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How to Request the CRATE & BARREL Furniture Catalog

A collage of Crate and Barrel.

These days, it can seem like everything exists online and there’s no more of the physical catalogs that many people grew up with and love. I, personally, enjoy the feel of a catalog in my hands when I’m looking at the images of things I might want to purchase.

The good news is Crate & Barrel still maintain their physical catalog, and you can order one for yourself or someone else right now. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining a catalog containing all the up to date Crate & Barrel furniture, housewares, and home accessories.

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What Type of Catalog Is It? Print and/or Digital

Screenshot of Crate&Barrel catalogs

Crate & Barrel catalogs come in both print and digital formats. The Crate & Barrel website offers all its most recent catalogs in digital format. From a computer, tablet, or mobile device, it’s possible to look at all the catalogs of the year up to the most recent one.

The list of available digital catalogs includes special edition catalogs and themed catalogs. This is an important feature as the Crate & Barrel website itself may not list everything available, especially if it’s out of season.

Since Crate & Barrel maintains a rather large inventory of furniture and home decor products for both inside and outside the home, it’s not always easy to find that perfect piece just from the website itself. Checking out a seasonal catalog or themed catalog can often help someone figure out what it is they’re looking for or find something completely unexpected.

The print version of the catalog is available by request from the website as well. Yes, I know some people don’t want to deal with all this newfangled technology just to order one of these gorgeous catalogs. Because of that, you can also order a catalog the old-fashioned way with a phone call.

How To Request It (Provide a Clear Link to the Request Page)

As stated, you can easily request a Crate & Barrel catalog on their website. The site makes it easy to do, even for those with fat fingers or tiny screens. The site shows clear instructions and information. The thankfully few boxes where you enter your information are large and visible.

To request a catalog, fill in your name, address, zip code, and email address. After that, click the big button to submit the request. The request page also offers a few more options you may have some interest in.

Since you’re already there, you might as well give those bonuses some consideration. You can check a box that will allow Crate & Barrel to send you offers, sales, and news to your email.

If you feel like that’s just a bit too much Crate & Barrel for you, don’t check the box, you can still receive your catalog. If you’re a US resident, you can also check the box to receive Crate & Barrel’s other publications, CB2. This publication highlights chic, modern home decor and furnishings aimed at a slightly younger audience.

Whether you’re a geezer or a whippersnapper, there’s still some benefit to checking out the CB2 catalog as well. Once again, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. If for some reason, this all sounds a little overwhelming, you can simply call 1-800-967-6696 and request your catalog.

How Much Does it Cost?

Crate & Barrel catalogs don’t cost a dime. These gorgeous publications are free whether you look at them online or order the physical catalog. Save your money for when you’re ready to purchase one of their absurdly high-quality products.

How Does One Subscribe to the Catalog To Get Each New Edition Automatically?

Crate and Barrel interior.

You don’t have to do anything extra to receive the new editions of the catalog as they come out. When you request a catalog, you’re signing up for the Crate & Barrel mailing list. This will ensure you receive the catalog and special offers by mail.

If you don’t want anymore Crate & Barrel catalogs or other publications from the company, you can opt-out of the mailing list. The opt-out page can allow you to cancel their email subscription, their catalog subscription, or both. Just click the one you choose and follow the instructions.

You can also use the opt-out page to change the mailing preference. For example, maybe you just want the Christmas catalog. You can choose to only receive that one rather than all the others. You can also downgrade to receiving the catalog 4 times each year or 2.

Also, the form will allow you to add or remove the additional publications from the company. Opting out of email also presents a choice, you can drop emails completely or choose to receive fewer emails.

Is It a Good Catalog (Give Your Opinion As to the Quality and Info Based on the Online Version if There Is One)?

The Crate & Barrel catalog is a beautiful, full color, professionally photographed catalog showing off the company’s furniture and decor in natural, well-crafted settings.

The catalogs are also good for decor ideas, which can come in especially for those of us who may not exactly know our way around interior or exterior decorating the way we think we do. The catalog also does a good job of both telling and showing.

You don’t just see pictures of pretty furniture, decor, and pricing. You also see a blurb explaining what it is you’re looking at, whether it’s currently in stock, and if there are additional colors or variations available. The photos show a lot of professional aesthetic, from lighting to color choice to overall cohesiveness.

Who Can Request the Catalog (Anyone, Professionals, Both)?

Anyone with a US address can request the Crate & Barrel catalog. This applies to both individuals and businesses. If you have a zip code recognized by the USPS, then you can have the Crate & Barrel catalog shipped to you.

This means the continental US, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, and pretty much anywhere the USPS also delivers mail. You can also receive the catalog, but not the CB2 catalog, in Canada, but the online form doesn’t accept Canadian addresses at this time. You can still call to request a catalog.

Why Request the Catalog (Benefits and What You Get)?

You will have your reasons for wanting a catalog, but I think many people still enjoy having a physical copy in their hands. The pictures pop a lot more on the magazine stock, and they can help someone decide on what it is they want.

You can also do more with a catalog, such as mark things down, make notes, bookmark things, or even cut things out to put on a vision board or whatever you’re into.

In addition, ordering the catalog adds you to the Crate & Barrel mailing list which comes with some benefits all its own. You will receive the catalogs and the CB2 catalogs should you want to. You will also receive advanced notice of deals, sales, and news from the company.

Why Request the Catalog (Benefits and What You Get)?

Crate&Barrel website

Viewing the Crate & Barrel catalog online is very simple. All you need to do is go to and view whichever catalog you please. Since the site contains all the catalogs for the year, you don’t have to choose just the most recent one.

For example, if you wanted to see what looked good last winter instead, you can choose a catalog from that time. Once you click on a catalog, you will go to a screen where the catalog takes up the full browser window. A navigation bar on the left will also offer a full-screen view.

The format makes it easy to click to the next page, zoom in, print pages, and perform other types of navigation. A search feature and page overlay feature also make it easy for you to quickly find what you’re looking for if you don’t want to go page by page.

If you want, you can also download the entire catalog as a PDF file to save on your computer or another device so you can look at things offline and at your leisure.

If there’s something you want to tell others about, a handy sharing feature is also in the navigation sidebar that will allow you to share a page with your favorite social media site. You can even Pin stuff if you’re into that sort of thing.

Other Ways To Shop for the Subject Furniture Store.

Maybe you’re a little impatient and want to start browsing for things right now. Since you’re already on the website, you can start navigating to what Crate & Barrel has to offer right this moment. Choose the category, and start browsing.

How Often Is a New Catalog Released?

New Crate & Barrel catalogs come out roughly every month. The catalogs can skip some months but may offer seasonal or themed issues. For example, you can find a September catalog, but also a Fall catalog specifically for Kid’s furniture and items.

The company regularly mixes it up with themes so you can see something different or something a little more relevant to the current season.

Does the Catalog Showcase Full Interiors or Just Individual Products?

These catalogs highlight both full interiors and individual products. The Crate & Barrel product list is rather large, so each catalog comes packed with a lot of stuff. The catalogs do a good job of showing off individual products within a larger full interior framework as well.

Are There Any Restrictions on Requesting the Catalog?

Currently, the only restrictions to requesting the free Crate & Barrel catalogs is the location. The site only allows for US addresses. Places, such as Canada can receive the catalog by calling, but the CB2 catalog only ships to the US addresses strictly.

Over time, the company can make changes, such as once again allowing Canadian addresses on the request page, but people may need to occasionally check back in to see. In addition, the company sometimes offers catalogs for its sister companies through the request page, much like CB2.

What Are Similar Catalogs?

When it comes to furniture and home decor companies and catalogs, Crate & Barrel aren’t the only game in town. Many well-known furniture sellers have mail order catalogs as well. Some of those mail-order catalogs include:

Ikea catalog

Ikea offers a nice catalog displaying their latest styling. If you’re like me and would rather not want to wander around an Ikea store, their catalog represents a sensation substitute.

Pier 1 Imports catalog

Pier 1 Imports offers a digital version of their catalogs as well as a mail-order version. As with any high-quality home decor catalog, these Pier 1 offerings can even look good as decor themselves if you want to place them somewhere to allow you and others to casually browse.

Ashley Furniture catalog

Ashley Furniture is a name many people recognize, and the company has existed for quite a while. In many ways, Ashley Furniture is a trendsetter and as such, they have a large selection of decor to choose from.

Restoration Hardware catalog

The Restoration Hardware catalog, much like the products this company offers, is something to behold. The catalog alone makes for a gorgeous coffee table book as RH spares no expense in showing off their designs in dramatic and beautiful ways.

Ethan Allen catalog

Ethan Allen specializes in interior decoration. The catalog they offer showcases the decor that this company both designs and manufacturers.

Many, many other catalogs exist, and usually, all it takes is some searching on a website to find a digital version or an order form for a physical catalog.

If you want a large list that includes the catalogs already mentioned as well a lot of others, you can easily find a nicely curated list of popular mail order furniture catalogs online.

Crate & Barrel Company Overview

Crate&Barrel store in Boston.

Crate & Barrel is a privately-owned subsidiary of Euromarket Designs, Inc. The company sells furniture, housewares, home accessories, and home decor items.

The company’s headquarters is in Northbrook, Illinois and was founded in Chicago in 1962. The brand has grown to encompass over 100 retail stores in 8 countries.

The company reports revenues of 1.6 billion and sales of 7.5 billion.