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A Contemporary Brazilian Treasure Designed by 1:1 Arquitetura:Design

The Casa Clara designed by 1:1 Arquitetura:Design is a stunning example of a contemporary house that embraces the elements of its surroundings and culture. Despite its small size, it packs a lot of features into its 958 square foot space. Its location melds with the topography to provide a comfortable family home with features that rival larger houses.

The View of the Exterior

Completed in 2016, the Casa Clara is a stark departure from what many consider the classic modeled house. It is a rectangular steel-framed structure with a minimalist design. It has both solid and perforated walls known as Cobogo walls instead of traditional windows. A facade juts out perpendicular to the main structure. It includes both solid and Cobogo walls.

The back of the house is composed of almost all Cobogo walls. The design allows for ventilation while minimizing direct sunlight getting into the house. The entry is recessed yet covered. The overall color of the home is terra cotta with black trim which gives it a classic look. It is one level that is supported by steel columns.

The Casa Clara features include:

  • Superior cross ventilation from the perforated Cobogo walls
  • Minimalist design
  • Strong Brazilian influence in the house’s design
  • Floor to ceiling glass panels

Looking Inside Casa Clara

The Casa Clara is a contemporary design that makes optimal use of its space on the downhill slope of its location. The most striking feature is the Cobogo walls. The geometric perforation allows for excellent cross ventilation throughout the house, an important factor considering the climate of its location in the federal capital of Brazil, Brasilia.

The front of the house has floor to ceiling glass panels that open into the front yard. A perpendicular, solid facade assures the privacy of the home’s occupants. The back is made of Cobogo walls. The main living quarters includes a great room with the living room, kitchen, and dining area. The open space makes the house seem larger than its relatively small footprint.

The kitchen includes a generous amount of cabinet space. An island contains the stove, providing easy access all around. Track lighting overhead complete the modern design. The black of the kitchen provides an attractive contrast to the white walls of the other rooms.

The modern design has a distinct 1950s feel about it. The kitchen features black cabinetry and white appliances which give it an attractive retro look. Even the shadows from the Cobogo walls contribute to the design with their interesting patterns on the opposite sides of the rooms. It’s another example of a functional element with a pleasing aesthetic appeal.

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The Casa Clara designed by 1:1 Arquitetura:Design is an excellent example of a house that fits in with its environment. Several elements like the Cobogo walls and glass panels provide beautiful views while minimizing the impact of the hot South American weather. For a small home, it has a large impact that is sure to turn heads.

Design by 1:1 Arquitetura:Design