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Our Epic Bassett Patio Collection Reviews Guide

Bassett Storefront in Pineville, NC

Spring is coming, and you want to make sure that your backyard patio is ready for all the lounging in the sunshine and warm breeze with a new patio set from Bassett! And while you know that the end result of a luxuriously relaxing oasis is so close you can taste it, there’s one thing standing between you and your dream backyard: furniture shopping.

Furniture shopping can be extremely overwhelming because there are so many options you have to choose from when you walk into a store. There’s online shopping, but furniture is one of those purchases that is really difficult to make without seeing it in person. If you make the wrong choice the first time, then you end up playing the returns game, which becomes a never-ending loop of insanity.

So, how do we make furniture shopping just a little bit easier for you? I went to Bassett Furniture and reviewed all the patio furniture they had on display so I could tell you what they’re really like in person. Stock photos and custom-crafted copy on the website just isn’t enough to make an informed decision. We’re here to give you the real scoop on all the patio furniture at Bassett.

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My trip to the Bassett Furniture retail location in Austin focused on taking pictures of all the patio sets they have on display. Fortunately, because spring is just around the corner, they’re highlighted at the front of the showroom!

Each picture shows the collection set as it’s been styled by an interior designer. This way, you can see how they might work in your space and inspire your design ideas! For this review, I’ve focused on looking at the collections as a whole, rather than individual pieces. I’ve also listed out matching pieces of furniture within a group, as well as any customization options that Bassett offers. You should note, however, that if you see something that you like but aren’t sure about additional customization, reach out to your local Bassett location. They specialize in made-to-order, customized pieces, so you never know what else you can get!

Any review really comes down to personal opinion. I focused my reflections on quality, how things looked in-person vs. online, and how you could use a specific set in a style or space. But to be as transparent as possible, I wanted to come to this review with a particular goal in mind: a design I’m working on, my priorities, and preferences. By laying this out ahead of time, I’m hoping to reveal any biases that I might have so that you can make your own decisions.

To help you make decisions, though, I did offer insight into how a piece can be used or style it could work in, even if it didn’t meet my preferences.

For the Bassett Furniture patio collection reviews, I decided to design the backyard space at my parent’s house. They just bought a new lake home in New Hampshire, and I’m helping them create a relaxing space to sit on the porch. We have a rather large family and often get together for barbeques in the spring and summer, so there is a need for a lot of seating options. We’re hoping to keep the lake house vibe, with a laid back, rustic cottage style.

Now that we’ve laid that out let’s get onto the Bassett Furniture patio set reviews!

Bassett Patio Collection Reviews


Florence Patio Collection by Bassett


  • Available fabrics colors: 14
  • Finish: Matte black only
  • Additional details: cushions strap securely to the base frame
  • Collection products:
    • Lounge chair (2 styles)
    • Sofa (2 styles)
    • Dining chair (with or without arms)
    • Backless bench
    • Chaise lounge

Overall Impression: With aluminum alloy frames and UV resistant fabric, the Florence collection is your contemporary styled patio set for an upscale, refined backyard oasis. The cushions are welted, and you have the option of contrasting piping, which I absolutely love! It’s comfortable to sit on, and I really like how sleek and modern the whole setup looks!

The frames are very sturdy, with a matte black finish that really does enhance the geometric lines and clean look the whole set has together. I really like the x-base, too, since it brings all the pieces together while reinforcing the structures. These are solidly built, and I think they’d definitely last through a New England spring or summer! Of course, we wouldn’t have these out during the winter, either.

As far as the material goes, it’s really comfortable and doesn’t have that plastic feel that a lot of other patio furniture has. The in-store display is paired with the Leigh cocktail table, which is built for the outdoors and works with lines of the Florence set seamlessly. The Hailey side table is also a great choice to add to this collection, as in the showroom, since it does have the same characteristics of the Florence with the faux stone top and textured aluminum frame in black. I especially like how it stands out uniquely from the other pieces since its base is framed out with geometric arches, but the curved lines are a perfect compliment.

All in all, it’s a great set! I think this would look amazing in a backyard space, where you’re looking to create a contemporary, upscale feel. It would look beautiful on a patio or urban balcony, and I’d accent with a bunch of floor plants, like palms and ferns!


Huntington Patio Collection by Bassett


  • Available fabrics colors: 14
  • Finish: 2
  • Additional details: Wicker bases
  • Collection products:
    • Ottoman
    • Lounge chair (swivel or standard)
    • Sofa
    • Dining chair (with or without arms)
    • Chaise lounge
    • L-shaped sectional

Overall Impression: When I think of outdoor furniture, for some reason, the first thing that comes to mind is wicker. Bassett’s Huntington patio collection is for those who are looking for that traditional look of a rustic, outdoor area and who want options for creating the perfect space based on their lifestyle. There are two finishes that you can choose from on the wicker, a rafia, and a brindle, so you can decide which works best with your area.

The wicker is stable and doesn’t have that weird crackling noise that you usually have when you sit on it. It’s really well built, out of recyclable high-density polyethylene resin. This allows it to resist UV damage from the sun as well as any weather issues without fading or breaking! One of the things about wicker furniture is that if it’s not treated correctly, it will fall apart after significant exposure to the elements. Bassett is countering that by making sure their wicker is up to snuff and able to withstand whatever you throw at it.

Again, the cushions are really soft and comfortable. I could definitely layout on these and read a book. It’s a nappable sofa for your patio! You can’t really go wrong! I also really like the fact that the fabric here isn’t a plastic feeling, but that it holds up against the elements just as well as the wicker. High-quality is definitely all you can see when you’re checking out the Huntington!

The Huntington collection is super versatile – place it anywhere from a sunroom to a backyard, and it’ll work incredibly well, making it a great transitional piece. THere’s definitely an air of casual comfort, and I think the wicker works really well with enhancing the rustic yard feeling!


Edgemont Patio Collection by Bassett


  • Available fabrics colors: 14
  • Additional details: Solid teak wood base
  • Collection products:
    • Sofa (2 styles)
    • Dining chair (with or without arms)
    • Lounge chair
    • Backless bench
    • Chaise lounge

Overall Impression: I love an excellent teak patio set because it’s so classic and sturdy! The Edgemont features gorgeous solid teak wood that’s sustainably sourced from Indonesia. It’s Marine-grade – which is what’s used in yacht building, making it durable, water-resistant, and rot-resistant. The Edgemont is definitely a set that is built for sustaining whatever the elements throw at it!

While the frame is sturdy and stable, the supportive cushion slings are made PVC-coated fabric, which prevents the cushions from sagging while also resisting any water buildup from the elements! I adore how comfortable these cushions are, and how they’re again not plastic feeling. They’re a delight to sit on, even in shorts – which, of course, is super important when you’re designing a lake house porch!

The strong architectural lines of the Edgemont really give it that farmhouse look, and I love that! It’s simple but classic, and really feels like an outdoor furniture set! As far as style is concerned, this is definitely more on the traditional side, casual and comfortable, yet definitely looks like it belongs outside. I wouldn’t personally choose this for a sunroom or four-season room, but would instead keep this as a strict outside set. And, since New Hampshire does have some pretty extreme weather at specific points, I’m really liking this set for my parent’s house since I know for sure it’ll last!

Bassett Furniture Patio Round-Up Winner

Well, if you read straight through, you probably know which patio set from Bassett is the winner in my book – the Edgemont. I just love the natural teak look with the clean architectural lines that really bring me a farmhouse, rustic vibe.

But more than the look of it, I’m impressed with the quality. The amount of effort that Bassett has put into the Edgemont to ensure that it’s durable enough to survive whatever nature throws at it is truly amazing. Plus, I’m a big believer in purchasing items that have the least environmental footprint, and the fact that the teak is sustainably sourced is a win in my book.

Which Bassett Patio set is your favorite?