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15 Different Types of Game Tables

Game tables: Playing foosball, billiards and chess

Tables specifically made to provide a surface for games go back thousands of years. Egyptians are pictured enjoying their favorite board game, senet, in paintings found in the tombs of pharaohs and the elite.

Nefertari the principal queen, of Ramesses II, is depicted in one such scene reaching for a piece during a game. Senet’s rules were associated with embarking on a journey to the afterlife (senet net hab means “game of passing through”) giving the game spiritual significance. 

The Egyptians played other games as well, such as Hounds and Jackals and Mehen, which spread to other cultures throughout the ancient world. Game rules often involved racing to a finish line using sticks to help keep track of the score.

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Different Types of Game Tables

Poker Table

Dealer shuffling cards at poker table.

The game of  Poker takes many forms and is played everywhere. Poker tables come in various styles and sizes. You can get a foldable legs poker, fixed legs table, roll up or a permanently fixed table.

Whether you play poker for fun or competition, ensure the table is sturdy and long-lasting.

Casino Tables (Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack)

Baccarat table

Source: American Gaming Supply

Casino tables have become popular due to the rise of casino games.

The three casino tables to consider include Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. There are affordable Baccarat roulette and Blackjack tables; you can also consider mini-options.

If you buy casino tables, players will be sitting around them. You will be managing the payments and bet-specific outcomes for the game. In some games like Blackjack, you will be winning all bets from the losing players. In Roulette and Baccarat, the casino pays slightly less than the rest.

Cribbage Table

Cribbage is another popular card game with two to four players. You can easily play this game at home by buying a portable cribbage table.

The cribbage table comes in varying styles and heights. If your space is limited, you can use your cribbage table as your coffee table

The tables have a soft playing surface and can accommodate up to four players.

Backgammon Table

Backgammon is an ancient board game for all ages. You can play the game on computer or mobile device with reliable internet. Similarly, you can buy a backgammon table to play with your family and friends.

Backgammon resembles a regular coffee table but is slightly taller. The surface is patterned to allow for quick playing. You can choose a portable tabletop if you don’t want the regular four-legged backgammon table. You can also place the table top on other tables or any other raised area.

Foosball Table

Goplus 54" Foosball Table Soccer Game Table Competition Sized Football Arcade For Indoor Game Room Sport

Source: Amazon

Foosball is a fun way to have spend time with your family or friends. Foosball tables come in three categories: standard, tabletop and combined. Standard is a full-size table with legs and an upper part. A tabletop is lighter, smaller and portable. You can place it on your table or any other raised place.

A foosball table is easy to assemble and comes in many styles. Find a modern foosball for your space and enjoy calming games in your home.

Mahjong Table

Mahjong is an easy-to-play game, suitable for everyone. The game started near Shanghai, China in the 19th century and has become a popular name in the gaming world.

You may use a rug, floor or even a table to play mahjong. But did you know there are good mahjong tables available? Having a mahjong table is a big step if you love this game.

The tables come in varying dimensions, features and styles. Most of them are portable, so movement is not a problem. Find a strong mahjong table today to take your love for the game to the next level.

Pinball Table

Pinball machine

Source: The Pinball Company

Pinball tables are classic pieces of gaming history that are undeniably enjoyable. If you want to add something flashy to your game room, then purchasing a real pinball table is a good option to consider.

Pinball is a game that you can sink a lot of hours into and you will have a really fun time trying to beat your high scores.

You’re going to have to turn to specialty shops to find good mechanical pinball tables — you might run across a pinball table at a retailer but these are usually virtual pinball tables, more like a video game, and won’t have any actual pinball mechanisms.

Ping-Pong Table

Pingpong table

Source: Wayfair

Ping pong is a popular game developed in the late 10th century. Also known as table tennis, ping pong keeps your brain sharp. It burns calories and improves body reflexes.

If you enjoy ping pong, buying the table is a great idea. The ideal table should have a large surface thickness (12mm to 25mm) to withstand harsh conditions. The thickest guarantees the highest quality.

Safety locking wheels should also be available if you have small children. The wheels ease the movement of the table, allowing you to keep it in the safest place. 

If you are a regular tennis player, ensure the table has ibuilt-in ball storage and paddle corner protectors. 

Pool Table

Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Red, Black and Chrome Billiard Table with Sleek Design, Consistent Rebound, Level Playing Surface and Durable and Stylish Wool Blend Red Cloth

Source: Amazon

Pool is a popular game with both physical and mental benefits. The game’s history goes back to the 1340s in France. Early players used a table with two balls and six pockets, and it didn’t take long before the game became popular.

A good pool table should have a strong frame. The legs should be sturdy to support the table for an extended period, while the cushions should be quality. 

Before purchasing the table, measure the available space in your home. You can buy a mini pool table first if the space is limited. 

Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard tableSource: Wayfair

Shuffleboard is an exciting game that began in the 15th century. The game’s origins are in England, and it became widespread by American colonists in the 1600s.

If you play this game in your local pub, having a table in your home can be more fun. The official shuffleboard table dimensions are 22 feet in length and 20 feet in width. However, smaller dimensions are available to fit mall spaces.

A few things to consider when buying this table include the playfield size and thickness. A three-inch thickness or more is the best for durability. The playfield surface should be large enough and smooth.

You can choose an epoxy or traditional finish. However, epoxy has a longer life than a traditional coating, which lasts three years. The right shuffleboard game table should bring functional and aesthetic benefits to your home. 

Air Hockey Table

Brunswick Shutout 7-Foot Air Hockey Table. Includes 2 Pushers and 4 Pucks.

Source: Amazon

Air hockey is an excellent game to stretch your limbs and burn calories. The game was invented in 1969 by Brunswick billiards employees who were passionate about hockey.

You might consider getting an air hockey table if you enjoy the game. These tables come in different styles to meet varying play intensities. 

The ideal air hockey table should be sturdy, with solid legs and a frame.

Would you like manual or digital scoring? Check the table’s scoring to get what you want. Ensure the design is elegant if you will be keeping the table in an open place.

Rod Hockey Tables

Rod hockey table

Source: Sears

A rod hockey table is similar to a foosball table. The only difference between the two is that rod hockey is smaller.

Most tables are meant for four adults, so you will have exciting moments with family and friends as you play.

A rod hockey table can either be electric or battery-powered. Most have both options.

Chess Table

Kassel™ 13" Diameter Globe with 57pc Chess and Checkers Set

Source: Amazon

Chess is one of the oldest games represented on this list and it has stood the test of time as a classic battle of wits. There is something about the game of chess that is just pure and brilliant.

The game grew to what we know as chess in the 16th century and has become popular worldwide.

Chess tables come with built-in features and accessories. Wood is the primary material, so you can choose between mahogany, cedar and rosewood.

Chess tables have a simple appearance, but they can be a valuable addition to home’s appeal.

Combination Tables

Combination gaming tables

Source: Sears

Are you a passionate hockey and pool table player? Well, you can get yourself a combination games table. This table allows you to switch between hockey, table tennis and other games. It is affordable and space-saving if you have limited storage in your home.

Combination tables come in many styles and designs. Some have three levels, while others can rotate. While most combination tables offer three to four games, others can accommodate up to 15. The size and quality of the table greatly determine the games you can play.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is an excellent game for kids and adults, too. Gary and Dave initially designed the fantasy tabletop game in 1974.

If you play it online, getting a real table is an excellent idea. Dungeons and Dragons tables come in many styles and designs. Therefore, choosing the best table is a personal decision based on your budget and gaming needs.

The ideal Dungeons and Dragons table should be portable and durable. Since the sizes vary, measure your space first and get a custom-made table that fits.

Photo collage of different game tables.

Top Game Table Brands

Game tables offer an excellent activity that brings together the entire family. Many families set up a dedicated game night, which can rotate between board games, game table games, and card games. This offers a fantastic opportunity to bond while relaxing and having fun.

With so options on the market, it can be challenging to determine the best game table brand options. You want durable, robust, and multifunctional tables to save space manufactured by the best brands. These are some of the best game table brands on the market!


Source: ArsLignea

Located in Fossano, Italy, ArsLignea offers high-end and beautiful card tables. One of their best card tables is the Explorer model, which features elegant, neoclassical stylings typical to Louis XVI furniture.

This table is available in two topper styles: removable double-sided playing services. Also, the Explorer model can be customized with 2-10 drawers.

Best Choice

Source: Best Choice

Best Choice is always the best choice for gaming tables, especially the 48-inch Competition-Sized Foosball Table. This product is constructed from quality materials, so it has a sturdy design and can provide extensive family fun for years.

Best of all, this foosball can be set up in around 50 minutes alone. From a play standpoint, the table doesn’t disappoint due to the fast action of foosball. In addition, when constructing the table, you can choose the table height to ensure it meets the needs of adults and children.

Franklin Sports

Source: Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is a well-known and popular game table brand because of its numerous products and high-quality builds. One of their best is the 5-in-1 Sports Center Tabletop, which is ideal for adults and children.

This unit is constructed from child-friendly, high-quality materials that can be quickly assembled and are available with all essential accessories. Games include pool, bowling, hockey, basketball, and soccer.

MD Sports

Source: MD Sports

MD Sports is a top brand on most game table lists, specifically for their multi-game combination table set, a 4-in-1 game table. While this large table consumes space, it’s also well-built and an excellent monetary value.

MD Sports also offers 5-in-1 and 12-in-1 combination tables, which are more expensive. The best aspect of this table is the games stack on one another for easy cleaning, access, and superior stability.

Sunset Trading

Sunset Trading is another high-quality brand that focuses on more sophisticated single-use tables. Their Bellagio Dining/Game Table is a 48-inch round traditional dining top with a reversible multi-game tabletop.

The table boasts six chip slots and drink holders, so it was created with card games in mind. Also, the pedestal base is attractive and sturdy, which exudes classiness.

One of the best features of this table is the design allows for space-saving in your home since it doubles as a full-service card game table and spacious dining table.

Where to Buy

Game Tables USA

Source: Game Tables USA

From air hockey to foosball, Game Tables USA is a great resource for both indoor and outdoor game tables. This retailer carries a wide selection of game tables for the gaming enthusiast. If you have a game room at home, it’s a great place to find new products for your space.

You’ll find everything from skeeball and table tennis to pinball machines and pool tables. The company also carries an awesome array of jukeboxes for the music fan as well as furniture for your game room and patio.

Located in Slidell, Louisiana, Game Tables USA delivers most of its products to your home wherever you may live in the United States. Read their policies on the retailer’s website to find out more about shipping charges, policies, and return information.

If you’re in the market for some new game tables for your game room, definitely check out the latest selection from Game Tables USA to see what’s new.

Pottery Barn

Source: Pottery Barn

When you think of Pottery Barn, game tables are probably the last thing that comes to mind. But this high-end retailer actually has a surprising selection of high-quality game tables for the home. Pottery Barn carries a beautiful assortment of stylish pool tables that will add an element of sophistication to your game room.

Explore the retailer’s latest offerings online or visit a local Pottery Barn store near you. In addition to beautiful pool tables, Pottery Barn also offers shuffleboard tables, dartboards, foosball tables, and an extensive selection of game room furniture and accessories.

Check out their variety of board games, too, including the Monopoly Luxury Edition handcrafted marble checkers, and other luxury games like a wooden box version of Clue and Scrabble.

While you’re there, make sure you browse Pottery Barn’s extensive selection of high-quality bar tables, barstools, and much more.


The name really does say it all: is chock-full of game tables that you can purchase online. This retailer offers a mixed variety of awesome game tables including dartboards, pool tables, air hockey, and lots of great products for the home arcade.

Check out their latest offerings, including new pinball machines and a really cool Pac-Man arcade game with a full-sized cabinet. The company also sells basketball hoop arcade games, unique dome hockey tables, and bumper pool, and they even sell coin-operated games, too.

If you need some help with installation, the company does provide a few in-home installation services for a fee including pool table setup and more. has been in business since 2008 and also offers outdoor sports equipment for various games, including volleyball, bocce ball, basketball, and badminton.

The company is a “strong supporter of youth sports and believes in giving back to the community.” They are also a supporter of the Billiard Education Foundation and other organizations.

You can contact them via email or by phone to find out more about what they have to offer, get information about shipping, and to schedule installation services.


Source: Wayfair

Known for its massive selection of home goods including furniture, lighting, rugs, artwork, and décor, Wayfair also carries a unique selection of game tables for your game room.

This online retailer carries everything you need to make your space the ultimate gathering place, including comfortable furniture and game room decorations. You’ll find a decent variety of game tables at Wayfair, including classic pool tables, air hockey tables, poker tables and matching chairs, and dartboards.

While Wayfair tends to keep its focus on furniture, the retailer does sell a decent selection of game tables at reasonable prices.

And, even if you’re not currently looking for a new game table, it’s a great place to find new bars, comfortable barstools and chairs, and convertible game tables that can easily transform into a dining table if you choose.

Virtually everything ships free of charge with orders of $35 or more, so it’s also a good option if you need to have something shipped on a budget. Wayfair sells pool tables in a variety of sizes and styles as well as pool table lighting fixtures and accessories like cue and ball racks to keep your space organized.

The company also sells ping pong tables, including folding styles and legless tabletop ping pong that you can place on top of an existing table. Be sure to browse the selection of stylish poker tables for four people or check out an oval table that accommodates larger groups of your friends and family.