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7 Half-Wall Decorating Trends

Half wall decorating trends.

Wall décor is one of the essential elements in every interior because the walls create an enthusiastic flavor and the aura for a chirpy home. Embellish your walls with mosaics, wrought iron-frames, portraits, wallpaper, paintings, memoirs or any alternative décor that creates a style statement and unveils your creativity. The walls are for you to adorn and give the interiors a whole new personality. Wall decorations can give an extraordinary look to the simplest of homes.

Wall décor comes in a generation of choices which makes it complex for someone who wants to enrich their walls. All kinds of decors are interesting and beautiful. Your decisions should be based on personal preferences and expectations on the theme, the kind of rooms, design and décor and the functionality of the room. Every home décor narrates the style and taste of the homeowner. So exhibit your home by choosing the texture and pattern that can elaborate the look of your home along with comforts.

If you are intending to repaint and fancy something a little different, a half-painted wall could be just the thing. It can give you the perks of bold color without overpowering the space and can definitely be easier than painting the whole wall from top to bottom.

Painting your walls with dual colors is an easy way to offer a dimensional and a visual interest to the room. But, riddling out the best way to assimilate two shades can sometimes call for trouble. The ideal way to choose colors for your half-and-half wall is determining how bold or subtle you prefer the look to be.

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Living Room with Vertical 2-Color WallElegant half wall paint for a living room.

Half wall painting is an easy way to add some color to your living room, stroke some contrasts and try out the half and half painting trick where you can splash some colors in a guided way on the top or the bottom section of the room. Half wall painting can be used to portray two different parts of a large room for two different kinds of recreation. The layouts in the two halves must also be a visual inspiration to the décor.

Do not fret; trying to find the mathematical nucleus of the wall, because it looks just perfect anywhere you put the dividing line.

2-Color Half-Painted Wall ExamplesWhite and black half painted wall for your room.

There are several choices to paint your walls with beautiful colors. The walls here are painted in black that offers a great contrast with the white tone. This mix of black and white creates a striking look.

You can use some neutral colors to your bedroom where the walls behind the bed are painted partially using white and grey colors as well, to add a calm, composed and a relaxed look.

Kitchen Half-Painted Wall (Black and White)
Fancy kitchen half painted wall decor.


The kitchen here looks fancy and elegant with its walls being half painted using white and blue colors. Although the décor is simple, it appears spacious and appropriate because these neutral colors make the kitchen look bigger.

Also the black accent walls in the kitchen definitely seem to make a statement. Remember the phrase ‘Black is Beautiful’, they are chic and bold. But it can prove intimidating and dark to color the whole room with black. You can soothe the look a little bit painting half the wall white.

Kids Rooms
Bright colors for kids.


Dramatic green half painted wall décor adds a dramatic effect to your kid’s room. You can see it getting transformed when you paint half of the walls using a deep green color. The room looks inviting with its half green painted walls. Using ‘halfsies’ as a trend is called, is a best way to add an element to the room.

The pink and green painted wall in the kid’s bedroom creates a warm mood and makes the interior crisp and alive, which are crucial for a kid’s room. These two colors are soft and do not encourage complex feelings.

You can also bring a little change to your baby’s room by painting the walls partly using shades of pink. There is nothing that looks more desirous than using a lot of baby pink in your little girl’s bedroom as the color is very cute and feminine in nature. The use of this sweet color adds a warm feeling to the room that ushers a feeling of warmth.

Dipping your walls with different bright shades helps in enhancing the style factor and is definitely the best way to include some positivity in the atmosphere. A nice bright orange half-painted wall can add freshness and spread happiness in the room.

Geometric half-painted wallGeometric half painted wall decor.


Half painted walls look sharp and kicky just like the wall behind the study table in the image. A grey tone is used to paint half the wall in geometric pattern that is complemented with the other accessories of the study.

The calm and dull walls of a child’s room come alive with a wall being painted half with trendy geometric patterns. The color palette chosen offers a great contrast to the walls in the room.

Bathrooms with half-painted wallExquisite half painted bathroom wall decor.


Half painted ideas can be embraced anywhere, and your bathrooms are not an exception to it. You can adorn the bathroom walls by painting it with different shades of colors. The bathroom can get a makeover with its walls being painted with one color and the rest fitted with beautiful wooden paneling in white or any other subtle color.

The bathrooms walls above are pleasant and make your guests envy your style! The interior designer has used white as a ruling color and added some freshness to it by complementing it with green. This eye grabbing combination creates a cool and stylish look.

You can also try a painted wainscot in your bath. You can formalize the space in a small bath or a powder room with a high contrast wall. A fresh gray and white wall, patterned floor tiles combine to give a rich neutral look.

Dining Room with 2-color wallAttractive half painted wall decor idea for dining.


There are multiple colors to choose from when you plan to half paint your walls. The dining area in the image would have looked normal if the subtle blue color was not used. The interior designer has bought about a lot of drama by painting the walls in a tone of blue which matches with the other accessories in the room and enhances its beauty. Put away the painters tape and allow your artistic eyes flow. A mushy edge in a half painted room can give an electric feel.

Artists, designers and photographers around the world use the “rule of thirds” to create visually attractive compositions. You can divide your wall into three equal divisions-horizontally, like the layers of the cake. By placing your point of focus where two layers met, you can fabricate more visual tension than that you would do if the line was in the center.

Emphasize tricky architecture with half painted walls, if you have a high ceiling or any other captivating architectural feature; follow the half painted wall trend to draw attention towards this attribute.

Don’t attempt a dicey combination. A simple half-painted wall is easy. More complex applications may seem precarious. If you usually do your painting, you can manage a half painted wall as well. Take some time and gather all the necessary tools before you start, like painters tape for a neat, crisp line and a laser level which can add mileage, as it makes the process quicker.

A diagonal line might look tricky, but it doesn’t get any difficult to get it, than the horizontal line. So don’t feel intimidated in trying a diagonal line. The easiest way to do this is using a laser level to draw a line from one corner to another, while a helper uses a pencil to draw the line.

Dramatic colors like charcoal, navy or black are trending through our contemporary homes, and we are even seeing these hues used more in nurseries and kids rooms, but really dark colors can still feel too loud for your space. If you want to try the trend, go for a half-wall painting trend. You can get all the edge but with the upper half crisp white, the overall effect is still trendy.