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Lovely Sagaponack Cottage by Axis Mundi

The Axis Mundi designers created an unconventional feel compared to other cottages or summer homes. It’s perfect for a beach getaway.

Sagaponack, New York is Southampton section of Long Island’s east end. It’s a high-end and classy beach area.

The Axis Mundi designers created an unconventional feel compared to other cottages or summer homes. It’s a 1,920 square foot space that’s perfect for a beach getaway.

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Unconventional Cottage Design

On the outside, the Sagaponack Cottage looks like the majority of the other Hamptons cottages. It has shingles and other exterior features that is deceptive to people passing by.

When people think of a cottage, they imagine wicker furniture, floppy sofas, and nautical artifacts as decorative pieces. The design team wanted to break the rules while working in this particular Sagaponack home.

Contemporary Design

The ceilings and walls of the cottage are all painted completely white. White paint creates a brighter and refreshing feel inside the home. It’s a much more modern design compared to older cottages.

Continuing with the modern and contemporary design, they selected furniture with clean silhouettes. The chairs and couches look more like they belong in a penthouse suite as opposed to an East Long Island Cottage.

Industrial Accents

There is also a beautiful chandelier and other industrial style finishes throughout the home. They used steel around the fireplace and anodized aluminum in the kitchen area.

To contrast with the white paint, furniture and other accents throughout the home are gray. The gray color palette is soothing and represents the nature scene outside of the modern cottage.

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There are oak panels and blue window shades inside the primary bedroom. These color tones are different from the rest of the home. The intention of the blues and oak was to create a warm feeling that induces healthy sleep.

Overall, the Sagaponack Cottage separates itself from other homes in the East Long Island beach community. On the outside, it may look just like any other cottage. But once you step inside, you’ll feel the light and beauty of a modern design scheme.

Design by Axis Mundi

Design by Axis Mundi