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25 Fabulous Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Yellow kitchen wall with clock

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place where you cook, eat, and gather with your family and friends. It’s where all family members sit and discuss their day’s happenings with each other while they eat. Dinners are usually treated with great importance in most families as it is the only time when all members of the family are in one place. This makes the kitchen an extremely important part of the house.

Having a comfortable, neat, and cozy kitchen is essential. Considering how important this part of your home is, considerable attention should be given to its décor. Nobody would have an enjoyable time if the kitchen is messy and dirty. A kitchen should be decorated and designed in such a way that the atmosphere becomes welcoming, warm, and cozy automatically.

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How Important Can Wall Art Be?

Wall art breathes life into the interior design of any place. They accentuate the interior design by adding art and color to your walls. For impressive interior design, it is necessary that equal attention is given to each part of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen. Even if you place simple, not-so-expensive, and not-too-fancy furniture, attractive wall art can balance simplicity. The best thing about wall arts is that you do not have to be ridiculously rich to be able to afford wall art for your home.

Numerous wall art options are available in the market. Some people prefer preparing wall art by using different DIY techniques. Whatever way you take, wall art is a secret to an incredibly attractive interior. Wall arts can make you feel like you are sitting in a fancy hotel. They can make your home look classy, sophisticated, and extremely cozy. There are numerous reasons why you should focus on wall art. A major reason is affordability and the second most important reason is- a major transformation to your place.

Wall Art Ideas for Kitchen

The focus of most of the people while decorating homes is on the living room. A living room is the main area of any house that is used most roughly and most frequently. Most time is spent in the living room. What people fail to understand is how important the kitchen is. However, wall art for kitchens is usually an afterthought because the cabinets and appliances leave little room to play and experiment around. It does not mean you cannot decorate your kitchen. The kitchen wall art ideas below are easy to do and can be accommodated in any kitchen, big or small. Wall art for kitchen has to be eye-catching and well-suited to the theme of your kitchen.

1. Wood Cutting Board Wall Art

A cutting board is a kitchen tool. Whenever a cutting board is mentioned, the kitchen comes to one’s mind. It is always looked up to be a kitchen utensil. What about using utensils as kitchen decorations? Wood cutting board art pieces are great for decorating your kitchen walls. It won’t look out of the place. It will perfectly blend in with any theme.

Personalized Cutting Board Engraved Bamboo Chopping Block HDS - Eat Drink be Married

2. Food Prayer Sign

Family dinner time is a blessing. Many families follow a ritual of saying a thanking prayer before they begin eating their meals. A prayer sign related to food used as wall art for kitchen is a great idea. It will remind you to be thankful for the food and the time you are getting to spend with your loved ones. Above all, it will make your kitchen look nicer and trendier.

Bless The Food Before Us The Family Beside Us and The Love Between Us Pallet Plaque Sign Dining Room Wall Decor Kitchen Wall Decor Rustic Plaque Sign

3. Kitchen Sign

Using kitchen sign is a cool way to decorate the kitchen wall. Displaying a kitchen sign on the walls will give a finished, creative and a fun look to your kitchen. Anybody can tell the room is a kitchen without the need for any display signs but giving a little thought and working on incorporating wall decorations makes the kitchen more attractive.

Kitchen Sign - Kitchen Wooden Sign - Farmhouse Style- Vertical Kitchen Sign

4. Rolling Pin Wall Hanger

Using kitchen utensils as a decorative item is quite smart. It just not decorates the kitchen but also makes space in the cabinets. Cabinet space for kitchens is never enough and that is why we suggest you make use of kitchen utensils as wall decorations. A rolling pin wall hanger is one way to go about it. It will keep your utensil organized and will add to the décor of the kitchen.

Rolling Pin Rack with Two Slots - Multiple Rolling Pin Rack - Rolling Pin Holder - Rolling Pin Storage - Rolling Pin Display Rack

5. Weekly Menu Board

Using a weekly menu board has many pros. Firstly; you won’t have to think about what to cook every day. Secondly, it will add a spark of excitement among family members as they wait for the day when their favorite dish is cooked. Thirdly, it will make a wonderful wall decoration for your kitchen. The blackboard feature would allow you to make changes to the menu without creating any paper mess.

BobSign Weekly Chalkboard Menu Heres Whats Cookin Rustic Wood Sign Wall Art Home Family Decoration Design Plank Plaque Wooden Sign bb 669858

6. Kitchen Herb Garden

Incorporating a kitchen herb garden in your kitchen will bring about freshness and aromas in the kitchen. Herbs will keep the kitchen smelling fresh and lively. Not just the liveliness, what could be better than using fresh herbs in your cooking every day? A kitchen herb garden will make use of kitchen walls in the most productive way. It is a great kitchen wall art idea.

Indoor Wall Planter -Wood Grain Horizontal Mount

7. Kitchen Hanging Baskets

Kitchen hanging baskets are the best place to keep kitchen produce. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh. They can be used to keep fruits and vegetables organized. Above all, they make great wall decoration for kitchens. Utilizing the kitchen walls for something productive and useful is what you should be trying to do. Hanging kitchen baskets serve the purpose of use and decoration in the best way.

ALLOMN Hanging Basket, Stainless Steel Fruit Basket 3-Layer Hanging Fruit Vegetables Disassemble Storage Basket for Kitchen Bathroom Restaurants

8. Framed Silverware Wall Art

Displaying framed silverware artwork on your kitchen walls will give an eye-catching, 3D feel. Framed silverware artwork is a way of showing your appreciation to kitchen utensils. In addition, using such artwork for kitchen walls brings the kitchen décor game to an all new level. You can also create a frame of silverware yourself by sticking silverware on canvas and finishing it off with an attractive frame

Spoons 2X Matted 16x14 Black Ornate Framed Art Print by Mike Feeley

9. Wooden Clipart Board

A wooden clipart board can be used to display food pictures, portraits of kitchen utensils, flower pictures or even the weekly menu. Hanging pictures of flowers and food will incorporate feelings of freshness and liveliness in the kitchen. It will be a display of your love for food. Using the wooden clipart board for the weekly menu is another great way to bring it in use. The best thing about wooden clipart board is, it will make super creative wall art for your kitchen. It will enhance the appearance of the kitchen. It will also make it look prettier and more attractive.

lipiny Eid Ramadan Wooden Hanging Photo Clips Board Memo Note Message Clip for Mubarak Muslim Islam Festival Home Party Accesorie

10. Coffee and Tea Bar

Dedicating a corner of your kitchen for coffee and tea is a creative way to assemble and organize utensils. Label the area with a coffee and tea wall sign and place all tea and coffee essentials in one place. Anyone who comes to the kitchen for tea or coffee will know where to go without the need for rummaging through cabinets. A coffee and tea wall sign would serve the purpose perfectly and will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Adonis554Dan Coffee Bar Sign Coffee and Tea Sign Kitchen Decor Coffee Area Tea Coffee Rustic Sign Custom Wood Sign Kitchen Sign Cafe Sign

11. Wooden Wine Rack

Having a wine cellar in your kitchen is a great idea to add a touch of class. Instead of keeping wines enclosed in a cabinet, using a wooden wine rack cannot only help in keeping the wine bottles arranged but also contribute to making your kitchen look classier. It also keeps the wines and wine glasses arranged and organized in one place that saves time that goes looking for wine glasses in cabinets.

Custom Name Personalized Wine Rack Engraved Carved Custom Rustic 6 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack with 4 Glass Slot Holder, Wall Decor, Primitive, Handmade, Vintage

12. Wall Clock

Wall clocks are the simplest, easiest and the most efficient way of decorating kitchen walls. A wall clock that goes with the kitchen theme would give a complete look and look elegant as well. Wall clocks do not make the wall look overdone. If you are concerned that kitchen wall décor will cause the kitchen to appear smaller and compact, you don’t have to worry with wall clocks. They are just another essential that serve the secondary purpose of wall décor.

YiiHaanBuy Apples - Unique Decorative 10in Wall Clock.

13. Eat Wall Decoration

Eat wall decoration is a simple and straight forward wall decoration piece but it can transform the look of an entire wall. It combines the kitchen essentials with the word eat that gives a restaurant feel while you dine at home. It gives a fancy look to your kitchen and you can’t help but enjoy the formal, restaurant–like vibes at home.

CELYCASY Eat Fork Knife Spoon Custom Kitchen Decor Canvas Wall Art Kitchen Decor Farmhouse Style Set of 4 Distressed Sign Gift for Her Fixer Upper

14. Shadow Box Kitchen Wall Art

By using already available things and your creativity, you can make wondrous kitchen wall art decorative items. Shadow boxes are versatile and can be brought in numerous uses. Filling a shadow box with plastic fruits or vegetables can make an eye-catching kitchen wall decoration. Displaying this shadow box filled with colorful, artificial fruits and vegetables will add color, freshness, and liveliness to your kitchen. It is perfect to bring life to any dim kitchen.

Back Nine Club House Personalized Golf Shadow Box by HomeWetBar - Perfect Gift for Golfers

15. Wood Board Plant Holder

Plants are a source of freshness, regardless of where they are put. Plants have such a strong impact on the mood of a room that plants and flower paintings are very often seen in homes. Hanging some plants in your kitchen can lift the mood and make the atmosphere bright and fresh. The wooden board plant holder for your kitchen wall makes decorating plants in your kitchen easier and simpler. Wooden board plant holder can be used effectively as a kitchen wall art.

"ABC Products" - Wood Board Bottle Opener - Old Vintage Design - Rustic Clay Bucket Cap Catcher - With A Oblong Stress White Opener - (Board Walnut Stained - Cap Catcher Is Aged Stone Color)

16. Kitchen Hooks

Everyone has towels and handkerchiefs in kitchens. Letting them lay on slabs or at the back of chairs leaves the kitchen looking dirty and messy. Using stylish kitchen hooks for hanging towels and other similar items not just utilizes an empty wall but also gives the kitchen a well-organized and neat appearance. They are yet an amazingly simple wall art for kitchen.

Dovewill Daisy Flower Wall Hook/Holder/Hanger Bag/Key/Coat/Towel Kitchen Storage - White, 14x8cm

17. Floating Shelf for Utensils

In many houses, kitchen spaces are quite small and compact. Placing extra trolleys or dividers can take up a lot of space. In such cases, using floating shelves is the best option. They are spacious and do not take up any floor space. If these shelves are used wisely and smartly, they can become a super attractive wall art source. Decorating these shelves with plants, vintage decorative items, and kitchen utensils can really make it stand out on your kitchen wall.

CMI inc Floating Wall Shelves Mounted Set of 2, Wall Storage Home Décor, Pine Wood Rustic Gray Finish, for Living Room, Bedroom

18. Wooden Wall Décor

Decorating kitchen wall with wooden wall décor with messages and quotes written on them is another great kitchen wall art idea. It makes your kitchen look sophisticated and trendy. Wall art can really transform any space. Kitchen wall art can transform how you look at your kitchen.

Bevis554Yule Dining Room Wall Decor Kitchen Wall Decor Wood Dining Room Sign Eat Drink and Be Happy Rustic Dining Room Pallet Sign Fork Knife Spoon 12 by 16 inches Each.

19. Food Wall Decals

When we talk about kitchen wall art, how can we not talk about food wall decals? They are the best option for kitchen wall décor that is available today. Vinyl wall decals are super easy to install; they can be removed easily and they can be reused. Furthermore, they give a unique and original look. It is highly unlikely that the same wall decal will be used the same way in any two houses.

Food Wall Decals Posters Décor - Pizza Pasta Italian Cuisine Bon Appetit Art Décor Vinyl Stickers Pictures - Bar Restaurant Café Kitchen Decorations FO044

20. Kitchen Wall Posters

Eating food is fun and so is cooking it. It is up to you how you make this daily activity a fun one. How you feel doing something majorly depends on what kind of an environment you make for yourself. Adding colors and life to your kitchen make you feel colorful and jolly while you cook. Fun, food-related posters on kitchen walls can transform the atmosphere and your mood. They also make super cool and attractive kitchen wall art.

Fridgedoor Food Don't Waste It WPA Print

21. Food Painting

Paintings have been used to enhance the interior of homes for hundreds of years. Nothing beats the impact that a single painting can have on the décor a room. Displaying colorful, food painting on kitchen walls is no less impactful. An attractive food painting can instantly breathe life to your kitchen. Paintings are the safest and the most promising of all wall arts.

Mexican Food Mix Background Oil Paintings On Canvas Modern Square Stretched and Framed Artwork Ready to Hang Wall Art for Home Office Wall Decor 16"x16"

22. Kitchen Tile Art

One way to transform your kitchen walls is by using tile art. Getting a tile art of any one wall in the kitchen makes the wall a focal point. It looks eye-catching and extremely attractive. Tile art on any wall in your kitchen can entirely transform your kitchen to look brighter, more sophisticated, and classier.

TST Glass Metal Tiles Art Mosaic Silk Black Crystal Glass Chrome Silver Steel Accent Wall Border Kitchen Bath Backsplash Tile TSTNB12 (11 Square Feet)

23. Framed Prints for Kitchen Walls

Framed prints and posters are popular for living rooms and bedrooms but they go equally well in kitchens. Framed prints and posters that are aligned with the theme of the kitchen are a great way to make your kitchen look like a fun place, which is full of energy. They are a great kitchen wall art décor idea that can be easily afforded and accommodated in all types of kitchens.

Kitchen Wall Decor 8x10 Art Prints 4 UNFRAMED Rustic Wall Signs Home Coffee Decor Pictures Funny and Inspirational Farmhouse Style Wall Decorations for Living Dining Room Cuadros de pared de cocina

24. Colorful Backsplash

Most of the space in the kitchen is occupied by the cabinets. The appliances used are usually in silver or any other dull shade. This makes the kitchen a rather gloomy place to be. A kitchen gives a lot of margins to play around with colors. Since the kitchen is dull and colorless otherwise, adding colors cannot possibly over-do the décor. Using colorful and attractive backsplash in your kitchen above the sink or the oven can bring about a burst of colors. Not just wall decoration, backsplash would also offer protection to the walls from any splashes of water and oil.

Volwco 10Pcs Mandala Decorative Tile Stickers, Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles Wall Sticker Home Decor Fire Retardant Wallpaper for Bathroom Kitchen - Easy to Install DIY (8x8cm)

25. Wallpaper

If you are reluctant to drill holes into your kitchen walls but are still looking for ideas for kitchen wall art, wallpapers can be a great solution for you. If you think you are not creative enough to work on other wall decorations, wallpaper can save you from the trouble that comes with transforming the look of your kitchen. Having bold wallpaper applied on one wall or simple, elegant, and sophisticated wallpaper on all the walls of your kitchen can have an equal impact. Your kitchen will be renewed with this straightforward kitchen wall art idea.

5D Diamond Painting Rhinestone Cupboard Kitchen Warm Embroidery Wallpaper DIY Wall Sticker by Number Kits Full Drill Kits Full Drill Cross Stitch Arts