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23 Primary Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Primary bedroom with quote on the wall serving as wall art

When we are decorating our homes, we prioritize the parts of the home that are less private and are appreciated more. We enjoy when people praise our décor sense. However, we tend to forget that a bedroom is our private sanctuary which should be given special attention. Its exclusivity from the rest of the house is what makes this part of your home extremely valuable. Your bedroom is your personal retreat, a rejuvenating space, and an intimate getaway.

A primary bedroom is usually the largest bedroom of any house. It has the most space that can be used to decorate it. It is totally up to you how you decorate it and what amenities you include. The same amount of energy that you put in to decorate all areas of your house should be put into a primary bedroom as well. After all, it is the primary bedroom and it sure deserves some attention.

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Why Is Wall Art Important?

Despite having everything, your room may still loom dull, boring, and incomplete. Are you trying to figure out what is it that’s missing? It is probably the wall art. Empty walls can really bring the décor game down. Empty walls are just like a blank canvas- useless, boring and pointless. It is in your hands how you paint the canvas of your home. It is up to you where you take your canvas from this point onwards.

Primary Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

The wall that is most commonly utilized for wall art is the one above the bed. Since the bed is the most prominent furniture in a bedroom, the wall over it serves as a focal point. The right wall art can make your bedroom look bigger, better, and brighter while the wrong choice can totally bring the game down. Below are some primary bedroom wall art ideas that will help you select the wall art that goes best in your bedroom.

1. Wallpaper or Paint

Murwall Floral Wallpaper Colorful Floral Wall Mural Peony Flower Watercolor Paint Art Classic Cafe Design English Home Decor Living Room Bedroom

The simplest, easiest, and the most common primary bedroom wall art is wallpaper. Installing wallpaper on the wall just above the bed gives the bedroom a rich appearance. It makes your room look warmer, more comfortable, and more intimate. You can get patterned or plain wallpaper. If you think wallpapers won’t match your taste, you can get the wall over your bed painted in a rich, vibrant, and an attractive color.

2. Wooden Wall

Glow4u Peel and Stick Vintage Wood Plank Wallpaper Roll Self Adhesive Contact Paper for Bedroom Kitchen Walls Arts Decor (Red, 20.83 Inches by 9.8 Feet)

Thinking of unique and creative ways to utilize bedroom walls is not as easy as it may sound. However, we are here to help you generate ideas. One great primary bedroom wall art idea is to convert the wall over the bed into a headboard. Instead of purchasing a bed with a headboard, let your wall serve the purpose. A wooden wall will not only serve as a headboard for your bed but will make your bedroom feel warmer and cozier. If getting an entire wall made of wood is blowing up your budget, you can consider getting wood textured wallpaper as well.

3. Colorful Mural

Murwall Abstract Wallpaper Colorful Smoke Wall Mural Watercolor Art Wall Decor Abstract Home Decor Living Room Bedroom Cafe Design

Turning your bedroom wall into a mural is also a great way of utilizing the blank bedroom wall. Murals are attractive and eye-catching. They can be done in numerous colors and patterns. You can select whatever suits your bedroom theme and your taste. If you are an avid painter yourself, you can do it yourself otherwise you can get it done from any professional.

4. Bedroom Wall Sayings

CELYCASY Give It to God and Go to Sleep, Canvas Sign, Farmhouse Decor, Inspirational, Affirmation Wall Art, Canvas Print, Bedroom Wall, Custom Colors

Bedroom wall sayings can be hanged on your bedroom walls. Hanging framed or unframed sayings on your walls makes the room look elegant and funky at the same time. With wall sayings, you can overcome dullness in your bedroom instantly. If you don’t want your walls to stay empty and you don’t want to overdo things as well, wall sayings are ideal for you.

5. Bedroom Wall Tapestry

Adarl Natural Red Maple Psychedelic Tapestry Hanging Wall Tapestries Hippy Boho Gypsy Full-Polyester Tapestry Table Cover Bedspread Beach Towel

Tapestries are a great way to incorporate elegance and color to your bedroom. They are easily accessible and quite affordable. They come in numerous designs and patterns. Tapestries have a rich history associated with them. You can use tapestries in your bedroom to tell a story without using any words. It also makes the wall a point of focus with its rich colors and patterns.

6. Macramé Bedroom Wall Hangings

CHICIEVE Owls Macrame Wall Hangings Boho Woven Tapestry for Bedroom Above Bed Wall Decor and Living Room 22" L X 11.6" W (Yellow)

The wall behind the bed is plain and blank. Hence, it leaves a lot of room for experimentation. Macramé bedroom wall hangings are a great idea to decorate your bedroom wall without overdoing anything. They are simple pieces of décor that are hung on walls. They do not make the room look congested. Macramé wall hangings add a touch of simplicity, elegance, and completion to any room.

7. Yarn Wall Décor

Kraska Rainbow Wall Decor 14 x 17 inch Yarn Wall Hanging Room Decor, Wall Art Home Decoration for Living Room, Apartment, Baby Nursery Bedroom Decor - Hand Made in USA - Best Rainbow Home Decor

Another way to add color to the blank walls of your bedroom is by hanging yarn wall decoration in your bedroom. If you want something sweet, simple and elegant, yarn wall hangings are what you should opt for. They are available in numerous designs and colors. They are extremely simple pieces of decoration yet their impact is noticeable. If you are looking for primary bedroom wall art ideas that are simple and affordable, yarn wall art is something you will love.

8. Wooden Shelves

KINO Boho Style Macrame Rope Woven Wood Shelf Tapestry Tassel Wall Floating Hanging Art Home Decor Handmade Craft

Installing a small-sized, stylish, and elegant shelf on the wall over your bed is another great idea for primary bedroom wall art. You can use this shelf to decorate small decorative items, flower vases, pictures, books, or any crafts that you made yourself. You can look around for shelves that serve more of a decorative purpose than storage. Many designs are available. You can pick the one that you feel gels in with your bedroom theme.

9. Hand-woven Wall Art

Wall Hanging Handwoven Bohemian Cotton Rope Boho Tapestry Home Decor

Hand-woven wall art adds a touch of personalization. Hand-woven items look extremely elegant. Though they are simple, their beauty lies in their simplicity. Sometimes, the simplest things can make the strongest impact. Similar is the case with hand-woven wall art. Hand-woven wall art is available in many designs that you can choose from.

10. Plant Container Wall Hanging

Dacyflower Hanging Decor Container Geometric Characteristic Wall Hanging Succulents Plant Pot Household Innovative Indoor Living Room Ornament Decoration Garden

Plants bring about freshness, liveliness, and life to any room. Incorporating fresh plants in your bedroom will lift the atmosphere instantly. You will feel fresh and alive. That’s the effect the plants can have. You can decorate fresh plants in your bedroom. You can either arrange them in pots or you can get plant containers for walls. Plant containers for walls will serve two purposes that are; bringing in freshness and utilizing the wall for décor. If you want the atmosphere of your bedroom to stay lively, this wall art idea is perfect for you.

11. Wall Lights

SOUTHPO Pendant Lighting Black Modern Creative Little People Mini Adjustable Hanging Lights for Bedroom Decor Iron Cartoon Doll Chandeliers for Dining Rooms 3×E26 Baking Paint Finish (L)

Another great way to decorate your bedroom wall is by using wall lights. If you have an empty wall in your bedroom, installing fancy lights will not only utilize the wall but will also enhance the appearance of your bedroom. Appropriate lighting is extremely important for an impressive décor of any room and wall lights ensure that your room looks nothing less than perfect.

12. Zodiac Sign Wall Art

Taurus metal wall art home decor - Choose 11", 17", or 23", Choose Patina color, Choose any Horoscope Zodiac Symbol

Your bedroom is a place that belongs to you. You can decorate it as you like. An addition of personalization would not only make your room feel more like home but will also be indicative of who you are as a person. Zodiac sign wall art is the best way to personalize your room for yourself. Zodiac sign wall art may be in the form of a picture frame, metallic wall art, a wooden or plastic zodiac sign, a painting, or a wall decal. It is unique and attractive. You will love the feel it will bring about.

13. Rustic Wall Art

Rustic Wall Decor,Wooden Chevron Arrow Sign Wall Decor-Decorative Farmhouse Home Wall Hanging Decor-Set of 3 Arrows

Rustic wall art gives a sense of vintage décor. Vintage décor has an unmatched and evergreen attraction. Rustic wall art brings about sophistication, elegance, and class to your bedroom. Your bedroom will appear more comfortable, cozier, and warmer.

14. Wide Metal Wall Art

Newhill Designs Blue Agate 42" Wide Metal Wall Art

If your bedroom is fairly large, a wide metal wall art would look great. Metal wall art looks classy and sophisticated. The wide metal wall art will make your wall appear wider, and your room would appear to be more spacious. The right place for such a wall art is the wall above the bed. It would create a focal point. Your bedroom would look complete and finished. After the installation of wide metallic wall art, you wouldn’t have to worry about any other wall art because this one wall art will be enough for your bedroom.

15. Vertical Metal Wall Art

Statements2000 Multicolor Contemporary Metal Wall Art Sculpture, Abstract Wall Decor by Jon Allen Metal Art, Accumbent Wave, 46" x 10"

If you have a pillar in your room that you wish to utilize, the vertical metal sculpture is the best option. Pillars usually go unnoticed. If you have a wall decoration over your bed but you still feel something is missing, look closely. You might have a blank pillar in your bedroom, making your room look unfinished. A colorful metal sculpture will make the pillar standout and your room will look more vibrant and lively.

16. Metallic Series Wall Art

Plow & Hearth Colorful Five Suns Metal Wall Art

Decorating your wall with clusters or series of smaller metallic art pieces adds depth to the wall. It looks eye-catching and attractive. Especially, if the wall underneath is of a lighter shade, metallic wall art would stand out incredibly. You will love the impact it has on your bedroom. The bedroom feels cozier and classier. Your primary bedroom will really like a primary of all rooms!

17. Metallic Focal Point Wall Art

Olive Tree Metal Wall Art

The size and style of metallic wall art have a significant impact on the décor of your bedroom. As mentioned earlier, wide metallic wall art has a different effect as compared to a vertical one. Similarly, the effect that smaller pieces of metallic wall art will have will not be the same as a single and large metallic wall art that is installed in the center of your bedroom wall. With metallic wall art placed on the center of your wall, the focus will be diverted to it. It will add depth and contrast to your room which is something you will genuinely love.

18. Large Mirror Wall Art

American Art Décor Rustic Wood and Metal Hanging Wall Vanity Mirror - Farmhouse Décor (24.5” H x 25.75” L)

If you install a large mirror on your bedroom wall, your bedroom will appear to be larger than it actually is. It will look more spacious. If your room is small in size, a large mirror can help you overcome the feeling of being in a very compact place. Moreover, mirrors make beautiful wall décor. They are delicate and elegant and they make your bedroom look just that. Now, who wouldn’t want their bedrooms to look pretty?

19. Mirrored Wall Art

Touch of Class Ryan Mirrored Wall Art Platinum Set of Three

If you love mirrors but you are not sure if you should install a framed mirror in your bedroom, you need to not worry. Mirrored wall art is available in many forms and varieties. Mirrored wall art looks beautiful. No matter how big or small your room is, it would look great. If you want your bedroom to look elegant and pretty, mirrored wall art is what you should get. With mirrors, your bedroom looks electric without a need of creating chaos.

20. Ombré’ Wall

Printed Vinyl, Patterned Vinyl, Vinyl Print, Sheet size12"x12'', Heat Transfer Vinyl, Vinyl Sheet, Faux Glitter Ombre Vinyl Craft Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet

Wallpapers and brightly painted walls have become extremely common. If you want something unique and different for your primary bedroom wall, Ombré wall is what you should look for. The era of monochromic walls is coming to an end. Ombré walls are the new “in thing”. The light shades make the look appear lively and bright. It is one of the newest primary bedroom wall art ideas that you should definitely consider.

21. Simple Wall Art

Dandelion Wall Art Coral Navy Gray Bedroom Wall Decor Canvas or Prints Coral Navy Bathroom Decor Flower Wall Art Dandelion Art Set of 3 8x10 inch

There is no rule such as overfilling your walls to prevent your room from looking dull and incomplete. The right choice is important. A single, medium-sized artwork can give your bedroom a finished look if it blends well with the theme of your bedroom. Simple wall art options include framed pictures, painting, or sayings. Keeping things simple have their own beauty and that’s what you should look to incorporate in our bedroom

22. Paintings

5D Full Drill Diamond Painting Animal Butterfly Flower Carrot Print Embroidery Kits Cross Stitch Rhinestone Pasted Wall Decor Home Decor Bedroom Living Room TV Backdrop Gift Present (A, 40x30cm)

Paintings are the oldest and the most popular wall art that has been used. Paintings are the most straight-forward and easy way to decorate your bedroom walls. Paintings look attractive, sophisticated, and classy. They bring about a burst of colors to your bedroom. If you want to bring the level of your room décor up to the next level, hanging an attractive painting on the wall just over your bed is what you should do.

23. Wall Decals

HN Paris Eiffel Tower Removable Decor Environmentally Mural Wall Stickers Decal

If you don’t want to damage the walls with any drillings or wall hangings, wall decals are ideal for you. They are temporary patterns that are installed on the walls. They can be removed easily without damaging the paint underneath. Numerous designs and patterns are available that you choose from, depending upon your choice and the theme of your bedroom.

Endless options are available for primary bedroom wall art ideas. When you realize how important wall art is for an attractive interior, you will start thinking of ways you can decorate your walls. The bedroom is the place you go to at the end of the day when you are drained and exhausted. It should feel warm comfortable, cozy, and peaceful. It is the place where you open your eyes in. it should be bright and refreshing. Since the bedroom is where your day starts and ends, it has a major impact on how your mood stays throughout. So, think of ways you can make your bedroom your little heaven.