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Our Mega IKEA Armchair Reviews Guide (After a Fun IKEA Store Visit)

A collage of various Ikea armchairs.

Shopping online for furniture is a nightmare. You really have no way to know how comfortable anything is, and if you’re really going to like it in your space. Furniture is one of those things that you really need to see, touch, feel, and try out before you buy it.

While customer reviews are fine and dandy, they really are only one-way. Did this person compare all the other options available, or did they just get lucky and really love what they picked out when it arrived on their doorstep?

Well, you’re in luck because I went out and did a bit of research!

To provide an honest and detailed review of IKEA’s armchair options, I went to the Jacksonville, Florida, location, and spent hours reviewing every armchair that they have in their showroom.

I sat (plopped), bounced, tried to snuggle up and take a nap on a few of them. I checked for sturdiness and durability. I may even have fallen in love with one or two of them, too!

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IKEA armchair in IKEA store

But before I get to my reviews of IKEA’s armchair selections, I should lay out what’s important to me in choosing an armchair. You may have a different set of criteria than I do.

Even when I didn’t particularly like a design or model, I tried to imagine a situation where someone would want to buy it. While these are all clearly my own personal opinion, I do realize that I’m not the authority in all things armchairs!

For me, I’m looking for an armchair for my living room. As one of the most-used spaces in my home, my room needs to be comfortable and cozy. We have a vintage-meets-rustic-country vibe going on in our living room now, (and it works) and no plan on changing it any time soon.

When we’re looking for an armchair, we want something that’s always going to be comfortable to sit in – not just when we have guests over. It doesn’t have to be nappable, or the primary seat in the room, but it’s got to be an armchair that we’d gravitate towards if we want to watch tv, knit, or read actively. I don’t wish to have “show” furniture in my living room!

We also want something that’s easily cleanable, since we have a 40-lb husky/corgi mix who sheds like you wouldn’t believe and always has muddy paws (#DogMomLife). Also, we host our family and friends and have 9 nephews between the ages of 1 and 10 that come and hang out with us. All the furniture in our living room needs to be sturdy and durable!

With that out of the way, here is our ultimate review of all the armchair options at IKEA!

Armchair Reviews


Ekerö armchair


  • Size: 27.5″w x 28.75″d x 29.5″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 4 fabric colors to choose from, and 1 leather option


  • Retro style fits into many different aesthetics
  • Vibrant color options
  • Good for small spaces


  • The high arms make you feel a bit boxed in
  • Wouldn’t recommend for long-term sitting

Overall Impression: Okay, I have to admit that the first thought when I saw these chairs was how adorable they were. I loved the bright, vibrant colors! You don’t often see armchairs in bright orange and yellow!

These would make a good option for a small space, and because they have an interesting, yet retro design, I think they’d be good for a contemporary or modern aesthetic. They’re surprisingly comfortable, but probably not something I’d sit in unless other seats were taken. I like how it looks more than I like how comfortable it is.

The high arms kind of make you feel boxed in. Also, I’m not a tiny woman, and while my thighs fit in okay, it might be something that you would want to try out before buying if your body is larger in the hip and thigh area.



  • Size: 29.5”w x 35.625″d x 31.875″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: Only available in black/brown leather
  • Additional notes: Matching ottoman also available


  • Comfortable leather
  • More cushioned than expected


  • Only one color option

Overall Impression: When I first looked at this chair, I didn’t think I was going to like it. I am not a big fan of leather in general, and I didn’t like the color. It was way too dark for my taste.

However, I did like the fact that the leather doesn’t look cheap, but real. When I sat in it, it was surprisingly more comfortable than I thought. There was the matching ottoman next to it, and with my feet up, I was pretty content.

Definitely not a nappable chair, but I’d give it a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.


Ektorp armchair


  • Size: 41″w x 34.625″d x 34.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 6 upholstery options to choose from
  • Additional Notes: Also available in XL version. Matching sofa, loveseat, and ottoman are also available.


  • Solid construction
  • Very cushiony and comfortable
  • Removable covers available to change look and are machine washable


  • Very large

Overall Impression: One look at this chair, and you really want to sit in it! It looks comfy and cozy and is a very traditional design. When you think about a livingroom armchair, this is the model that pops into your head.

I loved the fact that my feet touch the ground in it, but I also had enough room to lay over the arms. In fact, it as so comfortable that I could have taken a nap in it! If this was in my living room, I’d definitely want to sit in it.


Stocksund armchair


  • Size: 33.125″w x 36.25″d x 38.25″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 4 upholstery options and 2 leg options


  • Wide seat
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • Classic design with interesting arm details


  • Very firm to sit-in
  • Questionable durability and construction

Overall Impression: I really liked the look of this armchair. It looked like it was pretty comfortable, and I really liked the interesting arm detail, and how they were short with ruching on the sides, curving down to the base. The fabric cover looked durable in the showroom, too.

But when I sat on it, it was really firm, and I didn’t expect that. (Don’t plop down!) To test out the back, I had to scooch myself up, and my feet didn’t touch the floor. This might be better if you have tall people in your home.

The biggest downside I could find, however, is that the arms that I loved so much we’re actually pretty shaky. I could push them out and rock them back and forth. So, as far as durability, I question how long this would last before someone broke the arm off!


Pello armchair


  • Size: 26.375″w x 33.5″d x 37.75″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: None – only one style and color available


  • Good for small spaces or extra seating
  • Color is neutral and can go with a lot of different decors


  • Not sturdy at all
  • Virtually no cushion at all

Overall Impression: This armchair looks like it would fall apart before I even sat in it. My wife is a pretty petite person, and even she felt like it was going to break. I did like the bouncing/rocker feature, but other than that, it’s a hard pass for us.

It might be a good option for a kid’s room, though. I do, however, question durability. Plus, because it only comes in one color, it’s prone to stain easily.

The cushion can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, so you might be out of luck if your kid spills their juice on it!


Poäng armchair


  • Size: 26.75″w x 32.25″d x 39.375″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 9 upholstery options to choose from, 2 different frame options
  • Additional Notes: Matching ottoman available


  • Tons of color options and frame combinations to choose from
  • Option to get a thicker cushion to make it more comfortable
  • Rocking chair


  • Standard sturdiness
  • Depending on which cushion you get, it may be too firm

Overall Impression: This model is probably one of the most popular armchairs that IKEA sells. I probably know 20 people who have this in their homes. I think it’s because there are so many different options that you can choose from, between color, cushion type, and frame that you can pretty much come up with a configuration that works in any room.

I found it to be much sturdier than it’s Pello cousin. I was a little concerned about how uncomfortable it was at first, but then found a configuration with an upgraded cushion and felt much better. I really like the fact that it bounces, and could probably fall asleep in it without a problem – especially with a matching ottoman.

For us, I think this would be a good option to put in our bedroom or office. I could find myself reading a good book next to a window and gently rocking myself into a state of serenity!


Strandmon armchair


  • Size: 32.25″w x 37.75″d x 39.75″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 7 upholstery options to choose from
  • Additional Notes: Matching ottoman also available


  • Classic wingback chair design
  • Tons of color and pattern options to choose from to fit your room


  • The cushion cover can be removed, but spot clean only
  • Not very comfortable for everyday sitting

Overall Impression: This is a classic wingback armchair from IKEA. It looks really nice, and I’d consider it more of a decoration piece in my room, rather than an optimal place I’d want to sit. It’s not very comfortable at all, but it really does elevate a room that it’s in because of the traditional lines.

It would look good in a formal living room. The one thing I really loved about this chair was the houndstooth pattern! I am usually not one to really like patterned furniture, but for some reason, this just spoke to me.

I like to have a really modern space in my office with really bright pops of color here and there because it keeps me inspired. This would fit perfectly in the corner, with bright solid color throw pillows!


Grönlid armchair


  • Size: 34.25″w x 33.125″d x 35.375″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 6 upholstery options to choose from
  • Additional Notes: Matching sofa, sectional, and ottoman available


  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Easily removable cover is machine washable and can be switched out to change the style of your room.


  • The narrow seat was a little squishy
  • The cover seemed a bit odd, stretched over the frame

Overall Impression: No bells and whistles for this armchair. It’s pretty standard and can go with a variety of different decors because there are a bunch of varying upholstery covers that you can get to cover it. However, I didn’t like how “stretched” the covers were. I’d much prefer an armchair with a cover that actually looked like it was part of the chair.

These covers, on the other hand, look like covers. Other than that, I did find it to be a narrow sit, and my thighs definitely touched the entire arm length. Regardless, it was actually comfortable, though a bit firm for my liking.


Lidhult armchair


  • Size: 46.875″w x 38.625″d x 40.125″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 5 upholstery options or 3 leather options to choose from
  • Additional Notes: Matching sectionals, chaise, ottomans available


  • Oversized without being overstuffed
  • Multiple upholstery and leather options to choose from
  • Part of a set, so you can match your whole living room furniture
  • Dual cushioned gives you great neck and back support


  • Not nappable
  • Leather is spot-clean only, while you can machine wash fabric cushion covers only

Overall Impression: I really liked this armchair. First of all, there are so many different upholstery options to choose from that there’s definitely one to match your room. It was really sturdy, and there was no give on the arms when you pushed against them. I did like how wide the seat was because I could definitely sit crosslegged or on my leg while watching TV.

I also really liked the dual cushions in the back for extra neck support. While I wouldn’t really feel too comfortable napping in it, I would definitely sit in this regularly in my living room. It’s comfortable and functional, and the lines of the design give it a really clean look in your space.


Vedbo armchair


  • Size: 31.5″w x 33.5”d x 42.5″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 3 upholstery options to choose from
  • Additional Notes: Shorter/wider version is also available


  • The sturdy design is supportive
  • The high back makes you sit up straight


  • The cushion isn’t too thick and maybe uncomfortable for long-term sitting.
  • Only one frame option: birch

Overall Impression: There are two options available for Vedbo – a shorter version and a tall one. I only tried the tall one, and I was actually surprised that it was much more comfortable than it looked. It definitely isn’t a chair that I would gravitate towards if there were other options in a room, but if we had company, I’d sit here.

I liked the molded wing arms, and felt like sitting here made me fix my posture. While it wasn’t as cushioned as I usually like my armchairs, I did like the fact that this cushion was velcroed to the bottom so that it wouldn’t end up on the floor every time someone got up.


Tullsta armchair


  • Size: 31.125″w x 27.5″d x 30.375″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 3 upholstery cover options to choose from


  • Rounded back design hugs you while you sit, but not in an uncomfortable way
  • Covers are removable and machine washable


  • A bit narrow, but comfortable.

Overall Impression: An attractive design, where it kind of hugs you from the back. I’m 5’4”, and I could quickly put my arms up and lay them on the end of the chair, which was a very comfortable way to sit. But if you’re taller, you may feel like you’re sitting in a kid’s chair!

The added back pillow at the lumbar area does improve the comfort level. However, I’d only choose to sit in this chair if we had guests over, so I could leave the more comfortable seating for them.

IKEA Armchair Round-Up Winner

While I tested all the different armchairs that were available at the Jacksonville IKEA, it became increasingly difficult to choose a single favorite.

So, instead, I chose two: Lidhult and Poang.

I’d definitely put Lidhult in my living room, and want to sit in it – probably regularly when I wasn’t looking to nap. I really liked how wide it was, and that I could sit cross-legged, or adjust myself to get more comfortable. The dual cushions in the back really helped with neck support, and I could find myself sitting there and writing or reading.

Plus, because it’s so sturdy, I wouldn’t worry about bouncing around on it to adjust myself to get more comfortable. It’s an excellent chair for engaging in conversations with people, or watching tv too!

I also chose Poang because it’s a reliable option and there are really a lot of places where it would be useful. For me, I’d put one in my bedroom by the window, where I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning and read my daily meditation. It’s relaxed to sit in because I can recline just enough, and I can rock myself, which helps me ground my body when I’m anxious.

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