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10 Nice Kitchen Table Sets Under $200

Here's a great collection of kitchen table sets priced under $200. Includes wood, metal, round, square, rectangle, oval, small, pub-style, glass, etc.

Illustration of a kitchen with a dining table set and chairs

We have both formal dining room and small in-kitchen eating area with a 4-person kitchen dining set. Our kitchen dining set was super cheap because it’s an old table and chairs that my wife refinished. It looks terrific and serves us well.

However, you don’t need to buy a used kitchen table and chairs and then refinish it to get an inexpensive set. There are plenty of kitchen dining table sets under $200. We feature a terrific selection here as well as include scrolling galleries that set out many more options.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best kitchen dining sets under $200. Please note that we have not purchased these products. We pick them based on customer feedback and our personal taste.

Disclaimer:  Please note that the options listed below were priced under $200 at the time this article was published. We apologize if the prices rise above $200 since publication.

1. Square

For small, inexpensive kitchen dining sets, square is pretty popular, especially two-seaters like this selection below. In a pinch it could certainly accommodate 4 people, but it would be tight. You wouldn’t be able to have dishes on the table family-style.

Square kitchen dining table under $200

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2. Round

I’m not terribly fond of round tables in general because the take up as much space as square, but have less surface area. However, I totally understand how the curved design appeals to people and so we’re featuring this small option. FYI, most kitchen tables under $200 are on the smaller side. Bumping up your budget to $350 to $400 provides a decent selection of larger options.

Round kitchen dining table under $200Buy at Wayfair

3. Rectangle

This is one of my favorite in this collection. My only beef is the backless chairs, but I love the thick table top, light wood color and solid, thick looking table legs.

Rectangle kitchen dining table set under $200

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4. Oval

This is a good-sized kitchen table for under $200. Looks pretty nice too. It’s long and narrow which is a good shape for small kitchen eat-in areas. The chairs’ curved backs make for more comfortable seating. The two-tone looks good as well. All in all a solid buy for the money.

Oval kitchen dining table under $200

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5. Tall (Pub Style Counter Height)

I love this handsome counter-height kitchen dining set. While I’m not big on pub-style seating (I like putting my feet on the floor), I do like the design, color and size.

Counter height pub style kitchen dining table under $200

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6. Wood

Wood is a classic material for tables and chairs. While small, this is a nice-looking set perfect for a small kitchen dining area. For the price, you get a solid looking set with solid chairs that even includes a cushion. Again, if you need something larger, while some exist, you need to bump the budget up a bit.

Wood kitchen dining set under $200

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7. Glass

I’m not a glass table person. Not for living room coffee tables, desks, dining room tables or kitchen tables. However, glass-topped tables are popular and in-demand and so we’d be remiss to exclude an example in this collection just because it’s not my preferred style.

This is actually a great set. It’s fairly large for the money. The table has a nice looking metal frame with matching metal frame chairs. Not a bad deal for the price.

Glass kitchen dining table set for under $200

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8. Metal

While wood is my preferred table material, metal when done right, is a close second. I really like the silver look of this contemporary kitchen dining table and chairs.

Metal kitchen dining table for under $200

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9. Small (for 2 people)

Yeah, it’s odd to have a dedicated heading for a small, two-person kitchen table and chairs given several on this page are small. However, we include this because it’s a size many people look for who live in apartments and condos and need a tiny kitchen table where accommodating two people is sufficient.

Small kitchen dining table and chairs for two people under $200

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10. Bench Corner Nook

Okay, this is a bit over $200, but it’s the only breakfast nook kitchen dining set we could find under $200. These are super popular because they look cool and can accommodate a good number of people in relation to its size. Kids love them too.

Corner breakfast nook kitchen dining set under $200

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