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25 Bathroom Wall Art Ideas (Photos)

A Fancy Bathroom

The bathroom is arguably the most important personal space in your home. It is used to carry out personal hygiene activities. It’s a calming place for pampering yourself. You may want to lay down for a warm, comforting bath after a tiring day or you might want to apply a face mask before heading out. Making this part of your home relaxing and cozy is important.

The bathroom is that place in the entire house where you can truly have some time with yourself. In this place, you get to rejuvenate and rid of all the negative feelings from your body and freshen up. Many people still have a ceremony before taking a bath where they make their bodies calm down and soothe themselves up.

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The history of bathrooms is as old as 3000 BC. During this period, bathing was a social event. It was mostly practiced and enjoyed by wealthy people. Bathing has also been a public practice which saw a decline in the period between the 16th and 18th century. Ever since then, people preferences shifted and they started to keep this activity private.

Designing your little sanctuary is fun and exciting. It is the same as designing your bedroom or your living room. Even if you have a small bathroom, you will still feel a drastic change in the way you see and use it.

Importance of Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom wall art can revamp your bathroom without needing to invest a hefty amount. Wall art plays a significant role in affecting the way your bathroom looks. The right choice will make your bathroom appear spacious and bright while one wrong choice can make your bathroom appear congested or suffocating.

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas 

Bare walls look unfinished and unattractive. Adding some décor to the bathroom walls can make the bathroom look cozy and comfortable; somewhere you actually like to be. A blank wall can leave the place look unfinished but a tacky selection can ruin it too. To make your bathroom look perfect, you need to maintain a balance which means, not too plain or too tacky.

Below are some bathroom wall art ideas that are easy to execute, not heavy on the pocket and worth the efforts.

1. Inject Playfulness

TimPrint Boston Terrier Bathroom Wall Decor Dog Funny Bathroom Art Print Wall Art Bathroom Signs Dog Bath Quote Wall Art Bathroom Poster Framed Print

Adding a little playfulness to your bathroom will make it look like a happy place. Since the bathroom is the first place you visit when you wake up and the last before you go to bed, it is important that it brings some excitement. This can be easily achieved by a pinch of bright colors. Adding brightly colored posters that are aligned with the theme of your bathroom will add life to this often neglected corner of your house.

2. Install Ledges on Bathroom Wall

MVPower Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Rustic Wood Wall Storage Rack for Pantry Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Decor, 2 Tier Shelf for Organizer Carbonized Brown

Installing wooden, plastic or glass ledges on your bathroom wall for pictures and other decorative items is a great way of revamping the place. Decorating the ledges with framed pictures, trinkets, framed postcards, and handmade artwork will look attractive. Another tip to make the most of these ledges is to assemble the items on them oddly. Do not place equal numbers of pieces on each level or items of the same size. An odd arrangement and unusual selection of items will make the arrangement more appealing to look at.

3. Play With Patterns

Removable Wall Murals-Bathroom Wall Decals Mermaid Decal Seashells Vinyl Sticker Shower Art Deco Easy to Install Vinyl Decals

Bathroom walls give you a lot of space to play around. Designing the bathroom walls with pretty, eye-catching wall decals is something that will raise the level of your bathroom up. A huge variety of wall decals is available. They are found in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick what you think will look best with the theme of your bathroom and start playing. Some wall decals are removable; hence, you don’t have to worry about them being permanent. Large decals or a group of small patterns based on the size and position of the wall can be used.

4. Play With Scale


If your bathroom has bare walls, adding extra large pieces of art on your walls can add life to them. Do not be afraid of large art pieces. They look bold and eye-catching. The best thing about them is they reduce the clutter. A wall decorated with a single, large piece of art that contrasts the shade of the bare wall looks not only eye-catching but also very sophisticated.

5. Repeat Patterns

Beautiful Unique Aqua Teal Nautical School of Fish Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Using multiples of any one item can also drastically change the look of your bathroom. Instead of putting too many different items on the wall, you can add the clusters of the same item in a pattern that goes well with the theme. Adding too many different items will look congested and you won’t be able to able to enjoy the effect of each one individually. Your bathroom will look messier. However, repeat patterns can renew your bathroom while keeping it all nice and simple.

6. Blanketing a WallTiles on the bathroom wall

If you are looking for something permanent that lasts long, you can try blanketing a wall in your bathroom by creating a tile accent. Going contemporary with oversized tiles that are rich in color will make your bathroom look classier. The pattern would look simple which adds to the charm. Since the tiles will give a linear look, incorporation of a few curves will keep the look balanced. You can add an oval mirror or cylindrical lamps or sconces. If you have reservations regarding covering the entire wall with tiles, you can try wainscoting around the bathroom walls.

Special Carving Mosaic Art Accent Tile Red Brown Color Glass Wall Backsplash Tiles Rose Gold Metal Kitchen Bath Walls Decor TSTFLY16 (11 PCS [12'' X 12''/Each])

7. Motivational Quotes

Giving yourself a good motivational push before you take off is a good way of starting your day. Displaying some inspiring quotes near your mirror will not only provide you the early morning motivation but will make your bathroom look trendier and more attractive. Displaying framed motivational quotes is the same as displaying paintings or pictures, the only difference being they will be smaller and more meaningful.

Mangooly Wall Art Print Home Decor Yoga,Silhouette with Quotation 48"x32" for Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Bathroom Artwork

8. Go Bold

The mirror frames in the bathrooms are usually light and simple. Going bold with mirror frames is something people don’t usually try. Try looking beyond the mirrors for bathrooms and look around the mirror frames that are made for the living rooms. Adding a bold mirror frame to your bathroom will add a sense of class and boldness to your bathroom. If you come across a frame that you think will look good in your bathroom, purchase the frame and an unframed mirror separately, and set it up in your bathroom. Decorating your bathroom further with lamps or sconces will enhance the look.

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9. Tile Art

Creating tile art is another way of renewing the look of your bathroom. The usual plain tiles in the linear arrangement are too old school. Using the commonly available simple tiles in different and creative patterns is bringing your wall décor game up to an all-new level. Creating eye-catching patterns and designs will help you clear your mind of the regular worries while you relax in a hot tub and set your focus on the designs on the tiles.

1Roll Self Adhesive Tile Art Wall Decal Sticker DIY Kitchen Bathroom Decor Vinyl (B)

10. Contemporary Design on a Canvas

Creating a random, contemporary design using three to four shades on a canvas and then displaying it in your bathroom is another idea for bathroom wall art. Using the colors that match the theme of your bathroom to paint something random on canvas will not only enhance its look but also add a touch of personal taste.

James Wiens Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print Entitled Dream Forest I 48"x32"

11. Touch of Nature

Bringing in a little nature to your bathroom will give the interior a feeling of freshness and liveliness. You can display paintings or pictures of flowers or plants in colors that match your bathroom’s theme or you can get real flowers framed. A touch of nature will leave an impact that you will really feel. Nature is always associated with liveliness and that’s exactly what you need early in the morning.

Fragrant Hibiscus II by Lanie Loreth Framed Art Print Wall Picture, White Silver Frame, 19 x 19 inches

12. Creative Shelves

Bathroom shelves are usually full of toiletries like shampoos, conditioners, body washes, shaving foam, and what not. Try something unconventional. Decorating your bathroom shelves with items other than toiletries can really make your bathroom look different and nice. You can display any crafts — readymade, handmade, or any other decorative items. Also, you can keep the display items simple and work on the shelves instead. Painting the shelves using spray paint or making patterns on them is another idea for renewing the way your bathroom looks!

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13. Contrasting ArtworkArtwork on a bathroom wall

Displaying artworks in soft hues that blend well with the color theme of your bathroom is a great idea. A pop of color to your bathroom would give the perfect amount of zing that is needed to add life to your bathroom. You should keep in mind that the artwork you decide to hang on your bathroom walls does not get damaged due to moisture. You can use artworks with an acrylic frame.

14. Make Unusual Angles Prominent

Some walls in a bathroom are at extremely off-angles. When bathrooms are small and most space is to be utilized, the chances of having walls or pillars at unusual angles become high. In such a case, you get room to play around with the décor. These walls and pillars are ideal for decorations. You can hang picture frames or a series of paintings that will not just highlight these areas but also give your bathroom a cooler and funkier look.

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15. Giant MirrorA bathroom with a giant mirror

Another great idea for bathroom wall décor is installing a giant mirror above the sink and vanity. It will make your bathroom look huge and spacious. Having to spend time in a compact place can be suffocating. Working on making your bathroom appear bigger can help you actually fresh while freshening up. Who doesn’t like a huge bathroom? Everyone does. So what if you don’t have enough space, you can certainly make it appear big enough!

16. Wooden Cubbies

Fityle Home Storage Cabinet Cubby Wall Mount Shelf Grids for Displaying Collection

Wooden cubbies are another way by which you can decorate your bathroom walls. Instead of using simple shelves to hold your toilet essentials, wooden cubbies can be used. They will serve the purpose of accommodating all the essentials and will look different. Changing the way the usual things are done can greatly enhance the overall look. There is nothing special about placing the toilet accessories in wooden cubbies. Still, this is a simple, affordable idea for making your bathroom look nicer in a big way.

17. Serene Scenes

canvas wall art for living room bathroom Wall Decor Black and white landscape woods Blue grass painting to Hang Home Decorations for office bedroom kitchen Works canvas Prints pictures 24" x 48"inchThe time you spend in your bathroom is for your own self. Take this time to refresh yourself. Hanging pictures or paintings of serene scenes in your bathroom can cast a soothing spell on you every time you go to the bathroom. Nature has a way of soothing the soul and that is exactly what we are suggesting; use the soothing power of nature. Selecting scenes in colors that coordinate with your theme is important so that the picture does not look out of place.

18. Using DIY Art

20Pack (240Pcs) Mini Pearl Berry Stems Faux Berry Branch-Berries Branch Decor-DIY Fake Arrangement Flowers Christmas Decorations Outdoor-DIY Gift Box Craft Postcard Decoration Home (Royal Blue)

There are numerous ideas for do-it-yourself crafts that are easy and doable. Making a DIY craft for your bathroom wall would not only add a personal touch but will also look unique. DIY crafts are something you make yourself rather than purchasing from the market which makes them uncommon, unique and hence, super attractive.

19. Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelves

Nrpfell 400PCS Rainbow Color Wood Craft Popsicle Sticks for DIY Art Crafts 11.4cm

Placing small shelves on the bathroom walls for decoration is another way of decorating your bathroom. Make a hexagon shelf using Popsicle sticks and place a decorative item like a small plant. This DIY addition will look great in any bathroom. This idea can be employed for all bathrooms, big or small, light-colored themed or dark, old and new. The best thing about executing this idea is that you do not have to spend any reasonable amount of money. It is a very simple and extremely affordable decorative idea.

20. Washi Tape Art

Washi tape is a type of decorative masking tape. It can be used on a plain canvas to make Washi tape art. You can make any design that pleases you using any color that goes well with your bathroom’s interior. These tapes come plain and patterned. You have numerous design options. All you got to do is, bring yourself to work on something unique and attractive for your bathroom wall.

Awerise 5 Rolls Xmas Washi Tape, DIY Scrapbooking Decorative Tape, Masking Tape, Planner Tape, Craft Gift Decoration Tape Stickers

21. Mason Jar Rack

Mason jar rack is a useful yet stylish item for decorating your bathroom wall. With Mason jars held to a wooden board which is then installed on the bathroom wall, you can add a touch of creativity to your bathroom. The Mason jars can be used to place flowers and other items that are used in the washroom. If you want to use Mason jar rack for solely decorative purpose, you can fill each jar with a different thing, including flowers, marbles, dyed water, and colorful beads.

Hanging Mason Jar Wall Sconces Set of 2 Rustic Wall Decor with Black Chain and Lid

22. Seashell Art

Seashells Pure Framed Art Print by Tarin, Michael

Seashell art goes really well in bathrooms. If you have a lot of seashells, you can use them to make a pattern on your bathroom. Another possibility is that you can stick them on a canvas to make a beautiful pattern and hang it on your bathroom wall. Keep the background of the canvas a shade that goes in contrast with your bathroom theme to make it blend well with the setting.

23. Abstract Wooden Wall Art

Asiana Home Decor Set of 3. Wall Art Wood Carved Lucky Elephant and Floral Panel, Size 12"x17.5" Brown

Displaying geometric wooden wall art on your bathroom walls is earthy and artistic. It has a rustic charm associated with it. They are naturally beautiful that goes well with almost every colored theme and décor. If you want to keep bathroom décor to a minimalist, wooden wall art is a great option for you.


24. Funky Wall Hooks

Adhesive Hook Coersd Creative Ladybug Bee Cartoon Bathroom Wall Hooks Sucker Nail Hook Wall Decor

Let’s be realistic. Wall hooks are essential in a bathroom. They are something that you just can’t overlook. Since wall hooks cannot be ignored, installing funky wall hooks can be a great bathroom wall art idea. A huge variety of wall hooks is available. You can select the color, size, and design that you like. Rusty or old-fashioned wall hooks on bathroom walls can be great turn-off even if you just restyled your bathroom. They may look unimportant but they can have a huge impact on how well your bathroom looks.

25. Wallpaper

azutura Blue Coral Reef Wall Mural Under The Sea Photo Wallpaper Bathroom Home Decor available in 8 Sizes XXX-Large Digital

Wallpapers are the most convenient and easy way of restyling your bathroom. Covering the bathroom walls with wallpaper in colors that are both eye-catching and appropriate to the interior can revamp your bathroom immediately. Wallpapers are available in endless designs and colors and you can choose whatever you think will make your bathroom look brand new. Wallpapers can also affect how big your bathroom appears, so make your choice carefully. Getting wallpaper for your bathroom walls is a bit expansive as compared to other ideas for bathroom wall decor.