Top 10 Best Corner Curio Cabinets

Honey wood corner curio cabinet

Looking for a corner curio cabinet? Check out selection of the top 10 best curio cabinets for your home.

Adding a corner cabinet to a room can instantly save you space and also spice up your decor. The other benefits of having a corner cabinet as storage is: You can store blankets, books, china, linens and other home accessories and be better organized.

Instantly save space without spending a ton of money.

We’ve compiled a selection for you at a price that you can afford.

Browse through our list of the top 10 curio corner cabinets to find the one that best suits your needs. After that, all you need to do is choose the style, color and size you want!

A few things to consider when shopping for the right corner cabinet:

Durable : Its important to purchase a cabinet that not only looks great, but is built to last.

Quality craftmanship: Again, who wants to buy something that is going to break and fall apart the next day! When buying a cabinet, craftmanship is a very important part to consider. It lays the foundation as to how durable and how sturdy the piece will be.

Price: The selling price has to make sense and match up to the quality of the cabinet. A higher price should be justified by a higher quality item.  There are also lower priced cabinets that are of exceptional quality, it really just depends on your budget as well as your own personal needs.

If you want to be organized and are also looking for ways to display and show off your collectibles, why not have a look at some of our top curio cabinets, carefully chosen for you!

1.  Coaster Solid Wood Glass Corner China Curio Cabinet, Cherry Finish

Coaster Solid Wood Glass Corner China Curio Cabinet, Cherry Finish

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To kick off our top ten corner curio cabinets is this elegant glass corner cabinet in a cherry finish. This classic number has four adjustable glass shelves as well as glass sides, a glass door and to finish it off, a mirrored back.

The interior lighting will light up your treasured pieces so that they are the focus of attention.

If you have some china, heirlooms or other treasures that you’ve been wanting to show off, this cabinet is worth considering.

2.  Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Display Cabinet, Mahogany

Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Display Cabinet, Mahogany

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Another highly rated curio cabinet that is definitely worth a second look is the Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Display Cabinet. This one is available in a rich mahogany.

Show off your collectibles since this cabinet also lights up, your items will be front and center and the presentation will look better since there are mirrors on both back edges of the cabinet.

The shelves in the upper cabinet are adjustable, so you can raise, lower them, or even remove them to better suit your needs.

The best thing about this cabinet once its shipped and you receive it, the assembly if very easy and you only need simple everyday tools to put it together!

3.  Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet

Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet

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Save space and add elegance to your home decor with this lighted curio cabinet.

Made from durable material, this cabinet is not just another piece of furniture in your home, but something you can pass down for generations to come.

The rich mahogany finish adds to the elegance of the cabinet and the lighted interior helps to display all your valuable collectibles in the best light.

You can raise, lower or remove the two adjustable shelves in the upper cabinet to suit your display needs.

Its made from durable birch material and as long as you care for it and do not use harsh chemicals to clean the surface, this cabinet is sure to last you for many years.

4. Jenlea Lighted Standing Corner Curio Cabinet and Trophy Display CaseJenlea Lighted Standing Corner Curio Cabinet and Trophy Display Case

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Do you have crystal pieces you want to show off or other collectibles? This Jenlea Lighted Standing Corner Curio Cabinet looks like a classic heirloom piece and would go well with any decor.

It has traditional styling sprinkled with contemporary undertones that is sure to give your living space some life.

The adjustable shelf space is also great for whenever you want to display different sized items, there is the freedom to move and adjust the shelves as you see fit.

The focus is sure to be on any treasured trinkets or pieces that you choose to display.

5. Pulaski Cannes Corner Curio Cabinet

Pulaski Cannes Corner Curio Cabinet

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Make your collectibles pieces and trinkets the main focus with this elegant Pulaski Curio Cabinet. Show off your precious keepsakes in full style and do it safely with this one.

The black color exterior and lighted interior will further enhance any items that are displayed on the inside of the cabinet.

The curved glass front gives this cabinet a dramatic and unique eye-catching design element that would be a great addition to any room in your home.

If you are looking for a modern looking cabinet, this one is definitely worth a second look.

6. Pulaski Strasbourg Corner Curio Cabinet

Pulaski Strasbourg Corner Curio Cabinet

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If you are looking for a corner cabinet for a smaller space, this one is a winner. This cabinet comes with a sleek and contemporary design and is perfect for smaller rooms.

If you want to display your valuable keepsakes front and center in the best looking way, look no further than this beautiful piece.

This curio has a mirrored back, lighting and adjustable shelves to further enhance any items that you choose to display.

This two-door cabinet would be a great addition to your home and an excellent way to showcase any collectibles and keepsakes.

7.  Vintage Look Cherry Wood Finish Corner Curio Cabinet

Vintage Look Cherry Wood Finish Corner Curio Cabinet

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Add a vintage look to your home with this cherry wood cabinet. Why not display your keepsakes in a place that makes them look great!

Having a corner cabinet can help you to further organize any trinkets you may want to not only organize, but display and show off. If that’s the case, why not get yourself one of these!

Sturdy and solidly built, this cherry red number is sure to impress and its made to last for years to come.

Contemporary, yet vintage, this cabinet will not disappoint.

8.  Coaster Home Furnishings 950175 Traditional Curio Cabinet, Rich Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings 950175 Traditional Curio Cabinet, Rich Brown

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Perhaps you want a more traditional look for your curio cabinet. This particular piece would meet your needs.

Display your personal keepsakes, fine china etc. on the glass shelving of this curio cabinet.

The cabinet is set to fit into any corner of your dining room, living room or any other room.  If its elegance you are after, this one is definitely for you.

The most important thing is the build. This curio is built to last.

This hutch will look elegant in any room. Its not bulky and will go with the decor that you already have inside your home.

It also comes with hardware that helps it to secure to the wall.

9. Martha Corner Cabinet, Cherry Finish

Martha Corner Cabinet, Cherry Finish

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Why not make use of that empty space inside your dining room with this corner curio! Simple and well constructed, this piece will add the right attention to your living room or dining room and any room in your home.

This piece comes with five shelf spaces, making it easy to organize your keepsakes and it also helps to properly display your favorite crystals and home accents.

The cabinet has glass shelving to display all your trinkets and an elegant contemporary design that helps to intensify the look of anything displayed inside the curio.

Add a polished and sophisticated look to any room in your house with this corner curio.  You won’t regret it.

10.  Burke Corner Curio Cabinet – Golden Oak

 Burke Corner Curio Cabinet - Golden Oak

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Bring your personality to life through your collection. With this cabinet you can show off your keepsakes and trinkets in whatever way you choose.

The curio is high in style and sleek enough to go with most home decors.

Slim in design, this one works well for the small spaces.

The shelf space is super flexible and will allow you to display trinkets and keepsakes of many sizes. You can move the glass shelves to adjust for height.

Built sturdy and with a great amount of attention to detail, this curio is a stylish piece for any home and an heirloom down the line.


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