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What is a Settee Sofa?

This is a living room with a brown leather settee sofa.

A settee sofa is a super comfy cushion option for your living room, bedroom, or spare room. It can be styled in so many ways — with a modern twist in real leather, or as an elegant vintage piece. A settee sofa, also known as a conversational sofa, offers versatility to any home.

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What is a settee sofa?

The settee is a traditional English furniture piece known for its comfort seat cushion and utility. In some cases, it can be said to represent an element of refinement, opulence, or sophistication. It has been utilized by people of varying classes and backgrounds for many centuries. A settee is an elegant, yet comfortable seating arrangement that is most often seen in the dining room or living room of a house.

It is also considered a very basic piece to flaunt among friends or by family members when entertaining guests. The Settee can either be used as a sitting or stand-alone prop or decoration. 

A settee is a type of upholstered couch that has arms that angle up toward the user and a back that curves slightly toward the legs. Like other upholstered couches, a settee is often used as a seating arrangement for guests; however, settees can also be used as seating for two parties simultaneously, or as an elevated surface for reading and writing.


This is a living room that has an L-shaped brown velvet settee sofa.

The standard three-seater couch is approximately 90 inches wide in the seating area, 38 inches deep, and 34 inches high. However, each brand has its own dimensions.

Is it in style or popular today?

They are popular in more formal or chic environments as they are more functional for entertainment like cocktail parties, or tea date. This type of furniture is not necessarily popular amongst family-based homes.

Materials used 


Although linen is a very elegant material, it should be used only in places that are low in traffic and in areas that are for adults only due to its tendency to wrinkle and stain. 


Wool is incredibly strong and is usually resistant to stains, wrinkles fades, and pilling. It is also possible to blend the properties of wool with those of synthetic fibers for greater wear durability and easier spot cleaning. 


Soft and delicate, this material is highly valued. It should be placed in a formal area due to its fragility and should be professionally cleaned if it gets dirty. 


In addition to being durable, cotton also resists fading and pilling. However, this version does not resist soiling or wrinkles as well. Cotton can be made more durable if blended with other fibers. 


As far as durability and sophistication are concerned, this material is among the most reliable. As part of its durability as well as ease of cleaning, it is a favorite of people with kids and pets.

Variations of Styles

Alternative Options

Sleeper Sofa

This is a close look at a gray cushioned sofabed settee.

Sleeper sofas (also known as convertible sofa) aren’t just for the bedroom anymore. These sturdy pieces of furniture are becoming a mainstay in living rooms, offices, and even dorm rooms due to their ability to transform purely functional areas into functional spaces.

Similarly, these convertibles can take your space to another level by letting you comfortably slumber on your couch or bed without having to pull out the entire bed. That means you can get more restful nights without having to spend money on an actual bed or buying one that might not be as comfy as you expect.

This sofa style works great in a family room like a traditional sofa. A reclining sofa is a great complimentary piece.

Sectional Sofa

This is a living room with an L-shaped sectional settee sofa.

Sectional sofas are a great option if you are looking for a basic, affordable piece of furniture. If you do plan on upgrading to a luxurious piece or are simply looking for something that will provide comfort while serving your needs as an office, living room, or bedroom, then look for luxury or exclusive options accounting for the highest quality materials and upholstery available.

Luxury sections also tend to have more items, more room, and more features than their basic counterparts while still maintaining an affordable price tag. `What defines a sectional sofa as opposed to just a regular couch or chair is the fact that it is made from two or more separate units that are joined together at the seat and back end.

Each unit is typically made of wood with some fabric or plastic in between. More expensive sectional sofas are often given fancier designs and/or cushions made from different materials like satin, rayon, polyester drapery, silk, or velvet.

Corner Sofa

This living room has a brown fabric corner settee sofa.

When you are looking for a corner sofa it is important to consider what style and design appeal to you. How much space do I have available? Is it going to be too small, or will it take up much space?

Do I want a tall or wide table surface? Wide enough that I can comfortably sit and work (without too much” wasted” space underneath)? There are several factors you should consider when buying a corner sofa. The first and most important is the material. 

Just as you would choose which fabric for your outfit, you should choose the perfect material for your furniture. Many people use softwoods for their tables-and often, this is fine if you want a spot that feels cozy. If you do plan on using hardwoods, consider sanding down the rough edges and using a piece of felt or shellac until it resembles the surface of your arms.

The second consideration is height. Do you want the corner sofa to be a visual feature, or will it be more effective when used as part of an open display area? 

Leather Sofa

This is a brown leather settee sofa in a living room.

A leather sofa or leather couch is a relatively new furniture design that is made out of the highest quality leather and often hand-sewn. Though the furniture may look basic and almost like a practical piece of furniture, it can definitely add a trendy and modern twist to your room.

Because it is often hand-made, the appearance may differ slightly from one area to another depending on the maker and the area in which it is made.

Love Seat

This is a leather ornate love seat chair with carvings.

Today, the love seat has evolved quite a bit from its original intentions. It has become more of a fashion statement for our homes as it adds an elegant and sleek appeal to a living room or den. With multiple upholstery options and great designs like oversized cushions and tufted backs, you can really decorate your space with this functional and stylish piece of furniture.

The idea of wide upholstered chairs intended for one person became popular towards the end of the 1700s to accommodate the wider dresses in fashion then, and these began to be marketed and sold as “loveseats” in the early 1800s.

Later, the love seat came into being to provide a more modest alternative to the courting bench, a structure that—if you believe history books—was reserved for those couples who were already practically engaged.

Pros and Cons

It may not be best for a large family-style home. This is more of an accent piece for a small apartment or lounge area. It works perfectly well for those intentions.

Where can it be used in the home?

It can be used in a foyer, an accent piece in a living room, or even an enclosed patio.

The History

This is a gray fabric cushioned two-seat settee sofa.

Settees, also called slats, upholstered seats with back and arms (sometimes upholstered), designed to accommodate two or more people in a sitting or reclining position, have a rich history. In Renaissance Italy, where thematic furniture was popular, settees were used by wealthy patrons as a place to rest their heads when bored.

Their popularity grew during the 18th century as the comfort of sitting around a desk with a book or a newspaper was discovered by many consumers. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that Americans began to ridicule them as ” an unhealthy and inefficient way to sit.”

But while modern-day clinicians haven’t figured out what exactly makes a settee comfortable enough for sitting around a table or a chaise longue, we do know that when used by people with back or neck pain, they can provide a much-needed break from traditional armrest seating wherever possible.

The Average Cost of a Love Seat

The average price of love seats can vary from around $230-$800.

Where to Buy a Love Seat

A love seat can be bought from,, Walmart, and sometimes Target!