How to Get the IKEA Catalog (and Why You Should)

A section of a beautiful furniture store

Don't get left behind when it comes to the best collection of home interior furniture pieces and accessories so get your hands on an IKEA catalog now! We show you how and why it's a must.

When you think of renovating your home and getting new furniture, accessories like table lamps and floor rugs, and simply remodeling your entire interior, the one name that is likely to always come to mind is none other than IKEA! And if it doesn’t, it is time for you to hit an IKEA store right now!

IKEA is simply described as the best of the best and the most spectacular furniture heaven on earth. It is a Swedish-founded multinational group that has been designing and selling a plethora of home products, ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and a wide range of other amazing goods and even home services. Perhaps, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see a group of excited and overenthusiastic people huddled over an IKEA catalog that has just come out, and gushing over every page and every single design in that book! That is what makes IKEA so special; it is not just any furniture store, it has actually transformed into a way of life.

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IKEA – A Real Universal Wonder

IKEA Store in Thailand

With its operations expanding to a total of 41 countries, there is absolutely no surprise as to why IKEA has become a global destination store and the world’s largest furniture retailer. From something as simple as a potato peeler to something so big like full-sized bathroom furniture sets, it has literally everything, you just name it.

The second you walk into any IKEA store anywhere in the world, you will simply be blown away by the incredible range and variety of products it has. Chances are that for some of their stores, it will probably take you more than a day to cover it from top to bottom and take a look at their magnificent diversity!

IKEA runs more than 301 stores and 30 franchised units in total and the largest market for this spectacular company comes from Germany where it has a total of 44 massive stores being run. The company was first founded in 1953 by Ingvar Kamprad and the first ever IKEA store that opened was in Almhult, Sweden. Eventually, that was followed by the opening of other outlets and stores in neighboring countries like Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

Interestingly, the name ‘IKEA’ isn’t just a random name that was coined one afternoon on a lazy Sunday, but it actually holds great significance and is a representation of something really important. The name is like an acronym where the first two letters represent first and the last name of its founder i.e. Ingvar Kamprad, the third letter is his birthplace Elmtaryd, and the last letter is a symbol of a nearby village in Southern Sweden called, Agunnyrad.

IKEA thrives on their beautiful vision which is to ‘create a better everyday life for the many people’. The store has been working on that vision and bringing it to life ever since the day it was found by offering highly functional, practical-to-use and extremely well-designed home furnishing products at prices that wouldn’t burn a hole in people’s pockets.

IKEA’s main strength that sets it apart from other such stores and gives it a definite edge over them, lies in the fact that it aims to furnish your entire home rather than catering to a specified list of things. Be it your bathroom, kitchen, dining or even your garden, IKEA has a little something for everything and everyone.

The IKEA Catalog

 IKEA Catalog in a Woman’s Hands

So, you are unable to head to the IKEA store in your region to look at their recent, brand-new collection because it is just way too far away from where you live? Or simply, there is no IKEA store in your country? In either case, such a bummer, isn’t it? There is probably nothing more heartbreaking than knowing that your favorite furniture store in the whole world is out with their fantastic latest collection and you just can’t see it for yourself in person.

Well, there is nothing to be so depressed about that because as promised, IKEA takes good care of their customers and truly live up to its vision and mission for all the people of this world. For all those unlucky people who can’t visit the store, IKEA publishes a furniture book or list called the ‘IKEA Catalog” on an annual basis.

It is one of the most major marketing tools for this Swedish furniture company and since 2004; it has been recorded to be consuming almost 70 percent of its entire marketing budget. You will be absolutely surprised to know that in the fiscal year 2013, around 208 million copies of their catalog were printed and distributed worldwide, which is almost triple the number of Bibles printed and sold during the same period.

The catalog comes in 32 different languages and on an average, more than 2010 million copies are delivered to various people living in 44 different countries. If you think that the IKEA catalog is simply a glimpse at their amazingly diverse range of products and appliances, you couldn’t be more wrong because it is so much more than that! The catalog doesn’t only display the products that are available in all the IKEA stores, but it also provides absolutely unique affordable solutions and really innovative approaches, all of which are catered towards a better, stylish and easy living.

Now, you might think to yourself that the IKEA stores are so incredibly huge so how on earth could a single catalog be a representative of the entire physical store? Well, the answer to your question lies in the fact that the book contains over 300 pages and displays more than 12000 products! To add to that, each edition takes almost a total of 10 full months to be developed from the basic concept to the actual final product.

Why Get Your Hands on the IKEA Catalog This Instance

A Woman inside the Car with IKEA Catalog

When you read about the most popular and widely circulated books in the world, you would typically expect them to be religious texts like the Bible or perhaps, young adult fiction such as the Harry Potter series.

Much to your surprise, now sits right beside these famous books is the yearly IKEA catalog and has been ranked as one of the most popular books in the world. If that alone doesn’t make you want to just grab their catalog off the shelf, don’t know what will! But these are some of the reasons why you have to, and should get your hands on the IKEA catalog this instance!

Single Solution to all Your Renovation Woes

If you have ever renovated your home, you would know exactly the kind of struggle and hassle one goes through when renovating. It is just like looking at an endless number of furniture pictures online for creative and out-of-the-box ideas. And then, you are caught up in this utter confusion as to what furniture style looks best, which home products are worth buying, whether your approach to modernizing your home is right or not, and so many other troubling thoughts!

The IKEA catalog offers you a one-in-all solution for that and is literally the one-stop shop for furniture that you need. You can find anything and everything in that single book over a range of more than 300 pages! You can mark the page that has your favorite design, circle it with a pen, or even attach post-its right next to your preferred designs- it is all yours and you can use it however you want to!

Simply Flip through Pages

Even if you do have an IKEA store in your vicinity, but say, laziness takes over you, the IKEA catalog is just what you need at such times. You can simply lie down on your couch and flip through the pages while sipping your coffee on a cold, winter evening. What is even better is that the book prevents you from the hassle of going around in their huge stores and getting confused at such a massive variety, especially if you are one of those who don’t fancy roaming around in big shops and stores.

Killer Furnishing Ideas for your Home

In today’s time, renovations mean upgrading your home according to what is trending and are considered to be the most stylish and chic in terms of furniture, interior, home products, etc. The IKEA catalog is the best and the easiest way to take a look at the most current and modern designs that are making waves in the furniture world. The best part about their catalog is that it also gives you innovative and artistic ideas as to what you should and shouldn’t do when relocating or renovating.

Convenience at Its Best

IKEA Catalog with Prices

There are many ‘best’ parts about the IKEA catalog, but you know what really and truly stands out about it? It has prices mentioned on top or towards the side of every single piece of furniture, home product, kitchen appliance, or any other miscellaneous item on every page! If that is not sheer convenience at its best, we don’t know what is! This feature comes in particularly handy when you actually want to remodel your house. You can easily calculate the prices of the things that you like most and then compare them with what you had in mind or according to the budget that you set for furniture.

Free Inspiration Inside  

Another great thing about the book is that it is not meant for just those people who are looking to completely refashion their home, but it is also for those who just want some inspiration for simply refreshing their interior with some new, unique ideas. And the best part? It is all free! The catalog is like an idea galore so whether you want to change how your kitchen looks or wish to get a stylish bookshelf for your bedroom, you will find just about everything in there.

Designer Advice within the Catalog  

Every year the catalog comes with surprising bits on the inside, one of which is quotes from amazing interior designers within the catalog. Isn’t that incredible? They give some of the most amazing advice to all the readers on how to decorate your home and jazz it up a little with the help of a few changes here and there. Keep your eye out for those quotes if you want to find out different ways to rearrange and modify your existing furniture!

How to Get the IKEA Catalog?

The one question that most IKEA lovers and fans ask is how to get the IKEA catalog if say, you don’t have an IKEA store near you or at all?

Although it has been said before, perhaps, it wouldn’t hurt re-emphasizing how IKEA always looks out for its devoted customers by providing them with extreme ease and convenience. It makes sure that no one is prevented from getting their hands on the IKEA catalog so this amazing Swedish company has come up with several ways through which everyone can take a look at, and get the yearly furniture book without any hassle.

Whether you have a store near you or not, here are some easy ways with the help of which you can call those catalogs your own.

Pick a Free Catalog  from the Store

An IKEA Catalog in an IKEA Store

If you have an IKEA store near your house, excellent, but if you can’t go there every other day, simply pick a catalog from its outlet. Each year, the staff at IKEA distributes the catalog at every outlet or store where they keep it available for their customers.

All you have to do is visit the nearest IKEA store and pick one up for free! Isn’t that just so amazing? It just goes to show how they truly care about their fans and customers.

View It Online

Person Looking at IKEA Catalog Online

So, you went to your nearest IKEA store to get a free catalog, only to find out that they were all taken by other customers. Well, that shouldn’t be an issue because the entire range is available online for you to view without any hindrance. All you have to do is visit their website, find the online catalog and keep scrolling down till you find what you are looking for.

Download a Digital Version

IKEA Catalog Digital Version on a Phone

Other than having to scroll online, you can simply download a digital version of the catalog and look at it whenever you want! While you may find it a little bothersome if you are not big on technology, but something is better than nothing, right?

The digital catalog also has fascinating videos, amazing tricks, and tips for your home and some incredible inspirations and ideas for revamping your home.

Get the App on Your Phone  

IKEA App on a Phone

Most people just prefer having everything on their mobile phone because nowadays, phones have simply become a way of life. What could be better than having the entire IKEA catalog on your phone, right? All you need to do is download the IKEA mobile application which is like an extended version of the catalog that you find online or in the printed form. The biggest benefit associated with the app is that it saves a lot of time because you can take screenshots of your favorite items and save it in your phone. Whenever you go to the store next, you can simply show the staff a picture of what you want and they can confirm the availability of the product within a matter of a few minutes. IKEA has apps for both iOS and Android that you can download via the Apple App Store or Google Play, respectively. The apps come with additional features on the go which is a plus for most users.

Order Online

If you live in the UK, there is great news for you. Forget the app, the digital catalog and even the free one at the store. IKEA provides home delivery of its catalog for all the residents within the UK mainland! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Just go to the main IKEA website, select the catalog you want, fill in your important details and order online. The personal information that you need to provide your first name, last name, address, city, and postcode, all of which is just used for delivery purposes.


IKEA Catalog is undeniably a super easy and convenient way of exploring your favorite furniture store while just sitting at home. However, if you ever get the opportunity, do visit any of its physical stores that are closest to you. Walking through those endless numbers of corridors and aisles filled with furniture is just an incredible experience in itself. Regardless of whether you wish to purchase anything from the store or not, even roaming around will feel absolutely great as you marvel at the great talent out there!

And, well, it has as amazing food as its furniture! From deliciously tender meatballs to Toblerone-filled pain au chocolat, the food will blow you away. Also, having food makes sense because you are likely to tire yourself with so much walking so you definitely need to recharge your energy with all that delectable food!

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