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19 Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Iron and wood staircase with various wall art.

Staircase walls are like a blank slate, ready to be filled with color. Decorating staircase walls can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Since the staircase walls have a varying angle throughout its length, its décor is a bit complicated and difficult. But nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it. We are here for your rescue. Read along to be able to utilize your staircase wall in the best possible way!

While decorating the staircase wall, you don’t have to worry about furniture placement. Hence, it gives you an open ground to play around with your creativity. Staircase wall décor depends majorly on the height and width of the stars and the wall. Sometimes, a staircase is not supported by any walls; in this case, you can install a sculpture or a chandelier on the ceiling. However, when there is wall support, the artwork should be proportional to the wall. It shouldn’t distract you while climbing up and down the stairs. Honestly, staircase wall art is easier said than done but that does not mean you can’t or you shouldn’t do it.

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Staircase wall décor

Deciding the Tone

The first thing to decide when working on staircase wall art is what tone you want to maintain; casual, formal, or eclectic.

  • If you want to keep the wall casual, you can use framed artwork but all frames should be of the same color.
  • If you want to keep your space formal, you should hang identical frames in an even grid pattern.
  • For an eclectic look, use mismatched frames
  • If you are someone who prefers changing imagery often, you shouldn’t use frames at all.

A Guide for Staircase Wall Art

You need a little help and a bit of patience to achieve a stunning staircase wall art. We are here to guide you to the perfect staircase wall art. The guide below, along with some amazing staircase wall art ideas, will provide an ultimate solution to your confusion regarding staircase wall decor.

Staircase Wall Art Ideas for Multi-Level Homes or Duplex Apartments

In most homes, the lower level of the house has social spaces (like living area and dining area) while the personal spaces (like bedrooms) are on an upper level. Your staircase artwork should make this transitional journey an enjoyable one. These staircase wall art tips can help you decide on a suitable artwork easily.

Series of Artwork

Most staircases at homes are narrow. The best wall art for these staircases is a series of artwork where large artwork can be intermingled with smaller ones.

Messages or Quotes

You can get any quirky messages or interesting quotes that are most likely to grab attention framed and display them on your staircase wall. The background of these frames should be kept according to the color of your walls.

Family Portraits

Staircase walls are the ideal place to make a gallery of family portraits. You can get your favorite family moments framed and hang them on your staircase wall. This would ensure some giggles and laughter every time someone visits you.

Statement Piece

If your staircase is supported by a large wall that is a part of one of the larger rooms on the lower level, you can opt for one large statement piece of art.

Staircase Wall Art Ideas for Offices

In most offices, staircases are the least taken route to move about as there are elevators. Staircase wall art is a great idea to encourage the employees to use the staircase. This would not only reduce the load on elevators but will also promote a healthy lifestyle. Staircase wall art in offices should be aligned with the philosophy of the business.

Graphics Artwork

Graphics are a visual treat and they make lovely wall art. Graphics include calligraphy, painting, photography, digital art, and typography. Staircase wall art in offices should be associated with energy, motivation, and youth.

Color Schemes

Staircase wall art in offices is mostly done in colors that are in-line with the colors of the logo. The interior of most workplaces is kept that way as well. In some offices, each department is assigned a separate color. in that case, a staircase wall art should be such that fuses and brings all departments on the same page. Colors also have a major impact on the moods, so they should be selected carefully.

Signage Art

Signage art is a creative way of communicating the philosophy of the company. It also gives the visitors an idea of what to expect upstairs.

Staircase Wall Art Ideas for Hotels

Hotels have two staircases; one for emergency use and the other is a part of hotel décor. We will be talking about the latter.

Large Art Pieces

Staircases in hotels are broad and stylish because they are a major and a critical element in the design of a hotel. Hotels usually have Victorian style, modern, glass stairs, and chic staircase styles. Broad staircases give you a lot of space to incorporate artwork and hence, large art pieces can be quite impactful. Large art pieces compliment the mega décor and look gorgeous.


Hotels have various restaurants, spas, and bars within it. Staircases lead the customers to their destinations. Staircase wall art at a hotel should be such that the customer gets an idea about the theme of his destination beforehand. That would establish a feel and mood way before the customer enters his intended destination.

A Collection

Staircase walls in hotels have large blank walls with them that makes them perfect to display an entire collection of artwork.

Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Now that you have a rough idea of which staircase wall art would suit what place, let’s look at some practical staircase wall art ideas that have been implemented before. They are all do-able and looking at them will make staircase wall décor easier for you.

1. Family Portraits Gallery

FRAME @Decorative Photo Wall Staircase Decoration Wall Photo Wall Combo Box Hallway Corridor Hanging Picture Wall (Color : D)

The best way to utilize a staircase wall at home is to convert it into a photo gallery. Hanging family portraits across the wall in different sizes will make a stunning gallery that catches everyone’s attention. It adds a touch of personalization and makes your home look warm, cozy, and full of love.

2. Wall Decals

BestPricedDecals Deer Family with Tree #1 Buck, DOE, and Two Fawns : ~ Wall Decal, Large 22" x 27"

Wall decals are another great staircase wall art idea. Wall decals are available in plenty of designs. A wall decal that is large and continuous would be suitable for a staircase wall. You can even club smaller and larger wall decals together and display them as clusters on your staircase wall.

3. Abstract Wall Art

Blush Minerals by Jarman Fagalde, 2 Piece Canvas Art Set, 14 X 14 Inches Each, Abstract Art

Abstract wall art is a great option for staircase wall art. Staircase wall art should compliment both the lower and upper levels of a house. Since themes and decor of both levels are different in most houses, abstract wall art is the safest bet. It gels in well, no matter what the theme of your interior décor is.

4. WallMounted Shelves

Industrial Floating Shelves Wall Shelf - Floating Shelves Wood Wall Mounted, Hanging Shelves, Floating Shelves Rustic, with Pipe Hardware Brackets (Set of 2) 2'' X 7.5'' (Special Walnut, 36'')

A series of wall-mounted shelves look great on a staircase wall. You can use these shelves to display different art pieces, like sculptures and souvenirs. They look classy and stylish. The best thing about getting wall-mounted shelves for your staircase walls is that when you get bored with the decorated items, you can replace them easily and get a fresh look instantly.

5. Series of Paintings

Modern wall art painting bedroom decor blue rose landscape picture printed on canvas - Giclee artist home decor art wall decoration and office decoration 3 panel stretch and frame ready to hang

Staircase walls are decorated as a slope, rather than horizontally and vertically. Since the staircase wall has a slope, a series of paintings would look lovely. They could be paintings of flowers, animals, birds, or anything that you like.

6. Planters

Set of 4 Geometric Hanging Large Succulent Wall Planters Pot | 7 inch White Ceramic Planter with Gold Metal Frame | Decor as Cactus, Succulents, Baby Plants Flower Pots, Vase, Container | by Kimisty

If you like to keep things plain and simple, wall planters are a staircase wall art idea for you. Simply installing planters on your staircase wall and hanging plants with brightly colored flowers will not only look beautiful but will also bring about a fresh aura to your house.

7. Wall Lights

Wall Bedside Lamp Solid Wood Wall Lamp Bedside Lamp Bedroom Aisle Modern Minimalist Corridor Staircase Personality Living Room Creative Wall Lamp ( color : White light , Size : Diameter-30CM )

Fancy wall lights throughout the length of your staircase wall will give a breathtakingly stunning look at night when the entire staircase is illuminated while the rest of your house is dimly lit. The options available for wall lights are endless. You can choose what you think will compliment the theme of your house. Wall lights will give your house a warm, cozy, and a comfortable look.

8. Animal Wall Hanging

HGXC WY Elephant Wall Hanging, Living Room Staircase woodcarving Hand Carved Wall Ornament Art

Wall hangings featuring animal heads have been popular for ages. They are associated with a stylish and sophisticated interior. Animal wall hangings look incredible on the staircase wall and make wonderful staircase wall art. These can be wooden or metallic, each having a different feel to it.

9. Personal Collection

DEKOSH Classic Home Decor Postage Stamp Wall Art Stickers for Living Room Decoration | Set of 18 Wall Decals

Many people love collecting one thing or the other. Some people are fond of collecting sea shells while some have age-old stamp collections. What can be better than displaying your personal collection on the staircase wall? You can simply get your collections farmed or enclosed in shadow boxes and hang them on your staircase wall. Flaunt your collection in style!

10. Personal Photography

Zcenery Fall Color Napa Valley Vineyard - Large Framed Art Print (16" x 20" Black Frame and White Mat)

Are you an avid photographer that has a special eye for things? Well, why not use your own home to display your skills. Get your best photos developed and framed in different sizes and utilize your staircase wall. Let anyone visiting you have a look at your collection. Do you know a major benefit here? You don’t have to ‘ask’ people to come, see, and praise your collection. Anyone visiting will be pulled to your work naturally!

11. Personal Artwork

Modern Canvas Painting Wall Art The Picture for Home Decoration Autumn Fall Scene Beautiful Red Trees and Waterfall in Sunny Rays Landscape Forest Print On Canvas Giclee Artwork for Wall Decor

Do you think there is magic in your strokes? Do you paint beautifully? Are you scared to display your work to the world, fearing they might not like it? You don’t have to arrange a painting display for people to come and see your work. How about displaying your own magical work in your own house and let the people ask themselves where you got those paintings from. Display your self-painted canvas on your staircase wall. This would serve two purposes; display your work and make a stunning staircase wall art.

12. Sayings and Quotes

MalertaART Babe Ruth Quote Print Yesterdays Home Runs Dont Win Todays Games Motivational Print Inspirational Baseball and Business Quote Framed Wall Art

Collect your favorite quotations and display them on your staircase wall. Framed quotes look simple and elegant, no matter where you hang them. Staircase wall is a perfect place, though. Every time someone uses the staircase, they can take with them some motivation and learning.

13. Series of Metal Sculptures

starbluegarden 2Pcs/Set Garden Decor - Butterfly Patio Wall Decoration, Metal Glass Sculpture, Indoor Outdoor Wall Art

Small metal sculptures look elegant, beautiful, and attractive. They make stunning wall art. For example, displaying a cluster of butterflies together and then placing single butterfly sculpture some feet apart on your staircase wall will give a feeling that the butterflies are flying from one corner to the other. Wouldn’t that look gorgeous?

14. Large Alphabets

Kqpoinw Decorative Wood Letters DIY Hanging Wall 26 Letters and '&' Wooden Alphabet Wall Letter for Children Baby Name Girls Bedroom Wedding Birthday Party Home Decor (26 letters and "&" Letters.)

You can use large alphabet wall hangings to make words like ‘Family’ and ‘Love’ on your staircase wall. That is a simple and pretty staircase wall art idea.

15. Tell Your Story

Ashley Framed Prints Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Art Home Decoration, Color, 26x30 (Frame Size), Rustic Barn Wood Frame, AG6317785

Do you love traveling? Do you love exploring? If yes, then how about telling your travel story to the world! How can you do that? Start from your home. Frame your memorable moments from each travel and display them on your staircase wall. Arrange them in order from earliest to latest. Do you know the difference it would make? Anyone who climbs up the stairs will be able to look at your journey from the beginning till the present. On a lighter note, it’ll also give the people a good laugh about how much you’ve grown up over the years!

Selecting the Right Piece of Art

Now that you are aware of all the art pieces that you can use for your staircase wall art, you must be wondering how to select the right piece of art. Well, we are still here, aren’t we?

16. Consider the Purpose

It is very important that you consider the purpose of the artwork. You need to be clear about what you want to achieve with it; whether you want to communicate a message, add some color, engage people, give a reflection of your personal space, or make an impression. Once you have decided the purpose, you can then decide what artwork will go best with it.

For example, if you wish to give a reflection of your personal space, you can display your collection, your skills, or even some personal favorite moments that were captured.

Considering the purpose makes the selection of the right pieces of art easier.

17. Consider the Size of the Staircase

If your staircase is not very wide, smaller pieces of art are suitable but if you have a wide staircase and a large wall to support it, you can go bold. Whatever artwork you select for your staircase wall should be proportionate to the width of the staircase and size of the supporting wall.

18. Right Composition

Vertical or square frames are well-suited for staircase wall if you are considering a single piece of art. However, if you want to display numerous, smaller pieces of art, try to go with an odd number. You can either display them in a staggered style or in an orderly pattern.

19. Right Lighting

We have discussed earlier what impact staircase lighting has on your décor. Dull lights can completely hide your artwork. It is important that you have plenty of lights on your staircase. Another good idea is to have a separate spotlight over each artwork that not only highlights each piece but looks gorgeous as well.

Staircase wall is a great place to experiment and try new things. If done right, staircase wall art can completely transform the look of your house. Just by considering these important factors, you can achieve the perfect staircase wall art!