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15 of the Best Sofas for Lounging

Super cozy and bright living room with great lounging sofa

Choosing the Perfect Lounging Sofa

I don’t know about you, but I have pretty much earned professional couch potato status. As I age, I find that the longer I stay out at night the more deeply I long for my living room sofa. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my existing comfy couch, but after writing this article I’ve realized I could really step up my lounging game.

There are some supremely comfortable sofas out there, and the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice style and elegance for comfort. Whether you’re an upright napper or a 8-hour Lord of the Rings binger, you’re about to find the lounging sofa of your dreams.

Are you on the hunt for the most affordable sofa you can find? Well, we’ve got a list of the 15 Best Affordable Sofas (Under $1500) for you here!

Did you just get a new good book and now need a the perfect reading sofa to match? We’ve got you covered there too with 15 of the Best Sofas for Reading!

Do you just hate it when your teach can touch the floor when you’re sitting on a couch? No problem, we’ve got this incredible list of 15 of the Best Deep Seated Sofas you could ever find!

The Best Sofa Brands

Now, before we can talk about the best sofas, we have to talk about the best sofa brands responsible for said sofas. A couple of years ago, I did a fun project where I reached out to various interior designers across the country and asked them what their preferred sofa brands were.

And thus, 21 of the Best Sofa Brands of 2022 was born thanks to all of the gracious interior designers and the valuable information that they provided. The following brands are the brands to beat when it comes to living room furniture.

Store front of Anthropology store


Anthropologie is your brand if you’re into items that are boho-chic and affordable. They’ve got the hyper-hippie style and the tasteful and modest designs, suited to fit every type of customer.

Another awesome thing about Anthropologie is that they use a third party service called AfterPay. AfterPay is a payment system that allows a customer to make an online order and divide the payment up over a period of 4 weeks.

This service is completely interest free, and we love it because it makes delicious furniture more attainable to those who can’t always make larger purchases. Thank you Anthro & AfterPay!

Beautiful interior design living room by Interior Define

Interior Define

Okay, holy cow. I had never heard of Interior Define before doing these awesome sofa articles, but I am constantly being shocked and impressed by this amazing company.

Interior Define if redefining (haha, see what I did there?) what customizable furniture means. I used to think that having customized items was completely out of my budget range, but consider me proven wrong!

Interior Define does customized furniture that is affordable for nearly all types of budgets. They have high end, high quality, amazing material options, and they also have amazing options on lower budgets as well. To boot, they also have a 60 day return policy!

Incredible room by CB2


Gosh, CB2 is really something else. I had never been on their website before this week and I gotta say it is like a fever dream (in the best way) for people who spend a of time day dreaming about re-decorating.

Style style style. It’s everywhere, it’s perfect, it’s semi-affordable, and if you’re the type of person who thanks God every day for the resurgence of mid-century modern, this is the website for you.

And they don’t stop there. They’ve got amazing coffee tables, amazing accent chairs, dining chairs, they’ve got outdoor accessories, wall decor, recliner chairs, and anything else in the name of living room furniture and beyond.

Beautiful interior design living room by Article


I’ve always been an Ikea gal (we all go through this phase), but ever since I discovered Article, I realized that there are other companies out there who can really incorporate style and affordability in a way that is attainable to all sorts of different customers.

Article is awesome because they have all sorts of different styles, from mid century modern (love) to more boho looks, all the way to that Scandinavian aesthetic that we are all so obsessed with.

Article doesn’t sacrifice quality when it comes to fair pricing and it really shows. They have items that are anything but basic, prices that aren’t outrageous, and the customer reviews on their site are almost are raves!

Another awesome feature of shopping with Article is the fact that they use a third party site called Paybright. Paybright is a service that allows you to pay for your new affordable sofa in increments over 24 months without interest. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true!

Gorgeous interior designed living room by Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts

Rove concepts is really something else. This is one of the most artful, professional, contemporary, tasteful, and well designed furniture companies that I’ve ever seen.

A company like this is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a product that is thoughtfully designed and created, with a design that is timeless with immaculate attention to detail.

The designs from Rove Concept strike a perfect balance between art and livable furniture. They include unique pieces that are striking to look but are also inviting and comfortable to live in.

Now, Rove Concepts has prices that are usually above the average budget, but they offer a membership! A Rove Concept membership is $175/year, but you receive 20% site wide, and 10% back in vouchers. You also get an extra 20% off on clearance items. Wow!

15 of the Best Sofas for Lounging

Now we appreciate that everybody has a different budget out there. Some of us are Facebook Marketplace trolls, while others change their sofas out every few years! We’re all beautiful and we all deserve the exact couch we want! That’s why we’ve divided this list according to budget: lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets.

Best Lower-Budget Sofas for Lounging ($1200-$2500)

Lovely Abisko sofa by Article in a bright living room setting

Abisko Sofa by Article – $1199

Starting out with the Abisko sofa by Article seems like a good way to go. This sofa is affordable, simple, elegant, cushy, and modern all at the same time. It’s everything that you need a sofa to be.

The Abisko comes in quartz white, mist gray, and aurora blue. It somehow manages to be oversized but modestly sized at the same time. The design is intended for folks who live in smaller spaces; it arrives in 2 pieces, making it easier to bring up narrow stairwells or through small doorways.

It has discreet supportive legs, and upon those sits cushions constructed from sinuous springs, rubber webbing suspension, and the cushions are high density polyester fiber and feather filling. It comes with a connected bottom and back cushion, and loose throw pillows.

The Abisko is perfect for those people out there who live in smaller spaces but still want something the feels large enough to lull you into an afternoon nap. This sofa is 91″ long, 28″ tall, and a generous seat depth of 35″.

Beautiful cushy serfin daybed on marble floor by CB2

Serif Upholstered Daybed by CB2 – $1599

The Serif Upholstered Daybed by CB2 fully looks like a S’mores cookie, y’know? Snuggle up on a cushy marshmallow cushion all by yourself, because you know what? There are plenty of folks out there who seek ultimate comfort and live alone, too!

This 70’s vintage inspired daybed is perfect for one and has a generous silhouette accompanied by gorgeous performance fabric that looks like chenille with a hint of linen. The hardwood frame is made with walnut wood with a vertical grain.

The cushion itself is known for its softness. The low back truly entices one to lay all the way down and really dedicate themselves to lounging. This beauty is 81″ long, 27″ tall, with a lovely seat depth of 37″.

Gorgeous Durant wheat sofa in modern living room for CB2 designs

Durant Wheat Velvet Sofa by CB2 – $1799

I know I’ve said this before, but the Durant Wheat Velvet sofa by CB2 is one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I’ve ever seen. It might be the color, it might be the texture, it might be the shape, and it is definitely the combination of all of those things.

You have the choose of coverlet wheat velvet or night velvet for your upholstery. This is performance polyester/velvet upholstery that is made to stand the test of time. Underneath you have seat cushions filled with a blend of polyester and down.

This simple couch makes a bold statement with a unique frame shape contrasted against loose and comfortable back cushions with an ever comfier bench seat cushion. The Durant sofa is coming in at 100″ wide, 30″ tall, and a perfect 36″ deep.

Amazing L shaped white Ceni sectional couch made by Article on white background

Ceni Sectional Sofa by Article – $1799

Make way for the big L! The Ceni sectional by Article is honestly a flawless choice of comfy sofa if you have the space for it. This gorgeous furniture piece fuses classic upholstery with modern shaping, plush seating, and so many seats you really need a family of 8 to fill it!

You have the choice of aquarius aqua fabric, fresh white, lagoon blue, pyrite gray, seagrass green, or volcanic gray. The beautifully crafted hardwood base with slanted legs holds very generous and comfortable seat cushions.

The cushions themselves are made from high density foam wrapped in polyester. It has a loose seat back and arm cushions making for easily cleaning and fluffing. The Ceni sectional is 88″ wide on either end and 31″ tall. This is a big girl and she’s here to make you cozy!

Beautiful modern gray Nico sofa made by Rove Concepts

Nico Sofa by Rove Concepts – $2374

The Nico sofa by Rove Concepts is a rather impressive piece of furniture. It is wonderfully classic looking but the closer you look at it, the more details you notice that make it modern and as comfortable as possible.

This couch has a super pillowy form to it but with clean classic lines in the frame to bring some elegance. The cushions are filled with 3 layers of high density foam with down plush surroundings to take it to the next level of comfort.

The hardwood frame gives it an organic feel, and the sofa comes with 3 throw cushions for you to decide where to throw them! Each one has a zipper so you can easily clean any stains that occur over the years. This modern sofa is short and stout: 93″ wide, 25″ short, and 40″ deep.

Best Moderate-Budget Sofas for Lounging ($2500-$3500)

Awesome light Bodine sofa in sunny room made by Anthroliving

Bodine Sofa by Anthroliving – $2498

Oh Mrs. Bodine, what would we do without you? I can just imagine myself draped across your arm, flirting with the television or trying to feed my dog some of my leftover pasta.

The Bodine sofa by Anthroliving brings us a modern silhouette with draping cushions to create an irresistibly comfortable looking sofa. Plush, deep, neutral colored, there really isn’t any fault you could possibly find in this couch.

The Bodine sofa fabric is made from recycled polyester which is something we can all get on board with. It has one large bottom cushion with sinuous springs, foam, fiber, and down fill.

This modern sofa is the perfect size, the perfect depth, the perfect color, and really just the all around perfect sofa for lounging. If this is your bag, just know that it’s 90.5″ wide, 29″ tall, and a very generous seat depth of 40.5″.

Cinnamon colored 3 seat Gaby sofa made by Interior Define on white background

Gaby 3 Seat Sofa by Interior Define – $2645

The Gaby 3 seat sofa truly is a perfect sofa. It’s simple, elegant, no muss, no fuss, a couch that you could put into any room. You could dress it up, dress it down, or just lay right down and not do anything fancy to it.

Interior Define gives you so many options when you purchase one of their sofas. You can choose between fabrics like chenille, velvet, linen weave, brushed knit, basket weave, or tweed, and they have over 150 different colors you can choose from too!

This sofa is really minimalism at its finest. It has clean lines, soft arms, side cushions, inconspicuous legs, and removable seat cushions for easy cleaning. Each furniture piece on this site has cushions made from 3 layer foam and a down layer on either side.

The Gaby sofa is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to quality and price. It’s simple, refined, and will look good anywhere you put it. The last thing you need to know is the options for size: you can choose 104″, 112″, or 120″ of length, or 36″ or 40″ of depth!

Side angle of beautiful brown Hayley sofa made by Interior Define on white background

Hayley 3 Seat Sofa by Interior Define – $2645

Interior Define is just an impressive company. They are perfect for the customer who knows precisely what they want, and they give you the means to create your perfect sofa with some loose guidelines.

I really love the Hayley 3 Seat sofa, and it’s not the first time I’ve recommended it. You can choose from over 150 colors and an upholstery option like chenille, velvet, linen weave, brush knit, basket weave, or tweed.

The cushion of this couch can be made from standard down, a down alternative, or double down. The modern silhouette is made cozy by soft angled arms and loose pillows.

They even let you pick the width of your arm (either 5 or 8 inches), you can choose a seat depth of 37″ or 41″, and you can choose your length from 96″, 104″, or 112″. The world is really your oyster, and Hayley is the shell.

Amazing large green Beta sofa in cozy living room made by Article

Beta Sectional Sofa by Article – $2799

Oh here we go. Article is comin’ in with a nominee for Biggest Comfiest Couch. Look at this thing! The Beta Sectional sofa by Article is so wide and gorgeous and honestly anything that’s made of corduroy you can sign me up twice for it.

There’s just something about corduroy that inspires coziness. You can choose from cypress green, atlas blue, and rowan orange. This is actually performance corduroy, meaning it’s just softer and has more longevity which we love. This should win the award for the Best Sectional Sofa.

You can choose if you want a 3-seater or a 5-seater (this one is $4099) and it’s the largest and deepest modular sofa available on the website. This comfy sofa also one of the most popular – the size really gives you bang for your buck!

If you like hardwood frames and cushions so comfortable you’ll probably just throw away your bed, the Beta is for you. It’s an incredibly generous 137.5″ long, 32″ tall, and a baffling 70.5″ deep. Gush!

Modern green boucle sofa in large space made by CB2

Noor Boucle Sofa by CB2 – $2999

This sofa just makes me happy. It’s so comfy looking but yet so chic and modern but in a fabric that is vintage and stylish. CB2 honestly doesn’t have a single thing on their website that I wouldn’t eat alive if I had the chance.

The Noor Boucle sofa is simply gorg, and you can decide if you want yours in teddy, white, or evergreen boucle. It’s super minimalist and cozy, but the mirrored steel base elevates it to a super modern standard. Unique, fun, and cozy all in one.

The cushions offer a lovely deep seat. The sofa cushions are fixed but it has loose back cushions. All are filled with a feather down and poly blend. The Noor sofa is 104.5″ wide, 30″ tall, and 37″ in seat depth.

Best Luxury-Budget Sofas for Lounging ($3500-$5500)

Gorgeous green luxury Maxwell sofa made by Interior Define

Maxwell Leather 3 Seater Sofa by Interior Define – $3495

You just can’t help but make a noise when you look at the Maxwell leather 3 seater sofa by Interior Define. Sometimes leather sofas can look a little bit stiff or slippery, but this one just looks plush and inviting.

The Maxwell comes in various shades of gorgeous leather, including hunter, fossil, palomino, pecan, cognac, flint, marine blue, or nightfall. If all that is too unimaginable, they will send you free swatches to help you out with your upholstery-option decisions.

This is a super traditionally shaped leather couch, but the lumbar pillows and deep seat depth make for a piece that is remarkably welcoming and comfortable looking – a real sink-into-me kind of couch.

If you’re into thick, contoured arms, lovely little piping details and luxuriously deep seats, all you need to know now is the sizing: the Maxwell can be made with a length of either 94, 98, 102, 106, or 110 inches, and depth of either 37 or 42 inches.

Gorgeous red printed sofa made Anthroliving in modern home

Jacquard Saguaro Sectional Sofa by Anthroliving – $4298

This is truly a special piece of furniture. The Jacquard Saguaro sectional made by Anthroliving is eclectic, cozy, unique, and truly a one-of-a-kind beauty. The pattern isn’t for everyone, but if it isn’t it’s cuz you’re boring! (Just kidding)

The red motif is unique and can only be found at Anthropologie. You can decide if you’d prefer a left or right sectional piece, and the sofa has two removable bottom seat sofa cushions, 3 back cushions, and it includes 2 throw pillows as well.

It has a kiln dried hardwood frame and oak legs that are removable. The woven jacquard upholstery is made from rayon, polyester, and cotton, which provides both ease of cleaning and longevity. This is definitely a contender for the Best Sectional Sofa award.

The subtle red tiger print really makes a statement in a room, but it isn’t so loud that it takes over the living space. The Saguaro sofa is a length 109″, a modest 32″ tall, and a wildly generous seat depth of 63″.

Beautiful large comfortable Porter sectional sofa made by Rove Concepts

Porter Sectional Sofa by Rove Concepts – $4349

The Porter Sectional Sofa by Rove Concepts is just really cool. It’s a little bit deceiving in that upon first glance it looks like a super classic and modest shape, but the over-the-top huge cushions bring it up to modernity and make it fashion.

It’s boxy and cushy at the same time, it’s low set and intimate, it’s square but also bulbous, and it’s incredible that the designers could combine such opposing things. The cushions are made from high density foam and are perfectly firm yet soft.

It has 4 feather filled throw cushions that come along with it, and by now I’m sure you’re already convinced. The Porter sectional is a massive 116″ long, a petite 28″ tall, and a glorious 57″ deep.

Modern and stylish Dresden modular sofa by Rove Concepts

Dresden Sectional Sofa by Rove Concepts – $5264

The Dresden! Man, what a cool design. This is not just couch. It is storage, it is table, it is art. It’s wide and low, and welcoming and contemporary. It’s classic shapes reimagined, it’s compelling.

This modular sofa is something special with a sleek low profile frame, super wide, cloud like seat cushions, and interchangeable side table inserts. It’s got stainless steel legs and 3 layer high density foam cushions topped with goose feathers.

This elegant piece isn’t so stylish that it would look out of place in a modest home. This is a humble designer sofa that would mould itself into any living space. It’s 132″ long, 31″ tall, and 44.5″ deep.

Beautiful leather Mirren sofa in display room by Anthroliving

Mirren 3 Cushion Leather Sofa by Anthroliving – $5598

I guess leather really is for lounging. There’ something so inviting and appealing to leather furniture. The smell, the texture, and most of all, it’s the color of perfectly creamed coffee. When you sit in leather you feel like you could write a really good poem all of the sudden (you can’t). 

The Mirren 3 Seater sofa by Anthroliving has a classic square frame with neat proportions. It has an intimate low seat profile made extra cozy by 3 throw pillows for extra lumbar support. Low arms bring the conversation to a lull, deep seats bring your eyelids all the way closed.

The Mirren is truly irresistible. You can choose your leather color between sycamore, carbon, sienna, oxblood, ebony, coffee, or sandstone. It’s the perfect size with 102″ of length, 33″ of height, and a wonderfully generous seat depth of 42″.


Is it a good idea to buy a sofa bed?

I am personally all for a sofa bed. I love to host, and I especially love to ensure that my guests have somewhere cozy to sleep if there’s ever a ferocious snow storm or we just feel like having a sleep over.

They make a mean sleeper sofa these days, with amazingly comfy mattresses instead of those god-awful springy boxes that your grandma’s sleeper sofa had.

Is Pottery Barn a good place to buy furniture?

People swear by Pottery Barn! They’re affordable, they have a good return policy, they’re everywhere, and they have a great selection of home accessories and furniture that is nothing but style and comfort.

Is Maiden Home a good place to buy sofas?

Though Maiden Home is less well known as a company like Pottery Barn, it offers similar budget options, tons of styles and models to choose from, and reliable customer service as well! That sounds like a good company to support if you ask me!

What’s a good piece of lounging furniture to buy for a small space?

There are some small apartments out there. I once lived in a room so small that it could only fit a futon – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to open the closet door. If you live in a small space and don’t have room for a couch, think about getting a lounge chair!

A lounge chair is great because you can adjust the lumbar support on these. It can be a sleeper or an up-righter, and they are a compact size without sacrificing comfort.

It is a good idea to buy an armless sofa?

There are so many different kinds of sofas out there, and they each have their own place. The idea behind interior design is understanding what a room is being used for, and including furniture that supports that type of time spent.

For example, if you’re a fancy law office full of conference tables that wants to make people nervous, you’re probably going to pick an armless sofa to make sure people sit upright and stay alert in the waiting room. If you run a women’s clinic, you’ll probably have a nice loveseat or some gentle and comfy chairs.

What’s good about a corner sofa?

I love a corner sofa, but they only work in certain types of spaces. Furniture has to work with the natural shape of the room, and a corner sofa demands a lot of space.

A corner sofa is great for an entertainment room or a lounging room with a ton of floor space. It wouldn’t be so great in a place with low windows and cramped quarters.

Is Benchmade Modern a good furniture company?

People swear by Benchmade Modern for their furniture needs! It’s always refreshing to find a company that is dedicated to providing quality products at a reasonable price, backed with attentive customer support. You really can’t go wrong.

What is the difference between furniture that is real leather or faux leather?

There are all sorts of differences and benefits between purchasing furniture that is made from real leather or faux leather, and at the end of the day it really boils down to what your morals are.

My opinion on real leather is this: this stuff is made to last. Authentic leather and suede products truly withstand the test of time. They can last through generations and just increase in quality with age, therefore being a super responsible and sustainable purchase that you can pass on to the next generation. Real leather develops patina over time, making the leather wonderfully soft and unique in appearance.

Faux leather can be great, too. Especially when it’s made from other recycled materials. The main difference there is that the longevity is not the same, and it doesn’t weather and age in the same way that real leather does. It’s less high-stakes if the leather gets damaged or dirty as it is more easily cleaned and repaired.

Is it a good idea to buy used furniture?

I am personally all for buying used, no matter what it is (maybe not pantyhose). I am a Facebook Marketplace troll and I have found incredible items on there for very cheap. I love to thrift and go antiquing. There is something special about finding one-of-a-kind pieces that you’ll never see again, and at incredible prices!

But more than anything else, buying used is truly the best way to be a consumer and to reduce your environmental impact. At the end of the day, reusing and repurposing is always going to be more sustainable that recycling, and that’s what buying used it all about!