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25 Art Alternatives for Wall Décor

A collage of Art Alternatives for Wall Décors.

Great art deserves to be the centerpiece on a wall. For many of us, however, purchasing an original painting or fine art is just not part of the budget.

When faced with the dilemma of a bare and lonely wall, all that’s needed is some imagination and creativity to find alternatives to art wall decor.

So if you need to find something to take the place of a wall art, check out our list of options below and you’ll find something that would fit your decorating style and the size of your room.

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1. Posters

Posters decorate the gray wall of a small home office.

Purchasing paintings can definitely be expensive, but buying a few posters to hang is going to be an affordable alternative. There are a lot of different things that you can do when you decide to incorporate posters into your décor.

It is possible to get posters printed of art that you enjoy. You can then find a nice frame and hang it on your wall. Many people like to buy posters of their favorite movies and video game franchises to hang in their homes.

This trend has become more prevalent among younger adults in modern times. You can create a very interesting look in your home using vintage movie posters and other prints.

Being able to get creative with this method can be a lot of fun and you’ll love decorating your home with things that you are passionate about.


This is a very affordable method for decorating your walls. Posters will cost you very little to purchase. You will often wind up spending more money on the frame for the poster than the actual poster itself. These posters can look great and you can create a look that is truly your own.


Posters may not be seen as a mature wall décor choice by some. It has become much more acceptable in millennial culture, but older adults may not see the appeal.

It is something that could work brilliantly in your living space if it appeals to your sensibilities. It won’t be as luxurious as hanging a work of art, but it can give you satisfaction nonetheless.

2. Tin Signs

A man holds a tin sign with tin signs for sale displayed on shelves as background.

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Another popular wall decoration option is to use tin signs. Tin signs can be really neat if you choose to incorporate them into your home properly. Some people really enjoy the look of vintage signs. They have a certain appeal to them that really draws your eye.

If you want to purchase tin signs, then there are going to be plenty of options. You can find signs on the market that are vintage signs for popular brands. Old cola company signs and beer signs are popular options among men.

Some people like to purchase tin signs that simply have cute little sayings on them as well. They’re really nice and can definitely add a bit of charm to your home.


This is another inexpensive option for decorating your walls. You will be able to find plenty of different tin signs to choose from.

These have become much more common in recent years and you will find vintage style tin signs at major department stores. It shouldn’t be tough to find tin signs that appeal to your sensibilities.


If you are going for a more high brow design in your home, then tin signs might not fit in properly. It won’t mesh well with a modern aesthetic.

You’ll have to consider what type of style you are trying to achieve in your home before moving forward. Tin signs are certainly very trendy right now and have lasting appeal, so it might be something you will want to consider.

3. Photographs

A young woman poses in her home office with white brick wall decorated with photographs.

Hanging photographs can be a great way to decorate your walls. There are several ways that you can approach using photographs as wall decorations too. You can hang family photographs and create an interesting wall of memories.

It is also possible to bring out your artistic side and take some fun photographs of different vistas and interesting items. f you purchase really nice frames for your photographs, then they will definitely make your walls look nice.

There are so many neat options for framing your photographs on the market. The frames can actually be just as big of an artistic statement as the photographs themselves in some cases. Taking the time to pick out something really nice will certainly make a difference.


This is a method for decorating your walls that can be very personal. How interesting you are able to make things look is largely up to you and the type of photographs that you decide to display.

Making sure that you have a really nice picture frame for your photos is highly recommended, too. It will be a good option that can really help your house to feel like home.


If you aren’t much of a photographer, then this option may not appeal to you. Not everyone has a lot of family photographs to choose from either. Physical photographs are less common in modern times too. You can still get prints of your digital photographs, but it just isn’t as prevalent as it once was.

4. Wall Stickers

Nursery decorated with wall decals.

Wall stickers have become really prevalent in homes in the last decade. The idea of using stickers on your wall was absurd a few decades ago, but now it is something that many families do. You can add a significant amount of charm to your walls by using stickers.

These stickers are really wall decals that can be applied to the wall. Some of the most popular wall decal stickers are simply calligraphy writing. Sometimes the wall decals will say interesting phrases that will resonate with you.

It is also possible to purchase wall decal stickers that will be works of art in their own right. There are plenty of different styles of wall stickers to look at it, so it is something that you should think about when you’re decorating your home.


This is a versatile decoration option that will help you to achieve many different looks. You can enjoy placing stickers on a few walls in your home to add a bit of visual flair.

It is even possible to purchase wall decal stickers for your children that will feature various popular characters. You’ll have a lot of fun perusing the different options.


You cannot reposition or reuse these stickers once they have been applied to the wall. Putting them on the wall isn’t too hard and it isn’t difficult to remove them either.

They are simply meant to be used on the wall and then discarded if you ever want to remove them. It is a shame that they generally cannot be reused as some of them are quite nice.

5. Flags and Banners

Banners hung on a wall in a reading nook.

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Flags and banners can be a great way to decorate your walls as well. Of course, many people enjoy showing off their patriotism by putting up the flags of their country. There are other types of flags and banners to consider, too.

You will find plenty of different banners that have phrases and little parables on them. Those who are into music may know that many bands sell flags and tapestries. Music buffs may enjoy hanging these flags in their music room or even their bedrooms.

Most of these flags are made out of high-quality cloth or other types of fabric. They will stand the test of time and can look very nice on the wall.


These flags and banners will last a long time for you. As long as you take care of them properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about them looking worn and old.

Whether you are looking into hanging your national flag or if you want to hang a large banner for your favorite sports team, this is a fun option. It’s a good way to personalize your home to your liking.


Much like many of these choices, the idea of using flags and banners may not work in every room of the house. These types of decorating options may be best used in certain rooms. It really does come down to your personal preferences, though. It isn’t too unusual to see a flag in someone’s living room.

6. Mirrors

Luxurious gray living room with large folding mirrors on the wall.

Mirrors can be really good to use when you want to add a decoration to your wall that looks classy. As you might expect, there are several styles of mirrors that you can make use of.

There are standing mirrors, large ornate hanging mirrors, and wall mirrors that will screw right into the wall. You’ll have plenty of things to consider when looking at the different mirrors that are on the market.

Getting a mirror for your wall will be simple. You’ll just want to pick out the shape and style that will appeal to you the most. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a mirror that will look nice in your living space.

You may want to put some other decorations around the mirror to help accent it, but it will certainly look good on its own too.


A mirror is a practical decoration choice that you are going to be able to make use of. You’ll be happy to have several mirrors throughout your house.

Some of the mirrors on the market are very artistic and offer a unique visual appeal. Depending on what you want to do with your living space, you may be interested in picking out something that is really bold.


A mirror by itself can seem somewhat plain for many people’s tastes. It really comes down to what type of style you enjoy. There are many people who like to maintain a nice and clean look in their homes.

A mirror can provide a simple elegance, but you’re definitely going to have to keep them clean in order to get the most visual appeal possible. Mirrors do have a tendency to smudge, so you should keep some glass cleaner handy.

7. Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn wall hanging on a white wall.

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The yarn is one of the most common materials for DIY crafts, so why not put it into use as a home decor? A wall hanging yarn is a wall art in itself. The colors and textures of the yarn can be matched with wooden accessories for a traditional look.

8. Wall Cubbies

Pink and yellow cubbies with displays on top on blue background.

The cubby shelving can double as a wall decor since they come in fun colors. The shape looks cute as well and it’s a cool way to display photos and trinkets.

9. Wall Hanging Embroidery

Wall hanging embroidery on white background.

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Wall hanging embroidery is a popular way to decorate the walls. Get into the hobby and proudly display your creation. Embroidery artworks include art needlework, cross-stitch, suzani, phulkari, and Hardanger.

10. Creative Ladder Display

Take your home decorating to a whole new level with a ladder shelf display. It’s a space-saving and an innovative solution for storage and displays, maximizing an awkward unused corner of the room.

11. Woven Garland

Macramé woven garland hanging on rustic wood panel walls and above the living room sofa.

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Macramé was all the rage in the ’60s and ’70s era, but it’s slowly coming back in the Pinterest age as trendy wall decor. You can purchase macramé products crafted by artisans or make your own.

12. Bicycle

Wall-mounted bicycle displayed above the white sofa flanked by freestanding open shelves.

A wall-mounted bike rack is an excellent way to store your bicycle indoors without taking up valuable floor space and even doubling as a wall decor.

13. Wine Rack

Wooden wine storage with wine bottles.

A wall-mounted wine rack is probably the best way to showcase your wine collection while incorporating it as a home decor. It’s not ideal for storing aging wines but it’s good enough for keeping everyday wines easily within reach.

14. Floor Lamp

Industrial-style floor lamp beside a stylish sofa and side table.

Floor lamps don’t just provide general lighting and task lighting, but they can also serve as your room’s focal point. The lamp’s height draws the eyes upward, breaks the horizontal lines, makes the room look more interesting, and even creates the illusion of space for small rooms.

15. Decorative Wall Hooks

Bird-shaped decorative wall hooks

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Besides hanging up your coat, you can incorporate wall hooks as wall decors. Choose decorative wall hooks that complement your decorating style or repurpose household items into whimsical custom hooks.

16. Wall Planters

Wall planters showcased against rustic brick walls.

Join in the new craze by transforming your walls with wall planters. If you love caring for plants and don’t mind the maintenance of bringing them indoors, you can achieve a lush, living, and verdant space by curating a bunch of wall-mounted plants for a plant wall.

17. Hanging Terrarium

A trio of hanging Terrarium.

Terrariums have recently become trendy with their transparent and versatile designs. The containers’ variety of shapes, forms, designs, and styles mean they can be incorporated into a wide range of home decorating styles.

Hanging terrariums are ideal not just for air plants but also for modern and contemporary homes.

18. Geometric Animal Heads

Geometric Animal Head in the shape of a lion displayed on white wall and above a console table.

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Geometric animal heads look artsy and make legit alternatives to fancy wall arts. The best thing about them is that there are no animals killed in the process.

19. Pendant Lights

A pair of oversize pendant lights hung low above the bed in a modern bedroom.

Pendant lights create focal points no matter where you install them, so making them centerpieces as your wall decor is only fitting.

20. Changeable Letter Board

A changeable letter board on white wall and above a table with display items.

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You’ll find changeable letter boards in spaces owned by the artsy, crafty, and creatives. It’s the best thing since mood boards, easily catching one’s attention and literally serving as your room’s statement piece.

21. Wall Shelving

Pieces of triangular wall shelving decorate the white wall of a tiny home office.

Decorative wall shelves provide you the opportunity to get organized in a stylish way. You can transform an otherwise boring wall into a statement corner where all your favorite things are neatly showcased.

22. Wall Hanging Tapestry

A decorative tapestry hangs on the red walls behind the bed.

A wall hanging tapestry can be transformed into works of art. Displaying vintage fabrics and textiles can spruce up your room’s bare walls with splashes of color, texture, and pattern. You can simply use nails or pushpins to hang your decorative tapestry.

23. Travel Souvenir

Pieces of travel souvenirs on pink background.

If you’re one of those travelers who love to collect things from the different places they’ve been to, you can transform your room’s walls into your happy space by displaying your collection of travel souvenirs as wall decors.

Each time you glance at the wall, it will take you back to the exotic countries you’ve set foot on and excite you of all the future adventures that await you.

24. World Map

A world map decorates the white wall and hangs just above the white sofa.

Fill up your room’s empty space with a world map. It can add dimension to your room, help you keep track of your travels and keep you motivated so you can travel more, or you can use it as a teaching tool for your kids.

25. Sculpture

Wall sculpture of angels and cherubs decorate the white walls of this classy dining room.

Wall-mounted sculptures make excellent wall decors. They bring a distinctive flair and can make a room look elegant and stylish.