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12 Cool Houses by Top Architects and Designers Worldwide

A collage of cool houses.

What makes a house cool?

I’m not talking about temperature.

I’m talking about a house design that makes you go “wow, that’s cool!”

Typically, it’s a more modern design. It’s unique and interesting. Ironically, you and I might consider a house very cool, but we may not want it for our house.

We feature many residential home designs by top architects from around the world and thought it would be fun to put all the “cool houses” in one gallery.

Here they are.

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1. Shelter on a Rock by ESPACE Vital Architecture

Very cool house called "Shelter on a Rock" by ESPACE Vital Architecture

It looks bigger than it is. This cool house is 2,583 sq. ft. It’s designed contrary to how most homes are built on slopes. Most homes on a slope are built into the slope.

This home uses the slope as a support creating a bridge-like structure. That alone is very cool, but then the concrete and glass materials in a modern look make this home one of the coolest.

Check out this entire home here.

2. Lion’s View by ARRCC

A cool house called "Lion's View" designed by ARRCC

Seriously, anything designed by ARRCC qualifies as a cool house. The Lion’s View project above is one of my favorites. This large l-shaped mansion looks like a spaceship on the hill.

If you think the exterior design is good, you’ll love the interior design. Nearly every room has incredible views of the ocean. ARRCC uses quite a bit of metal in the interior design which adds to the cool factor.

Lucky for you, we feature this entire home right here. Check it out – you’ll love it.

3. “MaisonP” Residence by PietriArchitectes

Fascinating house: “MaisonP” Residence by PietriArchitectes

You’ll either love or hate this house. It’s unique. In my view, it’s very cool. It’s sleek and minimalist. It’s a very flat house on a flat property. I love all the straight lines. Admittedly, I like the backyard (seen above) more than the front.

You can check out this home here.

4. Owl Creek by Skylab Architecture

Cool modern ski chalet in Snowmass by Skylab Architecture

Boom! That is so cool. I love this house. I love the angles, the red and the metal and wood materials. It fits the landscape brilliantly.

It’s a sizable home with 4,200 sq. ft. The deck, as you can see, is large and includes a hot tub, fire pit and one awesome built-in triangle sectional sofa. The views don’t quit from every vantage point outsie and inside.

See more here.

5. Klein A45 Tiny House Project

Very cool tiny house in the forest

Most tiny houses are on wheels and are rectangular. This tiny house is different. It’s triangular and is permanent (although I’m sure it could be loaded onto a truck and moved).

This home looks really cool. Most that we feature are larger; this is our featured cool tiny home. It provides all the living spaces you need; they’re just smaller. When you check the inside of this house, it feels like you’re living in the forest… as in right there. It’s an interesting concept.

See this home here.

6. Stouffville House by Trevor McIvor Architect Inc.

Large modern home on huge grassy property

Here’s a large, cool modern home on a massive grassy property with a gentle slope. The center of this home is the large living spaces and bedrooms/private areas flank on the wings of the home.

This is a large home; both deep and wide.

While I like the exterior, it’s the interior that I particularly like. It showcases plenty of wood, glass and concrete.

See more here.

7. House on Lac Grenier by Paul Bernier Architecte

Cool minimalist wood and glass house

As you can see, the main living space is all windows so it’s like you’re outdoors. When you check out the rest of this custom home, you’ll notice how minimalist it is in design and furnishings.

I love simple and sparse like this. The outside is all wood fitting in the natural space while the interior is mostly white with dark furniture. It’s an interesting contrast both inside and out.

See this entire house here.

8. Playful Rural House by Tux

Cool house with very cool black modern bathroom

I love the modern bathroom, which is just a taste of this cool, playful rural home. It’s an eclectic mix of materials and colors throughout. There’s light wood, metal and concrete. Colors include white, black and yellow. Very interesting.

See the entire home here.

9. Hwa Hun Project by IROJE KHM Architects

Fascinating house - Hwa Hun Project by IROJE KHM Architects

Check this house out. It’s like a modern fortress. The structure takes up the entire property and the yard is built into it. The interior is just as cool as the exterior.

See this fascinating house here.

10. Residence Le Nid by Anne Carrier Architecture

Residence Le Nid: Overlooking the St. Lawrence River by Anne Carrier Architecture

This is a fantastic house designed by Anne Carrier Architecture perched on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence  Seaway in Quebec, Canada. You enter a home on a bridge to the front door (I love that). The home is configured for view optimization throughout the house. The interior style is simple, minimalist and modern.

Check out this entire home here.

11. Dans l’Escarpement by yh2 architectes

Wood exterior home with cool bridge great room overlooking a lake by yh2 architectes

This is a super cool house with wood and concrete exterior designed by yh2 architectes. I particularly like the great room which bridges over a hot tub below. This room is large with floor-to-ceiling windows.

See this entire home here (plus read all the detailes about the architectural design).

12. Shipping Container House by José Schreiber Arquitecto

Cool shipping container house by José Schreiber Arquitecto

Can you believe that’s a house built from shipping containers? It’s fantastic and is large, coming in at 2,100 sq. ft.

Designed and built in Argentina by José Schreiber Arquitecto, it’s a modern design inside and out. The ground floor is an L-shape with a covered patio. The upper floor is one container placed in a staggered manner.

See this cool container house here.

See all featured beautiful houses here.