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The Very Best Ottoman Coffee Table (Expert Intel)

Lovely leather couch with small ottoman coffee tables

Introducing the Best Coffee Table Ottoman 

 Now some of you out there may not agree that an ottoman is a surprisingly useful piece of furniture. I myself used to doubt the necessity of an ottoman, that is until I found an irresistible one in an antique shop and realized that it completely tied the room together. 

An ottoman can be so many things. It can be an extra chair, it can be a surface to play cards, it can be a soft area to put up your feet after a hard day, and it can even act as a coffee table if it’s hard enough or if you have a tray to put on top. 

Today we’re going to discuss why we think we’ve found the very best coffee table ottoman out there. We’ve been working closely with a group of interior designers who have very graciously answered us when we ask: what are the best furniture brands out there? 

In the article, The Best Ottoman Brands, we asked these interior designers what their go-to brand is when it comes to purchasing an ottoman for their clients. Based on that article, we’ve decided what we think the best ottoman coffee table is! 

The Best Ottoman Brand

Now when we asked that fantastic group of interior designers what their favorite brand was for ottomans, they had a bunch of awesome recommendations for us; Pottery Barn, Arhaus, Crate & Barrel, Article, and DuHome just to name a few. 

Out of all of those different furniture companies, I managed to sieve through and find one company that is doing some really wonderful stuff. The company that I decided had the best ottoman selection on their website is Anthroliving

Introducing Anthroliving

Stunning display living room designed by Anthroliving

If you aren’t already familiar with Anthroliving, you’re in for a real treat. Anthroliving in the home-goods counterpart to the wonderfully boho-chic clothing company, Anthropologie. Anthropologie is usually the hat brand worn by the hottest chick walking down the street is wearing. 

Both their clothing and home goods alike, Anthropologie is a brand that really understands so many different kinds of consumers. They are best known for their boho-chic, but they have all sorts of styles for you to pick from. They have modern, minimalistic, rustic, funky, sleek, you name it. 

Anthroliving has a really impressive selection on its website. Sometimes this can mean that a company is offering too much and therefore sacrifices quality, but that is not the case with Anthroliving. Their selection comes from the fact that they have such a plethora of design ideas that their collections end up being expansive.

Why Anthroliving?

I personally love what they offer at Anthroliving first and foremost because of their overall sense of style. The designers at this company aren’t afraid to work with color and pattern, and they always have so many interesting and unique pieces of furniture available. 

On top of that, they aren’t afraid to experiment with unique structures as well with different mediums. They’re known for having gorgeous textiles, for using vintage fabrics, and for constructing out of reclaimed hardwood. So not only is their stuff beautiful, it’s sustainable, too. 

Another reason why I love shopping at Anthroliving is because they have options for every different budget point. They have stunning home goods and accessories for folks looking for the most affordable options, and they have absolutely striking pieces for the folks who aren’t afraid to spend a little cash. 

On top of all of those wonderful qualities, this company is known for having great customer service available on chat, their delivery services are speedy, items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, and they also have financing options available to you. 

Why Buy a Coffee Table Ottoman? 

Straight on view of coffee table ottoman by Anthroliving

Before we introduce you to one of the best ottomans available on Anthroliving, I’m going to explain a little bit why ottomans can be such valuable and beneficial pieces of furniture.

As we mentioned in the intro, an ottoman is so much more than a pillow with legs. Ottomans can prove to be remarkable useful in a pinch. An ottoman can act as a stepping stool to get to a high shelf or to put up a decoration. 

Ottomans make for a great extra stool to bring around a table if you have one-too-many guests at your home. An ottoman is a place for extra storage too, if you so happen to have one that has a lift-able lid. And we can’t forget that ottomans have their classic use of having a soft place to kick up your feet. 

However, for the purpose of this article, we’re explaining why an ottoman can make for a great coffee table! The reason why you might choose an ottoman instead of a coffee table is if you are a little bit low on space in your home.

Instead of trying to fit an ottoman and a coffee table in a small living space, why not combine the two? A great way to save space is to buy an ottoman that has storage inside, is stiff enough to place a tray on to keep drinks steady, and enough surface area for your laptop or magazines. 

The Best Coffee Table Ottoman from Anthroliving

Beautiful Boucle Saguaro Coffee Table Ottoman by Anthroliving

And without a further ado, I present to you the most impeccable coffee table ottoman available on the Anthroliving website: The Relaxed Saguaro Ottoman. Handcrafted in the United States, it is the epitome of cozy minimalism.

The Relaxed Saguaro Ottoman boasts a down filled seat cushion with high resiliency foam. This comes atop beautifully crafted oak hardwood legs (which are removable). The cushion itself is covered in a gorgeous boucle (which is looped yarn) of the highest quality.

With the higher end items on the Anthroliving website they are made for custom order. This means that there will be slight variations in the wood frame and upholstery, as each piece is entirely unique. This gives them a lovely rustic, farmhouse quality.

Price: Currently $1,148

Style Number: 63876692

Size: Height – 18.25″ x Depth – 41.0″ x Width – 41.0″

Why This One?

Lovely white boucle ottoman in display room by Anthroliving

The reason why I chose the Relaxed Saguaro Ottoman as the best on their website is because of the size and structure. The generous square shape allows for you to not only have your feet up on the soft upholstery, but you can also place a large tray for snacks and drinks, as well as room to place your book, laptop, or whatever else you need!

This ottoman is a great choice because it’s made from really high quality materials but it’s coming in at a moderate price point. Additionally, the style is elegant and simple, meaning that it can be incorporated into any space without interfering with the aesthetic. 

Although the Relaxed Saguaro doesn’t have storage space within it, since it is ideally being used as a coffee table, I figured it wasn’t totally necessary since it would ideally have things on top of it. 

And finally, this is a great ottoman to choose because if you want to switch things around, the Relaxed Saguaro ottoman can also be used as a modular ottoman to place on the end of your sofa when you really want to sit back, relax, and watch 12 hours of Harry Potter like I did this week.