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25 of the Best Green Paint Options for Dining Rooms

Green Dining room with hardwood flooring, white framed windows, colorful artwork, wooden dining set over a textured rug and a round chandelier.

Often, the color of the dining room is an afterthought because the bustle of life doesn’t always make time for sit down meals. But, some of the hardest, most heartfelt conversations happen in that space. Why not choose a shade a green that reflects the love you put into your food and family?

I know when I stir-fry a healthy dinner and serve it during our once a week together-dinner, I don’t want to look at drab tiles or old wallpaper. Green is more than the color of food that my kid refuses to eat.

Let’s take a journey through 25 of the best green paint options for dining rooms that we love.

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Greens (SW 6748)

Greens by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Well, it might seem like an obvious choice, but this shade of green is about more than the power food. The deep, dreamy hue brings a dining room to life with the feeling of pulling up leafy greens during the early months of summer, but without the laborious task of actually doing it. Accent your newly painted eating place with a vibrant yellow color to add a hint of warm sunshine.

Balance Green (S360-3)

Balance Green by Behr

Source: Behr

Everyone strives for a balanced meal. But, what about the mental balance the right color brings to any family room? Dinnertime is about sharing your day with those closest to your heart. I find a soothing balance in this shade of green. It brings with it a peaceful feeling while we enjoy our evening meal. The crisp-colored walls, along with a comfortable dining table, promise the bonds made in your dinette will last a lifetime.

Shamrock (SW 6454)

Shamrock by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Whipping up a new meal in the kitchen sometimes takes a teensy bit of luck. And scheduling a family meal takes about the same amount. You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the good fortune of a four-leaf clover. Shamrock is a medium green that warms up a dining room before the kitchen oven can even preheat. Oyster white accents add a layer of complexity to the thriving green.

Rosemary Green (2029-30)

Rosemary Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Rosemary is more than perennial, fragrant herb. The vibrant color of the needle-like leaves keeps the eating space feeling fresh and lively. Did you know that the flowers they produce range in color? The natural shades of pink, purple, white, or blue make for a garden perfect trim without having to get your hands dirty.

Green Bean Casserole (HDC-WR15-10)

Green Bean Casserole by Behr

Source: Behr

Green bean casserole is more than a holiday dish. The deep shade of green brings excitement to any eating space every day of the year. When I close my eyes, I can see nearly any color coming together with this earthy tone to deliver the kitchen of my dreams. I don’t have to wait for Christmas to eat up this delicious delight or serve it with cheer to my entire family.

Leisure Green (2035-60)

Leisure Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Cooking is a leisurely hobby for a lot of people. The playful shade of green has a tint of blue that creates a calm even after a chaotic time in the kitchen. Things sometimes go wrong with a recipe, or unforeseen circumstances happen while cooking. But, this color has a reassuring way of reminding you that everything will turn out just fine at the dinner table. Add a teasing lilac trim or classic ivory accents to add another layer of easygoing energy.

Gleeful (SW 6709)

Gleeful by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Some of our favorite memories are at the dinner table with the ones we love. Whether it was with our family or our closest friends, the sounds of glee escape the room, along with the smell of whatever dishes are on the table. Gleeful green reflects those special shared moments with the promise of more to come.

Traffic Light Green (2032-20)

Traffic Light Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Mealtime is not the only time we can enjoy the eating area of our home. Traffic light green gives us the go-ahead to cook elaborate dishes and experiment with our favorite ingredients to present a delicious buffet to guests in the dining room. The full speed ahead color plays well with a caution light orange and a full stop red.

Dinner Mint (450-C1)

Dinner Mint by Behr

Source: Behr

Dinner mints are part of a fancy meal in a fancy restaurant, but not anymore. The classy shade of green creates an upscale feel that makes any meal feel like a million dollars. Add a little bit more of that expensive feel to your eat-in space? Golden woods are great for accenting furniture. Oh, and don’t forget a dinner mint to cleanse the pallet after a hearty meal.

Lucky Charm Green (2030-30)

Lucky Charm Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

A rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, and a horseshoe are a few lucky charms that bring on good fortune. And, sometimes, we need lucky charms to get our kids to eat something besides cereal of the same name. Did you know silver and soft yellow are lucky, too? A little trim will bring double the luck to your dining area.

Vegan (SW 6738)

Vegan by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Are veggies your thing? Vegan green is as crisp as any fresh head of lettuce or the dewiest chard. Veganism is more than a healthy diet, and it is about going to green to preserve the environment. Spinach white accents will keep the dining room modern with a dash of garden freshness.

Pesto Green (PPU11-05)

Pesto Green by Behr

Source: Behr

Italy doesn’t have to be a faraway daydream. I love to bring Italy into my home by cooking elaborate, traditional meals that bring everyone together at one time. What is pasta without a little pesto? Between the smell and vibrant colors, I don’t have to go to the Mediterranean Sea; it comes to me.

Picnic (SW 6731)

Picnic by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Rainy days are a drag. And, unexpected cold breaks seem to happen the second we make outdoor plans. Bring the picnic to your eating space with a mellow shade of green that goes perfectly with soft yellows that mimic a sunny day in the park.

Italian Ice Green (2035-70)

Italian Ice Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Summer heat calls for cold refreshments, and there is nothing more refreshing than Italian ice. The delightful frozen treat has origins in Sicilian granita and brought to America from Eastern Europe by immigrants. The tone of green delivers on coolness and blends well with the different sea shades. An aged wood dining room table and chairs would add another layer of invigoration on a too-hot day.

Pickle (SW 6725)

Pickle by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

The stats on pickles are staggering. We consume 2.5 million pickles a year, and the average American eats 8.5 pounds (ca. 4 kg) of them a year. But the tartness of brine is not just a fun midday snack; they are a color I can get behind. Light-colored accents add a little bit of sweetness to the sour to create a mouthwatering dining room.

Fresh Scent Green (2033-30)

Fresh Scent Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t smell colors. Fresh scent green freshens up a dining room faster than chopping mint does. Speaking of mint, the two colors mingle beautifully in any space, especially where we spend our time serving family meals.

Dublin (440B-5)

Dublin by Behr

Source: Behr

The Irish love their various shades of green. They reflect the beauty of the landscape and how natural colors play with the island’s skyline. But, did you know their cuisine unique, too? Cabbage is a favorite staple, and when combined with kale, a popping color comes from the traditional marriage of food. Hearty food and a hearty home is part of Dublin culture that is easy to reflect in your family’s dining area.

Broccoflower (SW 9039)

Broccoflower by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

The word broccoli comes from where a lot of the best foods do, Italy. It means the flowering crest of a cabbage. The healthy food tends to put off a lot of kids, and we find ourselves hiding it things they will eat, but hide no more. Broccoflower green is about more than getting them to eat their vitamins; it pops perfectly with bright shades like flan. Green veggies have never been so inviting.

Cactus Green (2035-20)

Cactus Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

A lot of people treat succulents as a trend in gardening and decoration. The truth is, the ancient plants hold enough water to stay alive in the hottest of conditions. Cool off your busy family with the deep shade of green on your dining room walls. You can play with the different shades of the dessert to create an authentic feel.

Cast Iron (SW 6202)

Cast Iron by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Almost everyone has a preferred skillet to cook their favorite recipes in. Cast iron is a favorite because of the way it holds onto seasonings and reminds people of home-cooked meals. Cast iron skillets reflect a myriad of yummy colors and create one of a kind flavors. Why not capture the forever memories in your choice of dining room colors? Throw a little smoke salmon pink in your iron skillet green and amplify your taste.

Green Grass (450B-7)

Green Grass by Behr

Source: Behr

We can’t always go cop a squat in a patch of green grass. Why not bring the spring shade to you? The traditional shade of green is both lively and comforting. Rejuvenate your dining space even more by throwing in mellow yellow accents and watch the room bloom. Also, natural wood makes a perfect table to dine and catch up on your family’s day.

Quietude (SW 6212)

Quietude by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Quietude is a fun word. It is not that we want solitude in the kitchen, but many of us go in there to find a Zen-like state when we cook any of our classics. The sense of calm follows us when we finally meet at the table to dine with our family or friends. Quietude is a unique hue of green that promises that feeling. Add a few pavestone colored furnishings to create an even more refreshing space.

Celtic Green (2038-10)

Celtic Green by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Celtic homeware and furniture are beautiful additions to any room. The deep shade of green is perfect for your dining room for a lot of reasons. Did you know that Celtic cuisine is colorful beyond the obvious choice? Celts cooked leeks, turnips, and fresh carrots over an open flame. They also loved to use honey to sweeten up their delicacies. Choose one color, or all of them, to accent your eating space and bring the past to the present.

Perennial Green (M410-7)

Perennial Green by Behr

Source: Behr

The central fact about perennials is that they bloom every year for their entire lifespan. The dining room is sometimes a forgotten space when it comes to painting the walls. But, this shade of green brings an eating room to life in a variety of exciting ways. I don’t have to repaint my entire room to spruce it up once a year. I change the accent tone every year. Watching my favorite family area come alive every spring with yellows, pinks, and purples inspire me to spend more time making the foods my family loves.

Secret Garden (SW 6181)

Secret Garden by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Many home cooks want to show their secret gardens in their decor. Fruits and vegetables line the cabinet tops, and the fridge’s crisper holds the rest. Why not bring the airy feeling of a fresh garden inside and to the family table? The secret garden is a shade of green that offers more than depth to your cooking but blends well with any variety of garden surprises that end up on the table for dinner.