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15 of the Best Deep Seated Sofas in 2023 (and Brands)

Gorgeous living room scene with green deep seated sofa

Buying a Deep Seated Sofa

I don’t know about you, but as I age I become more and more of a homebody. Socializing exhausts me like it never has before, I do nothing all day and then feel exhausted, and when I do leave the house I find myself dreaming about my couch.

Reading that back I sound like an extreme couch potato, but in reality I just really appreciate resting. I believe that you don’t need to work hard in order to earn rest, and the more expert I get in resting, the more I realize that I need a better couch.

I want a couch that makes me feel like I’m being hugged when I sit in it. I want a sofa that swallows me alive when I get in the right little nook. I long for a lounger that beckons me to watch just one more episode of Gilmore Girls.

And thus, the hunt for the perfect deep seated sofa began. This article is born out of inspiration from a fun article I wrote a few years ago, where I contacted some interior design professionals and asked them what their favourite sofa brands are.

I took that highly valuable information and picked the most high excellence deep seaters that I could find out of those sofa brands. So, welcome to the mecca for loungers, the cream of the sofa crop, and… you get the idea.

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What is a Deep Seated Sofa?

First we have to get the big question out of the way: what qualifies as being a deep-seated sofa? To be casual about it, a deep-seated sofa is the type of couch you sit in that makes it feel impossible to get back up.

The couch itself feels like a marshmallow. The couch makes you feel like you’re a piece of melting butter sliding off of a short stack of pancakes.

To be legit about it, a deep-seated sofa is a sofa that usually has more than 40″ of depth to it in the seat. It’s usually lower to the ground and encourages some serious relaxation. Why they would ever make a different type of sofa, I do not know.

15 of the Best Deep Seated Sofas

Now I understand that everyone is on a different budget. Heck, a lot of the new sofas I see online are nothing but a pipe dream for me! I’m a Facebook Marketplace connoisseur, but I have learned that there are some deals to be found on these websites!

I’ve decided to organize the following best sofas according to budget, starting with low, heading to moderate, and finishing up with a high budget for all you yuppies out there (I say that with the utmost respect). But first, let me introduce you to the brands responsible!

The Best Brands

Here are the brands that have been chosen to help complete the ultimate deep seated sofas list. These were the brands suggested by experts, and these folks really know what they’re talking about. There’s a little bit of something for everyone out there!

Store front of Anthropology store


Anthropologie is your brand if you’re into items that are boho-chic and affordable. They’ve got the hyper-hippie style and the tasteful and modest designs, suited to fit every type of customer.

Another awesome thing about Anthropologie is that they use a third party service called AfterPay. AfterPay is a payment system that allows a customer to make an online order and divide the payment up over a period of 4 weeks.

This service is completely interest free, and we love it because it makes delicious furniture more attainable to those who can’t always make larger purchases. Thank you Anthro & AfterPay!

Beautiful interior design living room by Interior Define

Interior Define

Okay, holy cow. I had never heard of Interior Define before doing these awesome sofa articles, but I am constantly being shocked and impressed by this amazing company.

Interior Define if redefining (haha, see what I did there?) customizable furniture means. I used to think that having customized items was completely out of my budget range, but consider me proven wrong!

Interior Define does customized furniture that is affordable for nearly all types of budgets. They have high end, high quality, amazing material options, and they also have amazing options on lower budgets as well. To boot, they also have a 60 day return policy!

Incredible room by CB2


Gosh, CB2 is really something else. I had never been on their website before this week and I gotta say it is like a fever dream (in the best way) for people who spend a of time day dreaming about re-decorating.

Style style style. It’s everywhere, it’s perfect, it’s semi-affordable, and if you’re the type of person who thanks God every day for the resurgence of mid-century modern, this is the website for you.

And they don’t stop there. They’ve got amazing coffee tables, amazing accent chairs, dining chairs, they’ve got outdoor accessories, wall decor, recliner chairs, and anything else in the name of living room furniture and beyond.

Beautiful interior design living room by Article


I’ve always been an Ikea gal (we all go through this phase), but ever since I discovered Article, I realized that there are other companies out there who can really incorporate style and affordability in a way that is attainable to all sorts of different customers.

Article is awesome because they have all sorts of different styles, from mid century modern (love) to more boho looks, all the way to that Scandinavian aesthetic that we are all so obsessed with.

Article doesn’t sacrifice quality when it comes to fair pricing and it really shows. They have items that are anything but basic, prices that aren’t outrageous, and the customer reviews on their site are almost are raves!

Another awesome feature of shopping with Article is the fact that they use a third party site called Paybright. Paybright is a service that allows you to pay for your new affordable sofa in increments over 24 months without interest. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true!

Aerial view of room by West Elm

West Elm

Oh West Elm, we thank you. This just seems like one of those companies that understands just how many people out there are searching for affordable furniture and homeware. And that style needn’t be sacrificed in the process!

West Elm has a little bit of something for everyone, and they’ve got far more than sofas available on their website, so keep your eyes open! They’re got great reviews, they delivery and assembly service is apparently amazing, you can’t really go wrong with giving your business to West Elm!

Another wonderful feature about this company is their financing options. They understand that affordable furniture is still an investment for folks, so they have options for people who would rather pay in increments rather than one big chunk. Thanks, West Elm!

The Best Low-Budget Deep Seated Sofas ($1200-$2200)

Beautiful white sofa with wooden frame, Jannick by West ELm

Jannick Full Futon Sleeper by West Elm – $1219-$1597

Starting out strong with a beautiful Scandinavian inspired design. This gorgeous sofa is a comfy couch by day and a 2 sleeper by night for those of you have unexpected guests popping by.

The Jannick has a beautiful exposed oak frame holding a soft and supportive mattress surrounded by a foam chamber, and a finer fill of back cushion, guaranteeing a comfy sofa bed situation. It also comes with loose back cushions.

They say that this sofa bed is super easy to unfold and fold back up, and it’s sturdy enough that the weight of sleeping bodies won’t alter the overall shape of the sofa cushion. This is a true deep seater, clocking in at 85″ wide, 47″ tall, and a seat depth of 40″.

Lovely white sofa, Sitka by Article

Sitka Sofa by Article – $1525

The Sitka sofa by article is the perfect representation of understated but an essential piece of furniture in a room. It’s a comfy, simple, and modern classic deep seat sofa that is built to last and never go out of style.

The Sitka sofa comes in quartz white, oceano blue, and mist gray, and they say that it feels like a big hug – which is truly the trust of a deep sofa. It’s generous both in size and in comfort; it might not fit into some apartments it’s so long.

The seat cushion is filled with high resiliency foam and polyester. It features a low profile with deep seats, and reversible cushions with removable covers made with a blend of fabric.

Throw pillows are included with this beauty, but a brightly colored throw pillow would bring this beauty over the top. She’s coming in hot at 99″ wide (holy cow), a height of 31″, and the classic seat depth of 40″.

Amazing cushy sofa by West Elm

Curved Sofa by West Elm – $1670

Oh my goodness, the Curved sofa looks like your favorite stuffed toy from your childhood was made into a couch. It’s so rounded and soft looking that it actually could just be a giant shaped marshmallow and we wouldn’t even know it.

The way West Elm describes it is a little bit more elegant, describing it as being like a contemporary sculpture with soft curves and fine tailoring, but let’s be real, it’s a giant pillow.

It has a solid rosa moored wood frame that is concealed, only revealing the soft stuff. The cover is made from 100% polyester upholstery in plush stone linen. The seat cushions are fiber wrapped making for an very easily cleanable fabric.

I can’t really stress enough how amazing it would be to have this sofa in your home. You could fit 4 great danes and your night-time partner on it. It’s coming in at 90″ wide, 33″ tall, and the standard seat depth of 40″.

Gorgeous brown leather sofa, Dekalb by West Elm

Dekalb Leather Sofa by West Elm – $1960-$2832

This baby honestly looks like a giant fudgy chocolate bar, but in a way that makes you want to sit on it? Don’t worry if you can’t relate, apparently I relate all of my comfy things to food which I didn’t know until I wrote this article!

The Dekalb sofa is one of the most beautiful couches I’ve ever seen. The engineered hardwood frame has reinforced joinery and solid wood legs with a gorgeous acorn finish. It has a medium seat firmness (3/5 to be exact) and the back cushions are fiber filled and zip off.

You can choose between various colors for the leather, from molasses, nut, banker (what could that be?), oxblood, gray smoke, navy, fog, liquorice, snow, cinder, and cinnamon for your modern sofa. That honestly just sounds like the greatest mixture for a fall special coffee from Starbucks.

The varying price comes from the fact that you can choose the width you would like for your sofa, with options of 68″ wide, 85″ wide, or 96″ wide. It’s 33″ tall, and just short of the standard deep sofa limit at 39″ deep, but this one was so beautiful that it just had to make the list.

Dark brown deep sofa, Piazza by CB2

Piazza Sofa by CB2 – $2182

Why does this one also look like a chocolate bar to me? Maybe I should get a snack. I can just picture Ernest Hemingway getting therapy on this couch, you know?

CB2 is coming in with one of the most simple and elegant couches you’ll ever see. The company will send you free swatches if you can’t decide between the options of lindy, snow linen, weave, como, or espresso velvet.

The Piazza sofa is long, lean, and super deep sofa lounges low on solid hardwood feet, that is created using quality craftsmanship and honestly good materials. It’s made from a soft white linen blend upholstery and hardwood feet.

This couch is said to feel irresistibly plush thanks to a feather down cushion design. You can choose between a width of 60″ or 81″, a height of 33″, and a very impressive depth of 44″. Wowza. They even have a beautiful ottoman to pair it with!

The Best Moderate-Budget Deep Seated Sofas ($2200-$2600)Lovely blue Meriwhether deep sofa by Anthroliving

Meriwether Sofa by Anthroliving – $2248

Now this sofa just straight up looks like it’s a bed, and it probably has the most impressive seat depth out of all of these 15. I think most people’s feet wouldn’t reach the floor if they sat all the way back.

Now the Meriwether may not be the most elegant or modern looking, but it surely looks inviting. Not all of us want the couch to be the centrepiece of the room, but isn’t that just because our own selves are the centrepiece?

This couch from Anthropolgy has a double layer of seat cushions on the bottom which is unique to this couch. It has the ultimate sink-into-me look that no other couch on this list can stand up to.

The couch includes 2 throw pillows, 2 layered seat cushions, and 2 back cushions that are all filled with a leather blend. You can choose between a ton of different fabrics including velvet, linen, or cotton, in some lovely colors. It’s a baffling 96″ wide, 37″ tall, and 48″ deep.

Gorgeous dark blue James 2 seater sofa by Interior Define

James 2-Seat Sofa by Interior Define – $2295

The James sofa is part of a lovely collection by Interior Define, where they create the same design of sofa but you can choose from a plethora of loveseat options,the best sectional sofa options, and extra large couches.

The James sofa has a very classic design to it with hidden legs, a subtle crown with wide arms and a gently angled back frame. Cozy side cushions bring over the top comfort in a modestly sized couch.

This is a super cool choice because you can choose a contrasting piping color from the main color. You can choose your color of performance velvet from terracotta, chartreuse, sage, platinum and peacock.

You can also choose your cushion fill, if you want to cushions or a bench cushion, a width of 80″, 88″, or 96″, and a depth of 40″ or 44″ (now that’s a deep seat). You really have all the cards in this couch situation, they’re just there to make your dreams come true!

Gorgeous dark green king sofa by Anthroliving

King Sofa by Anthroliving – $2348

The King sofa by Anthroliving looks like it would be on the set of Harold & Maude. This is the perfect combination of vintage charm with modern craftsmanship and a total lack of stench of 40 years worth of cigar smoking stuck in the cushions that vintage sofas can have.

This deep seat sofa is a 2-3 seater sofa with 4 back cushions that are removable and reversible so that the look can stay fresh. The cushions have a foam core that is wrapped in a soft fiber padding.

This sweet thing is customizable in both upholstery and color, where you can choose between valencia velvet or montauk performance linen, in a huge rainbow of color options. The King sofa is wither 79″ or 89″ wide, 26″ tall, and 49″ deep! That’s an extra deep sofa my friends.

Amazing 3 seater light green Marlow sofa by Interior Define

Marlow 3-Seat Sofa by Interior Define – $2370

The Marlow 3 seater sofa is for folks who would still like a look of elegance in the room in combination with having something that is surprisingly comfortable and stylish.

This understated design is modern and sleek, with padded track arms that wrap around a very cushy seat and accompanies a linear frame. You can choose the seat cushion fill, between a standard down blend, double down blend, or alternative down blend.

They have an insane amount of fabric and color options for you to choose from, like performance velvet, chenille, vintage velvet, linen weave, basket weave, and over 150 different colors! You can also choose the material the legs are made from!

They also let you choose the overall size and depth of your sofa, but of course the larger you choose the pricier it will be. The options for width are 96″, 104″, 112″, or 120″. The options for width start small with 37″, but we get into the deep seated sofa realm with the 41″ option.

Amazing velvet purple Katina sleeper sofa by Anthroliving

Katina Sleeper Sofa by Anthroliving – $2398

Now the Katina sleeper sofa looks like it would be in the Barbie movie or in your great aunt Greta’s home when she was a young woman living in Berlin. If these analogies are going over your head you’re probably not the only one.

The sofa is both sinkable and luxurious looking. It is the most awesomest blend of elegance and southwestern spirit. It is refined, it is simple, and it is handcrafted to order in the US of A.

And the best part? She’s a sleeper! This pullout couch has an impressive queen sized bed in it that will be just as comfortable as anything. The sofa cushions are reversible and removable for easy cleaning.

The Katina is customizable in both fabric and color, you can choose from linene, velvet, or crosshatch weave, in colors like heather, mustard, crimson, and aqua. It’s 83″ wide, 33″ tall, and 45″ deep. Perfect.

The Best High-Budget Deep Seated Sofas ($2600-$3800)

Gorgeous white sofa on hardwood from, Tablon by CB2

Tablon Snow Sofa by CB2 – $2691

Okay I lied before. This one truly looks like a bunch of marshmallows piled together. It’s gorgeous, it’s cushy, it’s stylish, it’s modern, it’s durable, it’s the Tablon by CB2.

The Tablon has a natural oak veneer visible frame that supports a luxurious sofa, proving that the most simple shapes are often the most sophisticated. To make it even better, the frame is created from sustainable hardwood.

The cushions themselves are made from performance fabric that feels like linen but is far more durable. It’s both water and stain resistant, perfect for those with frequent guests and casual living.

If you want this gorgeous sofa with a coastal contemporary vibe, you’ll need a fair amount of space in your living space. The Tablon is clocking in at just over 106″ wide, 31″ tall, and a seat depth of 42″. Perfection.

Incredible deep and long green Beta sofa by article

Beta Sofa by Article – $2832

Now this is what I call a lounger. The Beta sofa by Article is huge, and I can totally picture the cast of That 70’s Show sitting on it. This is the couch you want if you have a living space that also has a projector in it.

This couch can be anything for anyone. It’s for the corner napper, the middle dipper, or the starfish splayer. It’s huge, it’s deep, and you’ll never want to leave. You can choose from cypress green, atlas blue, or rowan orange.

The Beta is created from corduroy-like fabric with elevated softness and durability. The cushions are filled with high resiliency foam and down. The cushions are reversible with removable covers for easy cleaning.

The Beta is one of my favorites on here, because it isn’t showy, it’ll go with anything, and you can host at least a 6 person movie watching party on it. It’s an impressive 137″ wide, with a height of 32″ and a seat depth of 45″ making it an extra deep sofa.

Gorgeous white fluffy Strato sofa by CB2

Strato Extra Large Boucle Soda by CB2 – $2910

This one just makes me groan. It really just pushes all of my happy buttons. It’s such a simple design but it’s so fun and retro and gorgeous and anything that looks like it’s made from terry cloth is a must in my books. But enough about me.

The Strato Extra Large Boucle sofa (that’s a mouthful) has that vintage 70’s vibe but with modern craftsmanship and elegant updates. It’s been designed by Mermelada Estudio.

The Strato in upholstered in a soft boucle, which for those of you who don’t know, is a heavy textile made from looped yarn that is known for being impeccably textured and soft. It comes in a pearl color.

This gorgeous couch comes on a sustainable hardwood from that is kiln dried to prevent it from ever warping. You have the option between a width of 80″ or 103″, it’s got a height of 28″ and depth of 38″.

Amazing mauve Tatum deep seater sofa by Interior Define

Tatum Modular Fabric Sofa by Interior Define – $3335

This is a simple beauty. It’s the couch you buy when you’re being practical. But sometimes practicality is the wisest choice. Let me practically introduce you to the Tatum Modular Fabric Sofa made by Interior Define.

The Tatum is an entire modular collection that allows you to choose any configuration that you could possibly imagine, because Interior Define knows that there are no two living spaces that are exactly alike.

They have an insane amount of fabric options and color options for you, but don’t worry, they’ll send you their catalogue of swatches to help you with your decision. This 4-6 seater sofa can be anything you want it to be.

Once you’ve chosen your fabric type and ideal color, you’ll then have two options of sizes to choose from. The price above is for the couch that is 106″ wide and 37″ deep. Add another $375 and you’ll get 118″ of width and 41″ of depth.

Gorgeous caramel colored leather Mello sofa by Article

Mello Sofa by Article – $3777

I fully gasped when I first came across the Mello sofa. I mean, just look at it. It’s coated in caramel, it’s enormous, it’s leather, it’s if a sunset in the desert were a piece of furniture. It’s to die for. Cruella Deville would have this couch.

You shouldn’t be allowed to buy this couch unless you have a fireplace and a a bear-skin rug in your living room to put it in front of. It’s extra long, it’s extra luxurious, it’s really extra everything.

It’s a modular design so you can choose if you’d like a deep seated sectional sofa set up or a super long set up. It’s got a sturdy blocked wooden frame and the cushions are filled with foam and polyester.

The leather itself is Taos leather. It’s a full aniline leather that is buttery soft to the touch. It is made from animal, don’t forget, so each piece will have unique markings on it. It’ll slowly develop patina over time.

The Mello sofa is truly a work of art, but not in a way that would deter you from sitting on it. Put a cowhide on it and people will start to call you the Sundance Kid. This rustic beauty if 85″ wide, 26″ tall, and 38″ deep. Get comfy.


What is considered a deep seat sofa?

If you’re on the hunt for a deep couch, you should be looking for an overall seat depth of something that is 40″ deep or deeper. The idea of a deep couch is that you really just melt into it and chances are that your feet may not touch the ground.

Is a modular sectional a good couch to buy?

Modular couches seem to be all the rage right now, and it’s understandable why! People really seem to like the option of being able to switch things up every once in a while.

Modular sofas are basically full pieces that can be arranged into all different types of arrangements, from a modular sectional to a super long couch and anything in between. It’s like Pick-your-own-adventure but for your own family room!

What is the best type of couch for a family room?

The whole idea of a family room is that it’s cozy and has a ton of room. For this reason, getting a couch that is as big as possible is probably a good idea. Or getting moderately sized couch but with accent chairs to accompany it.

Is faux leather better than real leather?

If you’re on the hunt for a new deep couch and you’re having trouble deciding between the material, there are a few things to consider, especially if you’re trying to decide between faux leather and real leather.

Number one thing to consider is your morals. If you’re a vegan, chances are that you’re not going to consider purchasing real leather. However, buying real leather (much like antique fur coats) is really going to prove the test of time. Things like leather, suede, and fur, have incredible longevity and really don’t decrease in quality over time. If anything they just get richer with more character.

Faux leather is also a wonderful choice, but it depends on what that faux leather is made from. There is some faux leather that is made from recycle material which is awesome, or from mushrooms which is even cooler, but there are other types that are made from plastic.

Faux leather isn’t going to weather in the same way that real leather will. Faux leather is also kind of a new adaptation, so I doubt there has even been a faux leather furniture item that’s been around nearly as long as a vintage leather couch.

Should you buy a used couch?

I am 100% pro buying used furniture. Pretty much everything in my home is used or vintage (I guess that also means used) from my furniture to wall decor to outdoor accessories to clothing, pretty much everything short of dishcloths and underpants.

I like to buy used because I believe that it is very important to not contribute to creating more waste on this poor planet, and simply reusing things that have already been made. It’s also a great way to combat consumerism and to put money back into the pockets of the consumers!