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15 Best Sofas for Reading (2023)

Gorgeous cozy home library with reading couch

Choosing the Perfect Reading Sofa

Living in a world that is so dedicated to consuming information from screens, everyday it becomes more and more important to dedicate some of your day towards reading. Whether it be a magazine, a good book, a comic, or your own journal entries from 6 years ago (yikes), reading is always a worthwhile activity.

Many of us don’t need convincing to read, but some people do! You know something that really helps with getting motivated to read? The perfect little reading nook to encourage you to finish that good book.

If you happen to live in a home that has space for a reading nook, you are one lucky duck. This article is here for you, to guide you through some of the best reading sofas that are out there to put in that perfect reading nook or living room.

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We also have an article going through all the most affordable sofas here: 10 of the Best Sofas under $1500!

The Best Sofa Brands

First things first, we gotta do a little shout-outing. A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the best sofa brands out there. If you’re interested: visit this article! The 21 Best Sofas and Sofa Brands of 2022 (Budget to Luxury).

A group of professional interior designers very graciously shared their opinions on some of the best companies to purchase sofas from. That article and all of the following ones take inspiration from that very valuable information. These are the companies that the professional interior designers recommended:

Store front of Anthropology store


Anthropologie is your brand if you’re into items that are boho-chic and affordable. They’ve got the hyper-hippie style and the tasteful and modest designs, suited to fit every type of customer.

Another awesome thing about Anthropologie is that they use a third party service called AfterPay. AfterPay is a payment system that allows a customer to make an online order and divide the payment up over a period of 4 weeks.

This service is completely interest free, and we love it because it makes delicious furniture more attainable to those who can’t always make larger purchases. Thank you Anthro & AfterPay!

Beautiful interior design living room by Interior Define

Interior Define

Okay, holy cow. I had never heard of Interior Define before doing these awesome sofa articles, but I am constantly being shocked and impressed by this amazing company.

Interior Define if redefining (haha, see what I did there?) what customizable furniture means. I used to think that having customized items was completely out of my budget range, but consider me proven wrong!

Interior Define does customized furniture that is affordable for nearly all types of budgets. They have high end, high quality, amazing material options, and they also have amazing options on lower budgets as well. To boot, they also have a 60 day return policy!

Incredible room by CB2


Gosh, CB2 is really something else. I had never been on their website before this week and I gotta say it is like a fever dream (in the best way) for people who spend a of time day dreaming about re-decorating.

Style style style. It’s everywhere, it’s perfect, it’s semi-affordable, and if you’re the type of person who thanks God every day for the resurgence of mid-century modern, this is the website for you.

And they don’t stop there. They’ve got amazing coffee tables, amazing accent chairs, dining chairs, they’ve got outdoor accessories, wall decor, recliner chairs, and anything else in the name of living room furniture and beyond.

Beautiful interior design living room by Article


I’ve always been an Ikea gal (we all go through this phase), but ever since I discovered Article, I realized that there are other companies out there who can really incorporate style and affordability in a way that is attainable to all sorts of different customers.

Article is awesome because they have all sorts of different styles, from mid century modern (love) to more boho looks, all the way to that Scandinavian aesthetic that we are all so obsessed with.

Article doesn’t sacrifice quality when it comes to fair pricing and it really shows. They have items that are anything but basic, prices that aren’t outrageous, and the customer reviews on their site are almost are raves!

Another awesome feature of shopping with Article is the fact that they use a third party site called Paybright. Paybright is a service that allows you to pay for your new affordable sofa in increments over 24 months without interest. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true!

Gorgeous interior designed living room by Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts

Rove concepts is really something else. This is one of the most artful, professional, contemporary, tasteful, and well designed furniture companies that I’ve ever seen.

A company like this is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a product that is thoughtfully designed and created, with a design that is timeless with immaculate attention to detail.

The designs from Rove Concept strike a perfect balance between art and livable furniture. They include unique pieces that are striking to look but are also inviting and comfortable to live in.

Now, Rove Concepts has prices that are usually above the average budget, but they offer a membership! A Rove Concept membership is $175/year, but you receive 20% site wide, and 10% back in vouchers. You also get an extra 20% off on clearance items. Wow!

How to Choose the Perfect Reading Sofa

Now we appreciate that there are all types of different readers out there. For example, some people need to sit perfectly upright in order to stay awake long enough to get some proper reading done.

Others prefer to lay down completely in order to get those chapters read. Some people are constantly switching positions, some people need pillows, some people need arm rests, some need super soft couches while others need some firmness.

For all of these reasons, you will notice that the following list has a beautiful potpourri of different types of sofas so that you can pick and choose your own ideal reading couch.

Some of them are loungers (see our best sofas for lounging), some of them are deep seated sofas, while others are impeccably upright without any arms at all! There’s a little something for everyone, so get ready to have your Pinterest-inspo blown wide open!

15 of the Best Reading Sofas (According to Budget)

We appreciate that everybody out there has a different budget, and that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting the exact right and perfect reading couch that they want. For this reason, we’ve organized the ultimate reading sofa list according to budget: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets.

Best Low Budget Reading Sofas ($700-$2000)

Lovely small white fluffy Gabriola loveseat by Article

Gabriola Loveseat by Article – $699

This sweet little loveseat would fit just snugly in nearly any reading corner you could imagine. A modest size and a modest price, the Gabriola loveseat is the perfect comfy spot to get some reading done in a small space.

This loveseat has the perfect proportions and curvaceous edges all sat upon a solid wood frame. The classic, modern, and clean style will elevate and compliment any space you put it in. You’ll get nothing but comfort in something that is only-slightly-bigger-than-the-perfect-reading-chair.

The bottom seat cushion is made filled with sinuous spring suspension and high density foam with polyester fiber filling. A removable cover (in either ivory boucle or dover gray boucle) makes for easy cleaning.

This is the sofa for you if you have a smaller living space that needs a little lightening up. It’s coming in at 64″ wide, 31″ tall, and 34″ in depth. They have a matching ottoman if you’d like somewhere to put your feet, too!

The Olalla chaise lounge by Article in lovely living room setting

Olalla Chaise Lounge by Article – $1199

I imagine they thought in their heads “ooh lala!” when they saw the completed product, hence the name of the Olalla Chaise Lounge made by Article.

This beautiful oak wood frame comes with a back of rattan weave (also known as radio net) that brings timeless sensibility to this piece. On top you’ll find a feather filled sofa cushion pillow.

The large bottom cushion has a removable cover, and the entire cushion is fastened to the oak wood frame with velcro so that it doesn’t slide around. This lounger comes with the lovely side pillow as well.

This is the perfect reading couch if you’re the type of person who needs to be either perched upright or laying down completely. This chaise lounge is 79″ wide, 29″ high, and a seat depth of 33″.

Gorgeous carved lovella daybed by anthroliving with velvet cushion

Carved Lovella Daybed by Anthroliving – $1498

This Carved Lovella Daybed is a particularly special piece. A unique headboard and gorgeous design not only inspires one to look at it, but it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon lounging.

The Lovella daybed is a hand carved piece of partially engineered and partially tropical hardwood with a whitewash finish. It’s sealed with clear lacquer to make it resistant to water damage and for easy cleaning as well.

Each day bed is entirely unique. It has removable legs and is made very sturdily. One thing to note is that the mattress is not included in the sale. However, this is perfect for those of you who don’t love the velvet cushion (although I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t) there are tons of other options on the website for you.

The Carved Lovella daybed will be perfect for your reading corner if you have at least 78″ of space. It’s 33″ tall and 42.5″ deep, so there’s plenty of space for you to lean back, especially if you toss a couple more accent pillows on this exquisite piece of furniture.

Taupe loveseat on white background, Maxwell by Interior Define

Maxwell Loveseat by Interior Define – $1645

Oof, this sure is a classy looking couch. Interior Define took a traditional shape and made it fresh and extra comfortable looking with the Maxwell Loveseat. This low profile sofa encourages relaxation with a wonderfully deep seat and layered cushions.

Interior Define gives you over 150 different colors to choose from (but don’t get overwhelmed, they’ll send you free swatches to help you decide) and a choice of fabrics like plush velvet, performance velvet, vintage velvet, chenille, linen weave, brushed knit, luxe tweed, and many many more.

They also give you the option of choosing the shape and material of the legs, what kind of fill you’d like in the sofa cushions, and they include those little sausage pillows for extra lumbar support!

If this deep seated, super plush looking sofa makes you want to snuggle up with a book or crossword, just make sure you’ve got enough space. You can choose between 74″ or 78″ in width, a seat depth of 37″ or 42″, but it sticks around at being 31″ tall.

Amazing Mauro chenille sofa by CB2 in display room

Mauro Black Chenille Sofa by CB2 – $1999

I’ve gotta be a little bit biased for a second here. The Mauro Chenille sofa by CB2 is one of the most glorious looking pieces of furniture that I’ve ever seen. It’s everything one could want in a couch.

It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s also vintage looking, it has a timeless silhouette, and it’s wonderfully inviting. The slim stainless steel base brings a chic minimalism, and the choice of mink mohair or opal boucle brings the warmth you want from a sofa.

The Mauro Chenille sofa has low, loose back cushions feature a single channel tuft in the middle. The seat cushions are made from foam and polyester fiber, and the back cushions are a mix of foam and feather mix with sinuous springs.

If this gorgeous piece seems like the exact thing that you need to finish those last few chapters, the last thing you need to know is the size. It’s a generous 98″ wide, a modest 30″ tall, and a perfectly deep depth of 35″.

Best Moderate Budget Reading Sofas ($2000-$3000)

Stunning blue and teak ashton loveseat by Anthroliving

Ashton Upholstered Teak Settee by Anthroliving – $2098

I mean, is it even possible to not love something when it’s made of teak? I love teak. Teak actually has a interesting story: it’s a tropical hardwood that was overused so much in the 1900’s that they basically decimated the teak tree population and that’s why teak furniture is so rarely made in modernity and why existing pieces can be so expensive!

The Ashton Upholstered Teak Settee is truly a gorgeous and classic piece. The hardwood frame is sturdy and organic looking, accompanied by a beautiful royal blue cotton velvet upholstery.

The bottom and back cushion are both webbed with a fill of a combination of foam and fiber. The frame itself is reclaimed teak hardwood that’s been reinforced with mortise and tenon joinery.

The teak settee is a beautiful furniture piece that sits upright and formally, but not so stiffly that it deters you from sticking around. It’s perfect those upright and alert readers. If this is the one for you, here are the dimensions: 60″ wide, 32.5″ tall, and 32″ deep.

Lovely camel colored Irina sofa by Anthroliving in a living room

Irina Sofa by Anthroliving – $2498

Now this is a cool and funky piece. It’s truly unique piece that is both functional and fun to look at (see what I did there?), the Irina sofa by Anthroliving will bring some character to any area you put it in.

The retro rounded silhouette in a camel color somehow balances a piece being understated but stated at the same time! The crescent shape is unique, creating a lovely little cove for you and your book to snuggle into.

Plush upholstered seats sit atop inconspicuous steel legs. The seat cushion is constructed from sinuous springs surrounded by a foam and fiber fill. The width is 99″, the height is 27″, and the seat depth is 34″.

Super cool mid century modern meda sofa by Cb2

Meda Grey Wool Armless Sofa by CB2 – $2499

Gosh is the Meda Grey Wool Armless sofa ever a statement piece, but the type of statement that states something being perfectly understated, you know what I mean?

Now not everyone is going to look at this armless sofa and think “what a perfect place to read the paper”, but others may think, “that is the precise posture necessary in order for me to properly consume current events”.

You have the choice of either a charcoal textured weave, ivory, frost, parchment, pina colada, or ginger. This streamline sofa is a love song to the minimalist style of modernist 50’s furniture. A classic Italian design that’s been updated for today’s person.

The gorgeous wool fabric enrobes sinuous sea cushions which lies atop metal legs and walnut panels. You really need to view the couch from the side to appreciate its beauty. The Meda sofa is 67.5″ wide, 30″ tall, and 31″ deep.

Big comfy brown Lukas soda by Interior Define

Lukas 3 Seater Sofa by Interior Define – $2970

Make way for the classic. The Lukas 3 Seater sofa made by Interior Define is one of those excellent pieces that has a simple elegance, but can easily be elevated by a fun throw pillow or blanket.

This is a big, comfy couch that is perfect for that family relaxation time or solo reading afternoon. Interior let’s you choose between fawn, coral, rust, wine, chartreuse, sage, or marigold, and they’ll send you free color swatches if you can’t decide.

This lovely sofa comes with exaggerated cushy cushions that are smartened up by clean lines and deep shelter arms that wrap around. It has a super low platform with hidden legs. This is a great piece big enough for the whole family and the dog.

They also let you choose between lengths of either 104″, 112″, or 120″. It has a standard height of 33″, and you can choose a depth of 37″ or a very generous 42″.

Super modern grey Ivano sofa by Rove Concepts

Ivano Sofa by Rove Concepts – $2999

The Ivano sofa reminds me of something that I would see in an art documentary, y’know? This is a unique piece that is designed for those folks who line the finer, and slightly quirky things in life.

It has a grand and luxurious silhouette but a really deep seat and deep arms to bring a certain level of coziness. Get ready for ultimate relaxation, but a certain level of unquestionable style in the room.

The Ivano sofa has a hand crafted hardwood frame joined by dowels, topped with a 3 layer, high density foam cushion that’s topped with a layer of down feathers. All this lays atop low profile metal legs.

You can choose between various performance fabric types like modern felt, velvet, or boucle for your fabric, in colors like allemande, glacier grey, solstice, and pearl. It’s got a generous 90″ in length, 27″ in height, and 36″ in depth. (By the way, the membership price is $2399!)

Best Luxury Budget Reading Sofas ($3000-$5000)

Sven sectional sofa in lovely living room by Article

Sven Sectional by Article – $2999

The wonderful thing about a sectional is that it totally removes the need for an ottoman. The perfect sofa for a person who really just starts reading in order to take a nap 20 minutes into the session.

The Sven comfy sofa sectional from Article has tons of options for you. You can choose a left hand sectional piece or a right hand, and you can choose between tan, chocolate, black, or blue upholstery.

This is the most popular perfect sofa on the website for a reason. It’s a mid century modern take on a classic sofa with a tufted bench seat and 3 luxuriously stuffed seat cushions (and two matching bolsters are included!)

The sturdy wooden frame and high density cushions allow for a couch with both style and longevity. This bad boy is 100″ wide, 34″ tall, and a hefty 67″ deep (at the sectional area).

Gorgeous light green and hardwood Maria sofa by Rove Concepts

Maria Sofa by Rove Concepts – $3249

One could easily call the Maria sofa by Rove Concepts a perfect looking sofa. It’s soft, sleek, modern yet classic, a reasonable price, and it encourages both upright sitting and long-term lounging at the same time.

You have the choice of performance fabric like velvet, felt, or linen upholstery, in colors like olive green, blush, alesund, haze, and esme. (Couldn’t tell ya what those last 3 colors look like). Kiln dried hardwood creates the beautiful frame, with a high quality cushion atop.

The cushion itself is polyurethane foam wrapped in polyester fiber surrounding sinuous spring cushions. It’s a special 3 layer high density foam that is under some extra comfy down feathers. Did I mention the membership price is $2999?

This gorgeous piece includes 2 throw pillows, creating one of the softest sofas available on the website. It’s a perfect size of 92″ wide, 25″ tall, and 40″ deep. Get ready to get some quality reading time done on the Maria sofa.

Funky marshmallow Belia open end sofa by Rove Concepts

Belia Open End Sofa by Rove Concepts – $3749

Now I just wanted to toss this one in for fun. I truly have never seen a couch that looks like this in person and it honestly looks like something that could be in 2001 Space Odyssey, but in the best way possible.

The Belia sofa may not scream “reading” to everyone, but it sure does to me. I just want people to take my picture on that sofa. You can choose which open orientation you would like, and in colors like latte, caviar, pearl, solstice, or moonstone.

This is an extremely unique and sophisticated modular sofa design that combines a super contemporary look with curiously comfortable cushions. These huge marshmallow looking contraptions stand out in any room you put it in.

The kiln hardwood frame holds 3 layer high density foam cushions filled with goose down feathers. This piece includes 1 arm piece, 1 armless piece, and 1 ottoman piece. You can choose your own unique configuration.

The membership price for this one-of-a-kind furniture piece is $2999. If this is your cup of tea, get ready to lounge on a new sofa that is a hefty 118″ wide, 26″ tall, and 39″ deep. Groovy!

Sexy leather caramel loveseat by Interior Define

Gray Leather Sofa by Interior Define – $3990

The Gray leather sofa by Interior Define is truly a thing of beauty. This is the obvious choice for folks who love both minimalism and luxury. The low slung profile creates an intimate atmosphere in any room it enters.

This sofa has a sophisticated neutrality of design, coming in different colors of leather live palomino, fossil, pecan, cognac, flint, hunter, marine blue, and nightfall. You can choose your choice of cushion fill, and the height of the arms as well.

If you like to read swathed in leather, this is your sofa. The leather will develop a rich and unique patina over time; truly the greatest appeal to leather furniture. This beauty is 92″, 96″, or 100″ wide, 26″ tall, and 39″ deep.

Stunning long black leather Marconi sofa by CB2

Marconi 4 Seater Black Leather Sofa by CB2 – $4999

I just have a feeling that if Ernest Hemingway was bourgeoisie, this would be his choice of couch. The Marconi 4 seater is truly a thing of beauty. The level of sophistication and style does not at all deter one from making it their everyday living room couch.

CB2 let’s you choose between black, grey, or saddle colored leather that develops its own beautiful patina over time, making every piece completely unique. The idea behind this sofa was to evoke the atmosphere of a traditional British club, which I think it achieves with ease.

To get into the logistics, the Marconi comes on inset walnut legs, a cushion fill of foam, polyester, and fiber, and you can choose between lengths of 81″ or 105″, and it has a height of 24″ and depth of 32″. If leather isn’t your thing, they also have an incredibly beautiful velvet option.

This isn’t just one of the top sofas for reading. This is the centrepiece of the room, a timeless piece that you can pass on through generations, and a piece of furniture that will age and develop just as uniquely as you and your family does.


Is it a good idea to get a sleeper sofa?

I personally love a sleeper sofa. They’re especially a good idea if it’s common for you to have unexpected overnight guests and don’t have a guest room. The sofa bed isn’t what it used to be. A sofa bed can be highly fashionable and comfortable for your overnight guests to enjoy for many free loading weekends!

Is a reading chair better than a reading sofa?

Whether you buy a reading chair or a reading sofa is entirely up to you. A good armchair could be the exact perfect place for you to snuggle up with a good book, especially if it’s by a rainy window. A reading sofa is nice because your partner can knit or nap beside you at the same time.

What is the benefit to sectional sofas?

I really like sectional sofas. They’re great because you get more than one choice of how to sit in the sofa while being spaciously economical! There are some sectional sofas that even have storage in the extra piece for blankets, games, books, or what have you.

Is Maiden Home a good furniture company?

Maiden Home isn’t a furniture company name that everyone is going to immediately recognize, but it’s one you won’t forget once you get looking! Maiden Home does a great job of merging style with items that are attainable and affordable to all sorts of different customers.

Is Pottery Barn a good furniture company?

Pottery Barn is one of those super reliable go-to furniture companies. Not only do they have a ton of other home accessories, they have affordable furniture that is stylish and comfortable to boot.

What is a good type of sofa for small spaces?

A loveseat is the perfect type of sofa for small spaces. Loveseats are usually quite deep and modestly sized and have just the right amount of comfort to encourage the opening of a good book or a Netflix marathon.

Is buying a velvet sofa a good idea?

Velvet sofas are completely gorgeous. I love the retro look, the feel of the fabric, and the overall vibe that it gives. But buying a velvet sofa might not be in the cards for everyone. Though they are gorgeous, velvet isn’t the easily type of fabric to clean. The fibers stay in place quite well, but if it gets a ton of daily use, it could wear faster than you may like.

Is a fabric sofa or faux leather sofa a better purchase?

The choice of fabric for your sofa is totally going to depend on who is going to be spending time on it. Faux leather is often better than real leather or a fabric sofa because it won’t stain as easily, but the chances of the leather getting scratched are higher.

There is high performance fabric out there that is relatively spill proof, and a fabric sofa is a great option if you have people living with you who aren’t going to be dropping fudgesicles on the couch.

Is a recliner sofa a good purchase?

There are truly so many different kinds of sofas out there, allowing for every customer to find the exact perfect type of sofa for them. If you’re the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time on the couch (God bless ya), a recliner sofa might be a perfect sofa type for you.

It’s basically the exact same as a reclining armchair, but your entire family can fit on it. It’s absolutely perfect to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, an entire season of Gilmore Girls, or even just a big family nap after a turkey dinner. Perfect.