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Our Epic Ethan Allen Furniture Reviews and Buying Guides

Ethan Allen Home Interiors signage in Pasadena.

Timeless. Classic. Heirloom. Superior quality. These are just some of the adjectives you might find synonymous with the brand Ethan Allen. For almost 90 years, they have been invited inside people’s homes by providing the most beautiful, one of a kind pieces to create real homes.

If you’ve ever visited an Ethan Allen Design Center or Showroom, you’ll know that if you have any style or design questions, the sales folks are all trained, interior designers. They’re more than eager to help you create the kind of space you’re looking for. The showrooms are designed to showcase how different types of furniture can work together to create a space that evokes a feeling or vibe that appeals to your aesthetics.

But the best part is, Ethan Allen doesn’t just create one style and sell it as-is. Oh, no. They pride themselves on customizing each piece of furniture to their client’s exact specifications and style. From fabric upholstery to leather, paint stains, to hardware finishings, the perfect piece for your space and lifestyle is right around the corner. But that still leaves the impossible task of checking out all your model options before settling on how you’re going to customize it.

To help save you time and provide you with salient information to aid in your perfect piece search, we headed over to the local Ethan Allen showroom and tried out what they had on their floor. Each showroom is designed as a room, so you can see how it works in a space and what kind of styling ideas you can do with it.

This review series focuses on what the furniture really looks like in person since we all know the product photos can be deceiving. I’m also going to be looking at the quality of construction, durability, and structure. I plopped on each sofa, lounged on each chair, tossed myself across each bed, and leaned on every desk. I tried to be as transparent about priorities and style preferences as possible and always looked for possible ways a piece could work, even if it wasn’t something I preferred.

Choosing the right piece of furniture for your home is a big decision, and it can be overwhelming when faced with the nearly limitless number of options. Narrow it down before stepping foot into a showroom by doing your research (or taking mine!), and you’ll feel a whole lot more prepared to make the leap!

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About Ethan Allen

Founded initially as a housewares manufacturer in 1932, Ethan Allen has been creating early-American style furniture that can be found in millions of homes throughout North America. Known for creating heirloom furniture at reasonable prices, the founding brothers purchased a closed down furniture factory in Vermont. They named their company Ethan Allen after the Revolutionary war hero from the area.

Even with the Depression upon them, Ethan Allen made it a policy of making sure that every style of furniture that they’ve ever made was available throughout the lifetimes of its customers. This way, the family could acquire one piece at a time, and grow their collection to complete.

After WWII, Ethan Allen began opening up their showrooms around the country. Here they could use their unique furniture pieces together to show customers how they can work together in a space. They also sought to provide all their salespeople with training in design, so that they could work better with customers to really understand their style problems and create solutions that exceeded their customer’s expectations.

Today, Ethan Allen has about 300 Design Centers and showrooms around North America and abroad, as well as 9 manufacturing facilities, and 14 retail service centers.

Ethan Allen has about 300 Design Centers and Studios domestically and abroad, nine manufacturing facilities, 14 retail service centers, and sales of $763.4 million as of 2017. Today’s collection features a variety of traditional pieces that you’d come to expect from over 75 years in business, as well as more contemporary and upgraded parts for the 21st century.

Recently, Ethan Allen met its goal of manufacturing 70% of its products in the United States. Their manufacturing facility in Maiden, NC, produces all the custom made fabric pieces for them, helping them achieve this goal.

In 2008, Ethan Allen entered the eCommerce space and started selling their furniture online to consumers. Up until this point, Ethan Allen’s furniture was only available at their design centers or through their catalog. It only made sense for the company to open an eCommerce store, and they found quite a bit of success there.

What makes Ethan Allen stand apart today as one of the most popular furniture retailers, with over one million customers a year, is their dedication to service. Providing both in-home and walk-in design services, Ethan Allen associates want you to have the room of your dreams, whether or not you purchase their furniture. This is why their tag line is, “Everyone’s at home with Ethan Allen.”

Ethan Allen Sofa Reviews

Read our detailed Ethan Allen sofa reviews here.

When you’re designing your living room, your sofa is the main attraction. It’s going to be the one thing that makes a guest decide whether or not they’re going to stay for the tea you’ve offered them, or if they’re going to high tail it out of there. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sectional for your open-concept living area or the elegance of a chesterfield for your formal living room, Ethan Allen has a variety of sofa models that can obviously be customized to match your style dreams!

Ethan Allen Bed Frame Reviews

Read Ethan Allen bed frame reviews here.

Your bedroom is the place you go to get away from the world, relax, and regroup from external stresses. As such, it should be a place that you love and enjoy being in, that makes you feel comfortable and brings out the best in you. Choosing furniture to meet your style preferences can be a challenge, and really the bed frame is the star of the show. Whether you love the contemporary modern styling, with clean lines and bold pops of color, or prefer a more traditional, country chic, the right bed frame can really enhance the design of your bedroom and bring it up a level. Ethan Allen has a variety of high-quality, superior construction bedframes that can meet any of your stylistic choices – be it as minimal or as grandiose as you want!

Ethan Allen Arm Chair Reviews

See our Ethan Allen armchair reviews here.

An armchair is a really flexible piece of furniture that can work in a variety of spaces. It can be extra seating in your living room, or you can use multiple to create a conversation space. You can use an armchair in a home office for guests to sit on, or as an extra chair in your dining room. Armchairs also work really well in informal living rooms and bedrooms, as a space to read a book or put your shoes on in the morning. Whatever room you’re designing, an armchair can really be that missing piece that takes your style and design dreams into a reality. Ethan Allen has a wide variety of armchairs that can be customized to fit your needs – whether you’re looking for an everyday lounger or a proper wingback!

Ethan Allen Desk Reviews

Click to read our Ethan Allen desk guide.

Personally, I think desks are one of the most underrated pieces of furniture you can have in the home. As someone who works from home full-time, I spend most of my day in my home office. Having the proper space that’s both inspiring and conducive to heavily focused work is imperative to my lifestyle and success. Whether you’re outfitting your home office as you embark on the road of remote worker life, or are just hoping for a space where you can keep your bills out of sight, but still in mind, Ethan Allen has a variety of different styles of desks that can work for you. From the classic writing desk to the oversized executive, you’ll find the perfect style and stain to work for your life and your space.