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The Famous Pottery Barn Catalog (and How to Request It)

A collage of pottery barn.

From cover-to-cover, the Pottery Barn catalog is loaded with beautiful home décor and furniture. From festive holiday throws to cozy armchairs, rugs and play tables for kids, Pottery Barn offers something for everyone’s taste and preferences.

The items the Pottery Barn offers for your home, office, and children have a classic element to them while being playful and fun. The catalog sports an array of contemporary furniture, rugs, window treatments, pillows, bedding, and so much more!

Not only can the Pottery Barn catalog offer you an amazing selection of merchandise to order, but it also offers up inspiring and unique decorating ideas for your home and the holidays. It will provide you with the many creative ways you can transform any room in your home into a gorgeous paradise.

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Digital, Print, or Both?

The Pottery Barn catalog comes in a print edition as do the other catalogs offered by the Pottery Barn, but a fun fact to think about is that you can also view, learn about, and order products online through the website.

The Pottery Barn not only offers its main catalog but you can also request copies of the PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Apartment, Pottery Barn Teen, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home, West Palm, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Graham catalogs to become inspired by or to purchase from.

Do You Want a Print Edition Catalog?

If you want to request a catalog, it is one of the easiest processes on the Internet today. Simply visit the Pottery Barn’s website! A pop-up box will emerge for you to sign up for updates through email while receiving a 15 percent discount off of your first order.

Another pop-up box will appear in which you can order a copy of the print edition of the Pottery Barn’s main catalog with options available for the many other catalogs the company offers, such as PB Teen and Pottery Barn Kids!

After you’ve selected the Pottery Barn catalogs you’d like to receive by mail, you can click the continue button which will take you to a form to complete with the usual information to receive something in the mail, such as your name, address, and email address (this one is optional and only needed to be completed if you would like to receive the Pottery Barn’s newsletter throughout the year).

You then click the continue button again which will, in turn, submit your order for the Pottery Barn catalogs of your choosing.

Who Can Request the Catalog?

A stack of magazines.

Whether you are a professional home designer or a person who simply wants to check out the many items the Pottery Barn has to offer, you can request a catalog from any of the various departments. There are a few restrictions, though…..


Pottery Barn catalogs can only be mailed out to those living in the U.S., U.S. Territories, and APO/FPO addresses. A person must be at least 13-years-old to request a copy of any of the Pottery Barn catalogs.

How Much Does a Catalog Cost?

The fun part of ordering any of the Pottery Barn catalogs is the fact that you can do so free of charge. Simply fill out the form and your catalog will arrive in your mailbox within a week or so.

This applies to all of the catalogs the Pottery Barn offers, including PB Apartment, Pottery Barn Teen, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home, West Palm, Rejuvenation, PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids and Mark and Graham.

How Does One Subscribe to the Catalog To Get Each New Edition Automatically?

Once you sign up for a Pottery Barn catalog, you and your information are in the system. This means when new editions of the catalogs are created, you will automatically receive a copy!

The company normally sends out catalogs for each season, including fall, winter, spring, and summer, and also offers special holiday and sales editions throughout the year.

They also offer other catalogs, including PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Apartment, Pottery Barn Teen, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home, West Palm, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Graham.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Copy?

You will receive your copy of the Pottery Barn catalog and any of the other catalogs you ordered from the Pottery Barn within seven to 10 business days. It’s only a week or a week and a half, just be patient!

In the meantime, you can head back to the Pottery Barn’s website and check out the main online catalog and even the other ones of your choice!

Between the Pages of the Pottery Barn Catalog

Pottery Barn Store at the Mission Viejo Mall.

When your copy arrives in the mail, you will be able to view pages and pages of inspiring home décor, room setups that are not only beautiful but inspiring and feature a variety of the many pieces of furniture the Pottery Barn has to offer, and an array of bedding, lighting, and accessory options.

The Pottery Barn offers great sales throughout the catalog and those will be prominent to catch your attention as you flip through the pages. If your budget is limited, the sale items are a great way to get some of the items you want at a lower cost.

The descriptions of each item throughout the catalog are very thorough and the order number and price are prominently displayed for easier ordering through the catalog, by phone, or online through the website.

Also, keep your eye out for price cuts and free shipping is offered on certain items throughout the pages of this very well-organized catalog.

Rating the Catalog

I personally enjoy the Pottery Barn catalog, all of them actually. The set-up of the décor in each photo is flattering and makes it clear how much some of these products can improve your home and your lifestyle.

The display creators are top-notch and appear to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to interior design, which I admire.

I do not have an eye for home decorating so it is nice to have someone else with that expertise set up a room, photograph it, and offer it to me through the Pottery Barn catalogs.

Does the Catalog Showcase Full Interiors or Just Individual Products?

Throughout the Pottery Barn catalogs, entire rooms are showcased along with individual items. This helps even the most inept home decorators be able to create a home that is beautiful, warm, and welcoming without having to take courses in home décor first!

The company now offers an augmented reality app for smartphone users that is called 3-D Room and allows users the experience of creating their own rooms with Pottery Barn products. They can save their designs within the app to refer back to in the future.

Why Request the Catalog?

When you request a catalog, you get 15 percent off your first order. Also, you will have access to future catalogs and will be provided with the latest information on sale items, the latest trends in home décor, and the most up-to-date information on home and holiday fashions for your home and office.

As a bonus, you are offered gift ideas which really comes in handy when a holiday, birthday, or house-warming party is coming up.

Shopping Online at the Pottery Barn

Pottery Barb website

Shopping online is very simple. The website layout is easy to navigate and you can shop all of the catalogs the Pottery Barn has to offer through easy to find tabs at the top of the main page.

You can use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal to pay for your order. You can also choose between home delivery or picking up the items you order from the closest Pottery Barn store to your home.

Other Ways to Shop at the Pottery Barn

In 2017, the Pottery Barn’s administration released a really cool app for smartphones called 3D Room View.

Not only can you shop and order from the app, but it will allow you to put together a room similar to one in your home, with a three-dimensional view so you will know which items you need to complete the look you are striving for.

And, of course, you can visit an actual Pottery Barn store since there are about 198 of them sprinkled throughout the United States. You can go to the website to locate the store nearest to your home.

Similar Catalogs to the Pottery Barn’s Catalogs

If you enjoy the catalogs the Pottery Barn offers, you will also really enjoy catalogs from a few other home decor and furnishing retailers. All five have an online presence as well as a print edition catalog for your viewing and ordering pleasure.

To access their websites to shop or request a catalog, simply click on the name of the company. The five companies similar to the Pottery Barn include Wayfair,  may also enjoy catalogs from Crate and Barrel,  you’ll also like catalogs from IKEA, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and Grandin Road.

From Humble Beginnings to Stores Around the World

Exterior shot of the upscale home furnishing retail store chain Pottery Barn in Edina, Minnesota.

In 1949, two men had a vision of opening a store that sold quality home furniture and the idea for the Pottery Barn was born.

The two men are brothers Paul and Morris Secon and they founded the store in the West Chelsea area of Manhattan after they had discovered three barns full of pottery that was part of the Glidden Parker factory in Alfred, New York. The two brothers eventually developed a chain of seven stores.

In 1966, Paul sold his share of the company and later, in 1968, Morris sold his shares to two outside partners. The new owner of the stores developed six more for a total of 13 stores before selling to The Gap in 1984.

Two years later, the company was sold to Williams-Sonoma, the same firm that still owns the Pottery Barn stores and company today. The first mail-order catalog was published in 1987.

With online ordering in place for several years along with the print edition catalogs, the company created a 3-D app for smartphones in 2017 to keep up with the latest technology and to allow customers the experience of creating their own spaces before ordering.

It literally allows app users to place items from the Pottery Barn items into a room then save the room ideas for later reference.

The goal of Williams-Sonoma, which is headquartered today in San Francisco, California, is to provide an exclusive appearance with quality products to create spaces for people that they want to implement in their homes. Marta Benson is currently president of the Pottery Barn brand.

Today, there are Pottery Barns located throughout the world. Not only are there nearly 200 stores throughout the United States, but there are also several in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia to offer people from various cultures the amazing home furnishing and décor items that so many have come to love over the past seven decades.

The Pottery Barn offers an array of home furnishings and décor along with children’s bedding, window treatments, holiday-themed items, and so much more!

Sales Volume

Pottery Barn’s sales volume grew in 2018 by 10 percent. According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Laura Alber in her 2018 report to stockholders within the company, the increase in sales came from the company’s e-commerce channel.

Adrian Bellamy is the company’s current Chairman of the Board of Directors and also helped compile the annual report for 2018.