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7 Best Bed Skirt Alternatives

Elegant primary bedroom in monochromatic color motif.

At one time, bed skirts were a trendy way to display a matching bed set, complete with pillow shams and comforter or bedspread. As with anything, times change and the trends that were once in everyone’s home, fade.

Today, decorating a bedroom is still just as important to the homeowner, and creating a space that is uniquely their own is the bottom line. Finding new ways to incorporate “old” styles can be fun, creative, and yes, trendy. Some of the best ideas for creating a cover for the bottom portion of your bed can be done with low cost and beautiful design. Bed skirts are no longer a must-have, but most people like to hide the unattractive bed frame or just have a nice flow to the finished bedroom appearance.

Below you will find a list of the newest alternatives to bed skirts, that will give a new and refreshed look to the primary suite your space was craving. While some of us are creatively challenged, others primary the subject with innovative and brilliant ideas that keep the rest of us informed of exciting ideas we might have never considered. I have found some interesting bed skirt alternatives for you to consider.

1. A simple fitted sheet

White bedroom with skylight, white fitted sheet and pillows on gray bed and wooden flooring.

While placing a fitted sheet on the box spring doesn’t cover the frame or ‘under-the-bed’ area, it creates a streamlined appearance to the bed. This offers a room with a more buttoned-up look a simple cover for the not-so-attractive box spring. Using a darker color can keep the print on the box spring from showing through the sheet. Finding a fitted sheet of the appropriate size is necessary to avoid the sagging that would occur with an oversized sheet intended for mattresses with increased depth. Consider matching the fitted sheet to the comforter, drapes, or throws.


  • Streamlined and Sleek
  • Covers Box Spring Print
  • Readily Available To Match Any Color Scheme
  • Cost Effective
  • Can Easily Be Washed In The Home Washing Machine
  • Color Can Be Changed Frequently


  • Sizing May Be Difficult
  • Doesn’t Cover Bed Frame
  • Lifting Box Spring To Secure Bottom Corners Can Be A Hassle
  • Some Colors May Allow Box Spring To Show Through
  • Not Very Elegant

2. Making Your Own

Dino Dudes with Red - 3 piece crib or toddler bed set

Source: Etsy

I enjoy a bit of sewing, and a bed skirt can be easily stitched together using fabric you may already have on hand, such as an old sheet or curtains, duvet covers, or other linens. I actually enjoy shopping for fabric yardage, and finding the design that ‘speaks to me’. In this arena, you can opt for just about any print or solid your heart desires, as long as you have the ability to sew on the type of fabric you choose. There are many tutorials available on the web, and there is really nothing out of reach anymore. With the option open to creating your own bed skirt, the style is all up to you. Deciding to have a ruffled, flat, scalloped, sleek, or fancy design is all dependant upon your creativity and desired finished appearance.


  • Design Is All Your Own
  • Fabric Can Be Selected Based On Your Style
  • Creative
  • Unique To You
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy To Make (If You’re Sew-savvy


  • Must have Sewing Skills And Tools
  • Takes Time To Make
  • Measurements Must Be Carefully Taken
  • More Work Than Buying Pre-Made
  • Must Be Repeated When Changing Bedding

3. Wrap-Around Bed Skirt

Easy Wrap Platform Free Dust Ruffle Bed Skirt

Source: Houzz

The Wrap-Around bed skirt offers a super quick alternative solution to the traditional skirt, making your own and the fitted sheet. These are available on Amazon and are ideal for those who wish to hide the space under the bed as well as the box spring and frame. Available in many colors and styles for around $15, these are inexpensive enough to have a few around the home for color swaps. I love this product, it is much simpler than lifting the mattress off of the bed to install the traditional skirting. Easy peasy!


  • Easy To Add To Your Current Decor
  • Inexpensive
  • Plenty Of Color Choices
  • Readily Available
  • Different Styles For Different Looks
  • Easily Replaced


  • Can Slide Or Shift, Looking “Unkempt”
  • Elastic Can Stretch Out
  • Not Split At Corners
  • Special Care To Prevent Ripping Elastic From Fabric
  • Different Lengths May Not Fit Every Bed Height

4. Velcro Bed Skirts

Simply On Bedskirt, Gray, Queen, Pleated

Source: Houzz

The simplicity of this idea is ingenious. Keeping the bed skirt in place without lifting that heavy mattress is amazing in itself. The added bonus of anti-shift fabric and the DIY aspect for those of us who love to save a few dollars when we can is always a big deal! Muslin fabric is pretty cheap, and you can add whatever trim you choose. Lace, ruffles, ric-rac, or tassels. There is a great tutorial on this website, A Beautiful Mess showing exactly how to create your own. However, adding Velcro to any bed skirt you choose is just as effective. The purpose of the Velcro is to prevent sagging and shifting, so there is no peeking under those skirts!


  • Easy 3-Sided Installation
  • Can Be Used With Any Skirt
  • Velcro Can Be Replaced When Needed
  • Interchangeable With Other Skirts
  • Can Be Installed With Handmade Skirts


  • Adhesive Can Stop Sticking
  • Must Be Careful To Place Evenly
  • Must Use Care When Removing
  • Feels Stiff When Attached
  • Not Easily Kept Tidy

5. Box Spring Wrap

LC Classics 100% Cotton Matelassé Box Spring Cover

Source: Amazon

Some ideas are just fun, aren’t they? I love the look and style of a gift-wrapped package. It just looks anticipatory, like Christmas morning. Even if the boxes are empty and are staged in the Department store windows, the idea of the package remains the same. Granted, gift-wrapping your box spring isn’t nearly as exciting, but it still has that tidily wrapped package appeal. The benefit of this design is the semi-permanent effect of not needing to redo the bed skirt and straighten it up daily. It is neatly tucked away and covers the box spring with little maintenance. Available at a mid-range price point of around $30, it isn’t as cheap as the DIY options, or the wrap-around, but it is still affordable to most shoppers. Wayfair has them priced at $34 in a few color choices.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Feng Shui Friendly
  • Designed Specifically For Box Springs (as opposed to DIY)
  • Affordable
  • Sleek Design


  • More Costly Than Traditional
  • More Difficult To Install Initially
  • No Under-Bed Coverage
  • Price Increases With Size Of Bed
  • Only One Design Style

6. The Diversity of Curtains

Charleston Chirp 3 Piece Quilt Set, Full/Queen

Source: Houzz

A window valance can make a beautiful bed skirt when you are wanting to deviate from the traditional thin style skirting usually available. The window valance offers a wide range of styles, and you can attach them using box spring pins available at Bed Bath & Beyond for a mere $3.99. You would need two valances of the same length for the sides, and one of a shorter length for the end. Simply apply pins and voila, a bed skirt that is all your own.


  • Can Accommodate Any Decor
  • Available At Most Department Or Big Box Store
  • Can Be Hand Sewn
  • Can Be Changed Easily And Quickly
  • Can Be Solid Or Print Fabric
  • Can Be Any Fabric Type, From Silk To Velvet To Wool


  • Can Get Pricey
  • Might Need Alterations In Length
  • Some Valances Might Be Heavier Than A Bed Skirt Needs To Be
  • Pinning Might Come Loose, Creating Sagging
  • Finding The Right Height May Be Challenging

7. A Super Simple Flat Sheet

Minimalist white bedroom with super simple fitted sheet, roller blinds, and wall sconces.

Using an oversized flat sheet on a smaller bed can be a simple alternative to a bed skirt, but if you are trying to use a sheet on a California King, it takes a little more prep work. Adding personalized or decorative embroidery will really dress up a simple sheet, and I can imagine many beautiful outcomes. For the little girl’s room, a hand or machine embroidered motif of a princess or perhaps pom-poms would add a personal touch to a cute bedroom design. Even monogrammed or stitched personalized names along the foot of the bed would be completely unique, and worth the time and effort. There is a great tutorial on using a flat sheet on this website blog.


  • Easily Use Sheets You Already Have
  • If Purchasing New, Cost Is Far More Affordable
  • Easy Sizing, Using The Same Size Sheet That Fits The Bed
  • Ability To Personalize
  • Create Fun Projects For Your Children By Adding Embroidery Or Even Tie-Dye
  • Can Be Simple, Ruffled, Pleated, Or Trimmed; A Blank Canvas Of Sorts!


  • Can Shift And Require Regular Adjustments
  • If No Added Decoration Is Applied, Can Look Like A “Sheet”
  • Tucking And Folding Necessary To Keep Even With The Floor
  • Can Cause Sliding Of Mattress