95 Bedroom Closet Ideas (Photos)

95 great closet design ideas. Include walk-in closets, wardrobes and reach-in closets. Many storage configurations, styles and sizes.
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Incredible spacious walk-in closet

Welcome to our closet photo gallery where we feature many terrific closet designs including walk-in, dressing room, and reach-in closets.

This is our main Closet design gallery where you can browse all kinds of closet designs.  We hope you find your inspiration here.

Closet Photo Gallery

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Walk-in closet with ottoman

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Here’s an example of a custom-built walk-in closet with sitting ottoman and a built-in dresser along with plenty of space for hanging clothing and plenty of shelves.

Spacious walk-in closet floor-to-ceiling

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The above closet features hardwood flooring with plush rug.  Custom cabinetry throughout a dark wood.

Large walk-in closet

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Reach-in closet with shoe storage

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Very well designed custom reach-in closet with built closet organizer for shoes, shirts and small cabinet.

beautiful small walk-in closet

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I love this small walk-in closet design with pocket door to save space in both the closet and bedroom.

Designed by: Closet Works

Designed by: LLI Design

The closet offers multiple storage, cabinets and drawers. White walls look perfect with the chandelier.

The large walk-in closet boasts multiple shoes cabinet and a seating chair on the center.

The house also offers a huge closet with a seating spot and an island together with multiple cabinets lighted by recessed ceiling lights.

In this look of the closet showcases the beautiful organized clothes and shoes.

Lucerna large walk-in closet with hardwood flooring.

Designed by: A-cero

Designed by: Vick Vanlian

Designed by: 2e Architects


Designed by: Easy Closets

Designed by: Easy Closets


Designed by: Easy Closets

Designed by: Easy Closets

Designed by: Easy Closets

Designed by: Easy Closets

Designed by: McLean Design

Designed by: Closet Factory

Designed by: Closet Factory

Designed by: Closet Factory

Types of Closets

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you’ve outgrown your closet. It can be a pain when you go to clean out your closet to make room for the new digs you’ve purchased, only to find out that you can’t live without everything inside. If you’re building or buying a new home, you have the opportunity to prevent this situation before it happens.

Of course, you’ll have to keep a few factors such as your budget and the proper planning in mind before you make due on your goals to have the closet of your dreams.

Source: EasyClosets

1. Preliminary Planning

You’ll need to take the time to think about how you’d like for your closet to feel and look when you first walk in or pull the doors open. Do you want dividers for jewelry trays? Would you like to keep your carpeting that runs along the floors or would you prefer to go for hardwood floors to create a more elegant and luxurious look?

Also, you’ll have to have a discussion with your spouse or family members about how much you’d like to spend and how much effort you want to put into the decoration of this closet or multiple closets throughout your home.

You’re going to need to plan where you’d like for specific items like shoes, hats, and jackets to go with respect to your fitness wear, work clothes, and formal clothing.

2. Closet Costs

Building the perfect closet or dressing room will cost you less than most rooms in your home, but the price tag can still be pretty big on a luxury, walk-in closet. In some cases, building your closet can cost as little as $600. However, if you intend to have a stylish walk-in closet with multiple sections for storage, most people will pay around $1,800 to have everything just right.

You should consider the cost of hiring a contractor to help you lay out plans for your walk in or reach in closet. Also, the materials used inside of your closet can undoubtedly hike up the price as well. If you’re installing expensive materials like metal studs to hold shelves together, you’ll see a difference in price.

The additional drywall will also add dollar signs to your total figure, and if you’re trying to cut costs, it’s better to use something like wood paneling to get the same effect.

Source: June DeLugas Interiors

3. Features

There’s plenty of additional features that you’ll want to keep in mind when building your closet. It would be unfortunate to put a couple of thousand dollars into this specialized room only to have it fall short in terms of style.

A. Ceilings

The higher your ceilings are, the more space you have to build your closet. You can ask your contractor to install shelves that run all the way up towards the ceiling and maximize the purpose and additional space you’ll have in this room. If you have a lower ceiling, ask your contractor about installing additional storage drawers that are lower to the ground.

If your walk-in is already in a smaller space, then you should see if these custom drawers can be installed in a space-saving way that allows them to be expanded and minimized whenever you like.

Source: David Jones’ Builders

B. Floor Material and Color

If you already have carpet all throughout your bedroom, you can certainly extend this to your new closet. You’ll even save a little bit of cash on the process if you don’t want to bust your budget. However, if the overall cost of your dream closet isn’t a concern when it comes to the floors, you could always install hardwood floors in your closet or tiles.

C. Furnishings

You can bring so many different elements of your style to your walk-in closet. If your closet is pretty roomy, you can add a small loveseat or armchair that plays off of the colors used throughout the closet. Also, you can add attractive shelving and creatively decorated organizers that will pop against your racks of clothes and jackets.

D. Lighting

You’ll want to have good lighting in your walk-in closet. It can be pretty frustrating to look for the right outfit for a big interview and have to narrow your eyes to figure out which of your favorite outfits need dry cleaning.

When you’re consulting with your contractor, ask them about your lighting options. Depending on the size of your closet, you can employ multiple styles. To keep a classy and sophisticated theme going throughout your closet, add a neutral colored wall sconce. Or, you can add pendant lights to your closet if you would prefer to have various fixtures illuminated throughout the room.

E. Shelving and Storage

The majority of your closet is dedicated to shelving and storage. However, it could cause headaches and stress down the line if your closet wasn’t organized correctly in construction. You should sit down with your contractor and go over how you’d like to organize your shelves and various storage areas in a way that makes them most useful to you.

You can play with a few different design elements when you’re planning this with your contractor, and you can even partition parts of your closet for specific clothing items. Your contractor will work with you to make sure that you get the most function and style out of this setup.

F. Window Treatments

In some cases, your closet may be large enough for a window to be installed in it as well. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to include the window in your design layout as well. If you’ve opted for a dark wood to go throughout the shelves and drawers in your walk-in closet, then feel free to hang curtains that complement the wood along the window.

However, you can also use the window to brighten up the room and make your closet seem even larger. Natural light might be able to improve the look and feel of the room, and it won’t feel like you’re inside of a closet if sunlight can illuminate most of the room.

Source: Thiel Architecture and Design

4. Style

If you’re determined to stick to a theme that you’ve already begun in other parts of your home, it’s easy to carry that over to your closet:

  • Traditional: Warm colors on the walls and neutral colored shelves can help keep that traditional feel in your bedroom closet.
  • Modern: Sliding doors along particular sections of your closet and bright, recessed lighting can help with pulling this look together.
  • Country: Dark woods and exposed beams will carry the country look throughout your closet. Consider adding a barn door to add a down-home feel to your closet.

Source: Lisa Adam Closet Design

5. Sizes

Your walk-in closet can come in any size you like if you have control over the building or expanding process. There are plenty of perks of having a large walk-in closet such as being able to quickly see all of your items as soon as you walk in, more storage space, and more room to try on some outfits.

In some cases, you might opt for a more modest walk-in closet, and if you’re trying to stick to a low budget, then you’ll want to keep things small. You can still bring style and class to your smaller walk-in closet; you’ll just have to ask your contractor to make some small-scale changes so that you can shave off figures on that total number as much as possible.

Source: Lisle Architecture and Design

6. Colors

When designing your walk-in closet, you can use color sparingly, or you can use it all throughout the room. The colors used in your closet can mimic your wardrobe if you have options bursting with bright hues of yellow, orange, red, or blue, then you should mimic that throughout the room. Take risks and paint the room with ambitious colors, and hang paintings with similarities in color.

7. Options

There are so many optional accents that you can add to your walk-in closet. If you’ve already allowed for space for tasteful decorations, you can enhance this use of space with a few other accents.

A. Art

Hang paintings and exquisite wall hangings along the wall in your closet. The tasteful feel that paintings and sculptures can add to the room will assist in making a closet feel more like a room and less like a closet.

B. Accents

Don’t shy away from adding personal accents to your walk-in closet. Hang an antique mirror or shop around for a stylish vanity that fits the theme of your closet, whether it’s traditional, modern, contemporary, or rustic.

Source: Cummings Architects

8. Design Elements

The stronger elements of design will always come into play when you’re decorating a space that’s as personal as a walk-in closet. When your renovation or home building process is said and done, you want to be able to say that you considered every element of how this room was designed.

A. Shapes

Have you thought about unique shapes in your closet planning? You can break up the feel of one shape that dominates the room if you add a few contrasting pieces to the closet.

For example, try adding a round seat to the middle of the room or in front of your vanity to add new shapes into the picture. You can also hang a round clock or a photo of your style avatar in a round frame on the wall.

Source: Trickle Creek Designer Homes

B. Lines

Lines are a necessary design element, and they can help to pull the room together and create a full picture. For your walk-in closet, try to keep lines going along the floors if you’ve opted to upgrade from the carpet that might be in your bedroom and the rest of your home, the lines created by light-colored hardwood floors could really assist here.

You can also add lines by placing a stylish rug with vertical lines in your closet, or by adding some paintings with bold frames that will help with breaking up parts of the grand closet.

C. Texture

If you need to add texture to your walk-in closet, consider adding a rug that stands out from the rest of the patterns inside of your closet. If you’re not a fan of rugs, and you’d still like to add some textures to your walk-in closet, add fun hangers for your clothing! If you intend to use hangers, use cloth hangers of varying material that will create an interesting, and chic look for your clothes as they hang on the metal rods of your shelves.

D. Space

It’s likely that you’re already going to have more space than you usually would if you’ve expanded your closet or built a walk-in closet, but taking advantage of space is a crucial part of designing any room.

If you have limited space in your closet, make an effort to keep the center of the room clear, this will bring more attention to the clothes around you and emphasize the enlarged space. If you have an abundance of space created by careful designing and high ceilings, be sure to use the space so that parts of the walk-in closet don’t feel empty. Your drawers should get pretty close to the ceilings.

E. Colors

The colors that you choose for your walk-in closet are still important, even though your walk-in closet will be more of a personal area.

Source: EasyClosets

Color can assist with bringing personality to your closet, and even if you don’t have a lot of brightly colored clothing, you can still add bold uses of color, especially if you’ve opted out of the traditional wooden design.

For example, you could paint your shelves certain colors and color code sections of your wardrobe. Also, you could hang paintings and place boldly colored accent furniture (rugs, chairs, wall clocks,) throughout the room as well.