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11 Best Affordable Sofas (Under $1500)

Affordable sofas photo collage

Purchasing an Affordable Sofa

Inflation is happening and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, (though I did hear on the radio that it seems to just be leveling out and not increasing anymore) life can get really expensive! Appliances break, pets get sick, cars need repairs, you forget an anniversary and have to be over the top about the apology; there are lots of things that can get in the way of buying those things for yourself that you just want.

If you’re looking for ways to revamp improve your interior design but you’re on a bit of a budget, you have come to the right place. Whether your cat destroyed the upholstery, you spilled one too many glasses of juice on the cushions, or you were like my sister and tried to eat a bowl of pho laying down on her white couch (???) you’re probably here to get some advice on some affordable, but still chic sofas!

Not everything has to break the bank. If you’re anything like me, you like to buy used. I love scouring through Facebook marketplace for unique pieces, or searching through flea markets at those vintage upholstery options and what not. Buying used it awesome (and it’s good for the planet, too!) but it isn’t for everybody.

This article has gone through 10 of the best affordable sofa models that we’ve found from Anthropologie (also known as Anthroliving), Interior, Define, CB2, and West Elm. So sit tight and get ready to get some inspo going!

11 Best Affordable Sofas by Brand

Let’s just hop right into it! We’ve actually had this discussion before. We have another published article: The 21 Best Sofa Brands of 2022 (Budget to Luxury) where we asked interior design experts on what they’re preferred brands are!

This article is like that articles baby, where we then go through all of those recommended brands and choose the best sofa types from those websites! We’re going in order by the most named brands, so believe us when we say, this is what the best of the best prefer!

Anthropologie (Anthroliving)

Quote Anthropologie

Anthropologie is your brand if you’re into items that are boho-chic and affordable. They’ve got the hyper-hippie style and the tasteful and modest designs, suited to fit every type of customer.

Another awesome thing about Anthropologie is that they use a third party service called AfterPay. AfterPay is a payment system that allows a customer to make an online order and divide the payment up over a period of 4 weeks.

This service is completely interest free, and we love it because it makes delicious furniture more attainable to those who can’t always make larger purchases. Thank you Anthro & AfterPay!

Deep green sofa from anthropologie called the bowen

1. The Bowen Sofa – $1423.50

This little beauty is actually 25% off on the website right now! I know we’re getting close to $1500, and the larger sizes will exceed that amount, but the smallest size is well within our budget!

The Bowen sofa is an absolutely gorgeous choice. The style is simple and chic, but the deep green corduroy-esque fabric really kicks up the funk a notch. It’s cozy but modern and minimalist all at the same time.

This couch has 2 t-shaped bottom cushions and 2 back cushions. All of them are removable. It has to brass finished iron legs that are also removable, and there is no assembly required if you purchase it!

Like I mentioned before, the smallest size is under $1500, with dimensions of 71″ wide, 32″ tall, and 35″ deep. The larger sizes just get longer, with the second size being 81″ wide, and third is 91″ wide.

If this model is a little plain for your spicy flavor profile, you could always add some cut little accent pillows, a bright colored blanket, or just toss some fun friends on there and you’ll never notice.

If you’re keen on the Bowen sofa, the style number is 43861855.

Peach and orange sofa, the kori modular from anthropologie

2. Kori Modular Armless Sofa – $1298

I literally gasped when I saw the Kori. I love furniture with rounded edges; they just give such a cozy and welcoming vibe, like the whole room is made of carpet and you can just roll around. Okay, that may just be me, but I find this to be the perfect sofa.

The Kori Modular Armless Sofa sets are super cool because they’ve got all sorts of different colors and upholsteries on their website, but they’re all the same, armless shape. If you don’t like the colors, you can always get some funky throw pillows to put on there!

These shapes allow for you to totally create your own couch experience, where one day you can have a long L shaped couch or another day you have each section on another side of the room.

The Kori Modular is made from structured linen fabric that covers a sinuous spring seat filled with foam and finer fill. These are seated on a tropical hardwood frame, where there is no assembly required.

The only thing here is that the seat cushion is not removable, so if you have any pets in the house you may need to cover the couch on occasion with some blankets. This is a truly wonderful furniture piece.

This Kori sofa comes in a gorgeous, warm clay color, but there are many different styles on the website. This beauty is 64.5″ wide, 27″ tall, and 41″deep (see our list of the best deep-seated sofas). If you’re keen, the style number is 67061051.

Interior Define

Quote Interior Define

Okay holy cow. I had never heard of Interior Define before doing these awesome sofa articles, but I am constantly being shocked and impressed by this amazing company.

Interior Define if redefining (haha, see what I did there?) customizable furniture means. I used to think that having customized items was completely out of my budget range, but consider me proven wrong!

Interior Define does customized furniture that is affordable for nearly all types of budgets. They have high end, high quality, amazing material options, and they also have amazing options on lower budgets as well. To boot, they also have a 60 day return policy!

Deep rusty couch from interior define, lennox loveseat

3. Lennox Block Loveseat – $1245

Bloom, camel, celadon, spruce, space, french, cobalt, lavender, mink… those are only a small handful of the color options you can choose from on the Interior Define website.

But the color isn’t the only thing that you get to choose! If you’re ordering the Lennox Block loveseat you get to choose 2 different fabrics for both the cushions and the frame. You choose the material of the legs (walnut, oak, chrome) and you can even choose the depth of the couch!

The Lennox Block was an obvious chose because it both refined and approachable. The site itself describes it as being “a visually sumptuous sofa” which is a statement I couldn’t agree more with.

The plush cushioning and structured frame make for a furniture item that is both sophisticated yet inviting to be sat on. Have you ever seen one of those couches that looks to firm to be comfortable? This is not your great aunt’s tea room sofa.

The Lennox Block loveseat can come in a variety of sizes, but the option that is under our budget comes with a width of 64″, it’s 37″ tall and 37.5″ deep. Now get outta here and go choose your color palette and get it into your small space!

Low light gray sofa bed, sloan from interior define

4. Sloan Daybed – $1195

Cement, limestone, bone, marble, field, silver, fox, misty, harbour, loden… I’m just trying to get you prepared for all of the color options that are waiting for you on this incredible website. Did I mention the Interior Define sends you free color swatches? Amazing!

Obviously I had to include a daybed in here. I love a daybed. Daybeds just encourage you to do different types of activities, like reading a book on feminism rather than watching 5 hours of Gilmore Girls in a day, y’know?

The Sloan daybed looks super modern and sleek, but so plush and luxurious that it begs a nap or a really good book to be had on it. It strikes an incredible balance between structured yet inviting, and it’s appropriate for pretty much any room on this planet.

This sofa is of medium height and depth, with options from widths ranging from 75-83″, and an average height of 19″ and depth of 40″. This sofa is great if you have an area where you don’t want a window covered, or if you like a lower arrangement to your living space.


Quote Article Furniture

I’ve always been an Ikea gal (we all go through this phase), but ever since I discovered Article, I realized that there are other companies out there who can really incorporate style and affordability in a way that is attainable to all sorts of different customers.

Article is awesome because they have all sorts of different styles, from mid century modern (love) to more boho looks, all the way to that Scandinavian aesthetic that we are all so obsessed with.

Article doesn’t sacrifice quality when it comes to fair pricing and it really shows. They have items that are anything but basic, prices that aren’t outrageous, and the customer reviews on their site are almost are raves!

Another awesome feature of shopping with Article is the fact that they use a third party site called Paybright. Paybright is a service that allows you to pay for your new affordable sofa in increments over 24 months without interest. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true!

Sven Sofa - Article

5. Sven by Article

The Sven with velvet comes in a variety of colors. Blue, pictured above is my favorite.  You can get it as a 2.5 or full 3 seater in size.  It’s the rich color and velvet that gets me excited about this sofa.  Features include wooden frame, high-density foam, cotton velvet upholstery and loose seat and back cushions.


Love light colored ceni sofa from article

6. The Ceni Sofa – $1299

The Ceni sofa was one of the first that I saw, and seeing it made me believe that I would never need or want another sofa for the rest of my days. It’s affordable, gorgeous, and looks magically comfy!

The Ceni sofa comes in some wonderful colors, including aquarias aqua, fresh white, lagoon blue, pyrite gray, seagrass green, and volcanic gray (for all those folks out there who have, pets, kids, or sloppy eaters for roomies).

A mid century modern couch is obviously the inspiration here, but it has a more contemporary twist to it. This beauty is intentionally low to the ground to create an intimacy of space, encouraging cozy interactions.

This sofa has loose cushions, a solid wood base, track arm rests, a firm padded back cushion, and seat cushions with sinuous springs that eventually relax over time so that you really just melt into the couch when you sit down.

There is some assembly required if you purchase this gorgeous piece, but the website indicates that it will only take about 15 minutes to do. The couch is 83″ wide, 31″ tall, and 35″ deep.

Lovely image of the white anton sofa from article

7. The Anton Sofa – $1299

The Anton sofa is just one of those perfect looking pieces. It’s simple, mid century modern, and it comes in colors like twilight blue, limestone, and winter gray.

This couch seems like a great option for a person with a small home, but many guests who will be sitting on it. It’s a cozy 3 seater with down filled cushions and a neatly tufted button back.

The Anton is superb for those folks with pets or kids because the no fuss upholstery wipes off easily, but the covers can also be removed for those bigger messes. It’s a totally manageable size and clean yet comfy.

The back cushion is a mixture of fiber down blend in a down proof cambric shell, and the loose seat cushion is filled with down and sinuous springs for a superbly comfy seat.

There is a very simple assembly required – only 5 minutes according to the site – where I imagine you’d just have to screw on the legs. This puppy is a modest 74″ wide, 33″ tall, and 34″ deep.

West Elm

Oh West Elm, we thank you. This just seems like one of those companies that understands just how many people out there are searching for affordable furniture and homeware. And that style needn’t be sacrificed in the process!

West Elm has a little bit of something for everyone, and they’ve got far more than sofas available on their website, so keep your eyes open! They’re got great reviews, they delivery and assembly service is apparently amazing, you can’t really go wrong with giving your business to West Elm!

Another wonderful feature about this company is their financing options. They understand that affordable furniture is still an investment for folks, so they have options for people who would rather pay in increments rather than one big chunk. Thanks, West Elm!

Charcoal colored large sofa called penn from west elm

8. The Penn Sofa – $849

I’m not messing with ya! That’s the actual price of this gorgeous piece! I told you West Elm was awesome. I’ve honestly never seen such a spacious new sofa for sure a fair and reasonable price. It’s almost unbelievable!

The Penn sofa offers a large and spacious spot for you to relax in some comfortable seating after school, work, or whatever else you need a break from. It’s subtly winged arms add a little modern twist to bring a little oomph to the room.

This sofa is made from modern Chenille upholstery, and this model is offered in a beautiful charcoal color (great for longevity!). The frame is made from kiln dried solid pine, and the sofa cushions are filled with high gauge sinuous springs for support.

Something neat about this site is that they offer their “firmness gauge” so that you get an idea of how much you’ll slump into a couch. This one is graded as medium firm, and a 4 on a scale of 1-5 if 5 is most firm.

Like I said, this puppy is huge. So if you’ve got a big room but a tight budget, this could be the one for you. It’s clocked in at 86″ wide, 30″ tall, and 38″ of seat depth. Just the perfect modern couch perfect.

Homey white sofa called the arianna modular from west elm in a living room setting

9. Arianna Modular Sofa – $1398

Okay yes, the West Elm site does have cheaper sofas than this that you can peruse, but I just had to add the Arianna Modular sofa in here because it’s just so darn funky and cozy looking!

This sweet baby has a low slung silhouette and an upholstery that looks a little bit like terry cloth. This big bulbous and rounded edges bring a cool factor to it, but no so cool that you wouldn’t plop down for a casual 3 hour nap, you know what I mean?

The wooden frame is made from kiln dried pine, the seat cushions are foam padded with sinuous springs, and the fiber is high resiliency polyurethane for some serious longevity. It’s got a low sofa back style for super casual seating.

Modular sofas seem to be super popular right now. This one is especially cool because the sectional pieces attach with alligator clips (that come with the couch) so that you can arrange the sectional pieces in whatever way that you desire.

This is an exceptionally funky couch that’s a reasonable size, reasonable price (the larger sizes are more expensive) with the smallest size coming in at 69″ wide, 30″ tall, and 35″ deep. The perfect chunky sofa for your living room.

World Market

World Market Quote

There’s just something inviting about the World Market font. These guys are just great. They offer memberships so that you can receive 10% and up on your orders and it doesn’t cost a thing to sign up! They probably just send you 15 emails a day but your inbox is probably already a few hundred thousand deep anyway.

World Market is a website that you need to safe if you’re a person who’s constantly revamping things about their how but likes to keep things to a budget. They’ve got flexible return policies and really reliable delivery services as well!

White couch called the brynn feather filled sofa from world market

10. Brynn Feather Filled Sofa – $1199

Oh my goodness. Now the Brynn feather filled sofa definitely takes the cake in terms of comfiest looking sofa. I don’t think I could buy this one, purely because I would probably never want to leave home or socialize ever again.

This plush beauty is available in both ivory and navy blue. It’s pillows are down filled that can be fluffed and flipped any time you would like them to be returned to their natural loft.

Those down feathers are covered in a polyester/nylon blend high performance upholstery which means that it’s durable and very easy to clean. The solid pine frame has been adorned with a beautiful espresso finish to compliment the upholstery color.

The cushion covers are removable for easy cleaning and the cushions themselves are reversible as well. I don’t really feel the need to say anymore, you just have to look at it and you will be drawn to sit in it and only it for the rest of your days.

The Brynn feather filled sofa is also large enough to fit the whole family or you and your great dane. It’s clocking in at 86″ wide, 33″ tall, and 38″ seat depth. I really love that height to depth ratio, you might just get lost in this couch.

Beautiful blue buckner sofa from world market

11. The Buckner Midnight Blue Sofa – $1399

They truly had me a Buckner. It’s just a fun word to say. There isn’t anything that I don’t love about this couch. I love the color, I love the fact that it’s so deep you can probably hide in it, and I love that it’s cozy with those cute buttons in the back.

The Buckner (shudder) comes on a solid pine wood frame and they’ve let the wood just be itself in its finish. The cushions are fixed so if you have a big slobbery dog, this one may not be the choice for you.

The midnight blue color is just to die, and the geometric silhouette with the low sofa back style is chic without being pretentious. This mid century inspired piece will bring elegance to any room, and comfortable seating to any living room situation.


Which of the above budget-friendly sofa brands gets searched the most?

Here’s a chart:

Popularity chart of budget-friendly sofas

Is pottery barn a good place to buy affordable furniture?

Pottery Barn is a great option for homeware, sofas included. I would say that Pottery Barn is better known for their home accessories rather than big pieces, but they’ve got some options!

Should you put a leather sofa in a home office?

Choose a leather sofa to put in your home office is probably the most wise choice. Not only is a leather sofa professional looking, but it’s not so comfortable that you may mistakenly end up sitting on the sofa for the whole day. That’s something I would surely do.

Is a sofa bed a good idea to purchase?

A sofa bed – or a sleeper sofa – is a great idea to buy if you don’t have a guest room but you love having people come to stay with you. It’s possible to get a cheap sleeper sofa, but I do find that the cheaper you go, the more janky it will be and more likely to collapse or being really annoying to set up.

Honestly, buying a vintage sleeper sofa would be a great idea. If you find one in good condition, those older models were truly built to last (but they will probably come with crazy stiff mattress springs, so pick your battle).

What are some reasonable prices for affordable couches?

Finding a cheap sofa can be hard! Buying new can sometimes feel impossible, so I usually end up going used and looking around Facebook Marketplace for some nice used goodies. Otherwise, you can always look in the sale and clearance sections on your well known furniture sites. Affordable couches used are anywhere from $200-$1000, with new couches being closer to $800-$1500.

Is home depot a good place to buy affordable couches?

Home depot is better known for home appliances and more rough material. They absolutely have affordable furniture, but style won’t be the number one priority if you buy from Home Depot.

What’s the benefit to a recliner sofa?

A recliner sofa (also known as a convertible sofa) is an incredible option for your living room furniture if you have the space for it. It’s especially a good idea if you’re intent on having consistent movie nights. Another good option if you’re planning on doing some serious lounging is to invest in a sectional sofa!

Is leather upholstery a good idea?

Choosing the right upholstery for your couch can be tricky business! Leather upholstery (faux leather or otherwise) is a good idea because it’s super long lasting, it doesn’t take stains, and it’s really easy to clean. Leather sofas aren’t my number one choice because I find I slide off of them, but that’s up to you!

Is a velvet sofa a good idea?

Wow, does a velvet sofa ever sound luxurious. If you’re keen on having the fanciest fabric ever, velvet might be the one for you. Whether it’s on a chaise, accent chairs, or on reclining sofas, velvet will bring a certain level of Austin Powers appeal to any room.