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Our Mega IKEA Bed Frames Review Guide

A photo collage of IKEA bed frames.

Shopping for furniture can be extremely overwhelming. Especially if you go into an IKEA on a Sunday morning, looking for a new bed frame without having any idea of what you’re walking into. Or, if you’re more inclined to purchase online, you run the risk of buying something that doesn’t meet your expectations.

There are few things in life that you really need to see in person before you buy. Furniture is one of those things.

But, we know that not everyone can spend 10 hours in IKEA, determining which bed frame is going to work the best in their home. That’s where I come in.

To provide an honest and detailed review of IKEA’s bed frame options, I went to the Jacksonville, Florida, location, and spent hours reviewing every bed frame that they have in their showroom.

I sat (plopped), laid, bounced, and pushed each one of them to get a feel for their construction, durability, and stability. I may even have fallen in love with one or two of them, too!

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But before I get to my reviews of IKEA’s bed frame selections, I should lay out what’s important to me in choosing an armchair. You may have a different set of criteria than I do. Even when I didn’t particularly like a design or model, I tried to imagine a situation where someone would want to buy it.

While these are all clearly my own personal opinion, I do realize that I’m not the authority in all things IKEA! For me, I’m looking for a bed frame for my primary bedroom. While my wife and I are both women, we don’t like an overly feminine space and want to keep it light and cozy.

I love bed frames with headboards and footboards because I hate when my pillows fall down the back of the bed overnight. I’m big on tossing and turning, so something stable and won’t end up on the opposite side of the room come morning is best.

We prioritize solid construction and want something that not only looks stable, but actually is, and that will last for a reasonable amount of time before needing replacement. We’re very low maintenance, and while we want our home to look good, we definitely rate the quality as the number one factor for our purchases.

With that out of the way, here is our ultimate review of all the bed frame options at IKEA!

IKEA Bedframe Reviews


Hellefjord bedframe


  • Size: 86.625”L x 68.875W
  • Available Options: Queen or King Size
  • Additional details: Legs and support beam sold separately


  • High solid fabric headboard
  • Headboard matches frame nicely


  • Questionable stability
  • Might stain easily

Overall Impression: This bed frame is completely covered in the same fabric, which gives it a seamless look. However, I wasn’t impressed with the headboard stability. While it could have been because it was the floor model, I found it pretty shaky when I sat on it.

Also, a good yank on the headboard, and it had a lot of give. This one only comes in this beige color, which I also wasn’t a big fan of, since it was a bit boring. I did like the height and how your pillows wouldn’t fall through the back and onto the floor.


Sagstua bedframe


  • Size: 82.625”L x 63.375”W x 55.125”H
  • Available Options: Black or white; twin or queen sizes only
  • Additional details: Requires support beam sold separately


  • Solid steel design
  • Headboard and footboard
  • Enough space underneath to store things


  • Steel construction gets cold

Overall Impression: I love the look of this frame! It reminds me of a bed you’d find in an old home. I looked at the black version, and it looked like it was wrought iron from afar, which I LOVE! Of course, it’s not – it would be way too heavy!

But the details on the headboard and footboard are great – especially the hint of brass in the outside spokes! I could definitely see this in our home! I like the vintage appeal, and could really see it kiddie-cornered in my bedroom, with sheer floating curtains!


Malm bedframe


  • Size: 83.125”L x 66.125”W x 39.375”H
  • Available Options: Colors – white, oak, ash, grey, black/brown; Sizes: twin, queen, king; higher-profile version and storage versions also available
  • Additional details: Requires bed slats which are sold separately; additional matching furniture includes wardrobes, chests, and bedside tables


  • A bunch of different options available to customize your space
  • Clean lines and design


  • Not sturdy
  • Questionable durability
  • Veneer seems to scratch easily

Overall Impression: I used to own the MALM version of the chest of drawers, and I did not have a very good experience with it. Granted, it might have been my half-asked attempted at trying to put it together, but it literally fell apart after a year.

So, I’m a bit skeptical about the durability of the bedframe here. It does have tons of options for color and size, and I really do like the fact that you can purchase all your bedroom furniture from the same series, to create a really pulled-together look in your room.

However, even if I didn’t have a bad experience with that dreaded chest, the bedframe is kind of boring. MALM has been around for a long time, so people MUST like it, especially because they’ve put so much effort into building out a full product line.

If you like a contemporary look and want a bedframe where you can match all your furniture to in style, this is a good choice. Just make sure you follow the directions for putting it together really closely!


Brimnes bedframe


  • Size: 95.25″w x 62.25”d x 43.75″h
  • Available Options: Colors – white or black; Sizes: twin, full, queen, king
  • Additional Details: Requires bed slats which are sold separately; additional matching furniture includes wardrobes, chests, and bedside tables


  • The headboard has shelving to keep your books and cellphones off the floor
  • Under-bed storage


  • Durability is questionable

Overall Impression: I liked the storage in this one! Not only are there two huge under-bed drawers to put off-season clothes or extra blankets (or shoes, in my case!), but the headboard also has shelves tucked behind it.

I like the fact that I could store my books and hide my cellphone away. And because the storage is kind of hidden, facing outwards between the headboard and the wall, it keeps the room looking clutter-free! I don’t think I’d need a bedside table with this model at all!

I did notice that the corners of the bed had chipped paint from wear and tear on the showroom floor, so that does make me question durability.


Delaktig bedframe


  • Size: 81.125”L x 61.75”W x 39”H
  • Available Options: Color – aluminum only; Size: queen only
  • Additional Details: Headboard (rattan or black) and attached side tables sold separately; mid beam support required and sold separately


  • Extreme minimalist and modern design
  • Additional side tables are a neat feature


  • Very low, with virtually no under bed storage
  • Headboard and side tables sold separately, but really make the bed
  • Questionable stability with a headboard attached

Overall Impression: If you’re into the very minimalist and modern look, this is a great frame for your space. It’s super low to the ground, so you get virtually no under-bed space whatsoever. If you get just the frame without the headboard or side tables, it’s really like getting a traditional bed frame, except its aluminum instead of steel.

The headboard had way too much give for my liking, too, which makes me question whether or not it would actually stay attached. This is definitely not a bed frame for my personal taste, but I could see it in a very minimalist space similar to a city loft.


Neiden bedframe


  • Size: 76.75”L x 54.75”W x 25.625”H
  • Available Options: Color – pine only; Size – Twin or Full
  • Additional Details: Requires slatted bed base sold separately


  • Solid pine construction
  • Can be refinished to any color to match your space


  • Shallow profile
  • A short headboard doesn’t really do much

Overall Impression: This is your most basic platform bed frame that you can get from IKEA. It’s completely made of unfinished pine, which is nice if you’re on a budget and want something that’s going to be durable and sturdy.

However, I didn’t like feeling like I was sitting on the floor, rather than my bed. I’m not that old, but I feel like I’d need a crane to get me up in the morning out of this. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the total lack of storage space underneath it.

However, if you’re looking for a simple platform bed frame, so you don’t h ave to get a box spring, this is a good and economical choice.


Tyssedal bedframe


  • Size: 83.5”L x 63.375”W x 55.125”H
  • Available Options: Size – full, queen, king
  • Additional Details: Requires slatted bed base sold separately; additional matching furniture options from the same series to complete your room


  • Heavy, solid construction
  • The headboard is part of the frame and doesn’t wobble
  • Detailed legs give it an interesting touch


  • Very high, especially if you’re using a boxspring

Overall Impression: I love the cottage feel of this bed and can totally see this in a beach bungalow or cape home! It definitely gives you that vacation vibe! The spindles are a nice touch, and what I really love about this is that the headboard is securely part of the bed.

I’m sure it’s separate to put together, but you can barely tell once it is done. The floor model was SUPER high, though, and I think that’s because they had a box spring on there as well.

Personally, I like a high bed (it’s a princess and the pea thing), so I really enjoyed this one. But if you don’t like the height, or don’t need it, you can use this frame with just a mattress and the slatted bed base.


Leirvik bedframe


  • Size: 82.25″L x 63”W x 57.5”H
  • Available option: Full or Queen size only
  • Additional Details: Requires slatted bed base sold separately. You can also purchase the bedsides and head/footboards separately.


  • Gorgeous scrollwork on the headboard and spindled details on the footboard
  • Solid, sturdy steel coated construction


  • Paint may scratch easily
  • Very feminine feel, which might put some people off

Overall Impression: This bed reminds me of a princess bed! I think it’s the white metal that really gives it that feel, but I almost wish it had a canopy over it too. I love the detailed scrollwork and the four-post look. I’m also pumped about a footboard!

I’ve never had a bed with a footboard, and this one is high enough that it would keep the blankets from falling off the end of the bed. I also like the idea of putting a fancy bench or chaise at the bottom to sit on while getting dressed.

Leirvik really has a feminine, romantic feel to it. If this is the kind of style and vibe you’re looking to create in your home, it’s definitely a top pick!


Hasselvika bedframe


  • Size: 82.25″L x 63”W x 57.5”H
  • Available Options: Color – black/brown or grey/beige; Size – Queen or King
  • Additional Details: Slatted bed base required and sold separately


  • Very heavy and sturdy
  • Rustic solid construction
  • Rounded edges


  • Not much under bed storage
  • Limited options

Overall Impression: If you like the classic look of a sleigh bed, this is IKEA’s version. This is a big, solid bed! I couldn’t move it at all on the floor, so I knew that this wasn’t going to go anywhere when I bounced on it.

Again, I love the head and footboards, because I like to keep my pillows and blankets on my bed, not on the floor with the dust bunnies! The rounded edges and soft shapes and details give this a rustic-chic look, which would go with a lot of different decorating styles.

And, even though the bed we were looking at was a queen size, the frame made it look even bigger. It had a very grand feel to it, and I loved pretty much everything about it!


Hemnes bedframe


  • Size: 83.875”L x 65.75”W x 47.25”H
  • Available Options: Size – twin, full, full/double, queen, king; Colors – black/brown, grey, medium brown, white
  • Additional details: Storage options available for the frame, plus additional bedroom furniture in the same style to create a cohesive space


  • Heavy, solid construction
  • Headboard connects tightly and secured to frame without wobbling


  • Underbed storage solution isn’t very attractive

Overall Impression: Another solid option that has a cottage vibe going on. This is a pretty traditional looking bed, and I like the slats on the headboard with a solid footboard. I found it to be very sturdy and durable.

I plopped down on it without a creak, and couldn’t move it or push it at all, which made me think it was pretty sturdy. There’s a decent amount of space underneath to store things.

This model also has a storage option, but I wasn’t a big fan because you can literally see the drawers from underneath the bed because they don’t go all the way down. If I wanted a storage bed, I’d choose something that went to the ground all the way around, so that you couldn’t see the drawers just hanging out.


Askvoll bedframe


  • Size: 18.125″w x 19.25”d x 31.125″h
  • Available Options: Size – twin, full/double, queen
  • Additional details: Requires slatted bed base sold separately


  • Simple platform bed with space underneath for storage
  • Low profile headboard and footboard


  • Shallow bed, especially without a box spring
  • Doesn’t look particularly durable or stable

Overall Impression: This looks like it would belong in a young girl’s room, rather than for an adult. It’s a decent platform bed but doesn’t look very durable, and I don’t think I’d ever put it in my own home. But it’s simple and economical, and I’d consider it a step-up from a plain old frame.

I do like the headboard and footboard, but don’t really believe that they’d be much help in keeping things on the bed because they’re so low. Oh, that’s the other thing – it’s REALLY low, especially if you’re not using a box spring. I’d say for a young person, this is a good choice, but not for me.


Songesand bedframe


  • Size: 81.875″L x 65”W x 37.375”H
  • Available Options: Colors – brown or white; Size – full/double or queen
  • Additional Details: Matching under-bed storage drawers available; matching nightstand, wardrobe, and chest of drawers also available


  • Solid construction with headboard
  • Matching furniture available to complete your room
  • Fits two storage drawers: one is ⅓ the length of the bed while the other is ⅔ length, for bulkier items.


  • Very low
  • No footboard

Overall Impression: There’s nothing that really blows me away about this bed frame. It’s nice looking and sturdy. I jumped on the bed, and it didn’t creak or wobble. A good jiggle of the headboard had a slight give, but not more than some of the others I’ve tested.

It’s your basic platform bed, but I think what really makes this is the ability to add the storage drawers underneath. I loved the idea of having a larger drawer and a smaller drawer, rather than two of equal size so that I can store bulkier items in the larger one.

I also like that because the bottom of the frame covers the entire length of the end of the bed, the drawers actually look like they’re part of the frame, rather than being actual drawers. It’s a good choice for a guest room, but I didn’t really like how low it was for a primary bedroom.


Gjöra bedframe


  • Size: 83.875”L x 65.375”W x 68.875”H
  • Available Options: Size – full/double or queen
  • Additional details: Requires center support beam and slatted bed base, sold separately


  • Open headboard and footboard are reversible
  • Solid construction
  • Customize look by painting or staining frame and adding fabric curtains


  • Limited options in size
  • Unfinished pine is the only color option

Overall Impression: If I was still single and living in shared apartments, I would totally purchase this bed frame! I love the idea that you can choose whether or not to have the high end of the bed at the top or bottom.

I once lived in an apartment where I didn’t have a closet, and all my clothes were on a wardrobe rack that constantly fell apart. THIS would have been the perfect solution! I also like the idea of draping fabric or sheer curtains across the top, making a sort of canopy bed!

There are so many creative and imaginative things that you could do with your room and this bed frame that I love it just because of that versatility. Though it is a super solid design and any amount of bouncing, jumping, and pushing, I tried to do barely moved it.


Trysil bedframe


  • Size: 86.625”L x 61.75”W x 38.625”H
  • Available Options: Size – full/double or queen
  • Additional details: Requires slatted bed base sold separately; matching bedroom furniture also available from this series


  • Angled headboard for sitting up while in bed gives support
  • Full-width legs on the bottom for stability
  • Decent under-bed space


  • Limited options available
  • Space between mattress and headboard could make you lose pillows

Overall Impression: I really like the wood and metal combination here. It doesn’t just look sturdy, but it actually was. The angled headboard is interesting, and I can see myself leaning against it and reading.

There’s a bit of space between where the mattress ends, and the headboard begins, and I could see how you would quickly lose a pillow or two down the back.

One of my biggest pet peeves! But it’s sturdy and durable and was a decent height for a platform bed frame. It’s not really my style and has a more masculine aesthetic, in my opinion, so I wouldn’t choose this for my home.


Kvalfjord bedframe


  • Size: 86.625”L x 63”W x 58.625”H
  • Available Options: Color – dark grey or beige; Size – queen or king


  • Heavy, sturdy construction
  • Very high, tufted headboard looks good as a statement piece


  • If you use a box spring, this bed may be a bit too high
  • No matching furniture available
  • Limited options may not match rooms

Overall Impression: What I like most about this bed frame is that the headboard is so large that it makes a really bold statement in the center of your room! It’s fully upholstered, and the fabric seems to look a little velvety, but it’s actually not. I like the tufted details, too!

I can see this bed in a room that’s all about “luxurious relaxation” with a matching chaise at the end of the bed! It’s really sturdy when I jumped on it and tried to wobble the headboard, there was very little give.

My only concern is that if you tried to use this bed frame with a box spring, depending on how tall you are, you might need a step stool to get on it!

IKEA Bed Frame Round-Up Winner

Deciding on which one of these bed frames is the best was actually a tough decision! There are more options than I expected at IKEA that were actually really beautiful and seemed sturdy and durable.

However, at the end of the day, we kept coming back to the Hasselvika bedframe.

There’s just something about a sleigh bed that screams cozy to me, and I think it could work with a bunch of different styles. The black-brown version would work in a modern or country-chic space, while the grey-beige color works in a cottage or traditional setting. I really like the soft lines, while also being an extremely sturdy piece that looks and feels like it will last!

Which one of these IKEA bed frames are you drooling over?

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