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10 of the Best Maximalist Interior Designs We’ve Found to Date

4 examples of maximalist interior design

FYI, the above maximalist design examplers were generated by this software.

Maximalism is one of the latest trends in interior design. It’s a full 180 shift from the recent decade-plus of the favored sparse, minimalist, Scandinavian style found in so many homes.

It’s interesting how the shift is so drastic; from sparse to an explosion of color, textures and layers. While maximalism certainly isn’t the most popular style, it’s becoming more popular than it has been in the last ten years.

Here are my picks showcasing excellent examples of maximalist interior designs.


Green and red are complementary colors, and they work wonderfully together here as a Maximilast example. The abundance of white-matted art gives the eyes a break from saturation. Beautiful mixture of materials with the blown glass end tables.

Love the warmth of the pre-dominant colors, orange softening the black. The pop of blue on the loveseat cools it off yet keeps it inviting. Would possibly switch out the area rug for a slightly simpler pattern.

Velvet is my favorite material for a sofa, it says “relax “. This composition is romantic, gold finishing is current yet timeless. The zebra rug pops, adding the necessary whimsy.

The blue built-ins around the fireplace add life to this living room. The furniture is comfortable and inviting. I would switch out the coffee table for a tufted upholstered ottoman.

The winner here is the rounded sectional. All the colors here are beautiful. I would remove the tv from this room as it’s too beautiful for it. A solid color for the window coverings would give a bit of relief.

The oversized art makes this room feel alive. The coffee table color against the persian rug, all work together to make a small space feel designer and comfortable.

High ceilings like this can handle this dark blue wall color. Tropical and warm, even with cool colors prevailing. I would choose a larger area rug. Comfortable yet upscale.

Everything here is art. The velvet sofa is a warm green that begs you to pour a cup of tea and relax. The pendant light softens everything and is the anchor of the room. Beautiful black finishes.

The wallpaper is striking in this small space and is broken up properly by the beautiful wood floors. All the colors and accessories work together to invite you to stay.

Warm greys and lots of light allow for the eye to focus on the collection of beautiful vases and worsk on the large bookcase. The wood table is a nice compliment to the busy area rug. Would paint the ceiling black.