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The 10 Best Kitchen Sink Brands (Experts Weigh In)

Beautiful white farmhouse kitchen sink in front of sunny window

Introducing the Best Kitchen Sink Brands

Meal time is the most important time of day for a lot of people. If you’re a person who loves to cook, it is essential that you have an ergonomic and well organized kitchen. And if you have a well organized kitchen, it is essential that you can easily do the dishes after everything is all said and done.

This article is for you if you’re doing your own kitchen renovations, if you’re an interior designer on the hunt for some awesome brands, or if you’re just looking for some inspiration to get your own remodelling done! 

It can be really overwhelming shopping for kitchen appliances and hardware, especially once you see just how many options are out there. It’s hard to know what the best option is going to be for your space, what a reasonable price point is, or what materials are best, too! 

This is where we come in. We’ve been working with a really wonderful group of interior designers from around the world who have very graciously shared with us their preferred brands when it comes to everything and the kitchen sink! 

Our video setting out the ten best kitchen sink brands

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink for you

Deciding to switch out your existing kitchen sink is going to change the entire look and functionality of your entire kitchen. This is a bigger decision than you may expect, and there are some very important things to consider before you take the plunge! 

Banner view of gorgeous kitchen white white drop in sink

  1. Choosing the Right Material – there are so many materials to choose from for your kitchen sink. You may be used to mainly seeing stainless steel, but you could also go for something like porcelain, cast iron, or bronze. Porcelain is super affordable but it definitely shows scuff marks more readily and can sometimes chip. Stainless steel is more expensive, but it’s great for the person who spends a ton of time in the kitchen. 
  2. Going for Drop-in or Under-mount – if you’re new to kitchen sink lingo, these terms will be entirely new to you. Luckily they’re pretty self explanatory. A drop-in sink literally drops into the counter, creating a really nice seamless look, whereas an under-mount is brought in from underneath with a overhanging lip. This is simply an aesthetic choice. 
  3. Selecting an Appropriate Size – I’m sure you’ve experienced trying to do the dishes in a sink that is in a really awkward shape or size. This type of annoyance is totally avoidable. If you mostly eat out and don’t cook very much, you probably won’t need a big sink. If you are an avid cooker, you’ll likely want a nice and deep one – maybe even a double sink to make things extra streamlined! 
  4. What Else Needs to Change? – if you’re doing a big renovation or you want an entirely new type of kitchen sink, chances are that other things are going to need to change, too. Maybe you’ll have to bring in a supporting countertop, maybe you’ll have to change the cabinets altogether. In order for a kitchen to flow nicely, everything has to go together – so be prepared to make some changes!
  5. How Much are you Willing to Spend? – doing alterations in your home is always going to be more expensive than you budget for. You’ll have to decide which aspects of the room you’re willing to go cheaper on, and which aspects you want to dish out the cash for. A sink is a really important part of a kitchen, so prepare yourself to pay a little bit money for something that is truly fantastic. 

The 10 Best Kitchen Sink Brands (According to Budget) 

Now around here, we appreciate that everyone is entirely unique, and therefore everyone is working within an entirely unique budget. In order to make things easier for shoppers, we’ve organized the following section according to budget so that you can go straight for the one that aligns with your limits. We’ve got lower budgets, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets. 

All of the following information has been very graciously provided with that wonderful group of interior designers that we mentioned earlier. If you’re keen on getting to know them, their projects, or their services a little bit better, simply click on the links on their names! 

The Best Low Budget Kitchen Sink Brands 

1. Lottare

Double sink on white background made by Lottare

Lottare is an exquisite kitchen and bathroom appliances company that is known for their statement making pieces. Their designs go beyond the classic look, which is so exciting to find considering that a lot of things that are offered can be a little bit plain Jane. 

They also have an entire farmhouse kitchen collection on their website, which is the precise aesthetic you’re looking for if you want something comfy, cozy, classic, and rustic. How can you go wrong? What’s more, their price points are totally reasonable and they’re using top of the line materials. 

Ahmet Can Ozkara is responsible for this fantastic recommendation. He never fails to introduce me to a company that I’ve never heard of before, but I’m always ecstatic that he has. I love being exposed to new companies that are doing new and fresh things! Here is what he has to say about Lottare products: 

“Lottare is a great company if you’re looking for a product that is super well made at a totally reasonable price point. The products of this brand consist of stainless steel and nickel. The brushed nickel finish contributes to the high level of craftsmanship.

Its stainless steel design makes this kitchen tool very durable. Their sinks are also made of recyclable materials and has a bottom-mounted design that gives it an innovative and sophisticated look.”

2. Delta

Classy double sink in kitchen made by Delta

Delta is one of those companies that can be a one-stop-shop for you if you’re planning on doing a bunch of work in your kitchen. This is such a great option because they enable a totally cohesive kitchen design where all the items work great on their own, and even better together.

Delta has been recommended to us more than once, this indicates that it’s a company that you can trust when it comes to kitchen appliances. They’re known for having really well made items that are reasonably priced, along with a great customer service team to support you on every step of the way. 

A really fantastic interior designer named Andrea Zivic has given us this recommendation. She is always so on point with her recommendations because she knows exactly where the line is when it comes to something that is even in quality and fair price point. Here is why she likes to choose Delta for her kitchen renovation projects: 

“Faucets & sinks – one does not work without the other. Therefore, in accordance with the choice of faucets, we will also have a choice of sinks. You can rest easy because we have found something for every pocket.

Delta made it to our list of favorites because of the classic design, the durability that their quality provides. In addition to the fountain itself, it offers the possibility of purchasing accessories for chopping and many other accessories. We’ve chosen the 24″ Workstation Undermount Stainless Steel Bowl as our preferred model.”

3. Blanco 

Gorgeous black double sink against white cabinets made by Blanco

“Between meal prep, washing dishes, or watering plants, it’s easy to forget just how important your sink is. The kitchen sink has become a loyal companion you can rely on, depend on, and lean on, day in and day out. Therefore, it’s important to stop, take a moment, and think about your lifestyle. Think beyond the basics of just sink size and bowl depth and optimize your kitchen sink station to its greatest potential.”

I truly could not have better myself, the folks who run Blanco really know what they’re talking about. That statement was taken right from their website, and it really promotes a feeling of understanding. These folks not only understand, but are passionate about how important your kitchen is. 

Artur Baja is an interior designer who we’ve been working with for a little while now, and he is really great at recommending companies that are great at doing things that are minimal and sleek. Blanco really stands above the rest for on-point style and a totally reasonable price point. Here is why he likes Blanco kitchen sinks: 

“One of my favorite sink brands is Blanco. Blanco stands out for the quality of its products, but there is also a large range of choices that they offer. They offer style, they offer quality, and they offer longevity. What more could you need?”

4. Ikea

Nice double stainless steel sink against wood counter made by Ikea

It’s understandable why folks forget about Ikea sometimes. It’s been around forever, some of their products aren’t of the greatest quality, and it’s best known as the place university students shop to fill their first empty apartment.

But it is unwise to discount this company. Though their model operates under the idea that you can have the same item design, but the price point changes depending on the quality of materials that they use. If you’re used to buying their cheapest option, you don’t really know how good their more expensive items can be! 

Mairead Belcher is a fantastic interior designer who is here to remind us just how good of a company Ikea has been, and continues to be. Here she is talking about her preferred kitchen sink model, the HILLESJÖN:

“The Ikea Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink hits a great price point for design and quality, and stainless steel offers excellent strength and durability as a kitchen sink. There is a reason all chefs use stainless steel in their kitchen designs. Now, although this sink is slightly undersized and not as shallow as the average sink, its clean cure edges provide an excellent look for your budget-friendly design with a 25-year warranty.”

The Best Moderate Budget Kitchen Sink Brands 

5. Bocchi

Super nice double white ceramic sink made by Bocchi

Bocchi is one of those companies that creates products that you just look at and envy. I didn’t really know that a kitchen sink could have so much style until I happened upon the Bocchi sinks. They’re made of the best materials, made by the best designers, and coming in at a totally reasonable price range. 

Another great thing about purchasing an item from Bocchi is that they have tons of customizable items. You can first choose the style of sink that you want, then from there you can choose the material its made from and the color. And let me say this – they have a really surprising amount of color options on their website. 

As always, Ahmet Can Ozkara gives such great recommendations. He always introduces me to a company that I’ve never heard of before, and they always blow me away with their diversity of style. My personal favorite model they have available is Apron Front Fireclay Double Bowl Sink. Here is what Ahmet has to say about why he loves shopping at Bocchi: 

“You know that you can trust a brand when the vast majority of their products are made from hard ceramic, granite, and stainless steel. These materials boast a non-porous surface and silky-touch textures which are extremely solid and durable surface with 80% Quartz.

Not only that, they are UV-stable and food-safe. High quality materials are known to have the maximum color intensity, bringing richness to your kitchen. The products of the Bocchi brand are mostly preferred in interior design projects with pastel tone colors.”

6. Kohler 

Fantastic kitchen sink against black countertops made by Kohler

Tina Martindelcampo has recommended Kohler to us today, but it certainly hasn’t been the first time. They are one of the leading companies when it comes to luxury kitchen and bathroom appliances. Kohler never fails to disappoint, and they are a company you should remember for all future renovation projects. 

Tina is obviously someone who is passionate about cooking. In order to support this type of passion it is essential to have a kitchen that can support it. Just hear what Tina has to say about why she loves this company to create the perfect kitchen space: 

“The Kohler brand is a global leader in the kitchen design world, and has been creating sustainable and innovative products for over 100+ years. They offer a range of beautiful style sinks from apron front to workstation sinks, in an array of enamel color finishes or stainless steel. 

One of the most unique sinks they sell is their Prolific 44” Undermount Single-Bowl Workstation Sink. It is on the higher-end price point but so worth the extra money, especially if you are a budding chef. You really have to see it to believe its beauty and by beauty I mean its large scale utilitarian but sleek design, because it is everything any cook (regardless of experience) could desire.

It includes three graduated shelves in the basin, that you can place accessories on in order to dry or store temporarily. Also, one of the most useful and clever ideas this workstation sink has, is the ability to place two bamboo cutting boards on top of the sink which can be used  for an additional work space. This is a big deal, especially if you have limited counter space, because you can turn your sink into a temporary cutting board.”

Considering that Kohler has been recommended to us so many times, it’s clear that this truly is the number one option. The interior designers even prefer Kohler more than the luxury brands, so that is a testament to how well they are made and how fair their prices are. Here is why Andrea Zivic likes Kohler for her moderate budget clients:

“This time this brand is on our list of favorites only in the middle class, a model that has become more and more usable in kitchens for its beautiful aesthetic appearance. Retro kitchens love this model and it goes well with any shape and color of the kitchen. With its design with soft edges, it gives warmth to your kitchen.”

And here we are with another professional – Mairead Belcher – telling us that this is the best brand to use when it comes to kitchen sinks. They’re kind of making it a no-brainer for us, aren’t they?

“As mentioned previously, I love cooking, and having a functional workspace for me to do this makes a huge difference. I don’t use my sink to wash dishes, I just rinse and then pop them in the dishwasher, so I tend to go for a single bowl to maximize my prep area for cooking. 

A Kohler task sink is a great option when it comes to functionality. This sink makes my food prep incredibly easy. This 18-gauge stainless steel sink comes completed with a two-piece nesting colander set and a durable bamboo cutting board, which slides effortlessly within the sink.”

The Best Luxury Budget Kitchen Sink Brands 

7. Native Trails 

Stunning bevelled kitchen sink made by Native Trails

“Beautiful and practical: design sensibilities that are a must for any kitchen. Native Trails kitchen sinks and decor dish up a feast of beauty and practicality. The distinctive texture and warm glow are delectable; their effortless maintenance and coordinating accessories make them refreshingly practical.”

Taken right from their website, Native Trails is truly just doing things right. They don’t mess around with boring kitchens sinks. There is only so much that you can do with a basin, but somehow this amazing company does things that are gorgeous and timeless with a literal bowl of metal.

The reason why Native trails is so special (and why Ahmet Can Ozkara felt the need to recommend them) is because they use the most incredible materials, from precious metals, to precious stones, to the best alternative metals. Here’s why Ahmet uses them for his luxury kitchen projects: 

“Native Trails is a company that produces the highest quality products in the kitchen sink realm. They make their s products from hard and strong ceramics by firing the best quality soils. However, unusually, they produce sinks from genuine copper, nickel, and stainless steel. These are produced by hand forging by expert craftsmen. They are indispensable solution partners for important and high-budget interior architectural projects.”

8. Elkay 

Looking down at gorgeous stainless steel big sink made by Elkay Kitchens

Elkay is such a well known and loved kitchen and bathroom appliances company that their stuff often sells out and folks have to be put on a waiting list for when they’re restocked! Elkay has a super smart design model where you can shop by room, by material, and by installation type.

This type of organization makes shopping really easy for customers and indicates that the folks at Elkay really appreciate that people just want to get down to business. They also have customizable options where first you pick out the style of sink that suits you, and you can customize from there.

I really appreciate a company that makes things streamline for you but also gives you enough options to ensure that you can find the perfect item for your home. It’s clear that Artur Baja appreciates this type of company too, hence the recommendation. Here’s what he has to say about Elkay sinks: 

“Elkay is another brand of sinks where we have many choices. Elkay mainly produces steel sinks and their quality is high. Professionals love purchasing these types of sinks because they are the most durable, they’re the easiest to clean, and they honestly just look new forever. It’s a great option if you’re using your kitchen heavily.”

9. Reginox

Beautiful square copper sink on white background made by Reginox

There are plenty of reasons why Reginox is a company that you can trust. They’ve been in operation since the early 70’s and they’ve perfected their methods from design to manufacturing to selling. They use the highest quality materials, they hire the best designers and the best manufacturers, and they’re known to have an incredible customer service team. 

According to Andrea Zivic, Reginox is one of the very top companies to use when you’re on the hunt for a luxury item to put in your bathroom or kitchen. These pieces are expertly made and will last you the rest of your life both in longevity and in style.

Andrea even gave us her favorite model, which is the New York Comfort 50×40 made from rose copper. We’re all thinking it so I’m just going to go right ahead and say it: that shit is bougie! Here is what Andrea has to say about this sink: 

“Reginox offers a kitchen sink model that we have used many times in our projects and has proven to be a perfect solution for luxury kitchens. It fits stylishly with everything and with its note of elegance, perfect processing makes you adore your kitchen.”

10. Kohler

Stunning white ceramic kitchen farmhouse sink made by Kohler

And just for the sake of really hitting it home, Kohler was recommended twice by the same interior designer. This makes it obvious that they are really the company to beat when it comes to anything bathroom or kitchen.

The fact that they come recommended both in the moderate budget section and the luxury budget section really shows just how diverse and versatile they are, and that they can bring your your dream sink, no matter what your budget.

Mairead Belcher gives us such good recommendations and she always comes through with not only recommending her favorite brand, but her favorite model that they offer, too. Here’s Mairead telling us about her preferred luxury kitchen sink model:

“I love classic design elements, and the kitchen sink is crucial to a kitchen design’s overall look and feel. This Whitehaven Kohler under mount single bowl farmhouse sink is not only attractive but versatile in its design.

Kohler Whitehaven is premium prices sink but does have a lot to offer, it is true to size and also designed in a rather innovative way. The slightly slopped bottom allows for hassle-free drainage and cleaning. This beautiful cast iron sink is highly durable and resists chipping, cracking, or burning.”


And thus marks the end of your journey together, folks. I don’t know about you, but I never imagined that there could be so many different types of kitchen sinks out there, let alone so many different beautiful sinks! 

I truly hope that you have managed to find your dream sink for your home project, or that you’ve at least gained some inspiration to help you along with your journey. Everyone deserves their dream kitchen after all.

Again, I’d like to thank those wonderful interior designers who helped us make this article a possibility! The information they provide is so valuable, and they’re helping make the world a little bit more beautiful and little bit more ergonomic, one properly designer and cozy home at a time.

If you’re shopping for all kinds of different furniture, head on over to all of these other preferred furniture brands that they’ve recommended to us: