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Sprawling Mid-Century Modern Lubelso Malvern Home by Canny

Lubelso_Malvern_ Facade

Welcome to our gallery featuring a sprawling mid-century modern Lubelso Malvern Home by Canny, winner of the 2012 HIA Victorian Project Home of the Year and 2013 HIA Australian Project Home of the Year.

The theme focuses on contemporary design and a tranquil, natural look. This beauty is ideally situated for a growing family, with a park and boarding school located directly across the street and a design aesthetic focused on creating a synergy between indoors and outdoors.

A Lubelso by Canny design, the home is adapted from its original plans to fit the needs of the home’s specific family as well as to suite the block and its surroundings. The two-story, contemporary home flows over a generous 5,920 square feet with three integrated living zones, four bedrooms, a study, and an outdoor entertainment area.

The aesthetic of this home focuses on maintaining a clean and minimal approach to each room and preserving a natural flow between spaces throughout the house. The design takes advantage of natural lighting, evident in the design of the main bathroom where Basaltina slabs line the walls, contrasting with the white bathtub and reflecting natural light throughout the room.

The living room’s gas fireplace acts as the perfect setting to entertain guests, with the concrete hearth extending well beyond the fireplace to offer ever more seating for you and your guests. The openness, towering ceilings and a distinctively linear approach to the angles within each room lends an air of simplicity to the layout to this modern family mansion. The selection of long, thin American oak for the flooring enhances this simplicity. But the delicate additions of deviant curvatures and accents of colors found in the accessories and their placements within each room testify to the design’s subtle attention to detail. Much of the contrast in the home, however, is found between the creamy white of the walls and the rich darks of the hardwood flooring.

We hope you enjoy this spectacular project by Canny as much as we do!

Lubelso_Malvern_Kitchen_LivingRoom 1

Neutral colors are contrasted by the colorful use of a summer bouquet. Long, clean lines in the wood grain of the floors add to the modern feel of this kitchen.


Looking into the kitchen from the dining room, you begin to notice more contrast brought out by the dark finish of the wood and the bright, creamy white of the cabinets. The repetitive use of a rectangular-shape in the cabinets,  the bar, and the kitchen window bring a cohesive effect to the room.

Lubelso_Malvern_LivingRoom 2

An unenclosed gas-lit fireplace with modern paneling in place of a traditional mantlepiece is the focal point of this room. The L-shaped couch is a creamy tone with throw pillows adding bursts of yellow to the room.

Canny Spring Road

Lighter grains in the wood extend down the hallway, tastefully framed between two modern, geometric paintings. The overhanging dining room lights maintain the rich cocoa-colors of the table, whereas the living room floor lamp reflects the airy, bright feel of the couch.

Canny Spring Road

Simplicity reigns in this bedroom. Luminous curtains flow to the floor and match the taupe carpet. The lounge chaise and minimal headboard pair to strengthen this simple arrangement.

Canny Spring Road

Tasteful placement is key to this bathroom. The small table’s light wheat color and concave angles, and the counter floral arrangements bring contrast to the room. The soaking tub is accentuated by the use of a glossy Basaltina slabs interrupted by washes of sunlight.

Canny Spring Road

The unobtrusive styling of this doorway allows for a generous transition between the office and the rest of the home. Here, the rich dark stain of the desk accentuates the obsidian hue of the accessories on the desk.

Canny Spring Road

Centered around a caramel-colored area rug, this room’s  natural wood furniture blends with the lighter feel of this room, made even brighter by the floor-to-ceiling glass door leading out to the pool and patio area.

Canny Spring Road

Defined by  the glass balustrade separating the pool complex from the patio, this pool and patio area benefits from the uncluttered atmosphere that gives the area a feeling of tranquility.

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