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Finding the Best Small Corner Tables (11 Beauties Featured)

We've rounded up a sample of the best small corner tables that you can use anywhere in the house and even use as an accent piece.

The best small trendy corner tables for 2018.

Small corner tables can do wonders to limited living spaces. With the right features and design, these furnitures can go a long way. You can use them to save space, take advantage of an awkward corner of a room and even place them anywhere in the house.

The home office is not the only place these small corner tables belong to. Some of the tables on our list below are best placed in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the foyer.

A. Standard Corner Tables

1. Target Marketing Systems Ellen Corner Desk

Small red corner table with one drawer and one storage shelf.If you don’t have the space for your own office at home or even for a desk, you can still make do with small corner tables. The Ellen corner desk is 28 by 30 inches at the points, and 42 inches in height. It is quite small and may take some getting used to but it’s better than working on the kitchen counter. The table top has enough room for your laptop or a display and a keyboard. If you write or draw by hand a lot, then you’ll have enough elbow room to work on letter-size or even larger papers. There is even enough space in the back so you can put a lamp there and work nights.


  • Made of quality wood
  • Holds up to 35 pounds of weight on top
  • Has a drawer


  • The red finish limits its ability to blend in
  • Requires some assembly
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Available in 3 finishes, this tiny desk has plenty of utility. It fits in tight spaces and gives you a sturdy little surface to work on. It also has a neat little drawer where you can store your pencils, papers and power bars.

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2. Winsome Wood Corner Desk

Small wood corner desk with shelf.This 20-inch wide wood desk from Winsome is made of solid beech wood. It has slim edges and a nice honey finish that makes it look classy. It is only 29 inches high which means it’s not great as a work desk.

On the other hand, it does make for a nice display unit. The style easily blends in with modern and antique furniture and the bottom open shelf is positioned quite close to the ground. This lets you keep tall vases or large storage bins that wouldn’t look good on their own.


  • Has a warm classic finish
  • Occupies almost no space and works great as a display for more eye-catching items


  • Can’t actually work on it due to its height
  • Requires assembly

If you don’t have room for a cabinet or simply don’t need one, this corner table may be more your thing. It sets you back less than a similar solid wood cabinet would and it also has an open shelf if you want to keep more than one item on display.

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3. Winsome Liso Corner Desk

Small contemporary corner desk with shelf.Winsome always manages to bring interesting ideas to the market. The Liso corner desk is a small 20 by 20 inches corner table. It’s made of both solid and composite wood so for its size it’s affordable and sturdy.

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The espresso finish is a darker shade which will either go well with dark furniture or complement white and brown units. It doesn’t provide much space to work as it is quite low but it does have a low open shelf as well as a shelf under the top that’s closed on the sides.


  • Has enough pieces of solid wood to be durable
  • The espresso finish works with many decors
  • The opening on the top shelf allows easy access


  • Too small to work on
  • Limited storage capabilities

This triple display feature shows why small corner tables can be a fine addition to a living room. You can make something stand out while taking up as little room as possible.

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4. D-Art Collection Winston End Table

Small triangle wood corner table.Not all small corner tables are MDF and composite wood constructions. This Winston corner table is a sturdy design made entirely from kiln-dried mahogany. You just know it’s going to last you a lifetime.

The table weighs 7 pounds but the top can hold up to 50 pounds which makes the design even more impressive. The table top is 29.5 inches above the ground and the bottom shelf is raised about 6 inches from floor level. There is also a nice open pattern on the front that extends a few inches below the table top.


  • The table is very light
  • Supports up to 50 pounds on the table top
  • Made from mahogany


  • Maybe the lack of a hidden storage space can be considered a drawback although many other tables come without drawers and are overall less impressive as this one
  • Some assembly is required
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This corner table fits almost anywhere and only comes out 12 inches from the wall. It’s great if you want to put big flower arrangements on it or even a small TV.

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5. Chateau Imports Deville End Table

Small contemporary glass corner table.This glass table is simple but elegant. Because it doesn’t follow the standard circular glass table design, There is a more contemporary feel to it. The chrome finish of the legs looks nice and complements the clear glass.

The conical glass surface is 26 inches wide from its furthest points and 26 inches deep down the middle. The table top is 24 inches high which makes it easy to access if you’re seated next to it.


  • One of the few rounded corner table designs
  • The chromed legs are wider at the bottom which makes the table more stable


  • The glass is clear and looks stylish but it is thin and may break easily

Whether you choose to cover the top up or keep it as is, it’s up to you. The table should blend in with modern, contemporary furniture. The chrome finish makes the table a bit too futuristic to place next to antique furniture.

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6. Safavieh Gomez Corner Table

Small traditional console table.Call it country chic or country casual, this table looks country. The vintage grey finish on the pine wood has a stylish yet rough appeal. The combination of soft edges with the triangular shapes gives just enough detail while maintaining a simple look.

The table is 28 inches tall and almost 40 inches wide between the side corners. This surface area gives you plenty of room to play with and spruce up an unused corner in your house. It also has some hidden storage space in the form of a drawer.

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  • Has a drawer
  • The table top is very wide in the front which makes the entire surface area more usable
  • Solid pine construction for increased durability


  • Requires careful maintenance
  • This largish small table may not save space in all rooms

If you want to make use of this table for a long time all you have to do is clean it regularly, but without overly powerful cleaning agents if you want to keep the color. Other than that, the pinewood takes care of longevity.

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7. Renwick Corner Table

Small transitional red oak corner table.You didn’t actually think all small corner tables are triangular and with limited use, did you? This red oak design is a traditional rectangular table. That being said, it is only 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep which makes it perfect for a room corner.

It has a very stylish Michaels finish which makes it suitable for office spaces or living rooms. If the 30-inch height is not too low, you can even get some work done on it. If not, feel free to arrange your everyday gadgets on it for easy access. You might also want to put up a picture or flowers. You know, to make the arrangement less flat.


  • Requires no assembly
  • Offers plenty of utility due to having a table top that is fully usable


  • The rectangular shape provides more room for work with but takes up more space

This table is made of hardwood and metal hardware. It is built to last and requires very little maintenance. The best part is that you don’t have to assemble anything yourself.

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B. Accent Corner Tables

1. Leick Furniture Corner Accent Table

Small accent corner table with shelf.If you’re interested in traditional small corner tables, this design from Leick might be your cup of tea, and a good cup holder too. It’s a 16 by a 16-inch conical table with a small drawer under the table top and a low open shelf. It doesn’t take up much room on the sides and the table top is 30.5 inches above the ground, making anything you put on top easy to reach.

The traditional look comes from the russet finish. The combination of hardwood and wood veneers make the table sturdy enough so you can place items on top and on the bottom shelf. The only assembly required is to attach the legs and put in the drawer.


  • The table is very small and fits perfectly in corners
  • It is tall for a small corner table and offers easy access to items placed on top
  • The hardwood makes the table sturdy and stable


  • Might be a bit too traditional for some tastes

Although the table was designed for small spaces and vintage decors, it can work well in a dorm room too, but try not to take it to college with you. That is unless you want your roommates to know how much you love your grandma.

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2. Three Posts Morristown End Table

Small contemporary wood corner table.This table is contemporary, modern, vintage, you name it. It has a simple design that allows it to blend in anywhere. It’s also only 16 inches wide and 24 inches deep so it can also squeeze in almost anywhere. The table comes with two open shelves for extra display space.

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Although the table is small it doesn’t come pre-assembled. The good news is you don’t need any skills or tools to finish the process. The tools are provided and every piece screws in easily. Of course, if you brag about assembling it, no one needs to know the details.


  • All-birch wood design makes the table durable
  • The red oak finish looks classy against the birch grain


  • Requires a full assembly but at least the table comes with all the necessary tools

Don’t let the oak stain fool you. The wood used is birch. If you look closely at the grain pattern you will notice the difference. Be that as it may, the table is made entirely out of wood which is great for you if you’re looking for a long-term investment. Birch is strong and not hard to maintain.

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3. Winsome Trading Lyndon Corner Table

Small solid wood corner table.Not all small corner tables are solid wood but those that are, are worth owning. The Lyndon corner table is one of those furniture pieces worth having. It has a honey pine finish which looks great in brightly light rooms.

The conical shape lets you slide it into an unused corner in your home. It doesn’t take up much room either. The table top is 20 by 20 inches in width and depth and that’s only at its extremities. Because of the narrow design, the table takes up a lot less space in reality than on paper.


  • As small as it gets without losing utility
  • It has a warm bright finish
  • Made out of solid wood
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  • Requires assembly
  • It doesn’t have a hidden storage feature

If you want a bit of utility and a lot of durabilities you can’t go wrong with this one. The solid wood takes care of the table’s longevity and the bottom shelf offers you some extra display space.

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4. D-Art Collection Espana Craftsman Corner Table

Small craftsman red mahogany wood side table.If you want mahogany in your home but can’t afford massive furniture pieces you can always shop in the small corner tables department. This craftsman corner table is made of kiln-dried mahogany and mahogany veneers. It’s as solid as they come.

The table is 27 inches tall and has a low bottom open shelf a few inches above the ground. This gives it the ability to hold multiple items for display. Pictures, a phone, flower arrangements or your favorite hard beverages can sit on the table top.

If you’re looking at this type of table you probably don’t own a cellar but you can put your favorite bottles of wine in a small wine rack on the bottom shelf. This mahogany corner table can hold some weight and the open shelf design lets you be as creative as you want.


  • Solid mahogany construction
  • Space-saving dimensions
  • The conical shape fits easily in corners


  • Requires assembly

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Small corner tables don’t have to be used as a workplace. Sure, some of them are big enough but it all depends on how much space you are willing to sacrifice, or better yet, can afford to sacrifice. That being said, if you do have some room to spare in a corner of your house, try to pick a corner table that’s tall enough and has some extra utility too.

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You don’t always need small corner tables to have multiple shelves or drawers. They’re not supposed to be cabinets. You can put suitable objects for display on these small tables with room to spare. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to make the most out of every piece of furniture you own whenever you can, and that includes small corner tables.