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21 Different Types of Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Photo collage of different types of bedroom lightings.

The bedroom seems like that part of the house that doesn’t need that much lighting since it’s primary purpose is for sleeping. When you come to think of it, however, there are also other activities done in the bedroom that need specific lighting. For many people, it’s where they do their makeup or take their laundry out or read a book or cozy up in the evening.

Make sure that your bedroom lighting considers these activities. Mood lighting to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere is also appropriate in this area of the house.

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A. Types

1. Table Lamps

A white table lamp on a study table.

Lamps are classic lighting source for any bedroom, and they come in either smaller sizes that will fit on your bedside table or larger floor lamps that are perfect for going in the corner and providing more light. One of the reasons that so many people love having a bedside table lamp in their room is that it allows them to climb into bed and finish work that they are doing, read a book, or talk to their partner before easily rolling over and turning off the light. Because you can reach a lamp from your bed, you will not have to get out of your bed to turn off the switch on the wall.

Lamps are a great way to update your space, and, since the shade can be easily changed out for a different designer color, it’s easy to express your personality and change your décor, if you desire to do so.

2. Floor Lamps

A floor lamp that goes well with the bedroom's theme.

Large floor lamps are perfect if you have the extra space in your bedroom to dedicate to this type of lighting. They come in a variety of styles, so you can easily choose ones that are simple in design or others that have shelves on which you can place knick-knacks or jewelry. When choosing a floor lamp, it is important to make sure that you find one that matches the rest of the décor in your room, as these lamps tend to be large enough to become a focal point if you’re not careful.

Just like table lamps, you can easily switch out the shade on the floor lamp to update your space, but this can be expensive due to the larger size of the shades. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that you choose a shade that is timeless and will fit with your bedroom, even if you make some décor changes.

3. Recessed Lighting

Bedroom with recessed lightings.

It can be a little difficult to use recessed lighting in your bedroom, but, if you install lights in the right location, it can create a very cozy feel to your room. This is a very subtle type of lighting as opposed to a floor lamp or pendant lights, but the effect can be very dramatic because it will create incredible shadows that are warm and inviting. To ensure that your recessed lighting improves the appearance of your room and doesn’t detract from it, it is important to work with an interior designer to help you decide where exactly to locate your new lights.

This will help you make a good decision on where to place your lights so that they provide enough illumination to your room without casting harsh shadows, which are unattractive and will make you feel self-conscious.

4. Pendant Lights

Decorative pendant lights with cube frames.

Pendant lights are a popular option in any bedroom because they are incredibly stylish and will allow you to express your sense of décor and style quickly and easily. This type of light also tends to add a lot of drama to your space, which is ideal if you are interested in a high fashion bedroom that will impress. Updating your pendant lights in your bedroom is a great way to completely change the feel or atmosphere of your space.

By choosing between glamorous and intricate lights or ones that are more simple in design, you can use your lighting as both a source of illumination, as well as an accent in the home.

5. Chandelier

A fancy chandelier in a sophisticated primary's bedroom.

While some people think that chandeliers fall under the category of pendant lighting, these lights are different enough to enjoy their own category. They are incredibly ornate and can make the bedroom feel even more high-end. Depending on the type of chandelier that you buy, you can easily find one that is dripping with crystals or uses deer antlers as a part of its design.

This means that you do not have to worry about whether or not you will be able to match the rest of your room or your home’s décor with your chandelier. Because this type of lighting is easy to install in a ceiling-mounted lightbox, you can easily switch it out at a later time if you are unhappy with the appearance of your chandelier or want something in a different style.

6. Sconces

Elegant-looking primary's bedroom with two sconces.

Sconces are a great lighting option if you do not have a lot of room for a floor or table lamp, but you still want to make sure that you have plenty of light around the bed. They are great for freeing up space in your room, while at the same time adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom. While most people only think about using sconces in very formal rooms, such as a dining room, when used in the bedroom they can make the space very inviting and warm.

It’s important to make sure to choose sconces that match the rest of the décor in your bedroom as they will be a very obvious source of lighting. While sconces are very attractive, they are not the best option for the primary source of light in your room because they will tend to illuminate a significantly smaller area of your space. For this reason, it is important to choose sconces that match with the rest of your lighting in your room so that everything can be used at the same time to provide you with plenty of light, when necessary.

7. Ceiling Fan with Lights

A ceiling fan with light.

While most people don’t consider a ceiling fan with lights to be the main source of lighting in the bedroom, this is often what many people have, especially since they perform double duty. Not only will you be able to enjoy having light in your space, but you can also keep the air moving throughout your room so that it does not become stagnant. While there are not as many different designs of ceiling fans to choose from when you are looking to update your room with new lighting, it is still rather easy to find a ceiling fan that will match the color of your space.

If you can’t find a fan that works perfectly, they are simple enough to take apart to paint the individual pieces for a unique an updated look.

8. Night Light

A cute cloud-shaped night light for kids.

This is a type of light that is mostly used in a child’s room to provide them with a sense of security if they tend to wake up during the night. Unlike the types of light that can be used during the day to help brighten up space, night lights typically only turn on when it is very dark in the room. You can opt for ones with automatic sensors so that the night light will turn on by itself, or you can choose one that has a switch so that the parent can control when the light will be on.

They provide a very small amount of light in the space, and they require a special type of light bulb to be used.

9. Swing Arm Lighting

A black swing arm lighting in a minimalist bedroom.

This type of light appears very similar to a wall sconce in that it is attached to the wall rather than hanging from the ceiling or sitting freely on the floor or table, but they are multipurpose lamps that will swing out from the wall when you want to use them and push back against the wall to be out of your way when they are not in use. Look for a swing arm lighting option that has an adjustable reading light so that you can pull the lamp out from the wall while you are in bed and want to read without disturbing your partner.

Also, make sure that the base of your lighting is of quality construction so that it will attach securely and firmly to the wall; then, you will not have to worry about it pulling off of the wall when you move the lamp.

10. Flush Mount

Flush mount lightingSource: Houzz

If you want a light that radiates from the center of your ceiling, but you do not have any interest in the pendant lights, chandelier, or ceiling fan, then a flush or semi-flush mounted light is your best option. These are attached firmly to the ceiling, so they provide enough light throughout the bedroom in all directions but do not hang down at all. This is perfect if you have a lower ceiling in your bedroom or are simply uninterested in fancier types of lights.

Ideal for homeowners who are particularly tall, flush mount lights come in a number of different styles and colors for you to choose from so that you can still enjoy some decoration in your bedroom, even though you do not want large lights hanging in your space.

11. String

Wooden headboard decorated with string lights.

Also commonly known as “fairy lights”, string lights are a very interesting way to add a pattern and light to your bedroom without the full commitment of a larger light such as a lamp. They come in a variety of different colors and lengths so that you can wind them around your bedpost, pin them to your wall, or insert them into your curtains. If you are going to be using your string lights around fabric, then it is important to make sure that you buy ones that do not emit a lot of heat so that you will not put yourself at risk of a fire.

These lights are very popular in children’s and teen’s rooms, but, when used correctly and in neutral colors, they are a wonderful way to perk up even the bedroom of an adult.

B. Feature

1. Dimmable

Contemporary floor lamps with three dimmable LED lights.Source: Houzz

Being able to decrease the amount of light that your lamp emits makes it possible to easily control how bright or dark your bedroom is. This is especially appealing for couples. If one person tends to stay up late or is a very early riser, using a dimmable lamp is a great way to get the light needed to navigate the bedroom without accidentally waking the other person.

It is important, when choosing a dimmable light source, that you make sure it offers a number of different options for how much light will be emitted. This will ensure that you can keep your room as dark or as light as possible without problems.

2. Set

Contemporary lamp set perfect for bedrooms.Source: Home Depot

Buying lamps as a set is a great way to ensure that your bedroom looks put together and thought out. You can opt for either a matching pair of lamps to go on the bedside tables for a perfect mirror image of the room, or you can choose a set with a table lamp and a floor lamp in the same style. Doing this makes it very easy to decorate around your lamps and ensure that they are a functional and attractive part of the décor of your room.

When you choose a set of lamps instead of buying two separate lamps, you will also have the added benefit of not having to worry about whether or not one lamp will be of higher quality than the other. When lamps come as a set or a pair, it is likely that they will last for a similar amount of time before parts need to be replaced or repaired.

3. Smart Lighting

A light that can be controlled using your phone and wi-fi.

To make controlling the amount of light in your room as fast and as easy as possible, you may want to consider Smart lighting. This technology relies on sensors as well as personal controls to ensure that your room is as light as necessary, but that you reduce energy consumption as much as possible. The detector on the light will sense motion in the room and determine whether or not light needs to be turned on.

Additionally, if you opt for a lamp that has the daylighting technology to decrease the amount of light emitted when the room is filled with natural light, you can enjoy even lower monthly bills. Users can generally wave their hand close to the sensor to make the lamp emit more light or turn off the whole unit.

4. Charging Ports

White table lamp with charging ports.

Source: Home Depot

Many people charge their cell phone at night while they are in bed, and when you opt for a table lamp that has charging ports, then you will not have to worry about whether or not your phone will be fully charged and ready to go in the morning. Look for a lamp that has multiple charging ports so that you can charge not only your smartphone but also your tablet and your fitness tracker if desired. This will make it easy to keep track of all of your electronics and to keep them fully charged all times without having to worry about whether or not your cord will stretch from the outlet on the wall to your bedside table.

One problem that some people have with using a lamp that has charging ports is that there will inevitably be a number of cords left on the bedside table most of the time. This can become a bit of an eyesore if you’re not careful, so it is important to weigh the pro of being able to charge your electronics directly from the lamp versus the con of having a messy bedside table.

5. Multiple Light Sources

Floor lamp with multiple lights.Source: Home Depot

While most floor lamps only have one shade and produce light from one source, if you want to be able to direct light in your room to various areas at the same time, then opt for a lamp that has multiple light sources. While this will mean that you need to purchase more shades to cover the bulbs. These lamps make it very easy to light up multiple areas in your home or direct the light where you need it to be.

Another benefit of buying this type of lamp is that you can usually control the different light outputs, so you can have a lot of light emitted into your room, or very little, whichever suits you the best.

6. Portable

Powder-coated, portable gold lamp with a unique structure.Source: Houzz

Portable lamps are perfect for use in a child’s room as a night light if you do not want to have to worry about having one plugged into the wall at all times. These lamps can easily be carried with you throughout the house when you are checking on your child, and they can either be left in their room or removed once they have fallen asleep. Because these lamps generally run on a charge, it is important to make sure you buy one that is of high-quality so you will not be charging it every night that it is in use, which will defeat the purpose of it being portable.

These lamps also make it very easy for a child to get up in the middle of the night and take the light with them if they need to use the bathroom or come to find a parent.

C. Finish

1. Nickel

A decorative chandelier made of nickle.Source: Houzz

Nickel is a very popular finish for lighting in the bedroom due to its bright color and shine. If you have decorated your bedroom in neutral colors and bright white, then nickel is a great choice as it will add to the light in the room and ensure that your space is as bright as possible. Unlike darker finishes, which can appear a little out of place in a particularly bright and open space, nickel will blend in with the rest of your neutral colors, while still providing a little better shine and pop of sparkle.

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed lamp with a bronze finish.

Source: Home Depot

If your bedroom is decorated in rich and darker colors, then oil rubbed bronze is a clear choice. Lighting fixtures that are made with this finish tend to be a little bit moodier and are very attractive. An obvious benefit of opting for this finish is that fingerprints do not tend to show up on it as much as they will on other surfaces.

As a result, you may not have to clean your lighting fixtures as often as you would if you had chosen a different finish. Of course, if you have a very light and airy bedroom, then oil rubbed bronze will appear too dark and heavy, and it may make your lighting fixtures stand out in an unattractive fashion. Oil rubbed bronze, as a finish, tends to add a little heft and weight to lighting fixtures.

3. Brass

A table lamp with a brass-finish base.

Source: Amazon

Brass is another wonderful option if you have a brighter bedroom, but it also works just as well when surrounded by darker colors. No matter if you want to decorate with a lot of white and tan in your room, or if you tend to prefer dark greens and browns, brass will be able to hold its own, making it a great option for people who like to update your space on a regular basis. One problem that many people have with brass is that fingerprints tend to stand out on this finish, so if you have a lot of children in your home who tend to grab your lighting fixtures, then you may want to choose a different finish.

4. Wood

Wooden hanging maps great fr bedrooms and living rooms.Natural wood can be an incredible option when used correctly in your bedroom on a lighting fixture. Wood, in general, is very warm and inviting, which can greatly improve the comfort that you feel when entering your bedroom. It is important that you choose a wood that will match with the rest of your décor and color scheme, as dark woods like mahogany may appear out of place in a very neutral and light space.

Oak, on the other hand, is light enough to work well in a neutral space without being overwhelmed, and it will add a rich warm tone to the space that is almost impossible to capture with a metallic finish.