40 Open Concept Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room Floor Plan Ideas

We cherry picked over 40 incredible open concept kitchen and living room floor plan photos for this stunning gallery. All interior design styles represented as well as wall colors, sizes, furniture styles and more. You'll love this gallery.
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Custom home with open concept kitchen, living room and dining area in white with hardwood flooring

Tear down the wall.  Many contractors these days have been told that by homeowners as the first order of renovation business.  Many homeowners want to turn older homes into contemporary open concept kitchen, living room and dining area floor plans.

I can’t blame them.  Our home was built in the 1980’s and it’s not open concept.  My wife and I often wished it were.  It’s a great layout; makes you home feel bigger without adding square footage.  It’s a great way for everyone to hang out together without being on top of one another.

To that end, we cherry picked over 50 open concept kitchen and living room floor plan photos to create a stunning collection of open concept design ideas.

Photo Gallery

Our gallery focuses on open concept spaces that include a kitchen and living room.  Most of these also have a dining room.  An alternative concept is just kitchen and dining area, but the inclusion of living space such as family room, makes it a true open concept home.

Open concept great room.

Source: Trulia

What is open concept?

Open concept combines rooms into one larger space.  It’s most popular with kitchens, living rooms (or family rooms) and dining areas.  There are no walls that separate the space.  It’s a very trendy layout these days.  In fact, many homeowners get inspired to renovate their homes so that they can open them up into open concept.

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What are typical open concept layouts?

There isn’t a one layout fits all concept.  The layout can be one long room with kitchen, dining room and living room or it can be more a square footprint or L-shape footprint.  The key is that the space is opened up.  Usually, the dining area is in between the the kitchen and living space (but not always).

How big are these spaces?

This is what’s interesting about open concept.  While one would think you’d need a huge room to fit two or three different rooms in one space, that’s not the case.  In fact, open concept is a much more efficient use of space which means you can get more livable space in less square footage.  Small condos and apartments are often open concept not because people want that design, but out of necessity (it now turns out people prefer that design so it’s a win/win).

You can create open concept kitchen, living room and dining room layouts with less than 300 square feet (albeit, that would be pretty much a micro apartment, but it can be done).

Open Concept Trend (Chart)

As you can see from the chart below, the open concept floor plan concept has grown tremendously in popularity over the last 15 years.

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