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How to Style a Bed for a Better Design and Comfort

Here is a detailed instructional on how to properly style a bed for the luxurious look that you can be proud to show off in pictures and social media with complete elements.

Styled bed

We spend almost half our lifetime lying around in bed, at least I do. Whether it’s watching TV, working on my laptop, scrolling social media, or of course, sleeping, for most of the day, you’ll find me in my bed doing something or the other.

So, I thought some revamping was most certainly due considering the fact that I’m spending half of my day and maybe even half of my life on a single piece of furniture. 

The reason I took it upon myself to give you practical ideas on how to style a bed is because of a research I read that suggests that over one in three Americans prioritize style over comfort when it comes to their bed. This means that they would rather rest in a presentable bed than a comfortable one, which in my opinion isn’t the best idea. 

This article will walk you through all the steps I took to style my bed when redoing my room, paying attention to aesthetics and functionality.

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Let’s start with the basics…


This is a close look at a bed frame that has a wooden headboard that matches with the wooden nightstand.

Your furniture, including your bed and nightstands, is probably the critical part of your bedroom. The key to creating a beautifully styled bed starts with having an interesting backdrop for your linens, i.e., the bed itself.

If you already have a good-looking bed that bodes well with the theme of your room, then that’s amazing! On the off-chance you don’t, which was the case with me, you can always purchase a nice bed or revamp your existing headboard without spending a fortune. There is an immense number of DIY headboard projects that you can try, including tufted ones.

Besides your bed, you should also consider adding matching nightstands or small bedside tables. For instance, if you opt for a white tufted bed with a raising headboard, make sure to get some white minimalist bedside tables or nightstands with a glass top.

I’m a huge fan of white beds; they look super elegant and are timeless. The same goes for rustic wood beds, as well; they look insanely good when styled correctly. As for side tables, they’re a MUST! I can’t possibly comprehend anyone functioning without side tables in their bedroom. After all, you need a place to dump all your essentials.


Mattress for bed

According to a study, 93% of people suggest that a comfortable mattress is important for quality sleep, and we can’t deny how important good sleep is. So, once you’ve got your bed and nightstand situation sorted, move on your mattress, which is probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Every mattress at the store seemed super-comfortable, and I just wanted to nap in all of them.

So, how did I finally decide on a mattress, you ask?  

Well, just like when you find the perfect person and feel like you found the piece from your puzzle, you’ll know which mattress is the perfect match for you! 

 Realistically, you need to change your mattress every ten years or so, and so, if you haven’t done that yet, now might be the best time!

There’s no wrong or right way to choose a mattress, and you already have an extensive number of options to pick from. Choosing a mattress for yourself is an individualized decision that boils down to your personal preference.

Some people may find mattresses a little expensive. So, if that’s the case, consider getting a mattress topper. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it also feels like a mattress, but with less money!

Now, let’s move on to the main part.. How do you go about styling a bed?

Bed Styling Essentials

Here are a few essentials you need to style your single, queen, or king-sized bed:

Bed Styling Accessories (Optional)

Here are a few accessories that aren’t essential but can dramatically improve the appearance of your bed:

How to Layer Up Your Bed

Start with the Sheets

5-Star Hotel Quality 1200 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets for Queen Size Bed, 4 Pc Dark Grey Luxury Supima Cotton Sateen Weave with Elasticized Deep Pocket & Free Tote Bag - by ThreadmillWhen setting up your bedding, always start with the sheets. Generally, white sheets are the safest options that serve as the perfect canvas to play around with. People usually avoid purchasing white sheets for fear of getting them dirty, but that won’t really be a problem if you’re a little careful. You can also opt for other neutral sheet shades, such as gray, beige, off-white, or even pastel colors, such as green, pink, or blue. Also, remember, the higher the thread count, the cozier they will be.

Add a Comforter or Duvet

Soft Fluffy Down Comforter&Duvet Inserts (King Size), Natural White Down Cluster Filling,Space Capsule Design,Lightweight,750 FP,100% Cotton Cover,Silent Duvet for All Sleep Positions

Once your sheet situation is sorted, it is time to add the coziest element – the comforter or duvet. Not only are comforters and duvets practical (because of the cold, duh!), but they’re also a great way to add some texture and color. You can go for a plain white comforter or get different colorful printed comforter covers in floral prints and other attractive designs to elevate your room with touches of color. Make sure your duvet or comforter is super plush and soft to touch so that you can comfortably cuddle under it for a good night’s sleep or a good afternoon nap!

Throw in a Quilt

Joyreap 3 Pieces Reversible Floral Quilt Set Blue, Microfiber Soft Quilt, Elegant Flower Design Bedspread, Lightweight Bed Cover for All Season, 1 Quilt n 2 Pillow Shams (Full/Queen, 90x90 inches)Sheets and comforters are bed essentials, but quilts usually depend on one’s preference. If you choose to add a quilt to your bed, either place it between the sheet and comforter or duvet or fold and place it at the foot of your bed like a throw blanket. Moreover, you can also switch around your comforter and quilt depending on the season. For instance, quilts usually keep you cooler during summer since they’re a much less heavy option.

Consider a Knit Bed Blanket

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket Soft Cozy Chenille Casual Handwoven Blanket for Bed Sofa Chair Home Decor (Navy, 40" × 40")

Give your room a boho and chill vibe by adding a chunky knit blanket. If you opt for a simple blanket, the best place to put it in is between the sheet and comforter. However, if you have a cool knit blanket, why hide it away? Make your blanket the focal point by placing it over your comforter at the foot of the bed.

Add Pillows

This is a styled bed that has multiple pillows.
Not only are pillows important due to comfort purposes, but they also take your bedding to another level. Generally, two pillows are sufficient per person. However, when decorating a king or queen-size bed, it’s always best to opt for four Euro or large throw pillows, even if you sleep alone. These pillow times can make your bed look professionally styled.

Don’t Forget the Cushions

VERCART Long Body Pillow Colorful Bolster Pillows Long Bed Maternity Pregnancy Back Support Cuddle Cushion Headboard Corduroy Random Color 48x14 inches

Decorative throw cushions are, without a doubt, essential to enhance a room’s aesthetics. By adding color, character, texture, and style, cushions make a bed feel cozy and inviting. A bed without cushions can appear empty and uninviting, whereas a bed with too many cushions can look busy and messy, so you need to strike a balance between the two.

Cushion arrangements for a bed usually boil down to personal preference; while some prefer a colorful and textured look, others prefer a simpler and minimalist approach. However, the rule of thumb is to start with fresh and crisp white bed linens and four standard white pillows and use cushions to create new color combinations.

How to Style a Single or Double Bed: Tips You Need to Know 

I have a king-sized bed and have noticed that almost all bed styling tips revolve around double, queen, or king-sized beds. What about single beds? 

Well, after considerable research, I’ve come to the conclusion that almost all beds are styled in more or less the same way. Here are some tips I’ve listed down to help you style a single, double, queen, or king-sized bed. 

  • Size up with the cover and quilt 
  • Place a Euro pillow or two at the head of the bed
  • Mix and match sheets to break the monotony 
  • Group your pillows in a relaxed way
  • Opt for pillows and cushions in various sizes and shapes

How to style a bed with color schemes

Color can be used effectively to style a bed (and bedroom).  Here are some color scheme approaches to styling a bed:

Similar or same colors:  This can look great as well… an all-white or all-blue or all-cream bed color scheme design.

All white bed color scheme

Different colors:  You can get sheets, pillows and covers in different colors (two, three or more) for contrast.  Alternatively you can buy patterned sheets and pillows for even more color scheme designs.

Multi-color bed design

How to Style a Kid’s Bed

Pillows and cushions should be relaxed on a bed, which is where kid cushions come into play. When it comes to styling a children’s bed (see kids’ bedroom design ideas here), you want to balance between style and the reality that the space belongs to a child. Since you aren’t staging your child’s bed for sale, it’s important to add some personalization.

Firstly, fun, printed sheets with cars, dolls, or cartoon characters can be a great way to please your child and get them to enjoy nap time. However, if you think that’s too basic, there are other ways to add color to your child’s bed.

If you choose to layer the pillows with a standard pillow on top of a Euro pillow with a cushion at the bed’s head, consider opting for fun and intentionally whimsical cushions. Whether it’s an animal-faced cushion or a cushion with your child’s favorite cartoon character, keep things toy-friendly. Throw in a soft toy or two to make things even more entertaining for your child.

How to Style a Bed with Cushions?

Most people find it tricky to add cushions to a bed. The truth is that although cushions are optional, you can’t deny the flair and greatness they add to a bed. Moreover, cushions are also relatively cheaper to replace, presenting you with the perfect opportunity to experiment with various textures and colors.

If you’re dealing with a single bed, two cushions are generally more than enough. However, if you have a double, queen, or king-sized bed, you should opt for somewhere between three to six cushions, grouping them together bed size, with the largest at the back.

How Many Pillows Should be on a Bed?

There’s no right or answer to how many pillows there must be on a bed; it all boils down to what you’re comfortable with. However, many interior designers generally suggest that you should use no less than one or two pillows on each side of a double bed to establish balance and symmetry. For a single bed, however, one pillow will also suffice. You should start with a standard size sleeping pillow and go about stacking them.

How to Dress a Bed with Throws?

A statement throw offers the final finishing touch to make a bed look cohesive and well-put-together. It demands minimal effort but can provide an incredible appeal to your single or double bed.

Throws are best adapted according to the changing seasons. For instance, a simple cotton throw can suffice during summer, but as the temperatures drop in fall and winter, you’ll need to layer up your cozy blankets.

The best way to go about dressing up your bed during winter is to throw around and lay up different textured throws with mixed materials. This is an excellent way to elevate or level up your bed’s appeal whilst ensuring that it still feels warm.

When choosing a throw or multiple throws for your bed, simply think about how you’ll drape them across the bed in the morning. For instance, knitted blankets offer the best look when they’re draped casually over the bed, while stiff blankets appear best when folded neatly and placed at the foot of the bed.

How Many Layers Should a Bed Have?

Many amateurs, myself included, have a common question: exactly how many layers should a bed have? This is a pretty subjective question, yet again. A bed should generally have anywhere between three and seven layers, depending on the comfort level and aesthetic you’re looking for.

I want to conclude this article with a simple piece of advice: when it comes to styling a bed or anything, for that matter, make sure to take both aesthetics and practicality into consideration. Your bed might look beautiful with a plain cotton blanket, but is that really the best practical solution for the fall and winter season? Probably not. That said, I really hope this article gives you the guidance you need on how to style a bed for maximum comfort and appeal.

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