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How to Request Jonathan Adler Furniture Catalog

Jonathan Adler store in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have always loved looking through catalogs. I’ve always liked making lists, too, but go figure. My mother is a seamstress and I spent a lot of my childhood surrounded by fabrics, buttons, ribbons, colors, patterns, and CATALOGS. Butterick, Vogue, and Simplicity occupied my time while my mother perused the fabrics throughout the store, and it didn’t hurt that the only chairs in the entire store were at the catalog tables. Architectural Digest and other wonderful publications centered around indoor and outdoor living settings were always of interest to me, as well as the furniture markets hosted in High Point, NC twice a year. I was surfing the net for some ideas about a change in my living room when I came across the Jonathan Adler Company. I had flipped through all three books for 2019 before I realized it.

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What Type of Catalog Is It?

The Jonathan Adler catalog features indoor and outdoor furniture and home décor, well, outdoor depending on the conditions of the space. These products are not meant to withstand the elements unprotected. Art, bath, décor/pillows, dining, furniture, lighting, pottery, rugs, and trinkets featured in the collections will work well in an enclosed or semi-enclosed outdoor area.

How to Request It

Screenshot of How to Request a Catalog page on Jonathan Adler website.

Okay, requesting a copy of the catalog proved to be interesting, indeed. I looked up Jonathan Adler catalog and clicked the first link that wasn’t an ad and mentioned the catalog, Request A Catalog – Jonathan Adler. I got access to three online catalogs for the complete 2016 collection. Okay, not what I asked for, exactly, but okay. I clicked on each season and I get a copy of the complete 2019 season, not the 2016 collection, and an order form asking for my name, physical address, and e-mail address. I filled out the form and clicked the SEND ME A CATALOG button. Nothing happened. Then I saw a box to check if I wanted to receive free e-mail notifications. I figured that was the catch, I have to request notifications by e-mail in order to get the catalog.


I checked the box thinking to myself, “I can always unsubscribe if the notifications become annoying.” Then I re-click the SEND ME A CATALOG button. Nothing happened. I can’t call 800-963-0891 to talk to someone at online purchasing until the next morning, so I try other things like attempting to order the catalog online using someone else’s computer and WiFi, and on my phone. I got the same result.

The next morning a very-happy-to-talk-to-me customer service representative, hereafter named Sheila, also found it odd that I couldn’t order a catalog from the site. Sheila took the same information over the phone and now I am the proud owner of a Jonathan Adler catalog, Holiday 2019. Yay!

How Much Does It Cost?

Since I had to go through so much trouble, I was able to receive my copy free of charge. Just kidding. The catalog can be sent for free to any address within the 50 states.

How Does One Subscribe to the Catalog to Get Each New Edition Automatically?

I asked Sheila if I needed to re-order the catalogs as they were published, and she just added me to a mailing list. I’m looking forward to my Spring 2020 catalog.

Is It A Good Catalog?

Screenshot of Jonathan Adler catalogs on the company's website.

From what I saw as I flipped through the online version, the catalog is great. The catalog was just plain fun. It was a pleasing experience and I added so many things to my wish list and something I may actually be able to afford.

The good thing about Jonathan Adler’s collections is that they have new ideas and creations in every new catalog, but they are not meant to just be in that season. By that, I mean that nothing is dated to the point that its use is limited. You can use anything from any catalog and it will still be relevant, able to stand on its own or blend with other pieces. Some signature pieces like the Muse vases and urns that focus on faces, or singles out the eyes or the lips are evident in all collections. And he evidently has a way with hands as well as a way with his hands. I wish that I could focus on a theme and take all representations of it from each season and mix them up throughout my home, money being no object, of course.

The backgammon board for me and a couple tic-tac-toe sets for my bourgeois grandchildren would make great gifts under the tree. I love interactive games that you don’t have to the plugin. And those X-benches in peacock blue would be fire in my game room.

The Jonathan Adler collections include furniture, art, lighting, rugs, bath, pillows, dining, and another décor that follow a modern pop art theme. This is especially true of the trays and trinkets offered like elaborate pillboxes, decorative ring bowls, or various sized sculptures that are bound to elicit conversation.

Who Can Request the Catalog?

I thought maybe a password was in order, but you should go ahead and try the online order form. If you need to call, I am sure that Sheila or one of her co-workers would be happy to assist you. Anyone can order a catalog, but you may have a problem receiving it directly from the source.

Why Request the Catalog?

There is a connection to things that you hold in your hands that cannot be duplicated. Something as simple as looking at one of those magnificent sofas with light shining down on glossy paper instead of shining from beneath on a screen makes a big difference. Just like a picture of a sofa looks different from a reflection of it does or seeing the actual sofa right in front of you. Maybe it’s looking at things from left to right instead of top to bottom, and actually turning pages. Give your eyes a rest from the digital. Make collectibles out of them, because only Fall and Holiday 2019 are in print. Period.

How to View the Catalog Online

The complete collection for 2019 is readily available online by clicking on any season. All three seasons are available online, but only the Fall and Holiday seasons are available in print.

Other Ways to Shop the Subject Furniture Store

Jonathan Adler store in Washington, DC.

You can look up Jonathan Adler and scroll through his pieces sold at other stores or look up specific kinds of furniture or décor and see what a part of his collections is available on other websites. You could also visit one of his stores if you live anywhere near one.

How Often Is A New Catalog Released?

Jonathan Adler releases three catalogs a year, spring, fall, and Christmas. The focus, colors, and textures change from season to season. The catalogs are good motivators and brainstorming sources to use before the new season begins.

Does the Catalog Showcase Full Interiors or Just Individual Products?

Adler usually showcases individual products standing alone or in a partial room setting. It may be a picture of a statue or a picture of a vase sitting on an end table next to a chair in front of various backgrounds.

Are There Any Restrictions to Requesting the Catalog?

There are no restrictions to requesting the catalog, it’s the restriction of delivery outside the fifty states. If l lived outside this boundary, then my buddy, Earl, who lives in Garner County, would have to receive it directly from Jonathan Adler and then mail it to me.

I would have to do the exact same thing if I wanted my items shipped to me in another country. If I buy trinkets or anything that would fit in a small to medium-sized box, then I send Earl the money to ship it to me once he gets it. If it’s something bigger like large pieces of furniture, then I can e-mail Jonathan Adler at and let them know what I need delivered and where it needs to go. They will contact a third-party service who will contact me with an estimate to have it shipped. I almost feel like a smuggler, but it sounds simple enough.

If I lived in Hawaii or Alaska, Jonathan Adler would ship it to me for a flat rate.

What Are Similar Catalogs?

Stacks of open magazines on a desk.

A lot of catalogs offer similar items, but the more popular ones are not as high-end as Jonathan Adler.

Ikea has a wide range of items for every room in the house. The catalog suggests possible settings for a collective of items. The store is geared toward complete rooms, but you can also just check out particular items individually.

Pier One Imports is always a good source for something interesting or cool. You can check out a new catalog every month and you get a lot of seasonal options for furniture and décor, plus a few handy utensils.

Restoration Hardware is a magical place for a visit. I can barely afford the letters in the word budget, but that won’t stop me from looking at this caliber of furnishings. These showcases are amazing and demonstrate VERY high-end complete room looks. No clever backgrounds here. It’s a collection of living sets.

Wayfair is the Wal-Mart of online purchasing for home goods. The prices are just as varied as the items that are offered. If you search the site for something specific like floor lamps, you get a nice variety of styles and models of floor lamps in different materials, colors, options for operation, and price.

Pottery Barn is another place to get complete room furnishings and décor. Complete table settings, linens for the bedroom and bathroom, and kitchen accessories are meant to coordinate in a variety of capacities. For instance, you can shop for bedroom furniture, the mattresses, the curtains, the wall decorations, sheet and comforter sets, lighting, light switch covers, the works.

Jonathan Adler started out with a childhood affinity for pottery. It grew from an interest into a passion and a lucrative vision that includes art, furniture, rugs, and many other accents for the home. His work encourages you to create art, to live in the art within the framework of your house. He opened his first store in Soho, Manhattan in 1988. Headquartered in New York, NY, Adler has stores in New York, Chicago, IL, Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and London, England. They are definitely successful with an estimated annual revenue of 14 million dollars.