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11 Coffee Tables Under $200 (Some Under $100 and Even $50)

Large square coffee table in living room

Coffee tables are convenient furniture and can look great. The best part is you can find really great looking options for not a lot of money.

This article sets out and describes many coffee tables under $200. We also include several additional galleries featuring many more options under $200. In some cases they’re as low as $100 or even $50.

A. Square Coffee Tables Under $200

1. Coylin Brushed Nickel Coffee Table

Sleek, square-shaped nickle coffee table.Source: Houzz

If you are in the market for a sleek and modern-looking coffee table, then this is the ideal one for you. The brushed nickel is a great accent to the modern appearance of the table and looks contemporary in any space. With a beveled glass top, this coffee table will brighten up any space and make the whole area seem a lot lighter than it actually is. It looks great in both small and larger spaces and will quickly become the focal point of your living room.


  • It is very artistic in appearance and adds a lot of interest to the room.
  • It is very stable and does not pose a risk of rocking and causing liquids to spill.


  • If not dusted regularly, then the top as well as the legs will appear dull.

2. Scandinavian Square Table

White, square coffee table with a storage.Source: Hayneedle

With modern storage available right under the top of this table, you can easily keep your remotes, magazines, and cell phones within easy reach while watching TV. This retro coffee table looks both modern and classic with a white lacquered top and thin chromed legs reminiscent of mid-century modern furniture.


  • The wooden top has a strong lacquer finish that will protect it from any damage or scratches.
  • Being able to store items close to you but off the tabletop frees up a lot of space.


  • A modern coffee table such as this one can look out of place in the wrong home or living room.

B. Square Under $100

3. Nanette Table

Square coffee table with metallic red frames and a tempered glass top.Source: Wayfair

This is the perfect coffee table if you want your furniture to pop when guests walk into your home. The shelves are made of tempered glass so they are sure to stand up to whatever you want to store on them and the clean, open shape of the table is very appealing, no matter your preferred home décor style. Because this table has two layers, you can easily store a number of items on the table while still keeping them in plain view.


  • The top holds up to 25 pounds and the shelf holds up to 15 pounds.
  • They can be placed side-by-side for a larger coffee table.


  • It is difficult to put together and you will need a square screwdriver.
  • Any dust or debris on the glass shelves will become immediately apparent and will dull the overall appearance of the coffee table.

4. HomCom Compartment Coffee Table

Dark walnut coffee table with compartments.Source: Hayneedle

This is the ideal coffee table if you need storage as well as a place to put your drinks and snacks. The four open compartments on the sides offer a lot of space to store your items and the handles make them very easy to move. Designed to resemble wooden crates, this coffee table works perfectly in a more rustic home.


  • It can hold up to 88 pounds without breaking.
  • At 60 pounds, the coffee table will not accidentally be moved when someone bumps into it.


  • The dark walnut color may be off-putting if you have decorated your home in lighter neutrals.
  • It is not made of solid wood so durability is questionable.

C. Square Under $50

5. Westrick Square Table

Mini-size, red wooden coffee table with an undone look.Source: Wayfair

Made from 100% wood, this coffee table is hand-painted and a true work of art. The solid top offers plenty of room for you to place a drink, snack, or your book and also beautifully contrasts with the color of the legs. It’s light enough to easily move around the home and can be quickly pushed out of the way if you need more floor space.


  • It adds a pop of color and visual interest to your room.


  • At only seven inches high, there is not a lot of space under this table and it is not very tall.

D. Round Coffee Tables Under $200

6. Contemporary Round Wooden Table

Round coffee table in walnut.Source: Houzz

Available in a number of colors, this coffee table has beautiful shape to both the legs and the top of the table. The molded plywood is then covered in high-quality veneer that you can match to the rest of your décor. At 34 inches in diameter, this table is large enough for a number of people to easily use. The light appearance of this piece of furniture is partly because of the bent and open legs, which allow both light and air to pass under and around the table so that it doesn’t appear to be very heavy.


  • The fascinating shape is one of a kind.
  • The curved edges of the table make it look more fluid than a static piece of furniture.


  • You can’t place items all of the way to the edge of the table due to the curve in the tabletop.

7. Bystrovany Round Table

Wood and glass coffee table with an artistic and unique finish.Source: Wayfair

More than simply a coffee table, this is a work of art that all of your guests will love. It offers plenty of storage on both the top of the table as well as on the lower glass shelf. The walnut frame perfectly mirrors the round glass tabletop and shelf and makes the piece appear both modern and organic at the same time. At 18 inches tall, it’s high enough to be used comfortably but not so large that it begins to take up the whole room. Small rubber bottoms under the table keep it very sturdy and ensure that it won’t rock even if it is accidentally bumped into.


  • It works great in a small space.


  • It is not as sturdy as other coffee table options.
  • The glass top and shelf are not attached, which makes it possible for them to accidentally fall.

E. Round Under $100

8. Quan Round Table

Round coffee table with a gray laminate top and a black metal base.Source: Wayfair

While made with a laminate top, this coffee table is designed to look as though there has been concrete poured for the top. This allows you to enjoy the appearance of concrete without the hefty price tag and increased weight. The black finish on the base contrasts beautifully with the top and the legs are thin and delicate enough to keep the piece from appearing too visually heavy. At 31.5 inches in diameter, there is plenty of space to place a number of items on this coffee table.


  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The size is large enough to hold a number of items but not so big that it takes up a lot of room.


  • Imperfections in the table top will be very obvious.
  • Very hot items may be able to easily damage the top.

9. BH&G Round Table

Round coffee table with a glass top and a metal frame.Source: Hayneedle

This stylish coffee table works perfectly in most any home and will add beauty and function. The tempered glass is strong enough to hold many different items and the black metal frame contrasts beautifully with the glass. At almost 31 pounds, this table is heavy enough to be very sturdy but not so heavy that you can’t easily move it if you are rearranging your home or need extra floor space.


  • It works well in many different homes, no matter the décor choices.


  • The glass will show dust easily and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The black legs and frame of the table are not as warm and welcoming as wooden legs are.

F. Round Under $50

10. Euro Round White Coffee Table

Transitional coffee table in white and brown..Source: Houzz

Add a pop of bright white to your living room as well as the ability to corral items when you buy this useful coffee table. The top doubles as a tray and can be flipped over to provide a perfectly flat surface if you do not need the raised rim around the edge. The white finish combined with the beauty of natural wood makes this round coffee table appear very European and very modern and provides a talking piece in your home as well as a functional piece of furniture.


  • Being able to use the top as a tray makes it easy to set out drinks and snacks.
  • This table is ideal for children using small beads or trinkets as they can’t easily roll away and get lost.


  • The white finish will easily chip if you bang the table top against something hard.

11. Welland Black Tray Table

Three-legged black coffee table with a wooden base.Source: Houzz

This small coffee table is ideal if you have a very small home or want to create a unique look in your living room by combining more than one coffee table in an area. The thin wooden legs of this table add a lot of visual interest to the piece and the lip on the top tray ensures that nothing spills off of the table.


  • It is easy to move around and works great in any home.


  • There is not a lot of space on the top of the coffee table, making it difficult to store a number of items.
  • The modern look isn’t for everyone and will seem out of place in a more traditional home.

G. Rectangle Coffee Tables Under $200

One of the most popular coffee table shapes is rectangle. And yes, there are many under $200.

H. Modern Coffee Tables

If you don’t care about shape, but prefer a modern style, check out the carousel gallery below. It contains a great selection of modern coffee tables under $200 in all shapes and materials, including wood, metal and glass.

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