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25 of the Best Green Paint Color Options for Bathrooms

A collage of bathrooms.

The primary bathroom is very likely to be the most private room in your home. Your kids and guests may peek into your bedroom, but very few people, unless specifically invited, will ever make their way to the throne in your primary bathroom.

As such, this private space is all yours and yours to paint and decorate in a way that calms and rejuvenates you. Your primary bathroom is likely the first place you go in the morning and the last in the evening, and so having space offer a balance of both soothing and restorative properties is important.

When it comes to choosing your colors for this room, few are able to balance both of these moods so well as the color green.

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Choosing the Color Green

Green is the go-to color of nature. It’s the color we most associate with spring, renewal and new growth. While some greens on the darker spectrum with deep blue undertones may not be the ideal choice for a primary bathroom, there are dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds of other shades to choose from.

Greens with yellow undertones offer a bright and refreshing atmosphere cooler shades with softer blue undertones offer a calmer-feeling space reminiscent of rolling waves and verdant hills.

If you ever feel refreshed standing in the midst of the forest or at the center of a grassy field, then green paint is an ideal color to choose for your primary bathroom.

But which of those hundreds of shades is right for your home, the sanctuary that is your bathroom? Buckle up and let’s take a look at 25 of our favorite shades of green paint color options for primary bathrooms:

25 Best Green Paint Color Options for Primary Bathrooms

1. Lacwing by Sherwin-Williams (SW 6729)

Lacewing by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Lacewing is a lighter green blend that has a heavy white influence which results in the color being more vibrant. It’s appropriately named after a lively flying bug beloved by farmers for its appetite for unwanted pests.

This vibrant shade makes for a great primary bathroom choice as it nicely reflects light and adds energy into space — a must-have when waking up.

2. Pistachio by Benjamin Moore (561)

Pistachio by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Do you hate rainy days and cold weather? Need a hot cup of coffee or tea in the shower to wake-up? Then you’ll love the paint color of the pistachio.

Pistachio is a fresh and yet peaceful color that’s cool enough to be soothing but warm enough to wake you up and get you eager to step into your primary shower and get started with your day.

3. Muted Mint by DulexReal (368)

Muted Mint by Dulux

Source: Dulux

The mint herb has been used by people for thousands of years to soothe the mind and bodily issues, such as an upset stomach. Should it come as no surprise that a shade inspired by that very herb does the same?

And why not have such a soothing color in the space you’re most apt to be should you suffer something like indigestion? This muted mint shade invokes a very natural and soothing feel when painted in a primary bathroom.

4. Cos Cob Stonewall by Benjamin Moore (1483)

Cos Cob Stonewall by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This green is very heavily influenced by grays and is a good paint color choice for those looking for a more refined, composed primary bathroom appearance. This isn’t a color that makes a big splash, but it does make a great base color for those with more even and refined decorating taste.

5. Weathered Moss by Behr (N380-3)

Weathered Moss by Behr

Source: Behr

This is another less flashy yet sublime shade of green. The weathered moss paint color exudes a warm, foresty feel and is a great base choice for creating a more soothing environment in your primary bathroom.

This color is particularly well complemented with terracotta floor tiles and similarly styled decor.

6. Shanghai Jade by Behr (P410-3)

Shanghai Jade by Behr

Source: Behr

Shanghai Jade explores a completely different side of the color green. This shade looks and feels creamy and, like its namesake stone, offers a special brilliance without being overly dramatic or attention-feeling.

This is an ideal choice for a primary bathroom that draws in a lot of outdoor light or one in which you’ve played with various lighting sources.

7. Avocado Toast by Clare

Avocado Toast by Clare

Source: Clare

Yep, the millennials’ favorite breakfast food is now a deliciously satisfying paint color. This new and unique paint color by Clare gives a room and a wall a fresh, natural feel. It’s a great choice for a primary bathroom where you want to be freshened up upon waking up — and you don’t need to like the dish to appreciate that!

8. Clary Sage by Sherwin-Williams (SW 6178)

Clary Sage by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Like mint, sage is a plant that generations of people around the world have used to soothe the mind and bring peace and tranquility to a room via burning it. With this Clary Sage paint color by Sherwin-Williams, you won’t have to do any burning to enjoy a more soothing primary bathroom.

9. Fresh Dew by Behr (M370-1)

Fresh Dew by Behr

Source: Behr

This is the ideal paint color for people who want a splash of color in their primary bathroom but find it hard to move away from their preference of a crisp and clean look of white. That’s because Fresh Dew by Behr is heavily influenced by white and yet offers a touch more depth than any white colors.

10. Pine Mountain by Behr (N420-6)

Pine Mountain by Behr

Source: Behr

Pine Mountain is more of a steely green that is ideal for those homeowners or renters who prefer a more minimalist style or who want to accentuate the brighter whites of their primary bathroom porcelains and tiles. The cleanness of this shade of green also pairs well with grey sand teals.

11. Dirty Martini by Clare

Dirty Martini by Clare

Source: Clare

Another whimsical paint color created and named by the paint company Clare, Dirty Martini boasts a color similar to a cloudy olive green. Like the drink, this shade is perfect for those looking to give their primary bathroom a more sophisticated appearance.

Its warmth also exudes a certain relaxing atmosphere and is ideal for those who like long soaks in their primary bathtub.

12. Snip of Parsley by Behr (M370-6)

Snip of Parsley by Behr

Source: Behr

If a color can be called flirty, then this Snip of Parsley is certainly a tease. Snip of Parsley somehow is both dark and more natural and yet exudes a vibrancy that really gets your attention.

If you have a green thumb or have always wished you could have a green thumb, then you’ll love waking up and taking a shower in a primary bathroom painted with this color.

13. Chic Lime by Benjamin Moore (396)

Chic Lime by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

If you have a smaller primary bathroom, then a bright, eye-popping color like Chic Lime by Benjamin Moore is a solid choice. This bright color makes a room feel big and bright even if you don’t have a lot of natural light coming in.

Just make sure that if you use color as vivid as this to counterbalance with neutral tones in things like your towels, shower curtain, and any room furnishings.

14. Breakfast Room Green by Farrow & Ball (No. 81)

Breakfast Room Green by Farrow & Ball

Source: Farrow & Ball

Don’t let the name dissuade you, Breakfast Room Green is just as great color in your primary bathroom as it is its namesake.

Farrow & Ball designed and named the color after east-facing rooms in European estates where the first meal of the day was often served and where the first lights of dawn entered and awakened those eating.

In our own bustling era, having a primary bathroom that exudes that same get-up-and-go morning beauty is fantastic as this is where many of us prepare ourselves for the day to come.

15. Current Mood by Clare

Current Mood by Clare

Source: Clare

This moody yet alluring green is an ideal choice for those who want a primary bathroom with attitude. If you use this space primarily as a staging room or powder room, then you’ll likely to appreciate this very designer-friendly shade.

Current Mood by Clare really stands out when paired with more feminine room details and furnishings like unfinished brass hardware.

16. Half Sea Fog by Behr (N470-3)

Half Sea Fog by Behr

Source: Behr

Part-green, part-blue, this calming paint is reminiscent of Seattle and mornings looking out at the islands cloaked in clouds. If it takes you several cups of java to feel energized and you enjoy watching the rain fall outside your window, then you’ll love being surrounded by the cool and cozy Half Sea Fog paint color by Behr.

17. Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore (HC-114)

Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Where Half Sea Fog exudes the feel of lazier mornings, Saybrook Sage evokes the fresh morning shade of dew upon the grass.

This is a bright yet earthy color and while it may be the second sage-oriented color on this list, it is certainly deserving of its own place on this list of the 25 best green paint color options for primary bathrooms. This color is particularly well-suited for those with hardwood or faux hardwood floors.

18. Bancha by Farrow & Ball (No. 298)

Bancha by Farrow & Ball

Source: Farrow & Ball

Another gorgeous shade of green created by Farrow & Ball, this is a shade darker than olive and yet not so dark as to make a room feel dark. In fact, the paint company recommends Bancha for both indoor and outdoor spaces and we find it particularly goes well with a bathroom with some plants.

The color’s name comes from the Bancha Japanese tea leaves which, lie the color, exude a feeling of security and serenity. Pair this color of wall paint with pinks and browns to get the full effect possible.

19. Chopped Dill by Behr (M380-4)

Chopped Dill by Behr

Source: Behr

This green paint color option was named for the sharp but partially muted color dill leaves are known for and is a good choice for those who prefer more conventional paint colors. In fact, you’ve probably stayed at a hotel room or resort that’s utilized Chopped Dill or a paint color similar to it in.

This shade of natural green offers a very relaxing feel — which it’s used primarily in resting areas such as hotel rooms. But we think it deserves to be more than just a bedroom paint choice as primary bathrooms are likewise in need of that same relaxing yet even paint tones.

20. Pear Cactus by PPG Paints (PPG1130-5)

Pear Cactus by PPG Paints

Source: PPG Paints

Pear Cactus is a shade of green that’s colorful and bright yet not too loud or brash. It falls more on the serene side, thereby making it a great choice for primary bathrooms. Its ability to nicely reflect light likewise makes it a good choice in smaller size bathrooms.

21. Rainwashed by Sherwin-Williams (6211)

Rainwashed by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Rainwashed is a light shade of a green whose exact properties make it seems capable of transforming throughout the day based on the changes of light from morning dawn light to bright daylight and onto night where the only light comes from man-made sources.

This shade of green is a great choice for homeowners and renters who appreciate such daily changes and want to mimic it in their home. Pair it with fresh white flooring and bathroom appliances and earthy toned furnishings to reap its full benefits.

22. Forest Edge by Behr (S430-6)

Forest Edge by Behr

Source: Behr

This deeper green is a great choice as an accent wall paint color. Accent walls are those walls painted differently than the rest of the room. Check out this primary bathroom to get a sense of how well a Forest Edge-painted accent wall goes with an overall white-dominate bathroom.

23. Traffic Light Green by Benjamin Moore (2032-20)

Traffic Light Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Note, this paint color is not for everyone — but for the right personality and the right primary bathroom, it’s a sublime choice.

Traffic Light Green really packs a punch and works best when paired with wooden or unfinished brass furnishings. Because this color does a great job at reflecting light, you’ll want to use softer lights in your bathroom fixtures.

24. Nordic Forest by Valspar (5010-6)

Nordic Forest by Valspar Paint

Source: Valspar

This is a deep and gorgeous shade of green but like Behr’s Forest Green, Valspar’s Nordic Forest is best used in balance with other colors or materials.

For example, consider tiling the bottom two-thirds of your primary bathroom with bright porcelain or similar white tile and then use the Nordic Forest paint color on the top one-third.

Or if you already have tiling in your primary bathroom, then go ahead and use this paint color on the drywall portion. Painting in this manner offers a striking balance between light and dark while the green shade of this color evokes true-to-its-name a rich forest environment.

25. Perennial Green by Behr (M410-7)

Perennial Green by Behr

Source: Behr

This is a green-designed and named for the beauty and steadfastness of evergreen forests, the green that stays true no matter the season or the weather. In your primary bathroom, this gorgeous shade will bring a similar steadfastness and harmony.

The shade itself is soft enough to work well with a variety of furnishings and evoke a feeling of freshness yet just bright enough to reflect warm light. This is a color you’ll love to be surrounded by as you soak in the tub following a long day.

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