Explorer Blue by Behr is a vibrant, almost sky blue that’s perfect if you want to add an air of lightness to your bathroom.

Since this is such a vibrant and beautiful shade of blue, it looks even better if you have natural light in your bathroom.

3. Jubilee (SW 6248)

Jubilee by Sherwin-Williams

As fun as it is to brighten up your bathroom with a strong shade of blue, some people simply aren’t into that. With Jubilee by Sherwin-Williams, you don’t have to worry about going too bright or throwing off the look of your bathroom.

This is a very light shade of blue with a little bit of a gray tone to it, which makes it a somewhat neutral color choice that’s great for any room.

4. Porcelain Glaze (CSP-550)

A bathroom with porcelain glaze colorway painted idea.

A little bit of blue goes a long way in your primary bathroom, which is what makes Porcelain Glaze by Benjamin Moore such a great paint color.

This color is inspired by the blue shade of the glaze on porcelain when it comes out of a pottery kiln, and it’s a beautiful mix of light and subtle. Because of the mildness of this paint color, it doesn’t create overbearing contrast with whites, either.

5. Rushing Stream (P480-4)

A rushing stream bathroom idea.

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom on a daily basis, so it’s important to make it a comfortable space. Rushing Stream by Behr is a bright shade of blue that adds a little fun to your bathroom and helps break up some of the boring whites.

However, this might not be the right blue for everybody since it’s a little brighter than the blues you’d typically find in a bathroom.

6. Sleepy Blue (SW 6225)

Sleepy Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Some people may love a vibrant blue that brightens up their primary bathroom, but a lot of people don’t want to take that leap.

If you want a little bit of color in your bathroom without creating too much contrast or adding too much brightness, Sleepy Blue by Sherwin-Williams adds a nice touch of color.

The name does a good job describing just how subtle this shade of blue is, which is why it’s a safe choice.

7. New York State of Mind (805)

The new york state of mind blue bathroom colorway idea.

One of the best parts about blues is that they’re a fairly traditional way to add some color to a room. While it can be hard to find a yellow or red that fits a room, you can’t go wrong with New York State of Mind by Benjamin Moore.

This is a simple blue that still manages to offer a lot of character since it’s somewhere between royal blue and navy blue. Plus, the darker shade of New York State of Mind gives it great contrast with bathrooms.

8. Tahoe Blue (PPU13-09)

Tahoe BLue colorway bathroom idea.

If you’re a fan of lighter blues, Tahoe Blue by Behr is a great choice for your primary bathroom. While a lot of the lighter blues on our list aren’t very vibrant, Tahoe Blue has a subtle, yet strong look that adds a nice bit of lightness to any room.

This is also a great color to use for an accent wall since it creates a bit of a contrast with white but isn’t quite as drastic as a darker blue.

9. Manitou Blue (SW 6501)

Manitou Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Opting for a colorful bathroom is all about going off the beaten path, and there’s no better way to do that than Manitou Blue by Sherwin-Williams.

Your bathroom will completely transform with a splash of this almost-teal blue adorning its walls. If you’ve got white trim and fixtures in your bathroom, Manitou Blue will pop even more thanks to the strong contrast it creates.

10. Bashful Blue (2065-70)

Bashful blue colorway bathroom.

Bashful Blue by Benjamin Moore is one of the most aptly named colors on our entire list. If you only took a quick glance at this color against a white background, you’d hardly even notice it was blue—that’s how light it is.

The cool part about this is that it doesn’t change your bathroom drastically, but it still adds a little bit of color. Plus, Bashful Blue is light enough that it sort of meshes with white instead of contrasting with it.

11. Half Sea Fog (N470-3)

A half sea fog bathroom idea.

A lot of people want to paint their bathroom blue but fear how it could look if they choose the wrong color. If you’re looking for a safe option that won’t leave you immediately regretting painting your bathroom, it’s hard to beat Half Sea Fog by Behr.

Muted blues like this are always great if you’re looking for something subtle, plus they pair perfectly with light natural wood cabinets.

12. Jetstream (SW 6492)

Jetstream by Sherwin-Williams

If you want to add some subtle color to your bathroom, try Jetstream by Sherwin-Williams. Jetstream is a pretty light shade of blue that isn’t incredibly vibrant, which makes it perfect if you want to create a calming effect in your bathroom.

Despite being a lighter shade of blue, Jetstream still contrasts pretty well with white to give your bathroom a nice look.

13. Atlantis Blue (768)

An Atlantis blue bathroom colorway.

Whether you have a nautical theme in your bathroom or you simply want to add a bit of a beach feel to your home, Atlantis Blue by Benjamin Moore is a great primary bathroom color.

This vibrant blue is reminiscent of the ocean, which gives your bathroom a peaceful and happy feel. If Atlantis Blue is a little too bright for your liking, you can also use it as an accent wall color.

14. Permafrost (S490-1)

A permafrost blue bathroom idea.

Of all the blues on our list, this might be the furthest from what you might expect. Permafrost by Behr is almost as much white as it is blue, but that subtle hint of color is what makes it such a great color for your bathroom. Permafrost won’t create a lot of contrast with the fixtures in your bathroom, but it will complement them nicely.

15. Inky Blue (SW 9149)

Inky Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Inky Blue by Sherwin-Williams is another color that looks great if you’ve got a nautical theme for your bathroom. Not only is this the sort of blue you’d see complementing a lot of nautical decors, but it also creates a stark contrast with all the whites in your bathroom.

The one thing to remember about Inky Blue is that it’s not a subtle change, so you have to be sure you don’t mind adding that much color.

16. Slate Blue (1648)

A slate blue colorway bathroom idea.

There are some shades of blue that are absolute classics when it comes to painting colors, and slate blue is near the top of the list. Everybody makes some slate shade of blue, but Slate Blue by Benjamin Moore is right up there with the best of them.

Slate Blue is great because it doesn’t create too much contrast and it doesn’t add too much brightness to your bathroom, making it a safe color choice.

17. Calypso Blue (HDC-CL-27)

A calypso blue bathroom colorway idea.

Finding a vibrant shade of blue that isn’t too dramatic for a bathroom can be tough, but Behr’s Calypso Blue is a great choice.

This is one of the best blue paint color options for primary bathrooms because it’s vibrant and colorful without being overbearing. Because it’s a bold, sort of darker shade of blue, Calypso Blue creates a nice contrast with whites in your bathroom and looks great with dark wood cabinets.

18. Refuge (SW 6228)

Refuge by Sherwin-Williams

One thing you want to avoid when choosing a blue paint color for your primary bathroom is going with something that throws off the feel of the room.

Your bathroom should be comfortable, and that’s exactly what makes Refuge by Sherwin-Williams an excellent paint color for bathrooms. Despite being a more modest blue, Refuge is fairly dark so it contrasts very well with the whites found in bathrooms.

19. Sea Reflections (1664)

A sea reflection blue colorway bathroom idea,

Show a little personality without going overboard with this beautiful shade of blue from Benjamin Moore. Sea Reflections is a sort of mix between the color of the sky and the color of the ocean, and it’s surprisingly neutral for how vibrant it is.

Whether you’ve got dark or light cabinets, Sea Reflections will look great in your bathroom. Plus, this color thrives in natural light.

20. Ethereal Mood (MQ3-52)

An ethereal mood bathroom colorway.

If subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to picking a blue for your primary bathroom, you can’t beat Ethereal Mood by Behr. Ethereal Mood is the perfect mix between light and vibrant, giving you a little bit of color without making a strong statement.

The mix of neutrality and vibrant color means this paint color fits with both light and dark cabinets, making it a very versatile choice.

21. Windy Blue (SW 6240)

Windy Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Muted colors are a great way to add a subtle hint of color to a room, and there are tons of great muted blues available.

Windy Blue by Sherwin-Williams is one of our favorite muted blues on the market because it fits with nearly anything but it’s still a strong shade of blue. You’ll love the way your bathroom looks whether you choose to do an accent wall or paint the whole room in Windy Blue.

22. St. John Blue (CSP-675)

St. John Blue bathroom colorway.

Picture a cloud of fog over the sea, barely allowing the blue of the water to peak through its thickness. If you picture it just right, you’ll see St. John Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore did a great job of capturing a unique sort of nautical feel with this blue, which makes it perfect for nautical-themed bathrooms. Plus, you can use just about any other colors in your bathroom and they’ll look great alongside St. John Blue.

23. Blue Echo (S460-3)

A Blue Echo bathroom colorway.

You can never go wrong with a standard blue if you don’t want to be too adventurous, and that’s exactly what Blue Echo by Behr is.

A slightly less vibrant sky blue than some of the others on our list, Blue Echo is perfect for adding a hint of color and a feeling of lightness to your bathroom. Since this blue isn’t too bright or vibrant, it complements the whites in your bathroom nicely as well.

24. Ebbtide (SW 6493)

Ebbtide by Sherwin-Williams

Take yourself away to a world of relaxation by transforming your primary bathroom with Ebbtide by Sherwin-Williams.

This is one of those shades of blue that just makes you feel calm, which is why it’s one of our best blue paint color options for primary bathrooms.

And if you’re looking for a conservative blue for your bathroom, you’ll love the fact that Ebbtide isn’t too dramatic a change.

25. Baltimore Sky (760)

A baltimore sky bathroom colorway.

If you’re willing to take a detour from the norm and go for a slightly more adventurous blue, Baltimore Sky by Benjamin Moore should definitely be a consideration.

Baltimore Sky is an extremely vibrant blue with a sort of lighter tone that gives your bathroom the bright, happy feeling you want all throughout your home. If you want to transform the mood of your bathroom and don’t mind trying something different, Baltimore Sky is a good paint color option.