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How to Request the Plow & Hearth Catalog

Plow & Hearth storefront in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Do you remember the thrill of getting catalogs in the mail when you were a kid? Well, I still get that thrill. Even as an adult, there is something about the colorful pages of wonder when I hold a catalog in my hands. The Plow & Hearth catalog is no different. I love the smell as I am looking through the pages and pages of items for my hearth and outdoor oasis.

Plow and Hearth started as a small country store and now has grown into a fan favorite. They have been operational for about 30 years and many of their customers have been shopping there for that long. They have about five million customers and continue to grow every day. There is always a new find as they are continually adding new and unique items to their collection. Many customers come back to Plow & Hearth often because they are pleased with the products and customer service. They offer a large array of items so it is easy to shop for even the most difficult person.

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What Type Of Catalog Does Plow & Hearth Offer?

Plow and Hearth continue to offer print catalogs. However, they only send them to those who request them. Part of their mission is to be environmentally responsible so they ask that anyone receiving their catalogs recycles them when they are finished with them. They allow customers to remove themselves from the listing at any time. They employ databasing techniques to ensure duplicate catalogs are not mailed to one address. They have the highest standards for their print catalogs and continue to look for ways to use quality paper with a higher percentage of recycled material.

How To Request Plow & Hearth Catalog

Plow & Hearth Request Catalog Page

There are many ways to request a Plow & Hearth catalog. You can click here and it will take you directly to the request page on the Plow & Hearth website. Once you are on this page, fill out the form with the requested information and click Submit. You can go to the Plow & Heart website. Once you are on the website, scroll to the bottom and on the left side of the screen, you will see a link that says Request a Catalog. Click on this link and it takes you to the request page. Fill in the form and click the submit button. You can also search on request a Plow & Hearth catalog and it will give you a link to the request page.

What Is The Cost Of A Plow & Hearth Catalog?

There is no cost for the Plow & Hearth catalog. I am not sure you should be willing to get a catalog if you have to pay for it. They offer it as a courtesy service to their customers. They want their customers to see all of the new offerings available to them.

How Does One Subscribe To Plow & Hearth Catalog To Automatically Get Each Edition?

When you can click here and fill out the information on the request page, you subscribe to the Plow & Hearth catalog. As long as your address remains valid, Plow & Hearth continues to mail you catalogs every time they mail out a new one.

Is Plow & Hearth A Good Catalog?

An open magazine on a desk beside a stack of magazines.

I could not find an online version of the Plow & Hearth catalog. When looking at the Plow & Hearth website, there is a link for other and catalog items, but when you go to that webpage, there are no items available. There is not an online catalog that seems to go against their desire to be environmentally sound.

Who Can Request The Plow & Hearth Catalog?

Absolutely anyone can request a Plow & Hearth catalog. There is no limit for anyone to request a catalog. Just know they will not send you two. If you think you can go in and submit the form twice to get two catalogs, they are on to you and will not send two.

Why Request The Plow & Hearth Catalog?

You should request their catalog because it is an awesome store. Seriously, they are. Plow & Hearth started as a small country store and catalog store. While they have actual buildings with storefronts where you can go and shop, they are still a catalog store. They have moved into an online arena with its robust website. When you request a catalog, you are able to see every item that Plow & Heart offers. You can find items that you may not be able to see in your local store.

How To View The Plow & Hearth Online

Plow & Hearth Website Homepage

Plow & Hearth does not offer their catalog online, which I still find a bit odd. It is all right though because they have a robust website that offers many of their items. Shopping on their website is super easy and a great way to shop outside of their catalog.

Other Ways To Shop Plow & Hearth Furniture Store

You can shop at the Plow & Hearth store by just walking into an actual store location. They have 25 brick and mortar locations that you can walk into to shop. I know, it is strange these days to go into a store, but you actually can. You should check them out, too. The stores are considered outlet and they are fun to browse. You can shop on the Plow & Hearth website. You are able to shop and purchase orders online. You can have the items sent to your address or to a different address.

You can shop for Plow & Heart items on Amazon’s website. They offer a wide selection of Plow & Heart’s items. Walmart also offers Plow & Heart items. You can also do a search for Plow & Hearth items online and you receive a list of online resellers that sell Plow & Hearth items. You may want to tread carefully because some of these sellers are not guaranteed resellers of Plow & Heart products.

How Often Is A New Plow & Hearth Catalog Released?

Just once, I am sorry to say, but a new Plow & Hearth catalog is released once a year. However, they do have routine mailings that go out on a regular basis. However, you can shop for Plow & Hearth’s extensive offerings on their website.

Does The Plow & Hearth Catalog Showcase Full Interiors?

Plow & Hearth displays its entire collection in their catalog. They still consider themselves to be a catalog store, so everything they have makes an appearance in the catalog. They know there are many people that love to hold a catalog in their hands and flip through the pages to see all the amazing products that Plow & Hearth supplies. They do not limit their catalog to just individual pieces. They take pride in their catalog and ensure it is the highest quality before sending it out to their customers.

Are There Any Restrictions To Requesting The Plow & Hearth Catalog?

Plow & Hearth does not restrict who can request their catalog. Plow & Hearth is environmentally aware and as a result, they do not want to send their catalogs to people who are not interested in receiving them. As a result, they send catalogs only to those who request it. They utilize technology to ensure that duplicate catalogs are not sent to the same address. They also verify that the address to which they are sending catalogs are still valid addresses. That wants to make sure that every catalog that goes out in the mail goes to someone that actually wants to have it.

What Are Similar Catalogs?

Stack of open magazines

If you love Plow & Hearth, you should check out some of these other options. They are similar to Plow & Heart but offer some other unique products that may have these stores becoming one of your new favorites.

Hayneedle is an online store that is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They sell home decor and furniture products. They are a part of, which was created in 2002. This is a great catalog that is similar to Plow & Hearth. If you love Plow & Hearth, you will love Hayneedle, too. They offer you outdoor and indoor home furniture and various accessories. Since this is an online shopping experience, all of your shopping happens in the comfort of your own home, or local coffee shop, whichever you prefer.

Grandin Road is part of Cornerstone Brands, Inc. It was created in 1991. They have their headquarters in West Chester, Ohio. They do have a few retail stores available to you in the US, as well as their website. They offer high-quality home decor and furniture to compete with Plow & Hearth. They have just about every type of outdoor and indoor furniture that you can imagine. They also sell seasonal merchandise.

Frontgate offers you luxurious home furnishings that you are sure to love. They are a great companion to the items you can find at Plow & Hearth. They have been in business since 1991. Their products are priced higher than what you find at Plow & Hearth, but they are of the highest quality. They sell indoor and outdoor furniture, beddings, kitchenware, rugs, and so much more. You are sure to find exactly what you want at Frontgate. They do not have an actual store, so you must shop online with them.

Ballard Designs specializes in the European style of home furnishings and furniture. They are a part of and have been in operation since 1983. They have many offerings from rugs, kitchenware, drapes, furniture, and lighting. If you enjoy a European flair to the items you purchase, this is the place for you. They only have a store online and you cannot go into a store.

Bellacor has been operational since the year 2000. They are incredibly similar to Plow & Hearth and offer a wide variety of product lines. They offer products ranging from furniture for every room in your house to ceiling fans. They also offer bedding, lighting, accessories, items for your kitchen, and outdoor furniture. This is an online-only store.

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Plow & Hearth Company Overview

Plow & Heart started as a small country store in 1980 in Virginia. They now have 25 retail stores and a huge catalog operation, as well as an online presence. They started as a husband and wife team and have grown into a major retailer of the garden, home, and yard products. They have always been environmentally aware as their first store had solar panels and a wood-burning stove. Their first store was located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Madison, Virginia. They have grown exponentially and are now a Fortune 500 company. In 1998, they created their first website and built an addition to their fulfillment center. Their stores are primarily on the East Coast with locations in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Plow & Heart is best known for its indoor and outdoor furniture and unique accessories. They also have items for your garden, kitchen, and items for your pets. They offer unique gifts and items for your hearth and fireplace. They have a revenue of $20 million. In 2018, they had global net sales of $33.8 million. Their main category of sales falls in the furniture and appliances arena. They are projected to have revenue growth in 2019 as they continue to have increased sales across every category. Plow & Hearth has made great business decisions and continues to grow as a result.