20 Beach Dining Room Ideas for 2019

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One of the outstanding features of the beach style dining room is that it creates a mood. It speaks of water whether it’s in the sea or at the lake. Natural elements are at home here with plenty of open space and bright rooms. It is casual without being cluttered.

Weathered wood and interesting textures are classic features. Unlike minimalist styles like Asian, knick-knacks and beach finds are welcome here. They create interest and give a space a sense of comfort. Less than 3 percent of dining rooms embrace this coastal style. We can’t help but love the feel of being on vacation that it brings with it.

Make our gallery of fun beach style dining room design ideas your first stop to bringing this whimsical atmosphere to your home.

Elements of the Beach Style Dining Room

It’s easy to go overboard on the accessories of this style. There’s a fine line between classy and kitsch. Remember that this design thrives on openness and the quiet elegance it brings to a room.

You can opt for the traditional white and blue color scheme which screams nautical. It also creates a sense of calm—something you definitely want when you’re sailing in the open sea. It also brings a feeling of dependability and trustworthiness to space. But those aren’t your only choices.

Neutral colors like gray and beige work equally as well and complement the mood of a beach style dining room. And you could even opt for a splash of a bold hue like lime or turquoise for a Caribbean feel.

Tables and Chairs

The furniture of this style evokes a welcome casual feel. You’ll see this with rectangular or oval tables to ensure plenty of room for family and guests. Chairs are comfortable and often padded to encourage lingering and conversation.

Materials such as rattan, jute, and other natural fibers often appear to add a natural element. Weathered furniture really shines in this style because it fits so well with other features.

Lighting and Accessories

Nautical-themed accessories are great choices for beach style dining room design ideas. Think of chandeliers that resemble lanterns on a ship or antique bronze wall sconces. And don’t forget to let the sunshine in with sheers or light-colored sailcloth for window treatments.

Organic elements like coral, shells, and driftwood are at home with this style. They complement the inviting feel of your dining room while adding interest. A vintage chest for storing the fine china or silver or an antique clock make excellent choices.

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