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25 of the Best Green Paint Color Options for Guest Bedrooms

Green guest bedrooms collage

Whether you are planning to freshen up the guest bedroom or do a complete make-over, a warm green can transform this abode into the favorite room in your house.

Cooler shades of green in this private space can help create in your guests the soothing, relaxing mood while providing an escape within its homely tones. Favorite hues of green painted on the walls of your guest bedroom are refreshing for the eyes to wake up to while complementing other shades from this vibrant family to add contrast.

Green painted as accents or the more dominant color options for guest bedrooms will make showing your visitors where they will turn in a joyful experience. Inspirations are available for the 25 best green paint options for guest bedrooms that will work perfectly with myriad elements of metal, wood, or bedding prints.

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Common Trends for Green Painted Guest Bedrooms

Though painting a room for passing guests may prove challenging due to the different tastes that your visitors will exhibit, since all may prefer various décor designs. Sticking with the color green engages your unique touch, which matched with counterpart bedding or furniture shades, will leave the observant guest impressed.

The modern guest bedroom must also be enamored with color that creates a clean, crisp atmosphere as a canvas for other accessories to stand out.

  • Mint Greens: Completely likable, mint green, is a soothing color palette that works to favor your guest bedroom with shady hues for a restful respite.
  • Jewel Greens: These green hues are best paired with saturated colors for a decorative jewel-like tone. Jewel greens can be painted as eggshell finishes or as solid marbleized colors and will match well with black or charcoal gray accents.
  • Succulent Greens: Livelier yellow component of succulent green color appears spring-like, fresh, and inviting for a happy feel to your guest bedroom designs.
  • Sea Glass Greens: The soft blue hue of sea glass green paint makes guest bedroom appear as a fun place that resonates with summer seaside vacations. Used unsparingly in spas, your guest bedroom can take advantage of its feel-good factor, leaving your visitors asking where they can find the color.
  • Earthy Greens: These green paints couldn’t appear fresher if they sprouted out of your back garden, denoting a vibe of health and vitality. You can also wake earthy greens with accents of butter yellow or cream, which pair perfectly.
  • Market Greens: Inspired by the farmers market, these green paints accomplish quite matches with all climatic regions. Lighter shades of these colors complement low light while grayer market greens will soothe your guest bedroom during the brighter months.
  • Sweet Greens: With plenty of warm tones, sweet green paints help sprinkle intensity to guest bedrooms and provide neutral space throughout to draw out the candy pallets that lean towards yellow.
  • Candy Apple Greens: A guest bedroom can be energized with bright and intense candy apple green paint for the wall or chair rail. These greens serve as a palette cleanser and will pair nicely with wood finishes that bring out the yellow undertones for visual pleasantness.
  • Neutral Greens: While not being as commanding as the more saturated greens, neutrals can help expand a small guest bedroom. Muting can be done with brown or gray additives to add hue to the seemingly dull green neutrals.
  • Temper Tart Greens: these yellow-greens can make succulent neutrals to fall while adding earthy tomes will highlight their refreshing tartness. Natural green accents temper these lemon-green hues that are not yet lime enough but are as enjoyably sour.

The Best Green Color Paint Options for Guest Bedrooms

1. Serene Breeze (449)

Serene Breeze by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Create a nature-inspired retreat for your guests with the right amount of greenery that is never overpowering, by painting your guest bedroom with Serene Breeze by Benjamin Moore. There is sufficient green in Serene Breeze to give your guest bedroom the light freshness, hinting at firm foundations or compact strength. The right green for your guest bedroom, serene breeze

2. Softened Green (SW 6177)

Softened Green by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

An intense green color, this best pale shade of grayish-green is moody and takes over your guest bedroom with an anchored richness of deep brightness. Perfect for the ceiling or painted floor softened green by Sherwin-Williams can be contrastingly paired with other bright or sweet hues for elemental uniqueness. This color is living proof that while soft is an understatement; green can still burst with serene and calm energy, even when exuded from a muted pastel.

3. Limesicle (2145-50)

Limesicle by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

As one of nature’s main neutrals, green plays well with other colors, and Benjamin Moore Limesicle celery green is as stunning pale that contrasts well against darker or deeper tones. Beautiful and noticeable to even the most critical sleepovers, Limesicle 2145-50 celery green provides a dusky tone that augments other hues with its hazy finish.

4. Chic Lime (396)

Chic Lime by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This is a pastel that warms and cools the shade tones for your guest bedroom, evoking contentment and serenity to even the most journey-weary visitor. The neutral features of Benjamin Moore Chic Lime is a soft green that gives your guest bedroom an elemental twist that appealing to the barely-there and minimalist décor aficionados. An increased sheen level of this green guest bedroom color will appear to shimmer with different hues as the sun moves across the window.

5. Spanish Olive (1509)

Spanish Olive by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This olive green is the perfect neutral shade for the walls and is perfect for your guest bedroom as it appeals to anyone who enjoys quiet strolls through the woods. A modern color concept, Spanish Olive 1509 from Benjamin Moore, leaves your room with a smoky, woody feel while making walls and other painted surfaces appear sunlit mossy. Give your guest something to talk about the bedroom you relegate them for the night as this color blends interestingly with all the special features in the house.

6. Garden Sage (C215)

Garden Sage by True Value

Source: True Value

A variety of great options are availed by the Green Sage color as a dominant guest bedroom color, especially since it complements other palette varieties. Behr Premium Plus Paint Garden Sage C215 is sophistication illustrated for a natural neutral that is subdued but dusty enough for use as a hazy finisher. This modernized version of sage green inspires contemporary flair to a dark guest bedroom door, bright fixtures, and patterned bed linen.

7. Hazel (SW 6471)

Hazel by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

The best soothing green on a guest bedroom wall also emits peace and relaxation for a sojourning, like being in the midst of a sparkling sea. Sherwin-Williams Hazel SW 6471 makes smaller bedroom spaces appear larger with its bluish-green, naturally brightening the room with its expansive vibrancy. Guests can unwind after the chaos of a long day traveling, as this hazel green paint contrasts well with both darker or brighter floor and ceiling colors to let them appreciate your room accessories.

8. Avocado (2145-10)

Avocado by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This is one of the best avocado greens and a perfect mid-century to modern classic throwback design color for your guest bedroom décor. Benjamin Moore Avocado 2145-10 appears right with bold furnishings and graces the visitor abode with a retro vibe common with the 60s trend. Muted avocado greens will also pair perfectly with eclectic forest greens, stone, or wood finishes, while furnishing or fixtures in white add a high contrast yield.

9. Webster Green (HC-130)

Webster Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

A classic green with traditional feels of moodiness, Webster Green HC-130 by Benjamin Moore works elegantly as a guest bedroom wall or ceiling paint. Different settings can be accommodated by Webster Green from the minimalist to the more wainscoting or wood paneling design enthusiasts.

10. Soft Fern (2144-40)

Soft Fern by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Soft fern by Benjamin Moore exudes tranquility and natural flair, which can be paired with warm colors as an elegant neutral. Soft Fern 2144-40 contains a light green hue which is not only soft but has shades of emerald, malachite and jade, that leaves guest bedroom accessories looking like the centerpieces they were meant to be. Regal tones can be achieved with soft fern accents against darker walls while fittings and furnishings will glimmer against the intense hues of this Benjamin Moore guest bedroom paint.

11. Antique Jade (465)

Antique Jade by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Create the feel of an upmarket bed and breakfast or country inn by painting your guest bedroom with Antique Jade by Benjamin Moore. A mossy green, Antique Jade brings the woods into your guest’s sleeping quarters while most colored furnishings will have a nice contrast with the walls.

12. Mediterranean Teal (2123-10)

Mediterranean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

For a luxury feel ingrained with traditional feels, Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Teal is perfect for painted furniture, guest bedroom paneling, or cabinetry. This green is termed romantic by interior designers and appears lovely on as an accent color for bedroom walls or even the bed’s headboard. Find the right mix of accessories, fixtures, or furnishing colors to bring out this teal, which carriers your guest bedroom into a scheme that can appear continental or cottage.

13. Light Mint (480C-1)

Light Mint by Behr

Source: Behr

This is the perfect summer pigment for guest bedrooms and is a traditional paint that works beautifully with crocheted coverlets or upholstered headboards. Create a getaway for your guests with this dreamy color that transforms their bedroom with landscaping accents and is bound to leave them green with envy. A color that works well with any climate, Light Mint Hi-Gloss Enamel comes in shades that range from peachy neighbors to more blue infused violet hues.

14. Seafoam Green (2039-60)

Seafoam Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

For fans of the color green, a Seafoam green guest bedroom speaks cozy and provides an intellectually conducive space that’s appealing, particularly on shades. Your guests can read a book or do some paperwork in a peacefully painted Seafoam green painted bedroom. A soft blue-green hue is emitted by Seafoam green that elicits good feelings, and closely replicates the color of sea glass or pottery pieces with a paler shade of turquoise.

15. Halls of Ivy (HDC-AC-20)

Halls of Ivy by Behr

Source: Behr

Vivacity makes this green very eye-catching, and its brightness makes your guest bedroom have a pleasing, happy feel. The fantastic Behr Ultra Halls of Ivy warms up the guest bedroom in winter while acting as a complement for other painted surfaces or furnishing. Achieve the feel of intimacy and coziness with Halls of Ivy green that makes small guest bedrooms or for that centrally placed headboard.

16. Electric Lime (SW 6921)

Electric Lime by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This lime green bedroom space paint is the perfect vibe evoking color that’s grassy enough for popular appeal while not being too minty to become clinical. Sherwin-Williams Electric Lime adds a den-like, cozy feel to your guest bedroom while infecting drapes or shades of this color with charm and grace. Paint the perfect guest bedroom with this dramatic lime green from Sherwin-Williams, where walls, trims, or ceiling can set the stage for a cozy harbor.

17. Jungle Camouflage (N350-4)

Jungle Camouflage by Behr

Source: Behr

Working as an element for neutrality, this camouflage jungle green from Behr provides a not so-bold subdued inspiration to your guest bedroom décor. A palette that doesn’t distract the viewer’s eye, jungle camouflage allows natural light to disperse within walls, partitions, or painted furniture for an eclectic resting space. Create a natural and fresh space with Behr’s Jungle Camouflage olive green accents or combine it with decors that provided a fitting backdrop for all other hues in your guest bedroom.

18. Antigua Aqua (610)

Antigua Aqua by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

A minty-fresh green with an ethereal hue, guest bedroom décor will benefit greatly from Benjamin Moore’s Antigua Aqua, mostly due to its enough blue accents veering it away from hospital green. This light green paint offers alternatives to turn your guest bedroom into an airy and bright space.

19. Salamander (2050-10)

Salamander by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

The favorite for many interior decorators, salamander by Benjamin Moore, consists of space and depth for a formal looking guest bedroom. A dramatic hue, Benjamin Moore’s Salamander, marries blue and brown tones into the darkish green for elements of nature filled intrigue. Partner Salamander green with decidedly modern and minimalist accessories with touches of polished gold for that sleek freshly cleaned feel for your guest bedroom.

20. Green Bay (SW 6481)

Green Bay by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

There are myriad relaxing qualities in this shade of green by Sherwin-Williams, and Green Bay also accords your guest bedroom the sense of safety. Perfect for nature lovers, the Green Bay color is an overall guest bedroom color that will match other hues on beddings, carpets, or painted wood furnishings. This soothing and environment inspired color speaks to other guest bedroom accents for a cohesive green décor.

21. Army Green (2141-30)

Army Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Go straight into the bravado and gusto with Benjamin Moore’s Army Green, an olive green palette that will suit your guest bedroom. Also branded as military green by Dunn Edwards, this color can be added as a statement to the ceiling, painted floor, or wooden fixtures for a calming and grounded guest bedroom feel.

22. Amazon Moss (2037-10)

Amazon Moss by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Though a darker hue of this color almost resembles billiard table green, Amazon Moss achieves glorious shade complements that fall together within your guest bedroom decoration. A show-stopping guest bedroom that makes a décor statement can stand out more with Benjamin Moore’s Amazon Moss. This energized premium paint allows timeless contrasts with other elements of bedroom design while leaving the room feeling cool and shady.

23. Peaceful Garden (CSP-830)

Peaceful Garden by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Peaceful Garden is a classic sage green that involves some traditional elements of color exuberance that makes it so much less boring. Give your guest bedroom more shape and color with Benjamin Moore’s Peaceful Garden paint that gives paneling and ceilings more simplicity and subtle toning. The Peaceful Garden color will go perfectly with the deeper elegant contrast provided by jewel tones and neutral shades, including beige, black, or white.

24. Green Thumb (CSP-870)

Green Thumb by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This is part of Benjamin Moore’s new collection, a green grass color suitable for the guest bedroom that needs more colorful depth or greyish undertones. As opposed to tropical savannah greens that resemble khaki, Green Thumb CSP-870 gives out less pretentious earthy and warm tones for a more fluent natural connection. Complemented by a lively red light brush background, green thumb on the ceiling, or with subtle olive green is the best way to approach a guest bedroom color scheme.

25. Sparkling Emerald (P430-7)

Sparkling Emerald by Behr

Source: Behr

This ultra paint from Behr gives an emerald matte or eggshell finish to your guest bedroom, leaving a velvety sheen that’s exceptionally durable. A restful palette that signifies renewal with each day your guest wakes up in their bedroom; this enamel paint brings out natural elements for an organic room feel. This is also one color that appears fabulous when paired with yellow-greens or churlish.