Traditional Home Decor Ideas Style Guide for 2019

Our ultimate guide to Traditional home decor styles for interior design will help you understand why this style is popular and one that will remain a favorite.
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Welcome to the Traditional interior design style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Traditional style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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What is Traditional Interior Design

Elements of Exterior Traditional Design

  • Traditional living room interior design.Deep porches,
  • Elevated foundations,
  • Graceful, symmetrical forms,
  • Arches, white columns, triangular gables,
  • One to two-and-a-half stories high,
  • Side-gabled or hipped roof, and
  • Balanced display of windows

Elements of Interior Traditional Design

  • Reflects classic European decor,
  • Elaborate moldings and wood paneling,
  • Built-in cabinetry,
  • Elegant furnishings and antique pieces,
  • Pairings of furniture and accessories,
  • Neutral palette with vibrant colors for furniture and accent pieces,
  • Expensive textiles like silk, velvet, cashmere or comfy fabrics like cotton or linen, and
  • Intricate tile and wood floor patterns

Traditional living room home decor and furnitureUnlike contemporary design or modern interior design, traditional style is actually focused on one of four basic aspects. In general, it leans toward vintage decor, with British colonial style revival and 19th century neoclassical or French country along with 18th-century English accents throughout a traditional room with its traditional furniture and plush fabrics. And all of it seems to go well together with a few little design elements that tend to pop up from an Eastern style. All-in-all, traditional may not seem quite so ‘traditional’ if you’re thinking of it as being very old-fashioned. Instead, it’s actually going to be a whole lot of fun and a little bit brighter in terms of wall paint color scheme and accent pieces than you might think.

Distinguishing Design Features

Traditional living room styleThe most distinguishing features about traditional interior design are the tailored aspects to fill in windows, doors and a whole lot more. You’ll find tassels and fringes as well as scalloped edges to help accent everything. You’ll definitely find some more ornate wood carvings as well, though they won’t’ be nearly as ornate as in some of the other styles you’ll find. The ones here are going to definitely draw your attention, however, and they’ll help emphasize the beauty of this slightly feminine style. When it comes to the other aspects of this style you’re going to find that a slightly higher amount of accent pieces and accessories are popular with this design style that also features chaise lounges and other period pieces of décor.


Traditional home decorating elementsThe materials of the traditional style are printed and especially with floral patterns, which lends itself to the more feminine style. On the other hand, you’ll also find a whole lot of damask material, which is slightly shiny but still textured and fun at the same time. These will usually have accents of scalloped edges, trim (of any kind) and tassels or fringe to go along with it. Then you’ll find a variety of colors in this area as well. Your colors will likely be more pale tones, including peach and lighter greens. You may find some deeper wood tones, however, and even some bronze to help highlight and accent whatever else is going on in the room. All of these colors, patterns, and accents help to add to the classic style and make sure you’re pulling out the right period pieces to get a great look overall. It’s even better when you add in the accessories.


Traditional dining room home decor exampleWhen it comes to furniture in the traditional style you’re going to find some that are maybe not as comfortable as you would like but it will have some padding to them. That’s because chaise lounges and even fainting couches are popular in this era, as are parlor style furniture pieces. These are generally going to have wood frames with somewhat intricate carvings and accents on them along with a little bit of padding for the base. When it comes to couches, you’re going to have standard and old-fashioned designs with rounded aspects and tufting throughout to help add some volume.

Décor Accessories

Traditional dining nook styleThe décor in this time period is definitely big and bold so you’ll find a whole lot that will appeal to you. There may be a whole lot of pillows on chairs and couches to help add even more texture and even more color to the room. You will also find a lot of large curtains and panels that draw your attention. When closed these can make the room darker but if you leave them open they’ll help create some formal and elegant styling’s that really help improve the look and feel of the room overall.

You’ll find gilt frames and oil paintings really make this type of room but you’ll also find that glitzy elements like chandeliers, silk flowers, and other formal aspects really help dress things up. Pairs are big in a traditional style room so a pair of candlesticks framing a picture may be just the piece you’re looking for. Most spaces will have some type of decorative element or accessory such as on the fireplace, on end tables and coffee tables and a whole lot more. All of this helps to fill the room in even further and adds to the comfortable aspects of the space.

Why it Looks Great

Traditional living room home decorThis type of room definitely looks great because, even if the furniture isn’t the most comfortable you’ll find, everything looks warm and inviting. The carvings in the furniture alongside the warm colors and the fact that there’s a whole lot of heavy aspects actually make the room feel more inviting than you might think. If you go too formal with the furniture it might not be as fun to spend your time in, but if you balance things out the right way you’re going to love your space and you’ll be able to fully develop the accents that you need to make sure people really want to be there.

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