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Our IKEA Daybed Reviews (Epic Guide Based on Lots of Testing)

A photo collage of IKEA daybeds.

Sifting through the pages of online reviews when you’re trying to decide which daybed to purchase can be overwhelming. Plus, you never really know what you’re going to get because everyone has a different opinion.

When it comes to furniture shopping, it’s even more difficult because you really need to see, touch, and feel a piece of furniture before you buy it, and I’m sure there are other more important things you want to do than spend an entire day at IKEA.

So, we went and did the work for you!

To provide an honest and detailed review of IKEA’s daybed options, I went to the Jacksonville, Florida, location, and spent hours reviewing everything in their showroom. I sat (plopped), laid, bounced, and pushed each one of them to get a feel for their construction, durability, and stability.

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Before I get to the IKEA daybed reviews, I should lay out what’s important to me in choosing one. I did try to be objective, and even if I didn’t like a particular design, I tried to imagine a situation where someone would want to use it.

When thinking about the type of furniture that appeals to me, I should first tell you that the most important thing for me in my home is how comfortable it is. I like overstuffed furniture, throw pillows and luxurious textures. We tend to have a more rustic look to our house, sort of farmhouse chic.

For review purposes, I’m looking for a daybed for my home office that also functions as a guestroom. It needs to be comfortable enough to sit on and read, as well as be able to pull out easily for when our nephews come to visit.

We prioritize solid construction and want something that not only looks stable, but actually is, and that will last for a reasonable amount of time before needing replacement. We’re very low maintenance, and while we want our home to look good, we definitely rate the quality as the number one factor for our purchases.

With that out of the way, here is our ultimate review of all the daybed options at IKEA!

IKEA Daybed Reviews


Fyresdal daybed


  • Size: 77.5″L x 41.375”W x 37”H
  • Available Options: Black only
  • Additional details: Fits 2 twin size mattresses stacked for a full-size bed


  • Coated steel construction
  • Slides out to create a double-sized bed


  • Joints were a bit wobbly
  • Reminds me of a futon

Overall Impression: While I did like the high arms on this daybed, I wasn’t a fan. It looks very much like a cheap futon frame. As a daybed in twin form, I did enjoy the double mattresses on top of it.

I felt like the princess and the pea! But it was wobbly when I pushed on it to test its durability. This isn’t my favorite option, but I think it would be a good choice in a tight studio space as an alternative to a traditional futon.


Markerad daybed


  • Size: 74.375″L x 38.25”W
  • Available Options: Pine only
  • Additional Details: Can purchase the frame separately and use with a different mattress or cushion


  • Durable
  • Can be stained or painted to match any decor
  • Neckroll cushion is a nice touch


  • Extremely low to the ground
  • Cushion mattress isn’t very comfortable for laying.

Overall Impression: While the marketing information calls this a quintessential Scandanavian design, I’m not quite sure how anyone would actually get up out of this bed once they sat on it. It’s about 7 inches off the ground.

The mattress wasn’t very supportive and sagged right to the platform when I sat down. The platform is a solid pine construction, and you can paint it to customize it. This might be a good option for a kid’s playroom, but not something I’d expect an adult to sit or sleep on.


Hemnes daybed


  • Size: 78.375″L x 41”W X 32.625”H
  • Available Options: Color – Black/brown, white, dark grey stain; Drawers – 2 drawers or 3 drawer
  • Additional details: Fits twin size mattress sold separately; Coordinates with a variety of other bedroom furniture from the same series


  • High arms around three sides
  • Storage drawer options to store extra pillows and blankets
  • High profile seat


  • Paint chipping on the floor model
  • Back support was wobbly

Overall Impression: I looked at both the black/brown version and the dark grey stain. I really liked the grey stain color a lot! It was soft, but not industrial grey. The storage drawers are handy, and I could see using one for extra pillows for when guests come over, and the other to store some of my craft supplies.

I like that three sides go up around the bed, so I can prop pillows all around and make a comfy little cocoon where I can read and daydream!


Flekke daybed


  • Size: 77.5″L x 42.5”W x 33.875″H
  • Available Options: Color – black/brown only
  • Additional details: Two twin-sized mattresses stacked to form a full-sized bed when pulled out. Mattresses sold separately.


  • Sturdy construction with two full drawers underneath for extra storage of pillows and blankets
  • With double-stacked twin mattresses, you can pull it out into a double bed
  • Corner backrest for throw pillows and propping up while reading


  • Very low to the ground when pulled out and without the mattresses stacked
  • No color options

Overall Impression: The showroom model was pulled-out and absolutely massive! It immediately caught my attention because I think it would take up my entire office when pulled out! It was pretty sturdy, and the corner backrest is a nice touch to prop up pillows.

The storage drawers are pretty cool, and I could definitely find a use for them. For my office, this is way too large of a pull-out. However, it would work really well in a kid’s playroom, especially as they got older and have sleepovers with friends! It’s big enough to accommodate at least 5 elementary-aged kids.


Brimnes daybed


  • Size: 76.75”L x 140.5”W x 22.5”H
  • Available Options: Color – black/brown or white
  • Additional Details: Two under bed drawers. Coordinates with a variety of other bedroom furniture from the same series


  • Additional storage drawers are great for keeping extra blankets or items out of site
  • Low profile doesn’t obstruct the room or create a wall


  • Very light and moves easily
  • Questionable durability with chipping paint

Overall Impression: Brimnes daybed looked really good from far away on the showroom floor. I liked how sleek it looked, and really liked the extra drawers it had. With the mattress and pillows, it looked really comfortable and more like a bed than a couch.

The mattress is contained on three sides by a shallow lip, which adds to the bed feel over the couch feel. I wasn’t a fan of how easy it was to push over the hardwood floors. It was very light and would move around pretty easily, tossing and turning on it.

I also wasn’t impressed by how banged up the edges were. The paint was peeling off, and that made me wonder exactly how durable it was. All in all, a nice daybed, but because it’s much more bed-like than couch-like, I think I’d end up napping instead of working if I put this in my office.

IKEA Daybed Round-Up Winner

My favorite daybed from IKEA was the Hemnes. I’m actually not a big fan of this series in general, but I did like the fact that this daybed has a high rail across all three sides. Think of all the cool throw pillows I could put on it to make it a comfy area to relax! I was also impressed by the grey stained version.

The other options only had white or black/brown options, which were much more reminiscent of bedroom furniture, especially for a kid’s room or teenager. The grey, however, felt like it would fit into an office environment better than the others.

I also wasn’t a fan of the pull-out versions that convert into a double bed. While that’s a nice feature for a bedroom, I don’t have the space to pull it out, and it’s too much daybed for what I need.

Which IKEA daybed is your favorite?

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