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The Ultimate Review Guide to IKEA Dining Room Chairs

Photo collage of different Dining Room Chairs.

Shopping for furniture on IKEA’s website can be frustrating. The product descriptions don’t give you a lot to go on, and while some items have reviews from customers, there are a bunch that don’t. That’s why I went to IKEA and tested out all the options available for dining room chairs, so I could give you a thorough and full review of what it really looks like on the floor, determine how comfortable it is, sturdiness, and potential durability.

It was a hard job, but I did it all in the name of making sure you have all the information you need to make a purchasing decision!

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I visited my local IKEA in Jacksonville, Florida, a few days after Christmas to get to testing. With my notebook in hand and my wife at my side, we took on the gigantic task ahead of us! It’s probably important to let you know about our lives and what’s important to us when we’re looking for a dining room chair.

Each person will have a unique style, vibe, and set of circumstances that they want in a piece of furniture. While ours is probably different than yours, I did try to consider what others might like about each piece in their spaces. For us, we’re big on being as comfortable as possible.

We host family and friends a lot and like to gather around the dining room table after dinner for a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, or Apples to Apples if our nephews are around. For dining room chairs, stability and durability are essential to us because we get a lot of traffic in that room. And because we sit for long periods, the chairs need to be comfortable and not pinch.

Cushioning is important! We also like furniture that is a little unique – whether in color or pattern – but not too far outside the traditional sense. Our home style is a mix of vintage with rustic country touches.

Diningroom Chair Reviews


Norraryd dining room chair


  • Size: 18.5″w x 20.125”d x 32.625″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: Black or white


  • Interesting shaped seat
  • Sturdy design with a little bit of interesting detail


  • Not very wide
  • Not comfortable
  • Don’t feel very secure when sitting in it

Overall Impression: While I really liked the shape and design of this chair, because it reminded me of a more traditional dining room chair, it wasn’t comfortable. It looked sturdy, but when I sat in it, I couldn’t help but approach gently. And I’m glad I did! It’s not very wide, and I’m larger on the bottom, so I felt like I was flowing over the sides a bit.


Baltsar dining room chair


  • Size: 22.875″w x 22”d x 33.5″h
  • Weight tested up to 220lbs
  • Color: Light-grey or blue/black top with dark wood legs


  • Mildly comfortable
  • Excellent back support


  • Wobbly legs

Overall Impression: The sculpted shape of the chair really works to make you feel supported from your hips to your back. I liked how it felt like a gentle hug around my middle, and also provided a bit of lumbar support. However, it was super wobbly.

I don’t know if it was because it was a floor model and a million people have sat in it, or if it was a bit uneven on the floor. Either way, it didn’t really inspire confidence in the durability factor.


Ekedalen dining room chair


  • Size: 16.875″w x 20.125”d x 37.375″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: Black, Brown, or White frame; 2 cushion options


  • High back support
  • Sturdy and not wobbly
  • The cushioned seat is comfortable


  • Only two cushion colors available

Overall Impression: I really liked this dining room chair. The seatback was nice and high, and I could sit back without worrying that I would tip over or break it. It was sturdy and didn’t wobble at all when I moved around.

I liked that the cushion goes over the edge of the chair, preventing the inevitable “thigh pinch” that other shorter cushions sometimes cause. I did like that there are three different frame options to choose from so that you can pick one that goes with the other wood furniture in your home. But I didn’t like either of the two cushion color options that they have: olive-green and blue.

All in all, it’s a solid choice for any dining room.


Ingatorp dining room chair


  • Size: 22.5″w x 24.75”d x 39″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: white or black frame, but only one option for cushion


  • The unique back design makes an interesting detail
  • Very sturdy high-back with arms


  • The cushion isn’t very comfortable
  • Only one option for cushion color

Overall Impression: I’ve noticed that I’m a fan of high-back chairs while doing these reviews. This one has a really different type of back pattern, and I like that it brings a little bit of interest to an otherwise noxious piece of furniture. While it was very sturdy, and I noticed there was no give when I plopped or rocked it around, I’m not a big fan of the arms.

They didn’t dig into my hips, but they also seemed like a bit of an afterthought and didn’t come all the way down. I guess it’s okay if you like to rest only your elbows on it. Also, the cushion does that thigh-pinch that I’m not a big fan of because it’s seated within the frame of the chair.


Ivar dining room chair


  • Size: 16.125″w x 19.625”d x 37.375″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: Pine only


  • Unfinished pine wood material is perfect if you’re crafty and want to DIY it to your liking.
  • Solid construction and sturdy


  • Not very comfortable on the back
  • No cushion

Overall Impression: If you’re looking for a dining room chair that you want to make all your own, this one is for you. Personally, I’m a crafty person. I like the idea of getting an unfinished chair and coming up with unique and inventive ways to make it a work of art.

If you have a particular color palette in mind that you just can’t seem to find a chair that fits it, you can very quickly paint and refinish this as you’d like it. Personally, I’d add a cushion to the bottom because it’s very hard on the tush, and I wasn’t a big fan of how the middle bar dug right into my back when I tried to sit up. But for your basic dining room chair that you want to paint lime green to match your curtains, this is a perfect choice!


Tobias dining room chair


  • Size: 21.625″w x 22”d x 32.25″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: Chrome with Clear or Chrome with translucent blue


  • The futuristic design is very modern
  • Very sturdy and wide
  • Bounces
  • Comfortable


  • Only two options available, and both are translucent

Overall Impression: This was probably one of the most comfortable dining room chairs we tried. I really loved how sturdy it was, even though it does bounce because of the way the legs are constructed. I didn’t once think that it would give or that I’d fall back!

It was extremely comfortable and molded to my back when I sat. No pinching at all, and it was much wider than I expected. The only thing I didn’t love was that it’s only available in translucent blue and clear, which definitely doesn’t go with my decor or style.

But if it came in a solid matte color, maybe with a little cushion that attaches, I’d totally go for it!


Markerad dining room chair


  • Size: 20.875″w x 18.125”d x 29.875″h
  • Color: Beech only


  • Easy to clean with lacquered surface


  • Seat detail actually pinches your legs if you’re wider in the hip area
  • Rounded back stops too abruptly and digs into you
  • Only one choice in color

Overall Impression: I did not like this dining room chair at all. It reminds me of the uncomfortable chairs that my grandmother had in her house. She had to get cushions that tied onto the spokes in the back so that you could sit on the chair without losing feeling in your legs.

I hated those cushions because the ties would always break, and then they’d fall onto the floor or slip out from underneath you when you sat down or got up. You can get a cushion for these, but that’s not going to prevent the back from digging into your hips when you sit. Maybe a good option if you have a bunch of kids and want something easy to clean and durable, but this isn’t for me.


Henriksdal dining room chair


  • Size: 21.25″w x 22.875”d x 38.25″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: black, brown, or white legs; 7 cover options


  • Super high-backed chair
  • Covers are removable and machine washable
  • Tons of options to choose from


  • Not as comfortable as it looks

Overall Impression: Granted, when you’re choosing a dining room chair, how comfortable it is may not be relevant to you. For us, however, we like to have game nights, and everyone gathers around our table. So, we spend an extended period in these chairs and need them to have some sort of comfort level.

While I hoped that these would meet those expectations, unfortunately, they didn’t. The seat wasn’t very deep, and I felt like I was perching on it rather than sitting. I do like the fact that all the covers are removable and machine washable, making cleanup or accidents easy to handle, but for us, I think there are better options.


Grubbyn dining room chair


  • Size: 20.125”w x 23.25”d x 42.125″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: brown/grey or brown/beige


  • The high back is comfortable
  • Tall seat


  • The cover isn’t removable or washable
  • The seat is a bit on the narrow side

Overall Impression: I’m pretty sure these chairs are made for really tall people. I’m only 5’4,” and my legs were dangling off the ground when I sat. While in some cases, that wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me, when it comes to sitting at a dining room table, it’s uncomfortable.

The seat itself was narrow, but because there are no arms, I didn’t mind it as much and didn’t feel pinched. It was reasonably sturdy, and I didn’t feel like I was going to break it. That’s a win in my book!


Sakarias dining room chair


  • Size: 23.625″w x 26.375”d x 37.75″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: dark grey or white


  • Doubles as an armchair for any space
  • Very sturdy design with no give at all
  • The cover is removable and washable


  • Arms come all the way down and squish my legs together

Overall Impression: I didn’t even realize that this was a dining room chair until I saw it gathered around a table setting in the showroom at IKEA. I guess that’s a good thing for some folks? If you have a small space, and you combine your living and dining areas, these are great chairs to get because they’re comfortable enough for both sitting at the table and gathering around for a conversation.

I wasn’t a fan of how the arms came down all the way to the end of the seat, because it forced my thighs together, and I felt a little sausage-like in them. But I did like that they lean back, so I can have a more casual conversation with my guests.


Bernhard dining room chair


  • Size: 19.25″w x 19.625”d x 30.375″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: 4 different color seat options


  • Classic vintage design with 4 color options
  • Scoop-style seat supports lumbar


  • Rigid cushion digs into thighs
  • Didn’t feel sturdy

Overall Impression: I’m not a big fan of this design, primarily because it reminds me of a diner. The chrome hairpin style legs don’t really inspire confidence in it being able to support me, and I did notice a bit of give even when I sat gently (rather than my usual plop). I actually felt like I was going to break it, and I fall way under the tested weight limit!

The rigid cushion dug into my thighs, and I was ready to pretty quickly to get up and try a more comfortable option.


Ronninge dining room chair


  • Size: 18.125″w x 19.25”d x 31.125″h
  • Weight tested up to 243lbs
  • Color: 3 options


  • Heavy, solid construction
  • Sturdy and didn’t wobble


  • Low to the ground
  • No cushion

Overall Impression: WIth a solid and classic design reminiscent of the ’50s and ’60s, these chairs actually reminded me of my old elementary school. They definitely have a nostalgic feeling to them, and while I wasn’t impressed with the color options available. They’re very sturdy, but I did feel pretty low to the ground.

Depending on the size of your dining room table, these may be just too low for people to sit comfortably. But I did like how sturdy they were, and they were surprisingly heavy to move! I’d have no question about durability with these chairs but would definitely prefer a more cushioned option.

IKEA Diningroom Chair Round-Up Winner

Deciding on which dining room chair was pretty easy. Ekedalen is comfortable and sturdy. I liked the high back and how it supported me, as well as the cushions that didn’t cause pinching but made sitting really comfortable.

While I wasn’t a fan of the color options they have available, I realized I can just cover the cushions with a bit of fabric that I liked better. While some folks may not want any sort of DIY options when it comes to buying furniture, I’m pretty picky about color and pattern. But if I can find a way to make it my own, I’m all for it!

Which IKEA dining room chair is your favorite, and why?

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