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12 Different Types of Sofa Cushions

A collage of sofa cushions.
  • Sofa cushions are designed with special needs in mind. Some have lumbar support, while others are ideal for those with long legs. 
  • Feathers, foam, polyester, batting, and hollow fill fiber are among the common options for fillings of sofa cushions. 
  • The density of the cushions can indicate the firmness of the cushions. The typical ranges for thickness, or foam density, are 1.5 to 2.

The sofa cushions that you have on your sofa make a massive difference in the comfort you feel while sitting on your sofa. You want nothing more than to come home at the end of the day and relax on your couch.

There are a number of sofa cushion choices from which you can choose. Continue reading this article to find out about all the types of sofa cushions available. 

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Sofa Cushion Fillings 

Sofa cushions have many different options and materials for fillings. Some of these materials make the cushions comfortable and soft, the kind that you sink into when you sit down. Other material helps the cushions provide structure and support. 


Foam is the most common and sought after sofa filling for sofa cushions. Foam cushions come in many options and densities. Low-density foam is soft and flattens quickly. High-density foam is firmer but softens over time after you have been sitting on it.

Memory foam provides support and forms to the shape of your body. The foam cushion may be constructed from various foam type options, such as polyester fiber, polyurethane foam, or have a foam core. 

Hollow-Fill Fiber

This cushion filling is soft and squishy. It does not provide much support but is ideal for taking a nap. You will leave an imprint in the cushions when you get up. You will have to rotate them on a regular basis. 


A feather cushion is usually made to order, which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of feathers for firmer seats. You must be careful with a feather filling because some people are allergic. 


Polyester filling is ideal for you if you are on a budget. Polyester filling is an affordable and durable option. These cushions are soft but flatten quickly. 


Batting filling provides cushioning and insulation. Batting is typically made from cotton, wool, or polyester. However, you can find it in more than one thickness. 

Types of Sofa Cushions

Bench Cushion

This is a porch hanging bench with cushion and pillows.

The bench seat cushion is one whole piece that is not divided in the middle. This cushion goes the entire length of the sofa, which is different from what you typically see. It has a minimalist and contemporary feel to it. You can find this type of couch cushion fixed or loose. 

Boxed Cushion

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Boxed cushions have a distinct look that has a top panel and bottom panel. These cushions are boxed in on four sides. These boxed seat cushion panels may be trimmed with piping, which gives the cushions a formal and structured look. The piping is found on the back and seat cushions. 

Chair Cushion

This is a beige wide arm chair that has beige cushion and beige pillows.

A chair cushion could be constructed from some type of fiber, polyester fiberfill, or memory foam. This cushion is designed specifically for sitting on a chair. It can provide support for your spine and hips.

A chair cushion can improve circulation, posture and limit the discomfort you feel from sitting on a hard surface. However, these cushions will not give you much neck, upper back, or lower leg support. 

Chaise Cushion

This is a chaise lounger with cushions and cylindrical pillows on both ends.

A chaise cushion is an accent piece that gives your comfort and style. For example, it is perfect to accent a lounge chair for either an outdoor or indoor chaise lounge. These cushions support both your lower and upper body. 

Fixed Style Cushion

Fixed style cushions are ones that have been stitched directly to the sofa. You are not able to remove these cushions from the sofa because they are sewn in. However, they are fixed in place and do not require additional hardware to keep them in place. 

J, L, and T Cushions

The J, L, and T cushions are named for the shape that the cushions take on. A J cushion and a L cushions wrap around the right and left arms of the sofa.

The J cushions wraps around the left arm, and the L cushion wraps around the right. The T cushion is a bench cushion that is loose and wraps around the arms of the sofa on both ends, which creates a T shape. 

Knife-Edge Cushions

A knife-edge cushion is a cushion where the back and front panel is attached by only one seam. The seam can be left alone or be piped. This style is more often found in the back cushion. However, modern sofas have been known to use this style on seat cushions. 

Loose Cushions

Loose couch cushions are exactly what their name implies, loose. These means they are not attached to the sofa. Therefore, they can easily be removed from the couch if you need to clean them, or move them for any reason. 

Memory Foam Cushions

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Memory foam cushions do not have a specific style or design to them. This type of cushion is effective to improve the health of your posture. You will not have to make a large investment because memory foam cushions are more affordable now than they have been in the past.

A memory foam cushion is portable and can be moved anywhere you want to take it. You will notice a large amount of support for your spine and coccyx bone.

These cushions help to reduce the strain that is put upon your body when you sit for long periods of time. As a result, you feel less pain and discomfort in your low back, hip, and tailbone. 

Scatter Cushions

This is a close look at a beige couch with colorful throw pillows.

Scatter cushions are also known by the name of throw pillow. These are not truly cushions. They are more like pillows that are randomly placed around your chairs, couch, or bed.

The purpose is to create a look of casualness with your pillows or cushions. You can remove and move these cushions whenever you want.  

Straight Cushion

This is a close look at a beige sofa with thick beige cushions and pillows.

A straight cushion is the simplest cushion design that you will find for your sofa. The straight cushions are rectangle or square. They are loose and not attached to the sofa. They do not have any additional part that wraps around the couch.

Any cushions that are in the middle of your sofa are always straight cushions. The cushions on the end may or may not be straight cushions. This cushion style is one that you commonly see in homes. 

Waterfall Cushions

A waterfall cushion is one that has fabric that wraps from the top all the way to the bottom, such as in a seat cushion. The material can also wrap from the front side to the back side, usually the case for back cushions. Thus, there is no interruption of the material, and it is closed off by side panels. 


What is the Best Density for Sofa Cushion Filling?

The ideal density is around 1.8 because it gives you durability and long-lasting comfort without compromising the feel.

What are the Different Densities of Foam?

When you are looking for a cushion fill made of foam, it is helpful to know the difference between them.

A high density foam is a firmer foam and that does not conform closely to your body. A medium foam density and low foam density are a softer foam and conform more to the shape of your body.