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Top 25 Home Plans Websites

List of the best of the best, the Top 25 Home Plans Websites we've found on the internet. These sites are your best destination whether building new or modifying an existing home.


Welcome to our list charting the very best home plan websites out there!

We know that the process for designing and building a new home is a long road, so we want to help you get started on the right path.

Gathered from our own experience and from an extensive search of the web, we’ve collected our 25 favorite home plan websites.

This might not come as a big surprise, but wee spend a lot of time thinking about homes. A good portion of that time is spent on architecture and floor plans, the very base of any new structure.

Thus, we find ourselves looking at home plans more often than anyone we know. This means that we’ve got a lot of experience browsing, shopping, and dealing with home plan websites.

We wanted to share this frankly vital information with you, so we put together a list of the home plan websites that work best for a number of reasons.

In the following list, you’re going to see websites that, in one way or another, truly excel at this distinctive realm. Many of these sites have vast and seemingly unending collections of plans. Some of them sell only their own custom designed plans. Still others offer useful extras that can’t be ignored.

We’ve not only shared links, but a quick and direct description of what makes a given site tick. What makes it special, and why should you try them out? These are the questions that helped us whittle down the wild galaxy of home plan websites into a manageable list of only the very best.

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We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re building a new home or modifying an existing one.

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1. ArchitecturalDesigns: This company has been around for 40 years, selling the widest range of home plans out there. It’s a truly comprehensive collection, and they offer a deep FAQ and search guide for the entire process. This is the godfather of home plan sites.

2. Homeplans: Similar to Architectural Designs, this is a fully comprehensive index of home plans, offering over 28,000 plans to choose from in any style of architecture. One unique feature is that the site boasts curated collections centered on a theme, from southern living to ultimate kitchens.

3. Lotplans: Lotplans is a bright and visually stunning site, with its home plan searcher front and center. You choose the criteria and the site will sort for you, or you can browse the vast collection by style, from beach house, to cottage, to ranch, to townhouses.

4. Coolhouseplans: This site gets straight to business, free of any fluff to obscure your search for the perfect home plans. There’s a rather detailed search form right on the main page, plus an extensive list of subcategories if you just want to start browsing to find something you’ll like. The visual appeal might look old school, but the section is right up to date.

5. ePlans: Like many of the sites on this list, you’ll first see some bright and colorful home imagery and a useful search box when you arrive. In addition to home plans, you’ll find step-by-step guides to home building, including every aspect from financing to finishing.

6. Better Homes & Gardens House Plans: BHG threw their hat into the home plan game and comes up with a very solid effort. Similar to ones listed above, you’ll see an in-depth search box and listings of the varied categories. Once you’ve selected a home plan, you can choose an array of options, from foundation choices to the amount and type of hard copies you’ll get.

7. Builder House Plans: Builder features a gorgeous selection of house plans that can be, of course, searched and sorted by categories. What’s more, they offer selections of plans that are organized by specific designers, which is a fantastic option if you’re a fan of a particular designer’s style. They also offer the ability to customize any plan on the site.

8. Frank Betz Associates Inc: This site is highly focused, with the requisite search box and categories to scour, plus a large guide to the company’s latest designs. While there is less selection here than at the larger aggregate sites, there’s a more personal touch and attention to detail with their plans.

9. Monster House Plans: With a selection of over 24,000 house plans, many available in 3D “Intelligent” plans, you won’t come up short on variety here.

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10. HousePlans.co: The biggest and boldest feature of this site is the ability to create a “3D model of a real house design,” somewhat similar to the previous site’s offering. The big advantage here is that you’ll be far more able to accurately visualize the home that results from a given plan. The site offers additional services, like modifying existing plans and marketing your own home designs.

11. Family Home Plans: Similar to many other entries on this list, Family Home Plans offers both a broad listing of categories of homes, garages, and outdoor project plans, plus a filter-happy search box to find just what you’ll need in its database. We like the extra attention paid to garages and outdoor plans.

12. Concept Home: This site, in addition to their collection of expertly designed home plans, has a guide on starting a home project, in addition to other FAQs and informational posts. The home plans are sorted by category and the smaller selection is balanced by consistency.

13. Floor Planner: This one is  a rather unique proposition: true to its name, Floor Planner lets you create your own home floor plans. You can recreate your own home and play around with it for renovation ideas, or craft something completely new and share it with anyone. This one is all about your creativity.

14. Archway Press: With over 600 listed house plans and a bevy of very easy checkbox-style search options for narrowing them down (think Amazon), you’ll be able to find what you like quickly and directly here. There are a number of detailed purchase options and a selection of garage plans as well.

15. DFD House Plans: Here’s another comprehensive style house plans collection from across a spectrum of designers. As the name implies, Direct From Designers features a surfeit of original plans. You can search them by category, designer, or even architectural style.

16. The House Designers: This site is comprehensive and deep in its selection of house plans, with a wealth of information on house building, legal issues, and everything else under the sun that has to do with house plans. It’s a no-frills but rewarding experience to shop here.

17. Designs Direct: This site offers a good selection of house plans in a simple, no-frills package with a handful of home photo tour examples and a list of the specific designers featured on the site, if you wanted to focus on one company’s projects.

19. Drummond House Plans: Drummond features a broad selection of house plans that are easily searched and sorted via checkboxes, plus a clean and simple design that gets out of the way, allowing you to browse directly to what you’re looking for. They’ve got a before and after gallery, plus a function for customizing any design on the site.

20. The Plan Collection: Similar to many others on this list, The Plan Collection is a comprehensive collection of plans in a large variety of styles, architectural designs, and sizes. Its best tool is that you can browse floor plans by specific feature.

21. Dream Home Source: Dream Home Source is a beautiful website with a detailed and highly precise list of home plan styles and designs set into an attractive and easy to navigate website. The site also has a curated Featured Designers page and a special collection of particularly unique designs.

22. The House Plan Shop: We really like the look of this site, with a bright clean design and lots of pictures. The house plans are grouped by architecture style in big bold lists, with a quick search function built into every page as well. If you enter your email for a free membership, you can save Favorites and keep them in a shopping cart for future reference.

23. House Plan Gallery: Like many others on this list, House Plan Gallery offers a customizable search box for their selection of home plans, but they also drop in a substantial list of FAQs on pretty much every aspect of the process, from planning to building to buying.

24. House Plans And More: This site has a great photo and video gallery to supplement its listing of house plans. The listings themselves can be searched, divided by style or feature, and browsed by eye catching photo galleries. They’ve also got additional projects, like barns, decks, and outdoor furniture.

25. Sater Design: We really enjoy the fact that this site is focused solely on luxury homes, with a selection ranging from smaller but richly detailed houses to sprawling Spanish Colonials and three-story Victorian homes. The company also offers the option to customize any plans and to create your own with their custom design services.

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